About Us

Hello, we're a group of Feitian enthusiasts joining together to make an English site dedicated to hosting many of his fan-translated works! The purpose of this site is so international fans can easily get access to all of the translations in one place, while also giving out infos regarding Feitian, as well as a hub for hosting community events. We're also currently doing official translations for Dinghai and Tianbao manhuas on BilibiliComics, please visit their site for more recent updates!

Please inform us if you notice any weird layout, wrong navigation links, broken links, etc. We're also open if you wish to join us, be it wanting to translate one of his novels, helping with the site management, making new art for our site, or just wanting to discuss things with fellow fans! We do everything on our Discord, so please join us there and tell us what do you want to help us with!

For everyone who visits, we hope you enjoy your stay here~