Weibo Supertopic Q&A (2022)

Promotional event for the presale of simplified Shan You Mu Xi Volume 1 and 2 on 22 Jan 2022. Screenshot collection of all responses from Feitian can be found here.

Major warnings for:

  1. SYMX spoilers
  2. Gratituous amount of rephrasing and summarizing
  3. Translation in both 1st and 3rd person



[14:53] (click for spoilers) 

FT: I feel that each character will have their own ideal way of going out. If you think from their POV, in fact these characters have already actualized themselves. Regarding death, as long as you’re alive, there will always be parting and separation, Jiang Heng himself is the same, just like I have written in another book’s extra (Yingnu), 100 or 1000 years later, they all will become legends


  1. When did you start to have an outline for SYMX, you said a long time ago you’d write us Little Shan (SYMX), but it got cut in front of two times in line, has anything changed from when you started? Thought of it when he was writing Yingnu, some small details changed but the main stuff is the same
  2. There’s a lot of messages left behind in SYMX, and everyone’s interpretations are different, will the extras explain? The extras fill in a lot of the previous generation’s words
  3. Was Heng’er and Son Shu’s ending of living secluded in the forest set from the very start? Will there be daily life extras of the brothers? Yes, didn’t have time to change the setting in a rush ––3––
  4. What’s the interesting bit for Zhuque? The writing will be much lighter, basically ancient comedy


  1. (click for spoilers) Perhaps it was a coincidence, I did my best…
  2. (click for spoilers), that’s a core concept of the book
  3. Last year during the birthday interview Xiao Fei-ge said that Zhuque was going to be the most interesting of the Star Officials novels, can you tell us what’s so interesting about it? Because the MC of Zhuque is the leader of a thief’s guild, and his love interest is a detective
  4. Will the Exorcist series have any connection to SYMX? Probably only in the Mid-Autumn crossovers
  5. In the year of the tiger, can we expect the next book of SYMX? Probably not~ Probably won’t be able to write it in the year of the tiger~

[16:27] Why exactly did Geng Yuan die? Was there some deeper meaning, or was he just unable to escape? What kind of attitude does he hold towards the people, this time setting, and the situation he was about to create? And as for Nie Qi’s death, I feel like that was the best way to protect Geng Shu under those circumstances, how do you see Nie Qi as a mother? For a warrior to die for his zhiji was different during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period than it is now, especially during the worship rituals of gods and devils, many believed that death was not an eternal end to life, so they were also not afraid. As for his attitude, Geng Yuan probably felt as if he was using his life to save Yong. Nie Qi probably died for love right, she felt that Geng Yuan was the sole desire in her life

[16:29] Can you arrange an extra for Shifu? Luo Xuan has no solo extra but he’s very popular, there’ll definitely be people requesting in the next raffle heiheihei


  1. OP wants to know what happened with the story in the Yingnu physical extra with Nie Hai and Crown Prince Wen (Crown Prince Wen becomes the emperor), but in SYMX they just run off to live in the forest, did editing happen during the writing process? Emperor for a day is still an emperor right, just like even if you wore the Ring for a few hours, you’re still a Ringbearer
  2. Who was the Xuanwu star official in SYMX (Li Jianhong returned to the Baihu Constellation when he died in XJH, Yingnu was Qingcheng as the Ziwei Star, Fangshou OP can’t remember)? Xuanwu, Baihu, those all count as part of the “Seven Stars”. There was a scene at the end of SYMX where Geng Shu sat in front of the emperor and the heroic souls and assassins all showed up. Same thing in XJH, when Wu Du and Duan Ling conquered the palace in Jiangzhou and set off the Kongming lanterns to light up the sky alongside LJH’s soul
  3. When will Zhuque book be set? Will it talk about the origins of the jades and the Black Saber (Nameless Saber)? Zhuque will be set after Yingnu, with the Song dynasty as the model, it’s complete
  4. Wanwu when? Is it historical or modern? Wanwu 2 scrolls, 40k words done


