Imperial Ming Guards

Original Title: 锦衣卫
Original Link: Raws
Release Year: 2010
Chapters: 52
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Formerly known as Yi Luan Si, now Jin Yi Wei.

Initially served as the imperial honor guard, and later became the Emperor’s close attendant.

To served as an embroidered guard requires a certain background, a loyal dog character, fine build, and excellent skills in martial arts.

Honor guards are dressed in flying fish suits with embroidered spring blade in hand.

This is a story full of blood, sweat, and tears that took place among a group of embroidered guards.

And a story between a feral pussycat and a great wild leopard.

Xu Yunqi x Tuoba Feng

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Related Works(s): Guoshi, Lend a Hand

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Summary translated by Joyce.

Currently translated by SassyStrawberry here.

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