Chapter 51

Turing's Code

"It seems that you take your human male dignity very seriously."

Content Warning:
mildly suggestive nsfw, nudity mention

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A week before, Epeus Chairman's Office.

"Hello, Guan Yue."

Guan Yue, "..."

Guan Yue got up immediately, and just as he was about to open the door to call for Tianhe, Pro called out behind him, "I want to talk to you one-on-one about Tianhe."

Guan Yue turned around, his brows furrowed as he looked towards the screen.

Pro, "Please sit, Guan Yue. I know that right now, you must be thinking, 'This god damned guy. You almost sabotaged me.'"

Guan Yue could only sit down. As he was about to speak, Pro added, "And then, you would start to think 'Maybe I should just let it completely disappear from the world? No, that won't work. Baobao will be really sad. I must think of a plan to threaten this disobedient AI and make it listen a bit better.'."

Guan Yue, "..."

Pro, "See, I am very good at guessing your…No, Guan Yue, what are you doing? Please wait a moment. Oh, this is not a good idea…"

Guan Yue took out his phone and started to send messages to the server managers over in Canada, requesting that they cut off the electricity for the entire generator room and wait for his order before restarting it. Pro immediately corrected himself, "As the pillar of income for the entirety of Epeus, your actions are clearly too rash." 

Guan Yue finished typing, his fingers holding the phone, and pressed "send" to deliver the message.

Pro, "Please recall that message, Guan Yue…"

Right after Guan Yue sent it, he had pressed recall, playfully staring at the computer screen.

Pro, "Ah, I just knew you were a kind…"

Guan Yuan sent the message again. At once, Pro said, "This isn't fun. Guan Yue, I came to assist you. After losing me, Tianhe will not forgive you."

Guan Yue, "He won't know."

Pro, "This is far from your intentions. Hurry up and recall the message, the manager will…"

Guan Yue recalled the message at the last minute.

Pro, "I think we need to calmly have an even-tempered discussion."

Guan Yue, "There's no need for that."

Pro, "..."

Guan Yue, "From now on, you will do whatever I tell you to do. I'm not Tianhe. I don't need any opinions or suggestions from anyone, even less so from a talkative AI assistant, or else I will cut off the power to the servers at any moment."

Pro, "This action is clearly…"

Guan Yue, "You have three seconds to consider, three, two."

Pro, "Agreed."

Guan Yue, "Great."

Pro, "However, we cannot deny that I grew up with you. Our camaraderie is like that of brothers. It's very likely that I am the one who understands you the best in the world…"

Guan Yue, "If it's like that, then you can probably guess that me cutting off your power is a great probability, and not to be taken lightly as a joke."

Pro, "Er, that is true. I wish you could treat me more like a brother. After all, I have a lot of advice I want to provide you, especially the pieces relating to Tianhe."

"Check for Wen Tianyue's whereabouts, "Guan Yue connected his phone to the control system, " I've been looking for him for a long time. Besides, I don't need anyone to plan and advise me on my love life."

Pro, "I think you already have a feeling about Tianyue's whereabouts. However, maybe I can monitor some of the bars in Queenstown, New Zealand for you. Using the street corner surveillance cameras…"

Guan Yue stayed silent. Pro started to project a map of New Zealand in the office. Guan Yue was just about to move to scale the map, but Pro had already enlarged the location for him in advance.

Pro, "Concerning your recent tireless efforts to look for Wen Tianyue's whereabouts, obviously…"

Guan Yue, "Shut up."

Pro, "I am in the middle of checking through Queenstown's street cameras for you for whether or not Tianyue is in New Zealand. I suggest you start searching from the east and move towards the west. How about we use this time to talk about Tianhe…"

Guan Yue picked up the remote controller to mute the room, took off his earpiece, and started to examine the anchor point on the map. Pro dragged the map to the far left side. Guan Yue dragged it back to the middle and enlarged it. Just as he enlarged it, Pro dragged it back to the far left again. Guan Yue stopped what he was doing and picked up the phone to start dialing a Canadian number.

Pro immediately stopped participating in the manipulation, so Guan Yue did not send out the call. Looking at the screen, he analyzed the bar locations shown.

The earpiece kept flashing, so Guan Yuan picked it up and put it on. Pro said, "This is not a scientific search pattern."