  1. What exactly does Luo Xuan feel for Jiang Heng? A light that shone through the dark night of revenge
  2. Was Jie Gui really one-sidedly in love with Ye Lang? How did you think to write such a character? Yes, a crown prince of a fallen country, with no one to turn to, very easy to empathize with
  3. Have you thought about writing a story about Zhao Jie and Ji Xun, that kind of CP? I haven’t thought about doing that just yet, would it be too cruel? As side characters I think that’s very good, but Duan Ling and Wu Du actually felt a little like this too?
  4. When you started did you foresee that everyone would argue? This books feels too peaceful, compared to the others there’s basically no conflict right
  5. When will your new work start being published? As soon as I’m done writing, I’ll post it, 40% right now

[16:54] (click for spoilers) No, he has killed people in his youth, went solo to Yue to kill the 遗王 (lit. king of a fallen country)

[17:03] OP is very curious about Zhao Ling’s method of bringing down Luoyan City, they want to know how Feitian came up with it? Any references? FT says he doesn’t remember, probably read about it in some books. (t/n it’s one of the 36 strategies from Sunzi’s The Art of War, lit. to remove the wood under a cooking cauldron)

[17:32] Who does Geng Yuan like? See for yourself in the physical book, it’s addressed in the last of the four consecutive extras

[17:47] Any SYMX extra related to Zhao Ling? No, but he could write on request during the next raffle

[18:01] OP is from archeology major, could see that SYMX is set based on the Warring States, Geng Yuan and the Three Jin Clans (三家分晋) don’t differ much from real history. The Three Jin Clans started the Warring States period, and when Geng Yuan killed the state leaders, it was almost equivalent to starting a war. In Luoyang, when Jiang Heng assumed the position of court historian, he made certain remarks similar to those of Confucious. OP asks where his inspiration came from? The inspiration came from 大秦帝国 (lit. The Great Qin Empire, book) and 战国策 (lit. Warring States Policy, book). He likes the history of Warring States era but it’s too historically dense, he didn’t see any novel of this setting, so he wrote one himself


  1. Who do you like best in SYMX? Back then, how did you build this character? FT says he likes all characters, there’s no “best”, but he’s biased towards Zhao Ling
  2. (click for spoilers) Yes there will be content about them, physical book extra talks about him, Jiang Qing, Geng Yuan, Ye Lang, they will also appear in the Mid-Autumn crossovers~

[18:06] Wanwu when? After he finishes writing~

[18:06] What’s the theme for the next book? Wanwu, 10 years after modern exorcists (Mingwang) defeated the big boss

[18:09] When will the new book come out? And previously he promised to post Tianbao extra on JJ after the traditional copies were out, does he still remember? He’s writing, he’s writing, and thanks to OP’s reminder, he’ll settle it ASAP, the problem is whether JJ will lock it, very annoying

[18:09] How do you feel stepping into the supertopic and seeing posts either rushing the next book or selling off your old books? 

FT: There are also very long posts of questions… that I am squeezing my brain juice to answer

[18:10] Xiao Fei-ge must like the Yue Boatman song a lot, the poem song made a very deep impression in Tianbao and SYMX, is there any other poem song that you like? Yes, 春江花月夜 (Li Guinian sang this song), highly recommend Wen Da’s (donghua lyricist) version! 

[18:10] Will there be an extra for Ji Xun and Zhao Jie (emperor and his general)? No but can be requested in future raffles~

[18:11] I want to as the old Mother Hen if there is any backstory or analysis for Song Zou? Song Zou is a scholar, a thinker, or you can say he’s a foreseer, his slyness is somewhat similar to Jiang Heng, other parts of him are similar to Fei Hongde (from XJH)

[18:14] Weibo user “Great King Xiang’s family’s little yaoguai” says: Happy new year Fei-ge, may you be in good health and be happy every day. 

FT: *sends kiss* Wishing you and the Great King a happy new year too

[18:16] Any plan to write the story of the assassins? None for the foreseeable future but the last extra is related to them~

[18:16] Ge! What about Xiang Zhou? Is Xiang Zhou in the extra? Not in the physical book extra but people might request later on, he’s also very popular~

[18:17] Since the stories and characters of the Star Officials series are inherently related, with earlier characters making appearances as easter eggs, is there a plan to write an extra to make them interact, not the raffle kind or Mid-Autumn crossover kind? No, because outside of mid-autumn crossovers, it’s difficult to make them interact without involving mysterious powers

[18:18] How’s the current writing speed? How much are you writing a day? Can we see the new book this year? Same speed as before… but he’s writing too many things at once, so the new book is slower

[18:19] Weibo user “the CPs I ship can all have Happy Ends” asks: When will it be my turn? *cries* 

FT: Wishing all the CPs you ship a Happy End oh~

[18:20] Anything to say to people who thought they shipped the right CP after reading the first 2 chapters and then realizing they were wrong? 

