Chapter 165.2 - Epilogue

Seizing Dreams

Hopefully, everyone has their own dreams, in which the sun would always rise.

Translator(s): Zryuu
Editor(s): juurensha

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Mother Hen Has Something To Say:

Every time I finish telling the stories of the protagonists, I’ll feel like I’ve just lived through a grand and magnificent life.

Hopefully, everyone has their own dreams, in which the sun would always rise.

《Seizing Dreams》extras will be released in the simplified version first, please pay attention to the information of the publication of the simplified version.

The simplified edition will be published in Jinjiang three months later.

Okay, that’s it, see you guys in the next book.

Translator's Comment:

Juurensha: Annnnd we’re done! Omg this was such a good series, and I hope all of you enjoyed it too! Such a sweet ending!

Zryuu: Omg… I’m finally done with the mass update haha. I’ve had all this done quite awhile back actually. Translating this series has been such a ride, and I honestly don’t regret it because it is such, a good, novel!! There are actually a lot more extras (I’ve gotten the first part of the extras), but I’m not sure when I’ll ever get around to translating them lol cause they’re only available in the physical copies (the smut too hahaha) and I’m kinda lazy… we’ll see~ Hope you guys enjoyed this novel as much as I did, and as Feitian said, see you guys in the next book! (Dinghai Fusheng Records LOL)

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