Golden Assistant

Xiao Yi always believed that Luzhou was a male god who was a righteous, handsome, and gentle white lotus that could steal the hearts of thousands regardless female or male, young or old. Until one day, he became the male god’s personal assistant….

Huh? Wait something doesn’t seem right.

Post Training Notice: National First-Class Registered Exorcist

Chi Xiaoduo is a single man who seeks after a high intrinsic quality of a person in love. At the age of twenty-six, his love history was still blank. In his endeavor to increase his experience, he met Xiang Cheng, who had come from the countryside and entered the big city in an awkward situation.

Chi Xiaoduo, a mola fish, was instantly subjugated by his lofty and handsome image and worshiped this man as a male god. After several encounters, he surprisingly discovered that this male god was not only extremely handsome but also had an unknown profession - an exorcist.

Right now, Chi Xiaoduo felt somewhat ruffled by the spring breeze of love.

JJWXC Synopsis:

Phoenixes drifted around the silent mountain ridges with their wings widespread, scattering glittering dust in their wake that spiraled  towards the world.

The vastness of the universe flickered in the stars. Lying on the bamboo raft in Chi Xiaoduo's arms, Xiang Cheng, slowly opened his eyes.

"It's called homesickness." Xiang Cheng said. "If you don't see the world, you wouldn't think of returning."


A torrential downpour engulfed the city. The dark clouds in the sky were densely covered by hordes of yaomos running about in the dark night.

Chen Zhen, holding the steering wheel with one hand, thoughtfully said to Chi Xiaoduo, "The living are merely passing travelers, the dead return to their eternal homes. The heavens and the earth are an inn; for all our grief we inevitably return to dust."


It's spring once again, the air was filled with a flurry of peach blossoms.

Chi Xiaoduo leaned on Xiang Cheng's chest and looked up at the clear blue sky.

"Frankly," Chi Xiaoduo earnestly said, "it’s not bad to be an exorcist.”

Xiang Cheng gave a genuine smile and said nothing. He held Chi Xiaoduo in his arms, lowered his head, and kissed his hair.

The Spring of Prince Syndrome

If one day,

what used to move your heart could no longer touch you,

what used to enrage you could no longer anger you,

what used to sadden you could no longer bring you to tears,

you will know what these years, this life, has given you,

what you sacrificed, in order to grow.

—Jimmy Liao


A small and fresh day-to-day account. Grassroots gong and chuunibyou shou.

Don’t Come Over

Lin Yu: celibate shou, born with a golden spoon in his mouth, studied at a good school and lived a good life.

After graduating, he came back from abroad and decided to work hard, then became the ultimate winner in life.

But not long after he returned to the country, his grandfather died. Infighting amongst his relatives ensued, who then framed him and got him a long sentence in jail to prevent him from fighting for the assets.

Li Hongye: leader of a gang, came from an orphanage, led a bunch of followers to start a major enterprise in S City.

He's actually a good man whose hobbies are playing online games and whaling in-game to buy equipment and VIP access.

He continued leading his followers to act as tyrants in-game.

Li Hongye still thought about the little guy he made friends with when he was six. Over the years, he watched the two of them embark on different paths.

Now that Lin Yu was down and out, Li Hongye lent him a hand without hesitation and took him in...

Starting a Revolution in the Depths of One’s Soul (Graverobbing)

The crazy shou Zhan Xing who had ran away from home merely said the words "Little Shifu" before he tied the graverobber gong Lin Jingfeng who suffers from face paralysis onto his chariot.

Then he openly ran over countless ancient tombs.

The cat general at the bottom of the sea, the headless Buddha of Tibet, the thousand-year-old drought fiend of Liuzhou, the suspended coffin corpse of Hunan, the ghost boy of Changbai...

Lin Jingfeng's tragic yet heroic life began then.

Youngest Son

The original meaning in Sichuan dialect is 'the youngest, most pampered son in the family', and it can be extended to mean 'treasure' - parents or elders call children little car or dog, while lovers call each other 'dear'. This is a really boring slice-of-life story with no special background to it about two people in love. A dum shou, dum story, long and draggy, read 'Youngest Son' to pass time, don't think too hard about it