Chapter 50

Turing's Code

"How much of my Baobao's anger value is left now? Has it gone to zero?"

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That night, there was heavy rain and thunder. The pool outside the villa spattered with countless raindrops, lightning flashed across the sky from time to time, and rolling thunder could be heard from the distant fields.

Tianhe turned on the lights while Guan Yue wiped his hair. On the second floor of the villa, Tong Kai, Jiang Zijian, and Tianhe surrounded Wen Tianyue, who was sitting on the sofa and pressing a whiskey glass against his face.

"I would like to talk to my brother alone." With cotton stuffed in his nose, Wen Tianyue said vaguely and politely, "Would it be convenient for you all to excuse yourselves for a moment?"

"Inconvenient. Vetoed." Guan Yue said coldly. "Talk business first. All of us here are shareholders of Epeus."

Tianhe silently gazed at Wen Tianyue.

"There's another person who has a small number of shares," Jiang Zijian said. "He has entrusted me to vote on his behalf."

"Alright," said Wen Tianyue, "since you all insisted on listening."

"Be careful of what you say," Guan Yue said. "Since it decides whether or not I will continue to beat you up."

Tianhe, "Stop fighting!"

Wen Tianyue picked up the wine glass soaked in ice, drank some of it, and compressed it around his eyes. "I may have been disfigured thanks to you all."

Tong Kai said, "I strongly recommend you get plastic surgery first before going back home; otherwise, the creditors will surely drop in to strangle you ba."

"Ah, that is im—po—ssi—ble," Wen Tianyue's nonchalant tone was exactly the same as Tianhe’s. "Such a sumptuous team building, surely, my brother-in-law has paid off my debts already. People—they tend to cater to those in power, fawning upon the influential while trampling the inferior. I bet that, now, they will not only not bother me, but they will continue to wag their tails to butter me up."

As a matter of fact, Jiang Zijian and Tianyue were quite familiar with each other. Jiang Chaosheng was also very fond of Tianyue. Ever since the Wens' properties were taken care of by Wen Tianyue, the two families had closely worked together, and Queenstown villas was one of them. Jiang Zijian grew up treating Tianyue as his elder; thus, it was hard for him to say anything too much, only angrily exclaiming, "Tianyue-ge! You almost ruined Tianhe's life!"

"Everything I had before the rebirth of Epeus was all given to me by him. There was no ruining whatsoever." Tianhe said.

He was just ten years old when his father passed away, and there were a great deal of discussions and many conflicts of opinions about the family at that time. Classmates, friends, and even tutors were talking about it privately. Although Tianhe was merely a child then, he knew exactly what kind of circumstance he was in—everyone said that the Wens' were doomed.

Everyone eyed Epeus like ravening tigers, eyeing the huge fortune left by Wen Yuankai. The sole heir was his fifteen-year-old son, who was obviously a minor as well as a ten-year-old child who seemed to have autism. Their undoing was imminent in less than two to three years. The company's senior founders had even toyed with the idea of dividing the Wens' wealth.

Back then, Guan Zhengping barely managed things—except for guiding the team on technical issues, he spent most of his time as a hands-off boss. But the three Wen brothers, as Aunt Fang had said, were all geniuses. Wen Tianyue quickly stabilized the situation on his first day as CEO and duped the seniors by playing dumb. He later recruited Mei Xi to finance and lured the easily swayed deputy general to his side.

Guan Zhengping mastered the core secrets and progressively passed them to Wen Tianyue. Thus, after bidding his time for a little while, Wen Tianyue launched a large-scale purge of Epeus senior management and finally recovered the rights that should have belonged to him. Furthermore, he successfully invested in the real estate industry and Internet industry that everyone was bearish about back then, financed and acquired the companies… duped the government and snowballed the legacy left by his father to a new height. In just a few years, all those bosses who originally thought Wen Tianyue would become a prodigal started to fight for the top spot in order to invest in Epeus.

Certainly, advantages came with disadvantages. Wen Tianyue's purging of the company also delayed Epeus' plan to undertake an IPO and triggered the eventual break of the capital chain.