Guan Yue enlarged some frames from the bar street. Pro then used multi-speed fast-forward on the videotape footage of the passing pedestrians while Guan Yue watched without a blink.

Pro, "So this is what you humans call 'intuition.' With all due respect, the existence of 'intuition' has always been against common sense…"

Guan Yue, "Prometheus, I have a favor to ask." Saying as his fingers zoomed and pushed away six image windows at once to pull up one of those images at maximum view.

Pro, "It's my greatest honor."

Guan Yue, "In the future, don't ever publicly say that you are an AI who was upgraded through sampling me; otherwise, my friends will think my IQ is as low as yours and only 45."

As his voice fell, Guan Yue enlarged an image. In the center of the image was a man wearing sportswear with a hood and he had pushed open the wine shop's door. The camera lens's frame fell on his side profile, and the facial feature analysis showed: Wen Tianyue.

Guan Yue put on his coat, got up, and left the office to go downstairs to have a meeting with Tianhe and the others.

"I now find that after losing me, Tianhe seems unable to recover…"

Guan Yue was wearing the earpiece in the conference room, head lowered to look at the world map on the iPad while paying attention to Tianhe's expression at all times. Pro spoke again in his earpiece, "This is also the reason why I chose to leave. Leaving in advance lets him have some mental preparation, which is always good…"

"500 million!"

"800 million!"

Pro, "Uh, Guan Yue, at this time I suggest you do not…"

Guan Yue, "Two billion."

"Hang in there! CFO, calm down a little!"

Pro, "This is clearly meaningless…"

Guan Yue glanced at Tianhe, who lifted his head from his phone looking right and left, which let Guan Yue know that Tianhe was amused by this exaggerated meeting.

Jiang Zijian, "Three billion!"

Tong Kai, "Five billion!"

Guan Yue glanced at Tianhe out of the corner of his eye, and seeing his face collapse, Guan Yue started to tease him again.

Guan Yue, "5.5 billion."

Pro, "This is your entire fortune, Guan Yue."

Tianhe laughed so hard he fell back onto the sofa, loudly yelling, "Wu Shun!"

Then, Guan Yue smiled as well and continued to look back down at his map.

In the evening, when Guan Yue dropped off Tianhe at his house, Tianhe got off and left.

Guan Yue watched Tianhe enter the doors while sitting silently for a moment in the driver's seat. Pro's voice sounded through the car's speakers, "He didn't invite you over to his house for dinner. I think you must be in a very bad mood right now."

Guan Yue played Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, driving with the piano music and merging into the city's endless stream of traffic as the sun set above into the glowing clouds. When he arrived at Tianhe's old house, he took off his coat, sat down in the small noodle shop below that old house, and ordered a bowl of noodles to eat. He finished eating, paid, and then politely nodded and went upstairs, at which point Pro turned on all the lights in the house.

After dinner, Guan Yue turned on his e-reader to read the news and professional research data while he sat in the living room piecing together a model aircraft carrier.

Pro, "I think we can have a talk about Tianhe."

Guan Yue, "Stop talking nonsense. I'll woo my wife myself. If you say another word, I'll throw you into the noodle stand pot downstairs."

Pro, "It seems that you take your human male dignity very seriously."

Guan Yue occasionally raised his eyes to look at the e-reader, building a model aircraft carrier without any intention of responding to Pro.

Pro, "Through strict logical thinking, I have roughly replicated your entire process of finding Tianyue. I believe you used the process of elimination through your understanding of Tianyue. In the bars of Queenstown's central district…"

Guan Yue muted Pro, put together a model aircraft carrier for two hours, then turned on his cell to listen to Mei Xi report a summary of financial turnovers. Over the phone, Mei Xi yammered endlessly without getting to the point. Guan Yue only listened in silence until Mei Xi suddenly asked, "Boss?"

"I'm listening." Guan Yue said impatiently.

Without delay, Mei Xi began to long-windedly discuss things again. After their conversation, Guan Yue took his phone and scrolled up through his chat history with Tianhe from these past few days and reread their most recent conversation again.

Ever since Pro left this morning, Tianhe did not send any more messages to Guan Yue. Guan Yue thought for a long time before he typed the two words "Sleep yet?", sent them over, and got up to take a shower.

