Tianbao Fuyao Lu [Manhua]

Original Title: 天宝伏妖录
Original Link: Raws
Release Year: 2020

Tianbao Period.

Kong Hongjun, a young man who was ignorant of worldly affairs, came to Chang'an with three important tasks and entered the Great Tang's Exorcist Department. Inside the department, he led a ragtag group of yao-vanquishing experts together with Li Jinglong, commander of the Longwu Army.

And this, is the story of how they wrote out the Great Tang's Yao-vanquishing Records.

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This is a manhua based on a novel with the same name, which can be found here. Release frequency should be around one per weekly or biweekly. The raws is still ongoing, and it updates every Sunday, 00:00 (GMT+8).

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