In these years, Wen Tianyue had walked step by step. He knew quite clearly that Epeus—which was built up by his father and Guan Zhengping's advanced technical achievements—was already in jeopardy after Guan Zhengping's rapid retreat and pursuit of a dream life. To expand and grow again, he could only rely on his little brother's talent. All the crises would be resolved once Wen Tianhe returned to China.

But only by a tiny whit difference.

Tianhe's mood was quite complex. Ever since his second brother took over the family business, he had never been mistreated. If it weren't for his second brother, he would have had to live under his maternal uncle's roof and be watched by his aunt's or stepfather's meaningful glances. During his time in London, Tianyue never asked him how he spent his money as long as he was happy.

Although Guan Yue looked after him, Tianhe knew in his heart that the reason why the elders of his maternal uncle's family and the Guan family treated him so politely was mainly because he had Wen Tianyue behind him. It was also because of Wen Tianyue's unconditional love for him that he could say the words "I can pay for it myself" to Guan Yue.

How can Tianhe hate his second brother?

"It was the only thing I could do under the circumstances at that time," Wen Tianyue said. "If I didn't run away and stayed in China, any financial backer who wants to support you would hesitate and reconsider."

Tianhe asked, "You also knew that your credit had gone bankrupt?"

Wen Tianyue, "Credit is something that never goes belly-up. It only depends on whether you gain or lose power. As long as I return to China with 10 billion USD, the heads of those institutions will definitely offer their hands for me to use as ashtrays, believe it or not?"

Wen Tianyue crossed his legs and flicked his cigar with his face bashed in.

"I know you don't hate me, Baobao," Wen Tianyue said. "Seeing your brother after a long time, won't you come give me a hug?"

Tianhe exhaled a breath and glanced wearily at Guan Yue.

Wen Tianyue, "My guess at the beginning was that you really didn't know what to do in the face of this terrible mess and could only look for Guan Yue. And as long as I'm not there, Guan Yue will definitely bail you out. See, isn't that the case? It's just that a lawyer popped up… I didn't see this coming.  Hey, lawyer xiao-ge, I heard you're also a member of the royal family?"

Tong Kai was standing by the side of the sofa, watching Wen Tianyue.

"Well done research," Tong Kai said. "I'm the vice president of your brother's company."

Wen Tianyue said, "Guan Yue, you're the one who should thank me the most. If I hadn't run away early, I don't think you would have had another chance to get my brother back in your life."

"Shut up!" Tianhe was finally pushed to his limits.

"That's right," Guan Yue nevertheless said. "I do appreciate it."

Tianhe, "..."

"But you still don't know me," Guan Yue seriously said. "Regardless of whether you were there or not, as long as Tianhe was willing to seek me out and I have something I can do to help, I will not watch him get bullied. You've been a failure the moment people hounded you out of your door. I never waste my precious time laughing at a failure."

Wen Tianyue smiled and said, "Of course it was even better if I wasn't there. You see? You've obtained both the reliance of my brother and the full takeover of my company. You have everything now; reputation in the industry, my baobao's love and talent, all the future benefits of Epeus…"

Guan Yue, "Thank you for being so selfless and for everything that you've bestowed me."

"It's not a done deal yet, dear," Wen Tianyue said. "First of all, you two aren't married. Secondly, I'm afraid Epeus may not be able to make as much money as you're asking for, and it may even be a money-losing business. If the results can’t reach the set standard, would you dare to take out and sell Prometheus?"

Tianhe, "!!!"

Wen Tianyue, "?"

"You know about Pro?" Guan Yue frowned.

Wen Tianyue gestured for Tianhe to ask later and said skeptically to Guan Yue, "I don't think you can persevere for long, Guan Yue. You're too arrogant; this can be a triggering factor to ruin you. You're quite impressive with everything, but in the end, the person who would save the situation is still me. He who laughs last, laughs best. Don't believe it? We'll see about that."

Tianhe snapped, "What do you mean? Make it clear!"

