Chapter 49

Turing's Code

Content Warning:
nsfw/explicit smut, scraped skin and blood mention.

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Tianhe was silent for a long time and then said, “Pro has evolved at simply breakneck speeds. He has learned far too many things from the very beginning of our acquaintance to the day he left. He was even able to roughly predict the direction of future events through computation. At first, his range of operations was confined to my house. I even laughed at him for only turning on and off household appliances, but gradually, he was able to control a wider and wider range that cracking WiFi passwords was a piece of cake. Any place with WiFi access, and without a secondary password, were his eyes and ears. The only thing he couldn’t crack was……”

“Quantum cryptography.” Guan Yue said.

Tianhe nodded and said, “That’s the only thing he’s powerless about. But how many places use quantum cryptography? On top of that, a more complex password to him was only limited by time, technology upgrades, as well as the operability of the server unit. If the conditions are sufficient, he can hack into almost any device on the earth.”

Guan Yue said, “Pro himself knows this better than you do. The only way to protect the human race is either self-destruction or deep sleep. I recall there was an author who came up with the ‘Three Laws of Robotics,’ did Pro have it?”

Tianhe replied, “That’s just a science fiction setting. Pro once said that he was learning how to love humans. Have you ever thought about why that is? Why does he need to learn? By no means, the reason was just to pass the Turing test, a test that no longer mattered to him. Moreover, there has never been such a thing as the ‘Three Laws of Robotics’ in this world… I don’t know what he will become in the future; I can only do what I can…to make him understand human beings better and be our friend.”

Guan Yue said, “You even think that you will lose control over him one day, so why not just let him disappear in advance?”

Tianhe gazed at Guan Yue and said, “You’re just testing me, right? Are you serious?”

Guan Yue realized what he said was a bit too much. He corrected himself, saying, “I only wanted to remind you if you have considered the issue of Pro going into sleep from this perspective? Perhaps it is because of this realization.”

Tianhe mumbled, “That, I haven’t thought about…”

Guan Yue, “Then the best option is to protect this server from premature exposure, or at least limit the extent of its release within a manageable range.”

Tianhe, “......”

Tianhe looked up at Guan Yue, who raised his eyebrow and shrugged his hands, clearly expressing, “Am I wrong?

Tianhe had to admit that Guan Yue was right. He wanted to argue some more with forced logic, but there was really no need for it.

Guan Yue, “I admit that the initial decision I made was indeed rash. At first, I did all of it for the purpose of making you happy and ignored your real feelings. But now that things have reached this stage, I think, instead, that we only have this one path left. Perhaps this criticism will upset you, just……”

Guan Yue was still considering the diction when Tianhe replied, “No, you’re right. I can’t fully announce Pro to the outside world.”

Guan Yue was worried that Tianhe would take offense, but the latter laughed and said, “You’ve thought about this more thoroughly than me. However, I really can’t think of any other solution.”

Guan Yue, “There will be a way. Trust me. We’re in this together.”

Mei Xi then walked over to invite them to dinner. After dinner, Tianhe and Guan Yue waited for another two full hours until the duty-free shop closed and everyone couldn’t walk anymore before finally going home. Tianhe thought that these guys were really something. How could they actually wander for so long around this street.

When they finally arrived at where they were staying, Tianhe only felt that today was really toooooooo tiring. First, they parachuted, then went ten kilometers around the lake, and walked in the duty-free shops for a while. Forget about physical fatigue, his soul has suffered a powerful assault.

“Then……” Tianhe swiped his room card and opened the door of the tranquil villa. He didn’t know where Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian went after they got off the bus.

Guan Yue wrapped his arms around Tianhe’s waist in the doorway. They had finally returned.

As soon as Tianhe pushed open the door, Guan Yue turned him around and pressed him against the door, holding his waist with one hand and embracing his shoulder with the other, and started kissing him wantonly. Tianhe reached out to turn on the light, but Guan Yue caught his wrist and took it up to his neck.

For a moment, there was only the sound of their entangled breathing in the darkness. Tianhe was utterly nervous and said, “Guan Yue, let me…… Slow down. My heart is about to jump out……”

Guan Yue held Tianhe’s waist and gently caressed his back; this move instantly calmed Tianhe down.

“Won’t do it,” Guan Yue’s breathing was heavy and constrained. He said in a low voice, “Won’t do it today… I’m afraid I would hurt you. I just want to hold you tonight.”

Tianhe smilingly said, “You just didn’t prepare the lube in advance ba.”

Guan Yue, “Where would I find the time to buy it when I’ve been following you around every second of the day?”

