Dinghai Fusheng Records [Manhua]

Original Title: 定海浮生录
Original Link: Raws
Release Year: 2020

Amidst the Silence of All Magic in the Divine Land, Mara is about to descend.

In order to prevent the destruction of the Divine Land and save all the people, Chen Xing, the last exorcist, embarks on a journey to release the sealed spiritual qi of heaven and earth —— only four years remain.

The road ahead is full of thorns. Watch this cute little koi Chen Xing and the moody and grumpy Protector Xiang Shu, together with numerous people with distinct personalities in their group, working together to turn the tide again and again!

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Translator's Note:
This is a manhua based on a novel with the same name, which can be found here. Release frequency should be around one per weekly or biweekly. The raws is still ongoing, and it updates every Saturday, 00:00 (GMT+8). The artist for this manhua has Twitter!

We're working with Bilibili English for the official version of this manhua here. The release on this site will be delayed!

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