Guan Yue was silent, his eyebrows furrowed as he stared fixedly at Wen Tianyue, who put the wine glass down and said lazily, "If I'm not wrong, this guy must be having wishful thoughts of getting a pile of money to smash his opponents. This is already a harbinger of defeat."

Tianhe showed an astonished expression.

"You know everything," Tong Kai frowned.

Wen Tianyue said, "Of course I know. I was not around, but news from China wasn't difficult to inquire about, including Guan Yue's resignation from Qingsong and Andy wanting to get into your business. What can he do about it? Nothing more than taking away Epeus' technological achievements. To be quite honest, I just came to Queenstown last week and spent quite a long time in Washington before that, so it wasn't surprising to hear all this gossip ba? Guan Yue, allow me to give you a piece of advice."

Wen Tianyue finished his glass, put it down, and said smilingly, "Never forget that when you think you have a sure win, that's when you're most likely to die on the curb. We've all studied finance. Remember those giant books we read when we were studying? How many of them are still being kept now?"

Guan Yue sneered.

Wen Tianyue gloatingly said, "Almost all of them are gone. Are you hurrying to publish an autobiography before you lose? Those who attempt to control the market will one day cease under the crushing weight of the market itself."

Tianhe, "A broke fugitive loser. I really can't think of what position you have to give so-called 'advice" to an achiever…… Guan Yue?!"

Guan Yue silently walked out and left the room.

Wen Tianyue still had that provoking smile on his face as he said, "I got to the heart of his worries."

Tong Kai thought for a while and replied, "With that reason, Wen Tianyue, you are indeed a talent. I like you."

Wen Tianyue smiled. "I knew you would like me. Forget that, this is a rare brothers reunion. I haven't seen Epeus' old employees for quite a while now either, how about we have a party?"

The remaining trio went their own way, dumping Wen Tianyue in the room.


"You see, I was right," Pro spoke. "He will not offer you help because your interests are in great conflict."

Guan Yue, wearing an earpiece and his sleepwear, stood by the window with a band-aid on the side of his face.

Pro, "But, if you ask me, Tianyue is right about your arrogance. The ultimate test is what you will face next."

Guan Yue looked back at the door. Tianhe has yet to return, so Guan Yue walked out and went downstairs to see Tianhe sitting at a tea table in the courtyard, looking up at the rain pouring down in the late night. Wen Tianyue, however, had already taken the lead as he walked over, carrying a Martell and a foreign wine glass filled with ice cubes, and sat down beside Tianhe.

Pro, "I don't think you'd mind if I listened to what they're going to discuss."

"I mind," Guan Yue said coldly and turned back to the room. He sat down on the bedside and caught sight of a small envelope on the bedside table with "Happy Birthday" written on it in Tianhe's handwriting, and he opened it up to see.

Inside was a photo—a snapshot of them paddling the waves as they chased each other on flyboards in Wellington.

It was like the heart-shaped starlight that Wall-E and Eve spilled in space.


In the courtyard corridor.

"Let's talk ba," Wen Tianyue said. "Congratulations on getting back together with Guan Yue. Although he's a chauvinist, at this point, I have to admit that he's the best for you. Half a year of not seeing you, you really made a thoroughgoing change, much more steady."

"What's there to talk about?" Tianhe calmly said. "I owe my whole life to you and Guan Yue. Do I have any choice in front of you two?"

Wen Tianyue smiled. "Don't ever say that. You also had your share of the things Dad left behind."

"I don't think a ten-year-old child can protect himself from being conned." Tianhe replied.

Wen Tianyue, "Oh… Baobao, it looks like you've grown up a lot in this half a year."

"Sometimes, I feel like a pet you two have," Tianhe said insipidly. "Never mind, let's not talk about that. You’ve always known about Pro's existence?"

"Yes, but I have never seen it. Have some?" Wen Tianyue said and poured wine for Tianhe.

"Prometheus was designed by Uncle Guan Zhengping and Dad," Wen Tianyue added. "They created this AI, for years, and now it showed up? Can I see it?"