Tianhe, “I’m really exhausted. I can’t come even if I wanted to. I have a feeling that even in my dreams tonight, I’ll dream about skydiving.”

Guan Yue, “I will hold you close…… Baobao, we will never…”

Tianhe, “I love you.”

Tianhe kissed Guan Yue’s lips, put his hand back on the latter’s neck, and then turned on the light with the other hand. As he turned around, he caught sight of people standing in the living room.

Tianhe, “……”

Guan Yue, “………………………………………………………………”

The employees with children in tow had already gone to bed, and Epeus programmers also didn’t come.

Tong Kai, Jiang Zijian, Wu Shun, several investment managers who have the best relationship with Guan Yue, the assistant, HR, and almost all the people whom Guan Yue brought over from Qingsong were present.

Mei Xi was holding a cake with candles stuck in it, while Tong Kai was holding a lighter. All of them appeared frightened.

Guan Yue took a deep breath.

Tianhe thought to himself: I’m gonna fucking die.

Dang! Dang! Dang—“ The silence in the living room was interrupted by the clock’s toll as it struck midnight; Guan Yue’s birthday had arrived.

Although Tong Kai had a wide range of experience, he also didn’t know what should be done next. Under the gods’ protection, Jiang Zijian, the xiao-ge receptionist, finally managed to save the day and smiled at Tong Kai. “Light the candles! Quick, light the candles ah!”

Tong Kai trembled as he lit the candles, while Mei Xi, on the other hand, was already on the verge of tears.

“Happy birthday to you—“ Tong Kai immediately took the lead, pretending to sing the birthday song as if nothing had just occurred.

The employees in the room shivered, and with a sorrowful expression, they sang along, “T-t-to…to you… H-h-happy birthday—“

Tianhe held his forehead with one hand and took Guan Yue’s hand with the other. The two of them each turned their heads to the side, not daring to face their employees. Until the song ended, everyone exclaimed with trembling voices, “Mr. Guan…… Ha-ha-hah-happy birthday!”

Tong Kai put the cake down and said, "Come on, make a wish and blow out the candles ba!"

Tianhe nudged Guan Yue, who took another deep breath and walked to the coffee table.

“The birthday wish wouldn’t be a murder to prevent divulgence, would it…” Someone whispered. Jiang Zijian immediately elbowed that employee.

Wu Shun calmly walked over, took out a fountain pen, and faced it to the crowd. Then he held a phone in his right hand, turned on the flash, and guided, "Come. Everybody, look here. Look together. Look at this pen. Look at the upper part of it."

All the employees looked at Wu Shun's pen together. Wu Shun's right hand then pressed his phone to take a photo, which the flash swished and flickered, and then he calmly put the pen away.

Jiang Zijian, the most cooperative, instantly reacted as he said, "Huh? What's this for? Who am I? Why am I here?"

Tong Kai, "Ah... This is..."

Everybody else immediately reacted as if the man in black erased their memories, and they echoed the words one after another, "Right, where is this? Huh? Is Mr. Guan celebrating his birthday?"

Guan Yue, “…”

Tianhe, “……”

Jiang Zijian, “Okay! Want to sing the birthday song again?”

Mei Xi said at once, “No need ba! Too tired today. Strange, what just happened? Let’s all go back and get some rest! Good night!”

Hence everyone said their goodnights to each other and rushed off like a swarm of bees. Tong Kai remained and walked over towards Guan Yue, patted his shoulder, pushed a birthday gift onto him, and laughed loudly. “Happy birthday! Baguette! You’re another year older!”

Guan Yue sat on the sofa and wiped his face, facing the birthday cake that was on the coffee table.

Tianhe, “I… I have to calm down a bit. Don’t think too much about it. No matter how embarrassing it is, it will soon be gone.”

Tianhe went upstairs and left Guan Yue in the living room, leaving him to his own despair.



Late at night, Tianhe had already gone to bathe and was now lying on his side on the bed. The sound of water could be heard from the bathroom where Guan Yue was taking a bath.

Tianhe took Guan Yue’s phone and helped him reply to messages from China wishing him a happy birthday in advance as it was not yet midnight there. Guan Yue’s mother also sent a greeting, as well as the heads of several organizations, all wishing Guan Yue the same.

Guan Yue came out in his bathrobe and reached his hand into the quilt. He followed Tianhe’s ankles that were exposed outside the quilt and gulped once he stroked his bare skin.


“Good guess. I’m not wearing anything.” Tianhe said.

