Astrolabe Rebirth

Original Title: 星盘重启
Original Link: Raws
Release Year: 2013
Chapters: 19

In the tides of time, humans have lost their status as the sole intelligent species among tens of thousands.

What they gained in exchange was a city of steel that rose in the eastern part of the Central Mainland, and a man-made god they called “Father”.

Regimes run by machines have taken over the world. On this astrological petri dish left behind by the ancient Creator, the young human slave, A-Ka, picked up a black-haired man on the beach of a lonely, deserted ocean…

The Astrolabe world will be once again reborn. And as for the humans, clones, and machines, what paths will they tread towards the future?

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Latest chapter update is Chapter 19 - Protected: Epilogue: Reuniting on Apr 18th, 2021.

Chapter 1 - Protected: The Youth from the Black SeaSep 14th, 2020
Chapter 2 - Protected: The Revolution of the ClonesSep 20th, 2020
Chapter 3.1 - Protected: The Fall of the PatriarchySep 30th, 2020
Chapter 3.2 - Protected: The Fall of the PatriarchyOct 10th, 2020
Chapter 4.1 - Protected: The Battle to EscapeOct 29th, 2020
Chapter 4.2 - Protected: The Battle to EscapeNov 6th, 2020
Chapter 5.1 - Protected: The Spine of the WorldNov 20th, 2020
Chapter 5.2 - Protected: The Spine of the WorldNov 27th, 2020
Chapter 6 - Protected: The Primeval HeartDec 4th, 2020
Chapter 7.1 - Protected: Phoenix CityDec 11th, 2020
Chapter 7.2 - Protected: Phoenix CityDec 19th, 2020
Chapter 8.1 - Protected: The Black PlainsDec 27th, 2020
Chapter 8.2 - Protected: The Black PlainsJan 1st, 2021
Chapter 9.1 - Protected: The Children of AstrolabeJan 8th, 2021
Chapter 9.2 - Protected: The Children of AstrolabeJan 16th, 2021
Chapter 10.1 - Protected: The Termination CommandJan 23rd, 2021
Chapter 10.2 - Protected: The Termination CommandJan 30th, 2021
Chapter 11.1 - Protected: The Pontiff of DragonmawFeb 5th, 2021
Chapter 11.2 - Protected: The Pontiff of DragonmawFeb 12th, 2021
Chapter 12.1 - Protected: The Ebb and Flow of Space-timeFeb 19th, 2021
Chapter 12.2 - Protected: The Ebb and Flow of Space-timeFeb 26th, 2021
Chapter 13 - Protected: The Night of Divine GraceMar 12th, 2021
Chapter 14 - Protected: Traveling Against the FlowMar 19th, 2021
Chapter 15 - Protected: The God of CreationMar 30th, 2021
Chapter 16 - Protected: A Promise for the Next LifeApr 2nd, 2021
Chapter 17 - Protected: The Eve of the Final BattleApr 9th, 2021
Chapter 18 - Protected: Astrolabe RebirthApr 16th, 2021
Chapter 19 - Protected: Epilogue: ReunitingApr 18th, 2021