Chapter 54 - A Letter Pleading for Help

Shan You Mu Xi

“...What do you mean by ‘once thought’? You have always been one of the Son of Heaven’s men. You are a man of the realm, General.”

Translator(s): cyrrene

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Translator's Comment:

Have you drowned in all the fluff yet? Geng Shu’s vinegar-drinking side is starting to come out and he’s completely whipped for didi. 🤭 Bird son is just too cute! I love how it likes getting cuddles, and when it tried to give Jiang Heng a gift (which didn’t turn out great, haha)! 😆 A new adventure awaits Jiang Heng and Geng Shu in Dai! Here’s another lovely fanart from the talented @zhouxinglvshui (Twitter). 🥰

Thank you @skyarise for helping me check over a part where I was uncertain, and answering my questions! 🙏❤️ And thank you to my husband as always for editing. ❤️

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