FT: Every first 2 chapters are just for fun *blushes*

[18:20] I really like our Guigui, I want to see his and Ye Lang’s story! His personality progressively becomes more attractive as the book goes on, you really know how to write! One must be very happy dating him (shallow

FT: I think so too! The third extra is about Jie Gui’s time in Yong~

[18:21] OP asks for his current views on building main characters, if he wishes for breakthroughs in any of his writing aspects, if there’s any aspects he feels like not doing good enough? FT says there was a point in time where he wanted breakthroughs in terms of better understanding the main leads and story’s concepts, but right now he’s alright, he hopes to write the contents and concepts that he personally likes best, regardless of personalities or how the leads interact, it’s even better if (readers) also like them!

[18:21] OP wants to know if it’s possible for the reprints of Beicheng to be released this year? He will ask the publisher, although the current situation makes it very difficult to order and ship from that side

[18:22] Character introductions for Jiang Hong and Lu Xiu? Jiang Hong is your regular clown/funny dude, very lazy, doesn’t even want to write his own introduction. Lu Xiu is a 140 years old black dragon cultivated in Yamdrok Lake (Tibet), is the dragon after the dragon after Boss Val. Very big temper, very cold, once kicked down the department’s door because of a magical artifact, after that he got subdued by Chen Zhen, Cao Bin, An Jie three people. Now he goes to Cangqiong University, doing postgraduate studies under vice principal Cao Bin, and is a teacher of moral education for the yao clan

[18:23] In the end, why did ShuHeng choose to settle down in Jiangzhou? OP thought they were gonna go back to Xundong! 

FT: Jiangzhou is beautiful, they can go back to Xundong when they retire?

[18:24, 18:29] Although Wanwu isn’t finished, can he at least create the novel page? No because it makes him feel pressured, he wants to quickly finish writing


  1. What kind of emotions does Luo Xuan harbor towards Jiang Heng, purely teacher-disciple or does he like him (romantically) even a tiny wee little bit? This question is very difficult to answer, since it’s readers’ interpretation of Luo Xuan. Luo Xuan this character is somewhat out of the author’s control, how to interpret him is up to the readers
  2. OP also likes the Luoyang arc a lot, where ShuHeng spends peaceful days living together, such a fairytale-like childhood relationship, wishes to see more of this relationship type in his future works! FT says their daily life (spoilers) will probably be similar!

[18:26] OP: Hello Teacher Chicken, I’m a normal university student, but because I haven’t eaten eggs or egg crepes for three years I’m starting to devolve a little. If things keep going like this, I’m going to be returning to elementary school, can I ask you to draw a few crepes. Ok, returning to normal, wanted to ask:

  1. OP asks if he can tease about the last book in the Time Gallery series? It involves the painting on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel, “The Creation of Adam”; the story is about how the six ancient artifacts were brought to Earth by their owners, but it’s slated for release way way way after this
  2. Recommendation for books or games? Right now he’s reading La Peau de chagrin (title in english “The Magic Skin”) by Honoré de Balzac

[18:27] How does he feel doing the edits for SYMX? Or when writing the extra, were there any regrets that he wanted to make up for? FT says he found so many typos during editing… and he wants to thank the artist who drew the map!

[18:27] Since Wanwu is set 10 years after Mingwang, are there chances of Xiaoduo and Dawang cameo-ing? The principal and the principal’s wife are currently time traveling to find clues on the final boss of Exorcists series~

[18:28] Any chance of an extra with Zhao Ling? (click for spoilers) 

FT: In that position, most things weren’t up to him, Zhao Ling this stone-faced person probably also felt that it was very hard to go back to being himself

[18:28] Will there be any cameos from the previous three exorcist series in Wanwu? Even a mention is fine! 