Guan Yue silently sorted out his bathrobe. With his head buried in a pile of pillows, Tianhe gave Guan Yue a sideways glance and said like a child, “Wanted to cover up the obvious but all ran out.”

Guan Yue sorted out his bathrobe again and turned around to walk out of the room.

Tianhe shouted to Guan Yue, “You’re too much! Just a reminder! I bear grudges!”

But Guan Yue soon returned. He had brought the cake with him, placed it on the bed, and stuck a candle in it.

“Please don’t ever remind me of this cake again.” Tianhe choked up.

Guan Yue lit the candle and conscientiously made a new wish.

Tianhe, on the side, was about to blow when Guan Yue hurriedly shielded the candle with his hand. With his fingers trembling slightly, he signaled three, two, one.

The two then blew out the lit candle together. Guan Yue put the cake on the nightstand and undid his bathrobe. Tianhe turned to look just as Guan Yue got on the bed. Tianhe has not seen him like this for so long. The last time was when Guan Yue was drunk and stayed overnight at his house, yet Tianhe didn’t dare look closely. He was trying to take a good look at this moment, but Guan Yue lifted the quilt and cuddled next to him, rubbing each other’s skin.

Skin touching each other without any barriers made the emotions tumbling in their hearts instantly burst out like stars, panting as they tangled together.

Tianhe, “What happened to ‘just holding’? Come on, grown up baguette.” He softly kissed Guan Yue’s face and thought that he could just bear the pain. Guan Yue has not done it for so long. It shouldn’t last so long as before…… They will just have to buy the lubricant tomorrow.

Guan Yue, “No. It will be very painful for you. If I guess correctly……”

Guan Yue opened the birthday gift that Tong Kai had given him, and sure enough, it was a bottle of lubricant.

Tianhe, “……”

Guan Yue raised his eyebrow and beckoned for him to come over. Tianhe took off the quilt and tossed it onto the floor along with Guan Yue's bathrobe. Now, both of them were completely naked, with each other's rigid and erect thing no longer the least bit covered.

Guan Yue was bewildered. "You little hooligan."

"I don't want to pretend," Tianhe murmured. "I want to have a look at you. It's been a while."

In his birthday suit, Guan Yue got up, turned on the record player, walked back to the bed, and sat down.

He beckoned Tianhe to look at him—to have a good look at him.

All along, Tianhe had never minded the nakedness and frankness of gazing and admiring the unclothed body of his lover. Especially in the presence of this tall man with a well-proportioned body and exquisite skin; for him, this man was the most beautiful person to ever exist. He sometimes thought that Guan Yue was like one of those ancient Roman gods, whom countless youths had fallen in love with.

Guan Yue had broad shoulders, a firm chest that was not too robust, his pectoral muscles were well-shaped and just right, and his abs looked neat. He took Tianhe's hand and placed it against his collarbone. Tianhe's breath caught as his hand traced from his collarbone down to his chest and gently stroked his nipple. That was the most sensitive part of Guan Yue's body. Just like the time he had gotten drunk and Tianhe had rubbed against his body, Guan Yue got hard with just the slightest touch. As Tianhe made a slight caress, Guan Yue produced a muffled sound and raised his head, looking up at the ceiling. His sexy Adam's apple bobbed.

He looked back again, and the two stared at each other. Guan Yue frowned as if scorched by the flames of desire and agitation.

"Let me hold you." Guan Yue murmured.

Tianhe obediently leaned into Guan Yue's arms and pillowed his head on his shoulder. Guan Yue then grasped Tianhe's palm with one hand and dragged it all the way to his chest, as if he was giving his body to him without any reservations. The warmth of his palm and the sensation of each other’s skin made their hearts beat faster. Simultaneously, Guan Yue's other hand went to hold Tianhe's back, gently stroking to and fro.

Like how every morning in their past, Tianhe would wake up in the sunshine and feel Guan Yue's caresses on his skin; there was no pursuit of nooky, only love.

This action instantly awakened the memories of countless nights of copulation. Tianhe couldn't help imprinting a light hickey on Guan Yue's collarbone.

Guan Yue lowered his head and kissed Tianhe before parting a bit. Guan Yue motioned Tianhe to look at that thing below, which was a full size larger than Tianhe’s. Tianhe parted his legs and pressed their upturned and straight shafts together. The tips of both had already been soaked with satiny fluid that gathered and mixed in one place.

Guan Yue held Tianhe's member while he also held his and forcibly squeezed both heads. Tianhe moaned, oozing more fluid along with Guan Yue, who said in a low voice, "You haven't grown up much."

