Dinghai Fusheng Records [Audio Drama]

Original Title: 定海浮生录
Original Link: Raws
Release Year: 2020

Immortal arts, magic weapons, magical powers, and the boundless spiritual Qi between heaven and earth vanished into obscurity overnight, and all the exorcists became mere mortals.

300 years later, the Five Barbarians traversed the pass, a prelude to an era of great turmoil in China. They heralded the end of the world, where thousands of drought fiends stalked the night and the collapse of the Divine Land was imminent.

Fortunately, within this long, dark night where silence had fallen on all magic, a lone star still glistened brightly on the horizon.

The Heart Lamp appeared, illuminating the vast expanse around it. A 16-year-old young man, who will end his life on his 20th birthday, embarked on a journey of reclaiming the spiritual Qi of the heavens and earth that had been sealed away — only four years remain.

The road ahead was filled with countless thistles and thorns, and it seemed improbable for him to succeed.

Chen Xing, “The important thing is that I’m the last exorcist in this world, yet the only magic I am capable of is emitting light. What can I do?”

Wait patiently then. When the Dinghai pearl reappears on earth, the uncertain trajectory of everyone’s fates will be completely disrupted before converging once more.

Chen Xing, “Could I be partnered with a more normal Protector martial god?”

Isn’t your Protector really skilled in fighting?

Chen Xing, “He is good at fighting, but when he loses it he’ll hit even me……”

There’s nothing that can be done about that, you can only blame yourself for losing yourself to lust.

Media Production Group:

Production: Han Zhen Dong @火星小说韩东, Zhu Jiu Jie @猪九戒111

Director: Qi Jie @艺海佳音_齐杰

Executive Producer: Yin Hao @绿色海洋-HOWARD, Chen Xiang @妄谈与疯话

Director: Li Nuan @O篱小暖0o 【Self Definition】

Screenwriter: Guai Zi Song @乖酱_梓颂 【Self Definition】

Post-production: Fancy 【Self Definition】

Original Music: @乐舞音乐_Official (Lao Yan @劳广权@中二编曲, Huang Zhi @小智MIN1996, Ye Jia En @在等候的时候, Xu Bing @张华强在唱歌 , He Xin @贺鑫Daniel)

Sound Effect: Hangzhou Lexin Music @贺鑫Daniel

Recording: Simple @简丶丶丶单

Operator: NANA @NANA大魔王, Midsummer Isn't Over @盛夏未休, Qing Shen @青什

Poster Artist: Zhi Suoyi @之所舣

Q Artist: Spoon @SpoonKid

Map Artist: Feng Chui Ya @风吹崖 【Self Definition】

Poster Writing: Yi Yu Wei @以语为镜

Poster Design: Neil

Special Thanks: @易者连消醉清酒

Subtitle: Zhu Zhu @株木琅玛君


Dubbing Cast:

Xiang Shu: Stubborn Little Red Army @我是倔强的小红军

Chen Xing: Qian Wenqing @钱文青_拾弎幺

Feng Qianjun: Peng Yao @彭尧@彭尧-三途彼岸

Xiang Shu (Dog): Ah Bian @小阿变

Zhu Xu / Refugee 3: Wasabi @CV芥末

Che Luofeng: Yang Zi @夏日的羊屁屁

Fu Jian / Pawnshop Shopkeeper / Jin Officer: Yu Anqi @布拉德奇安

Xiang Yuyan: Lu Xiran @路熙然

(Living Corpse) Shulü Wen / Official / Commoner 2: Qi Jie @艺海佳音_齐杰

Announcer: Qian Wenqing @钱文青_拾弎幺

Official Artwork:
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