FT: There’s a lot of overlap, because it’s set just 10 years after Mingwang

[18:28] Asking Xiao Fei-ge if you have plans to continue the Tang Song Yuan Ming Qing series? 

FT: These few coming years I’m not too sure, the plan for this year is to finish Wanwu~

[18:30] Happy new year Xiao Fei-ge, are you prepared to write extras for many characters? And when will the raffle be? 

FT: Some day when the official side reposts it’s raffle time!

[18:31] Happy new year Xiao Fei-ge, I’m looking forward to your new work but don’t work too hard! Your words give me a lot of support and power. Has anything interesting happened recently that you can share? I love your stories! Haven’t heard your voice in so long, will there be a new interview soon? 

FT: Thank you for your support, the situation’s been rather strict lately so probably no interviews for now? But I will work hard on writing this new book!

[18.36] Progress for the new book is at 40%, gotcha, then what about a certain Qing and a certain Lu’s three months? Is there a chance this year?

FT: If I post it in JJ, the whole of Dinghai could vanish from JJ~

[18:38] Happy new year Boss Chicken! Seeing that Zhuque is done, and there’s only one more in the Time Gallery series, are there any new series that you can tell us about?

FT: Time Gallery series has 2 more books right? I think? (t/n he’s the author WHY IS HE NOT SURE)

[18:38] Most of your previous stories were written mainly from the perspective of one character, but there’s quite a bit from Geng Shu’s perspective here! How’d you come up with this kind of dual POV? 

FT: Just felt like when he got to that point, Geng Shu needed a bit of monologue, but it still feels a little stiff and awkward, glad that you liked it though!

[18:38] What’s the new book about, is it confirmed to be Wanwu? 

FT: This year’s is indeed Wanwu, I’ll try to finish as soon as I can~

[18:38] Any hope for Dinghai traditional copies? Should be soon, he’s also rushing them

[18:38] Weibo user “if I don’t win FTYX’s extra raffle I won’t change name” asks: Ge, is there a chance for me to change name in this life? Please arrange more raffle opportunities! 

FT: O-okay~

[18:39] Ge, when are you going to write specialized settings/school settings/nostalgic vibe stories? Will you write more sharpened/edgy shous that are similar to Yaoyuan and Qingcheng? 

FT: Turing is counted as specialized setting right? I feel that more world building is more interesting though~ 

[18:40] They asked all my questions, so I liked every one I had. 

FT: Come, happy new year, eke one out~ (some more comments, one of which says “Hahaha how is there an author like this telling his reader to hurry up and ask a question”), since you’ve already come, eke a question out

[18:40] Xiao – Fei – Ge!! (Didn’t really have anything to ask just wanted to shout) 

FT: ‘lo – !

[18:40] Will you write a Luo Xuan’s POV extra? 

FT: If I’m requested during raffles~ His story is actually quite fleshed out in the main text already

[18:41] I want to ask Xiao Fei-ge, when’s the next installment for SD and Tiandi’s series? 

FT: After Wanwu, exactly how long would depend on my writing efficiency~

[18:42] Hi Chicken-ge, happy new year, wanted to ask when you’ll change your profile picture, wearing a melon as a hat and having your stomach revealed is pretty cold, <everyone is concerned about you.jpg>

FT: Artist-dada! Do you see them imploring~~

[18:42] Which publisher is working on Dinghai traditional copy? 

FT: Eh, isn’t the name of the publisher listed on JJ’s copyright news page? I also can’t recall which publisher

[18:42] Will there still be a Song dynasty exorcist book, can you give a hint please, it has been almost 10 years since you wrote the first exorcist book (Mingwang). 

FT: Yes will have, after Wanwu, because I don’t want to write 2 consecutive ancient books

[18:42] Which character from SYMX are you most like, or do you want to be most like? And what brought you to write a story that’s so large in setting, with wars, dynastic changes, and deep personal grudges and affections? (click for spoilers)

FT: If I want to survive in this story, I can only be Song Zou, right? Just like how in 冰火 the ones that survive to the end don’t stand out too much (t/n he could be referencing A Song of Ice and Fire)

[18:42] (click for spoilers) SYMX felt both bitter and hurtful, no other Star Officials book was like this, Mother Hen is this your most knifey extreme, will there be future crepes as torturous as this?