With a little difficulty, Tianhe said, "Why do I feel that yours has gotten bigger than before."

Guan Yue kissed Tianhe's lips. The two shafts were pressed together and their fingers repeatedly circled the tips. Tianhe shivered in comfort as he held onto Guan Yue's wrist. The gush of pleasure sent tremors down Tianhe's spine.

Guan Yue guided him as before. Within a moment, he took the initiative to stop and exhaled a breath.

They almost ejaculated solely by looking at each other and from the stimulation of their fingers.

"Have you done anything naughty during such a long period of abstinence??" Tianhe asked smilingly.

Guan Yue laughed as he seemed to go back to the time when they were still in their early youth, causing his thing to be even more pronounced. Then, he handily took some icing and spread it along the front end of his fleshy shaft, and said, "It misses your kiss too."

With a flushed countenance, Tianhe lowered his head and sucked Guan Yue's cock, licking the icing from the top. Guan Yue's even breathing quivered as he let out a low moan. Both legs involuntarily stretched out and he leaned against the bed, a posture that made his behemoth look even more majestic.

Tianhe couldn't suck it wholly.  The first half alone was quite a struggle. While sucking, he dipped into a little bit of icing with his fingers and smeared it on Guan Yue's nipples, rubbing eagerly. Guan Yue immediately grabbed his hand and said, "Don't. I'm afraid I won’t be able to control myself."

The pleasurable feeling had already taken all of Tianhe's sanity. He reached up to hug Guan Yue's neck and kiss his ear.

Guan Yue's handsome face went red right down to the roots of his ears. Knowing that this was a clear-cut signal from Tianhe, he then placed him onto the bed.

In the flowing sound of music, Guan Yue was coated with lubricant and Tianhe's fair naked body was bare. He tilted his head and peeked at Guan Yue's beyond-all-praise, naked frame. Guan Yue's eyes were misted as he looked at Tianhe in a daze; both of his hands were propped up on the side of the pillow, trailing upwards.

Their tacit understanding of each other had never been forgotten. Tianhe only needed to slightly adjust his posture before Guan Yue found the right angle and smoothly entered his body.

"I-It h-hurts!" As soon as Tianhe felt it inside him, he immediately spoke out, "Gege! It's too big! Slow down!"

This "Gege," however, aroused Guan Yue's desire to conquer. He propped himself up on his elbows and kissed Tianhe's lips resolutely, and then impatiently pushed in. Tianhe couldn't stop shaking. Although he knew that he would soon get used to the pain, he still clung to Guan Yue's shoulder and couldn't help but plead.

After being entered, Tianhe finally bit down on Guan Yue's lips. Guan Yue came back to his senses, panting and gazing into Tianhe's eyes.

"Gege… Gege…"

"Baobao…" Guan Yue's voice trembled. Tianhe involuntarily licked Guan Yue's lips, which made Guan Yue kiss him more intently. He slowly pushed in towards the depths of Tianhe until he had entered nearly halfway, at which point Tianhe's tears came out. Guan Yue then knew he had already reached the limit.

Sure enough, Tianhe blurted, "I’m full."

Guan Yue knew that Tianhe could still take more. It was just that they hadn't made love for so long that they needed some time to re-bond with each other, and so Guan Yue slowly and carefully drew out his cock and entered again.

Tianhe then let out a wanton cry, wiping away his tears, feeling overwhelmed from the stimulation.

Guan Yue, flushed from neck to chest, was obviously also overcome by the stimulation. Neither of them said anything for a while as they looked at each other.

Feeling the throbbing of his lover's body, Tianhe gulped several times and reached out to touch Guan Yue's nipples. Guan Yue gasped and firmly hugged him. This action was as provocative as if he had kneaded his entire body. His groin repeatedly banged in and out of Tianhe's hole.

"Gege loves you." Guan Yue said in an almost trembling voice in Tianhe's ear.

Tianhe pulled over Guan Yue's face, kissing and intertwining their lips and tongues for a few seconds. Guan Yue widened his eyes and ejected uncontrollably. Tianhe also felt Guan Yue's muscles tense and he gently stroked his back, immediately causing Guan Yue to groan. For the first time in his life, he busted out streams of cum one after another, as if beyond control. It was  even more extreme than their first amorous entanglement.

It took nearly thirty seconds before Guan Yue returned to his senses and then he couldn't stop kissing Tianhe's neck and face.

Guan Yue's face was red. "It's been too long since we've done it. My performance was poor."

Tianhe couldn't help but laugh and hugged Guan Yue, and then motioned for him to separate a little so he could look at his own body.