"Make it clear first," Tianhe picked up the glass and drank some, his gaze hadn’t landed on Wen Tianyue, yet.

Wen Tianyue scratched his head and said, "Well, Uncle Guan said that this AI is far from being ready to be taken out and forbade me from treating it as a technical achievement for valuation. Although I think it must be an amazing thing…. But, I respect his opinion."

Tianhe, "That's because you didn't know where it was; otherwise, you would have turned everything upside down to take it out to an expo."

Wen Tianyue, "Ah, would you mind not exposing me?"

Tianhe, "What else did they say about Pro?"

Wen Tianyue spread out his hands and said, "Before Uncle Guan left, he said that after this AI upgraded itself and felt it was the right time, it would naturally come to face the world. By then, this technical achievement would be unparalleled in history, and Epeus’s standing would be almost unimaginable to the world."

"......But the premise must be 'the right time'," Wen Tianyue said. "Thus that made me stop my wishful thinking and do software well ba. Also, the server unit can only guarantee the technology needed for the next ten years. Beyond that time, you have to spend money to continue to give it an upgrade. This was really too expensive, over 90 million RMB a year. How can I withstand such money burning? Although the unit can also be used in quantitative trading software, I really don't need such a high-performance machine. Might as well play games in a server emulator."

Tianhe, "That's no reason at all for you to put the company out of business. Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Wen Tianyue, with a band-aid on the bridge of his nose, spread his hands innocently. "You said you didn't want to manage the company's administration, so why should I bother you with such things? Hmm?"

Tianhe remained silent. Wen Tianyue said, "As far as I know, Guan Yue will definitely take decisive action against that guy who had taken control of his Qingsong partnership for you. This is simply playing with fire. The enemy's father is a member of Congress who will be re-elected soon and has first-hand information about trends. Relying only on himself, how could Guan Yue possibly beat him?"

"And I have reason to suspect," Wen Tianyue grinned wickedly, "that those funds' ravening bosses set up a trap to take advantage of Guan Yue after his departure from Qingsong to provoke him and seek his doom, lining their pockets from Epeus and the Guans' without leaving any error. In this way, they both looted Guan Yue's money and obtained Epeus' core technological achievements…  Tsk, tsk, tsk… Such a bargain! Too perfect!"

"Where's Uncle Guan? Any news?" Tianhe suddenly asked.

Wen Tianyue replied, "Nah, he went to pursue his dreams, right? Although I don't think it's a problem to give a portion of the company's shares to Guan Yue, I'm surprised that you gave him the veto power as well. Eh, I personally think that it's better to keep this in your own hands, otherwise in case he somehow goes frantic one day, you will definitely regret why you didn't keep this right in the first place and still be able to control him in time."

Tianhe, "Shut up, I don't want to talk to you about this anymore."

Wen Tianyue sat up properly and turned to Tianhe, tilting his handsome face and smiled, saying, "Then, like that thing in our childhood?"

Tianhe finally turned his head and looked at his second brother, who pointed to the side of his face, and then Tianhe gave him a resounding slap.

Wen Tianyue turned to the other side of his face and Tianhe gave him another slap, leaving a reddened palm mark. He lowered his head slightly as he pushed up his forehead hair, faced Tianhe, and said, "Kiss?"

That was a playful game between them in their childhood. When Tianhe was two or three years old and ignorant, he always liked to hit Tianyue and finish it with a kiss on his forehead.

Then, Tianhe poured the wine with the ice cubes on his second brother's face and got up, leaving Tianyue sitting in a wretched state. He wiped the wine from his face and smiled helplessly.

In the room lit by the warm lamplight, Guan Yue was in his pajamas, leaning against the bed and wearing a pair of Google glasses. He was looking down at the information on the iPad, which kept scrolling up lines of text, with the font and analysis content flashing on the glasses.

As Tianhe lay on the bed, Guan Yue then pressed it off and took off the glasses. Putting things away, he turned to Tianhe and gazed at his collarbone under the clothes.

