Chapter 75 - Wild Geese Migrating North

Shan You Mu Xi

“A place where all the wild geese flock to roost.”

Translator(s): cyrrene

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Translator's Comment:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I really love how the northward migration of the geese coming to land in Luoyan City in this chapter metaphorically completes a circle about Jiang Heng and Geng Shu’s journey. Recall that it started as early as Chapter 2 (with the geese migrating south at the very end), and also mentioned at the end of Chapter 46, Volume 2 (when Geng Shu rediscovers Jiang Heng).

Stay tuned for an important announcement this weekend. Many thanks again to my husband for editing this chapter. ❤️

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This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), cyrrene.



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