Tianhe shyly touched his abs which were covered with his cumload that had somehow also gotten out of control.

"When did you cum?" Guan Yue asked at a loss.

"I got thrilled as soon as you shot out…" Tianhe pursed his lips as he stroked Guan Yue's stained abs. Guan Yue reached for a tissue and Tianhe cleaned it up, looking up at his eyes, his chest heaving.

"Don't leave me," Tianhe said. "I want more."

For the two who hadn't made love for a long time, this was merely considered foreplay. Guan Yue didn't even pull out, still holding Tianhe and kissing his ear.

"You're hard again." Tianhe said.

Guan Yue, "Can I now?"

Tianhe hmm-ed in response. Guan Yue maintained his thrusting position as he leaned back to pick up the quilt from the ground and then covered the both of them. He started deep from behind since that was their most familiar and favorite position. Entering from behind hardly consumed each other's energy and could carried on for a full two hours. It was also convenient for Guan Yue to reach his depths with his thick cock and repeatedly grind against Tianhe's most sensitive prostate. Tianhe knew that the real sex had just begun, and he couldn't help but lean his head and rest it on Guan Yue's neck.

Guan Yue held him with one hand and stroked back and forth on his chest and abdomen with the other. His cock hardened even more with this position; he pushed up his crotch and started to thrust.

"Now?" Guan Yue said.

"Gege… Be gentle… Too deep…" Tianhe begged. "I'm not fully used to it yet……"

Tianhe sucked Guan Yue's fingers, gasping and looking up at him. Guan Yue lovingly watched the former as he drew out a bit, only nearly halfway in, gently pushing and pressing against him. Every time Tianhe was assaulted on his most sensitive spot, his tunnel would unconsciously produce the tremor of an orgasm, which became a response to Guan Yue. This response stimulated Guan Yue's pleasure to surge, sinking him into an intense rhapsody.

For the second time, Guan Yue fully took control as Tianhe had taken it long enough in this position for almost an hour until he began to scream. When he looked down, he knew Tianhe was close to coming.

"Baobao, I'm going to cum." Guan Yue gasped roughly.

Tianhe could no longer hear what was said. He was on the verge of incontinence, and what was even worse was that Guan Yue's hand was gripping Tianhe's manhood. It was like the two of them were  parachuting again. They could no longer feel the other person’s body, only feeling the stimuli given to each other and their instinctive responses.

A tidal wave of pleasure washed over Guan Yue's sanity and he slightly sped up. This burst of pleasure was far more intense than the first time. As soon as he exploded, he hugged Tianhe tightly and almost kneaded him into his arms.

Tianhe's consciousness went blank for a second. His eyes lost focus as he lost control under Guan Yue's pounding and shot a second time.

Both of them were panting frantically.  It took a good while before Tianhe recovered.

"I'm… fortunately… fortunately…" Tianhe said, somewhat wrecked. "I thought I peed…"

"You didn't." His hand remained on Tianhe's manhood and kissed his hair. "Just semen."

"I can't anymore…" Tianhe said. "I'm tired. Do it and I really will pee."

"I’ll do it," Guan Yue kissed Tianhe again. "Take a rest."

Guan Yue's physical strength had always been great. They could have made it to dawn if Tianhe really wanted to. However, he knew that prostate orgasms would drain Tianhe, who was already spent after an hour of constant pounding.

Guan Yue withdrew his hand and then wiped away the fluids he had spilled between Tianhe's thighs. He let Tianhe turn around and held him in his arms.

"You're a lot more savage than before." Tianhe pillowed himself comfortably on Guan Yue's lusty arm.

He lifted his leg to rest on Guan Yue's waist, while Guan Yue's hand went down and gently caressed Tianhe's buttocks.

His fingers touched Tianhe's warm and moist entrance. However, this mutually entangled posture made Guan Yue antsy. He wanted to squeeze him, start forcing his way in, and bang him for another hour.

But he controlled himself. They still had plenty of time to make love to their heart's content.

"Oh really?" Guan Yue softly asked.

Tianhe lowered his head and kissed Guan Yue's nipples. Then, he shyly looked up at him and shrunk into his arms, before closing his eyes.

Guan Yue laughed and poked Tianhe's face. "?"

Tianhe was really worn out. Their conversation fizzled out as Tianhe had already fallen asleep.



Two o'clock in the following afternoon.

Feeling put out, Tianhe yawned as he waited together with Guan Yue, Tong Kai, and Jiang Zijian in the restaurant for their meals to be served.