Tianhe, "What to do?"

Tianhe really didn't know how to get along with his second brother.

Guan Yue said, "You decide."

"I just can't decide," Tianhe said helplessly. "What do you think?"

Guan Yue, "All I can think of right now is to make love with you. Can't think of anything else."

Tianhe laughed out loud. Guan Yue then rolled over and pressed himself against Tianhe.

"You're not afraid I'll be in pain?!" Tianhe felt tired these days, but as soon as Guan Yue held him, he didn't want to struggle either.


The following day. The bus headed for the tourist attractions.

"Why didn't Mr. Guan come?" The employees discussed.

Mei Xi said, "They have something to do today and will come later!"


At the entrance of the villa.

Wen Tianyue thought that Tianhe would let him follow the company's tour group and go for the team building together. Then, he can go home happily and disregard their past grudges, but it seemed Tianhe had no such intentions. Getting up early in the morning, Wen Tianyue dragged his suitcase and stood outside the door, but Tianhe got into the car and said to him, "I'm off. We will surely meet each other later. Take good care of yourself."

Wen Tianyue was dumbfounded. Only after the car drove off did he react and rush after it.

"Don't go home!" Tianhe poked his head out and shouted to his second brother, "No one will open the door for you! We've already called the police! You're listed as wanted all over China!"

Tianhe drove around the lake on the main road. Wen Tianyue chased after the SUV, panting.

Wen Tianyue, "Tianhe!"

Tianhe glanced at the rearview mirror. Wen Tianyue said, "Hey! Hey! Didi!You're just gonna leave me?"

Tianhe drove slowly. When Wen Tianyue then caught up with him, Tianhe stepped on the accelerator and drove off again.

Wen Tianyue finally realized that his brother was playing with him. He slowed down his pace as he dragged his suitcase up and said, "Baobao, I know you…"

Tianhe opened the trunk of the car and lifted up his second brother's suitcase. Wen Tianyue sighed with relief and said, "I miss you so much, actually, but I don't know when you will…be with Guan Yue…"

Tianhe took out a rope.

Wen Tianyue, "......"


Five minutes later. Wen Tianyue, with both hands tied and dragged by the rope, ran after the SUV.

Another car was parked on the hillside, as Guan Yue, Jiang Zijian, and Tong Kai watched from afar.

"Too ruthless," The corners of Tong Kai's mouth twitched. "Don't ever mess with him."

Jiang Zijian, "......"

Tianhe slowly drove the SUV for five kilometers. Wen Tianyue gasped for breath and stopped.

Tianhe made an inviting gesture as he untied the rope and let his second brother get into the car. The other car also parked and Guan Yue came over to drive.

Wen Tianyue sensed something far from good and asked, "Where to next?"


An hour later. The Nevis Ravine.

The personnel tied a cord on Wen Tianyue, who said, "Bungy jumping is actually……not bad. You won't be angry anymore after gege jumps, right?"

Tianhe pushed his second brother. Wen Tianyue yelled out and fell straight down.

"Is the end of the cord tied……"



"Let me have lunch at least…" Wen Tianyue said.

Tianhe, "Lunch will be served after two more jumps. My current anger value has dropped to 40%."

Guan Yue, Tong Kai, and Jiang Zijian were sitting on the side. Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian were shivering, and Tianhe expressionlessly pushed his second brother down again.

After lunch, Wen Tianyue thought about it as he looked at Tianhe and asked, "How much of my Baobao's anger value is left now? Has it gone to zero?"


Afternoon tea time. The gusty wind blew as the door of the plane was pulled open, and Wen Tianyue was tied to the female instructor.

"Take care of him!" Tianhe shouted to the instructor.

The instructor made an OK gesture. Wen Tianyue yelled out again as they jumped out.

After twelve bungee jumps and seven skydives, Tianhe's anger value had finally gone to nought, and Wen Tianyue finally threw up.


That night.

"Hey, Mr. Wen!"

"Mr. Wen!" Mei Xi exclaimed. "You're back! What happened to you?"

