Starting a Revolution in the Depths of One’s Soul [Audio Drama]

Original Title: 灵魂深处闹革命
Original Link: Raws

The crazy shou Zhan Xing who had ran away from home merely said the words "Little Shifu" before he tied the graverobber gong Lin Jingfeng who suffers from face paralysis onto his chariot.

Then he openly ran over countless ancient tombs.

The cat general at the bottom of the sea, the headless Buddha of Tibet, the thousand-year-old drought fiend of Liuzhou, the suspended coffin corpse of Hunan, the ghost boy of Changbai...

Lin Jingfeng's tragic yet heroic life began then.

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Translator's Note:
A fanmade audio drama, adapted from the original work by Feitian. Do consider this a teaser for the main novel and give it a try!

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Latest chapter update is Chapter 1 - Cat General on Feb 13th, 2021.

Chapter 1 - Cat GeneralFeb 13th, 2021