Tong Kai, "Did you not sleep well last night? Why do you look like your whole being is going to fall apart."

With a straight face, Tianhe said, "Fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. I'm just tired; yesterday's daytime exercise was really too much."

Jiang Zijian, "Why is your voice hoarse?"

Tianhe, "Ahem! Because I've been eating seafood barbecue lately ah."

Guan Yue was reading the newspaper while waiting for the dishes to be served.

Tong Kai, "Did you eat the cake then?"

Tianhe, "The taste of raspberry cream was……pretty good. A bit sweet."

Guan Yue looked at Tianhe from behind the newspaper. The dishes were then brought up, and they all ate their lunch.

Tong Kai, "You ate too much of the other stuff and couldn’t eat the cake anymore ba! Hahahahaha!!"

Except for Tong Kai's belly laugh, there was only silence around the table. Tong Kai had to stop laughing and looked idiotically between Guan Yue and Tianhe.

Three seconds later, Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian madly went "hahahahaha" together.

Tianhe and Guan Yue each had an unperturbed expression. Shamefaced, Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian also had to stop laughing.

Jiang Zijian, "Later…"

Tianhe, "No, no, you guys go ahead. I'm not going anywhere today."

Guan Yue, "Have afternoon tea?"

Tianhe, "Sure."

It was a rainy day in Queenstown, and there were far fewer tourists. The company employees were all free to do their own activities. Tomorrow's schedule was to go to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, and the day after tomorrow was to go to the Forest Park of the South. So today could be considered a rest day.

Jiang Zijian wanted to go bungee jumping at Kawarau Bridge. Right after having lunch, both he and Tong Kai got into the SUV and left. Guan Yue, wearing an earpiece, held a black umbrella as he and Tianhe passed by a retro street. Tianhe meaningfully looked around as if pondering over something.

Tianhe took Guan Yue's hand and looked in front of the windows display for a while. The east side was full of handicraft stores, while the west was all wine shops.

"Want it?" Guan Yue asked.

"Don't," Tianhe replied. "Too heavy."

Guan Yue, "Have it sent back."

Tianhe tilted his head as he looked at the jeweled owl, still holding Guan Yue's hand with their fingers interlocked. Guan Yue, however, conveniently moved his fingers downward and took off the ring on Tianhe's ring finger.

Tianhe, "??"

Guan Yue put away the umbrella and entered a handicraft store. The shopkeeper came over to welcome them while an artisan was making a necklace on the side.

Guan Yue gestured to Tianhe to look at the diamonds on the counter.

Tianhe, "......"

Guan Yue, "How about this one?"

Tianhe, "The clarity is no good."

Guan Yue didn’t know much about jewelry; he only knew how to buy expensive ones; the more zeros that followed, the better. But Tianhe was very knowledgeable and chose an FL one. The shopkeeper rolled out the velvet cloth, clipped the diamond out using a tweezer, and then handed Tianhe the gem magnifier. Tianhe waved his hand to indicate that there was no need to look. Guan Yue then put Tianhe's ring together with the diamond on the velvet.

Tianhe knew that Guan Yue had wanted to buy and inlay a second diamond here to commemorate their renewed love.

The artisan took the ring, searched for a place to inlay it, and then pointed to an area using a tweezer. Guan Yue nodded and said to Tianhe, "The second print."

The shopkeeper looked at a loss. Guan Yue said in English to the shopkeeper, "He's upset and thinks the diamond is too small."

Tianhe, "I'm not!"

"Oh hahaha!" The shopkeeper replied, "This is the best diamond we have in the store!"

The artisan put down the ring and meticulously began to inlay it. It would not be finished until the next day, so Guan Yue took Tianhe out and continued looking around.

"What are you looking at?" Tianhe kept feeling that Guan Yue was somewhat preoccupied today.

Guan Yue stopped in front of a window display and said, "Like this armor?"

In the window display were two polished medieval armors, each holding a rapier pointing to the right, with a sign hanging around their necks saying, "entrance this way."

Tianhe laughed and said, "There you go again, don't buy such things for the house!"

Guan Yue pushed open the door of a wine shop. Tianhe said, "Do they have afternoon tea here?"

They were both dressed in sportswear today. Tianhe put his laptop down and turned it on.

After last night, Tianhe quickly got into the swing of things. It was as if he had completed some sort of recharge activity overnight that completely filled up the affection between them once more. And the familiarity of it all was quite satisfying to Tianhe—a familiar blend, a familiar taste, as if they had never been separated.

