Imperial Ming Guards

Original Title: 锦衣卫
Original Link: Raws
Release Year: 2010
Chapters: 52
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During the reign of Hongwu Emperor of the Great Ming, the prosperous period of the state was initially stable. As Zhu Yuanzhang’s patrol to the South, the West Lake was covered in a vast expanse of green ripples. Zhang Shicheng plotted an assassination. By good fortune, Xu Yunqi, a descendant of Xu Da, and Tuoba Feng, an orphan from the Great Wall, saved the Emperor, to which they accumulated meritorious service and was promoted as the Chief and Deputy Envoys of Yiluan Division. An incomparable war is about to take place between the imperial court and the Jianghu…...

The reigns of Hongwu, Jianwen, and Yongle changed as the Jingnan rebellion began. A cloud of smoke spread throughout Beiping, Li Jinglong’s five hundred thousand army collapsed. Xu Yunqi and Tuoba Feng travelled through the Central Plains. On the day of Jinling’s pacification, Zhu Di ascended the throne.

As the Emperor guarded the frontier, the state’s monarch died. Tuoba Feng and Xu Yunqi once again faced the undercurrent of the turbulent court. In the end, the prosperous times fell. They went and lived in seclusion in the Great Wall, living their lives with vigour and vitality; as life goes on like a white colt flashed past the crack. Living in a land of charm and beauty as brocade, back to galloping horses in a vast desert. With deep love between BrOtHErhOoD, they accompanied each other throughout their lives.

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Summary translated by Joyce.

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