The Spring of Prince Syndrome

Original Title: 王子病的春天
Original Link: Raws
Release Year: 2012
Chapters: 60
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If one day,

what used to move your heart could no longer touch you,

what used to enrage you could no longer anger you,

what used to sadden you could no longer bring you to tears,

you will know what these years, this life, has given you,

what you sacrificed, in order to grow.

—Jimmy Liao


A small and fresh day-to-day account. Grassroots gong and chuunibyou shou.

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Translator's Note:
Prince syndrome (王子病) is the male counterpart to princess syndrome (公主病), which is often used to refer to children who are spoiled, narcissistic, and egocentric; “princess/prince”-like behaviour.

Alternate Synopsis: At first Yaoyuan disdained the smell of the countryside emanating from him, but somehow without him noticing, he'd grown used to having that person always being there by his side. And once he got used to it, his long wait began... when will it finally be spring again?

WARNINGS: the main couple are second cousins (MC's mom & ML's dad were first cousins), depictions of mental illness, homophobia (incl. referenced conversion therapy)


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