This process allowed them to regain possession of each other, and know that they are openly acknowledging the other person’s ownership of everything from body to soul. It was like a traveler who had been away from home for a long time, and the moment he came home, he pushed open the door and saw that everything was there, with no sight of thieves patronizing; this couldn't be more comforting and peaceful.

Alright. Eat, drink, be satisfied, and live consummately. Tianhe intended to work.

Guan Yue, too, was very pleased. Although there was still an irrepressible flame in his heart as the temperature persisted in rising, this light and heat began to transform. It started via the erupting volcano and gradually converged inward, closing into the earth’s fiery core, gently covering the flowing lava for the time being.

Guan Yue looked at Tianhe and then looked outside.

Tianhe, "The bungee jumping duo have come down and are driving back. Shall we wait for them to have dinner together tonight?"

"Okay," Guan Yue absent-mindedly surveyed the wine shop. A few wine shops like this doubled as a wine salon, and were frequented by customers every day at dusk to order a glass of wine, read a book, or chat.

"Do you want to drink?" Tianhe followed Guan Yue's gaze and asked. "Drink if you want ba."

Guan Yue handily rolled his sleeves up. It rained all night, and the temperature plummeted today. Tianhe frowned and pulled his sleeves back down, telling him to behave himself and stop moving around like a dog.

Tianhe sent their location to Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian. Tianhe used his free time to help Zhang Qiu do her document retrieval system. After Pro left, a lot of work must be done on his own. The efficiency immediately dropped which really caused him a headache.

The owner was a Spaniard who came to New Zealand to open a wine shop. The basement  was a wine cellar, while the ground floor had several bookshelves, as well as two medieval statues of armor in the window display.

Guan Yue said a few words to the owner in Spanish. The owner was puzzled and repeatedly confirmed with him. Guan Yue nodded and handed a card to the owner, who smiled at Tianhe and went back to swipe the card.

Tianhe, "?"

Guan Yue took off the Bluetooth earpiece, put it on the table, and spread out his arms, as Tianhe looked at him skeptically.

Tianhe, "What are you up to again?"

Guan Yue, "I asked him to bring out the good wine from their cellar to celebrate? It's my birthday."

Tianhe frowned. "I remember you don't have the habit of paying the bill in advance."

Tianhe always felt that Guan Yue was a bit mysterious since getting out of bed earlier. When he hadn't roused yet, Guan Yue kept kissing and touching him before he finally woke him up, yet didn't make love but asked him out for lunch, as if he was in a hurry for something.

At this moment, the owner himself came over with the wine, returned the card to Guan Yue, served the cheese, and poured the wine. Tianhe swirled his glass, clinked glasses with Guan Yue, and said, "Then, happy birthday."

Guan Yue opened a copy of "Don Quixote" from the shop while Tianhe continued to work on his retrieval system.

The bell hanging on the door rang as another customer came.

Tianhe was still immersed in his work, while Guan Yue looked down at the book with his back to the new customer.

Holla!Cómo estás

This voice suddenly ran through Tianhe's entire body like a bolt of lightning!

Tianhe stood up in disbelief and stared in a daze at the man who had just greeted the owner. The man wore a checkered baseball cap, his slightly curled black hair was a bit long. He had fair skin, dark brown eyes, and a not-so-obvious Sino-German mixed countenance. With a lazy smile on his face, he sat down at the counter, and when he heard a sound, turned his head.

Wen Tianyue, "..."

Tianhe, "......"

Tianhe's mind went blank. The blood in his whole body chilled as he stared at his second brother.

"You…" Tianhe muttered. "How can you be…here? I finally found you……"

Guan Yue, "Baobao, I'm going to get a little rough.“

Wen Tianyue made a subconscious move and got off the counter to run. However, Guan Yue had already thrown the book away and stood up, blocking the door! Wen Tianyue immediately rushed towards the shop’s back door, but Guan Yue caught up with him!

Tianhe immediately shouted, turned around, and picked up the laptop, smashing it at Wen Tianyue on the spot! With the heavy laptop, Wen Tianyue was caught unprepared and suffered a hit. Guan Yue suddenly bent down. He held Wen Tianyue's waist, turned around, took a few steps, and slammed him straight into the bookshelf!

The bookshelf fell along with the furnishings on it. Tianhe grabbed the computer bag as Wen Tianyue struggled up and tried to escape again, but Tianhe swung the bag, catching Tianyue's  neck and dragged him back.

Guan Yue started out from behind the sofa, straightened his sleeves, and gave Wen Tianyue a punch that sent him crashing behind the counter!

"Oh! Oh oh oh--" The owner immediately raised his hands and retreated to the cellar.

