Nothing to Lose

Original Title: 破罐子破摔
Original Link: Raws
Release Year: 2009
Chapters: 42

Did heroes write history or did history create heroes?

Someone returned to the time of the Three Kingdoms Era, which was originally just history to him, and he became a hero.

After that, it became a dance between heroes and history.

Then again, whether it was changing the course of the long flowing river of history or thinking of the heroes under his command like clouds, what was most unlucky was that he transmigrated into a minor emperor nicknamed “The Broken Jar”.

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Chapter 1 - In the next second, once again a good heroSep 20th, 2020
Chapter 2 - Skilled in literature and martial artsSep 20th, 2020
Chapter 3 - A Clever DebateApr 21st, 2021