Shan You Mu Xi

Original Title: 山有木兮
Original Link: Raws
Release Year: 2020
Chapters: 200
Genre: , , ,

There are trees in the mountains and there are branches on the trees,

I adore you, oh! You do not know.

Hundreds of rivers converge, the thousand-mile rise of Taishan’s bluffs, and a myriad of waves surge in the Eastern Sea.

All beneath the heavens, is the extent of the ruler’s land. All within the territory of a state, are each the ruler’s subjects. 

Beacons light up all over the Divine Land, danger lurks in every corner of the State of Yong.

After reuniting with Geng Shu, Jiang Heng begins to put all his effort into assisting the ruler of Yong State’s plans, but he unexpectedly falls into perilous situations time and time again. Geng Shu, who always accompanied Jiang Heng by his side, is acutely aware that the various mishaps all appear to be closely related to Jiang Heng’s past—was Jiang Heng really his own blood-related younger brother?

These two extraordinary young men wander throughout the country from state to state, experiencing trials, however, the truth obtained uncovered a cruel and unexpected past that couldn’t be erased. The lingering heroic spirits each possess their own unfulfilled long-cherished wishes. With the great Divine Land finally unified, how would they confront their own choices of the future?

The seven stars of the Northern Sky bore witness to the end of a stormy period of history,
Until the ruins once again transform into the richly ornamented tall towers of a manor.
When the blazing city lights languidly flicker,
Those people and events worth engraving into memory
Will forever be preserved within every stroke of ink in a painting of this vast expanse of rivers and mountains.

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Related Works(s): Yingnu, Let Go of that Shou, Joyful Reunion

Translator's Note:
Feitian's newest completed novel. It is set in the same universe as Yingnu and Joyful Reunion.

  • The original summary and the title are from the Song of the Yue Boatman. You can check the translation here.
  • The newly added summary is from the simplified Chinese publication. See Weibo post.
  • The title of Volume 2 is the name of a poem written by the poet Tao Yuanming of the Six Dynasties period when he resigned from office to live in the countryside. There is an article with a translation and more detail about it here.

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Latest chapter update is Chapter 33 - Mask of Human Hide on Feb 2nd, 2023.

Volume 1: Prologue: Cry of the Qin Resounds Across the Realm
Chapter 1 - Watchtowers in the MountainSep 28th, 2022
Chapter 2 - Envoys of the Three StatesSep 28th, 2022
Volume 1: Ambush From All Sides
Chapter 3 - Visitor at the DoorstepSep 28th, 2022
Chapter 4 - Love ChildSep 29th, 2022
Chapter 5 - Whip of AdmonishmentSep 29th, 2022
Chapter 6 - Jade under the PillowSep 29th, 2022
Chapter 7 - Spring Day at the WallSep 29th, 2022
Chapter 8 - Texts of the Hundred SchoolsSep 29th, 2022
Chapter 9 - Blood-Stained QinSep 30th, 2022
Chapter 10 - Thieves Break InSep 30th, 2022
Chapter 11 - Fire-Seared ScarsSep 30th, 2022
Chapter 12 - Tianyue SwordSep 30th, 2022
Chapter 13 - Art of the Black SwordOct 1st, 2022
Chapter 14 - Three Year PromiseOct 2nd, 2022
Chapter 15 - The Son of Heaven’s FeastOct 3rd, 2022
Chapter 16 - Astral Jade ArcOct 7th, 2022
Chapter 17 - The Scene in the ArmouryOct 12th, 2022
Chapter 18 - Grand HistorianOct 19th, 2022
Chapter 19 - Heart of Unfathomable TreacheryOct 28th, 2022
Chapter 20 - Tusu WineNov 3rd, 2022
Chapter 21 - Wrapped in Golden ClothNov 8th, 2022
Chapter 22 - Luoyang in FlamesNov 10th, 2022
Volume 2: Let Me Return!
Chapter 23 - Bone-Piercing NailsNov 11th, 2022
Chapter 24 - Master GuiNov 17th, 2022
Chapter 25 - The Hand that Tempers PoisonNov 24th, 2022
Chapter 26 - Maple Grove VillageDec 1st, 2022
Chapter 27 - Slave of the StablesDec 8th, 2022
Chapter 28 - Moonlit DaggerDec 15th, 2022
Chapter 29 - Luoyan CityJan 5th, 2023
Chapter 30 - The Will to SurviveJan 12th, 2023
Chapter 31 - The Way of SocietyJan 19th, 2023
Chapter 32 - Zijin Family RecordsJan 26th, 2023
Chapter 33 - Mask of Human HideFeb 2nd, 2023