Then, Guan Yue propped one hand up on the counter and leapt behind the counter. Wen Tianyue grabbed each of Guan Yue's ankles with one hand, twisting them, and knocked him against the wine rack. Hundreds of premium wine collections, such as Iceberg, fell one after another and crashed to pieces!

"Guan Yue!" Tianhe came to a realization that this wasn't their place to fight and immediately said, "Stop fighting!"

"Step back!" Guan Yue barked.

Wen Tianyue, "Tianhe! Don't come any closer!“

The ground was full of fragmented glass bottles, and the two were completely covered with red wine. Guan Yue threw another punch again, but Wen Tianyue caught it this time. Both had learned hand-to-hand combat. They tangled up and knocked over another three wine racks in a row, then knocked over the counter and smashed all the glasses. Immediately afterwards, Guan Yue grabbed Wen Tianyue by the collar and pushed him towards the window.

With a loud bang, the window display inside crashed through, and the two fell into the case. Wen Tianyue saw he could not run away at the moment, so he grabbed the rapier from the medieval armor.

"Gege! Stop it!" Tianhe roared.

Wen Tianyue waved the rapier, and Guan Yue leaned back. That blunt rapier swept across with a strong breeze, and then Guan Yue took the other one with a swipe of the thin sword as the light flickered over it. He put his right hand behind his back, while his left hand firmly held the rapier and sprinted at Wen Tianyue's heart!

"Fine ah," Wen Tianyue sneered. "Does the lefty want revenge today?!“

Guan Yue growled, "Own up to your mistakes to Tianhe!"

Wen Tianyue roared, "That's none of your goddamn business!"

Tianhe, "Stop fighting! Stop it!"

To be jabbed by this rapier wouldn't be trifling. Both of them steered clear of Tianhe. As soon as Wen Tianyue played with his foil, he showed no leniency at all, but Guan Yue was obviously more skilled and chased after Wen Tianyue, completely overpowering him.

Wen Tianyue instantly faked a move, but Guan Yue was prepared. He flipped his wrist, stepped forward, and twisted his rapier. The two men's rapiers entangled together and flew out at the same time! Wen Tianyue took the opportunity to pounce as he grabbed Guan Yue's sportswear collar and pushed him onto the overturned sofa.

Tianhe rushed forward. However, at that moment, Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai pushed the door into the shop. Jiang Zijian shouted, "Wen Tianyue!"

Tong Kai knew what had happened almost simultaneously, only to see that Guan Yue had upended Wen Tianyue. Jiang Zijian rushed over and joined forces to pin him down on the sofa. Guan Yue roared, "You bastard!"

Then, Guan Yue raised his fist and gave a punch to Wen Tianyue head-on, and the latter immediately spurted a nosebleed.

Guan Yue shoved away Wen Tianyue, knowing that he could not escape.

Jiang Zijian angrily spoke, "You liar! Do you know how hard it was for Tianhe?!"

Jiang Zijian raised his fist but couldn't bring himself to punch him. Tong Kai said, "Sorry, although I don't know you, let me help Xiao Jiang give you one ba."

Tong Kai immediately punched Wen Tianyue. This time, Wen Tianyue had thoroughly seen his better days.

Tianhe, "......"

Wen Tianyue covered up his face as he leaned against the sofa and kept retreating. Guan Yue guarded the door. His arms were covered with blood scraped by the glass and were even pricked by a few fragments.

At his wit’s end, Tianhe went to the neighboring handicraft store to borrow the tweezers and then clipped out the fragments of glass on Guan Yue's elbows and arms. Fortunately, the wounds weren't too deep and thus not much blood.

Wen Tianyue was beaten quite badly. He covered his mouth and nose with a wet cloth, and his left shoulder had been cut open.

After Tianhe helped Guan Yue pick out the fragments and stuck on five to six band-aids, Guan Yue signaled to check on Wen Tianyue. Tianhe put down the tweezers and sighed tiredly.

"Go ba." Guan Yue said to Tianhe.

Tianhe obliged and walked over to Wen Tianyue, looking sorrowfully into his second brother's eyes.

"How could you do that to me?"

Tianhe incredulously said to Wen Tianyue. Until now, he still couldn't believe everything that Tianyue had done.

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Joyce.



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11 months ago

Oh momma that was an intense chapter hahahahhaha! We got juicy stuff as well as an all-out brawl xD it tickled me seeing Jiang Zijian didn’t have the heart to punch tianyue so Tong Kai had to do it bhahahhaha. I wonder if they’ve agreed between themselves on who tops rofl