FT: Mother Hen in the wild: There’s no plan for this edition~ But this isn’t my limit, though I have to say it’s the limit of what I’ll release~ Actually I think Yingnu and XJH are a little more extreme? SYMX’s still alright

[18:43] When will you update your WeChat official account? I really like the stories on it! 

FT: Because of issues with the general situation, might have to stop updating main account for a while~

[18:43] When I was reading, I felt like the emotions Luo Xuan felt towards Jiang Heng came from love, but other people said they weren’t?

FT: Heiheihei, the extras this time are about the previous generation

[18:43] Any plan for a future setting book? Have, but not easy to write, world building is complicated and brain-frying

[18:43] Any words of consolation please, because I'm unlucky like LJL, I have never won any of your raffle? 在有生的瞬间能遇到你,竟花光所有运气 (it’s something LJL said to HJ, rough translate: I have used up all of my luck to be able to meet you in the fleeting time of life) 

[18:43] Will Qilin’s other three kids get any individual works?

FT: They’ll have chances to appear in other books (mostly as deus ex machina), actually, no, I’m a devoted, proper author who writes out my characters

[18:48] Any recommendations for reading? OP’s been reading Late Bloomers by Mo Yan and The Aviator by Shuang Xuetao

FT: Thanks, I actually haven’t read either! I’ll go find them to read, haven’t known what to read lately either

[18:48] Any raffle for CNY celebration? Besides an extra raffle there’s also a phone giveaway~

[18:48] Wanted to ask about Madam Zhao’s feelings towards Geng Yuan, did she look impassive on the surface but was actually very passionate inside? And did she know that Xiang Zhou liked her, why didn’t Xiang Zhou get paired with someone?

FT: Madam Zhao’s love for Geng Yuan is deep. About Xiang Zhou, I can only say, there’s no helping it

[18:49] Will there be LongJun cameo in Wanwu? Answer may be found in a future raffle~

[18:49] Actually I want to ask another question, but it’s a rather serious one. Heng’er who took on “world peace” as a personal mission had no way to accomplish the mission Prince Ling assigned him in the beginning, after that he was bouncing around, and in the end it was thanks to Prince Ling that world peace could be achieved. After all was said and done, could Heng’er be scolding himself for going in one huge circle? My question is a little rude, Boss Chicken can also scold this horrible reader *blushes*

FT: Yes, I also felt the same when I was writing, but I recognize these two as very different people. Eliminating Ye Cong is not difficult, or rather say, it’s not the most difficult task. The difficulty lies in seeking a new way to co-exist, which makes the business Jiang Heng does/the time he spends in Yong very crucial. Without those actions paving the way, there won’t be a shift in the (political) state of Yong in the finale.

[18.50] 1. As a fan of Graverobbers, I have a personal agenda. I want to ask if Xiao Jian and Shifu (t/n Lin Jingfeng) will appear in Wanwu? I was looking forward to meeting them in Little White Horse (Tiandi), since they’re both the same world 2. Does Xiao Fei-ge recommend any movies or books? I’m recharging during the winter break

FT: No… Xiao Jian probably won’t be present, wait, hold on, why don’t I feel odd seeing these two names together here! No no, nope, we are proper people, we don’t change the fixed settings~~ Happy new year~

[18:50] Ge! Wishing SYMX a great sale number!! I want to ask if you read any books recently? Also, I want to see the continuation of Joy and his 7 husbands, was craving it some time ago. And another thing, please look at your WeChat official account!! I want to see Silent Spiral, its stories really moved me, and I resonate with it very much. Lastly, love you, muah muah muah!!! I will read whatever you write!

FT: Happy new year~! Thank you for liking~

[18:50] Are Jiang Zhao and Jiang Qing “tietie”? FT: What is tietie~ (OP probably means if Jiang Zhao and Jiang Qing are a lesbian CP)


(omitted some chatting posts and Feitian thanking posters for their compliments)


[18:58] Feitian: Okay~ That’s all for today, thanks everyone for happily chatting with this blabbermouth~~ Love you all! Happy new year! I’m going to eat dinner now~ Muah muah muah!




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