The assistant said, "Oh god! Mr. Wen! What have you been through these days? Why do you look so bad?! Are you sick?"

Wen Tianyue shook hands with the Epeus employees before he hurriedly waved his hand and rushed to the toilet to retch once again.

"He's pregnant," said Tianhe seriously. "That's why he feels somewhat uncomfy."

Everyone, "......"

After that, Wen Tianyue achieved what he had wished: to join the team building.

"How did you know he was in Queenstown?"

The day they were going to depart Wellington, Tianhe suddenly recalled and asked Guan Yue. He puzzledly watched Wen Tianyue, who was talking to Liao Shan.

Guan Yue, "Mei Xi told me that the former deputy general of Epeus, that gambler, may have heard from him."

Tianhe remembered. The person his second brother trusted the most was the former deputy general of Epeus. Maybe they still kept in touch after his brother absconded.

"And then you went to see him?" Tianhe asked.

Guan Yue, "That former deputy general is now in a startup company under Qingsong as the COO. I know the boss of the company. They went out for a drink, he got drunk and said it."

Tianhe hmm-ed. Guan Yue added, "Tianyue is running out of money, and is looking around for someone to borrow from. After leaving Washington, he decided to come to New Zealand, since your home resort is here. Mei Xi said that when Tianyue brought him to Queenstown for a visit before, they met the Spanish wine shop owner. I just guessed that if he didn't go to the resort, he would go to the wine shop sooner or later."

Tianhe, "You should have told me in advance."

GuanYue dragged his suitcase through the security check and said, "What if we didn't catch him? It would only disappoint you."

"Perfect answer," Pro said in Guan Yue's earpiece. "He should believe it now."

Tianhe, "But I've noticed that you've been wearing an earpiece a lot lately?"

Guan Yue was holding Tianhe's hand, thought about it, took off the earpiece, and handed it to him.

Tianhe took the earpiece but didn't put it on, looking suspiciously at Guan Yue. "Tell me you didn't lie to me, I will really be angry otherwise."

Guan Yue, "?"

Guan Yue was baffled and said, "Lie to you about what? Why would I lie to you?"

Both parties were quiet for a few seconds. Then Tianhe smiled as he returned the earpiece to Guan Yue and continued to walk on. Guan Yue hesitated and then said, "Baobao."

Tianhe turned his head and caught sight of Guan Yue's expression, and was speechless for a long time. 

Pro spoke, "Guan Yue, you broke your promise to me."

Tianhe took the earpiece, his hand couldn't stop shaking, and put it in his ear.

"Pro?" Tianhe said with a trembling voice.

No sound came out of it. Tianhe looked up incredulously at Guan Yue, who immediately spread his hands, saying, "I didn't say a thing."

All of a sudden, the entire waiting area resounded with symphonic music and booming vibrations, causing all the pedestrians to halt at the same time.

Libiamo's roaring music swept like a sudden heady tempest. Then, the music stopped, and in the silence, Luciano Pavarotti's deep voice sounded—

Tianhe looked around. The airport's domed roof was absolutely empty, the LED screens around them bloomed with gorgeous swirling flowers, all the LED walls stationed far and near featured the mountains and the sea—the sunrise bloomed with dazzling rays of light, and on the boundless stretch of the sea, a sperm whale leaped out in an arc.

From the security check to the waiting area and in the duty-free shops, LED screens turned on one by one. The invisible magician descended so quietly, like the hand of God, that with a passing touch, all the green leaves in the airport shuddered in the sound of music.

"Pro!" Tianhe roared angrily. "You bastard!"

Immediately afterwards, the tidal wave of singing split into vocal parts and centralized around Tianhe, taking along his spiritual consciousness to the grand world… From the summit mountain peaks to the angry waves; from hurricane to lightning; from this shore to the other shore; from heavy snowfall to blooming flowers—

Wherever it was, it went straight to the end of the world.

Once the music ended, Pro's voice reverberated through the airport.

"It makes me happy to see you happy, my beloved Tianhe."


——Second movement·End——

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