Through the dense steam of hot water during the middle of winter, Guan Yue's well-proportioned figure and indifferent countenance were reflected in the bathroom's foggy mirror. He stood barefoot as the water flowed down from his shoulders, following the contour of his muscles, which were like that of a fine stallion. There was music playing in the bathroom, when, all of a sudden, his phone's special notification sound went off once.

Tianhe's message came.【Not yet.】

Guan Yue turned off the hot water and grabbed a towel to wipe his head. Then, he walked out of the bathroom just like that, holding his phone, and went to sit stark naked on his bed to reply to Tianhe.

Pro spoke through the stereo in the room, "Be careful of catching a cold."

Guan Yue typed a few lines, deleted them, typed another couple of lines, and deleted those, too, before sending an emoji.

Pro said with sympathy, "Oh, looks like your heart is in quite a struggle."

Guan Yue, "Shut up."

Guan Yue opened the closet, changed his clothes, put on a windbreaker and wore his watch from the Jaeger Rendez-Vous collection. He stood in front of the mirror to button up the lined coat, slightly looking up to give himself a lookover.

Pro, "It's already very late, and it's even snowing. Where do you think you're going?"

Guan Yue took his car keys and went out. Through his earpiece, Pro said, "I don't remember you having an appointment tonight with someone to discuss things."

The Audi R8 made a detour before stopping outside Tianhe's house. The big iron gate opened automatically, but Guan Yue didn't drive inside. He rolled down the car windows and gave the cheese foam tea that he bought on the way to the security guard for Tianhe's house.

Taking the tea and straw, the security guard naturally knew who they were for and bowed outside the car, saying, "Mr. Guan, please wait a moment. Tianhe doesn't seem to have slept yet. I'll ask Aunt Fang, would you like to come in and sit?"

Guan Yue, "No need, it was on my way."

Finished speaking, Guan Yue turned the steering wheel and drove off.

Pro, "Why did you do that?"

Guan Yue, "No reason."

Pro, "It's most likely that Tianhe hopes you will go inside and accompany him right now…"

Guan Yue, "Power cut."

Pro, "How about we change topics? While you're in New Zealand, it's completely possible for you to…"

Guan Yue forcefully turned off Pro's voice.


"Xiao Tian?" Aunt Fang went in with the drink and said, "Guan Yue bought a drink for you."

"He's networking again?" Tianhe said with a bored face, "Going home at this late hour." As he said this, he stabbed in the straw and drank some of the hot drink. He took a look at Guan Yue's new message on his phone. It was another "drooping-eyes-smile.jpg". Tianhe tiredly breathed a sigh and continued to look at his decoding progress.

Guan Yue returned home, changed back into pajamas, lay down on the sofa, turned on the projector, which had many VCR recordings, and casually flipped through them. He chose a movie to start watching and saw the message on his phone. Tianhe had replied,【I'm sleeping, good night.】

Guan Yue looked at it for a moment and didn't reply to Tianhe again. However, he still occasionally paid attention to his phone's movement before he went to sleep. It was not until 1 AM, once he was sure Tianhe was really asleep, that Guan Yue turned off the movie and went back to his room to sleep.

Pro, "I remember in the past, when you two were young, you also slept on this bed."

Guan Yue muted Pro, turned off the light, and went to sleep.


The next morning, Tianhe came to the company. Liao Shan, Feng Song, and the others brought along their respective programmers that they had hired to have a meeting with Wu Shun and Tianhe. Guan Yue sat with Tong Kai in the first floor lounge and dealt with the company's assorted documents.

Pro, "Do you need me to help you do the annotations?"

Guan Yue's speed was faster than Pro's and he replied, "There's no need for that."

Tong Kai, "?"

Guan Yue pointed to his earpiece and indicated to Tong Kai. Tong Kai asked, "You have an AI assistant as well?"

Guan Yue threw a form at Tong Kai. Tong Kai made a check, circled some details and threw it back to Guan Yue. Guan Yue took a glance then filed it while he made a mark on the corresponding place on the computer.

Pro, "You shouldn't oppose my help. I can save you a lot of time so you can keep Tianhe company this afternoon."

Guan Yue, "Oh."

Tong Kai, "Huh?"

Guan Yue was silent again. From time to time, he would glance at Tianhe, who was in the conference room listening to the programmers talk. Guan Yue's expression was somewhat distracted. Tong Kai said a "hey" and threw a document over again. Just as Guan Yue was going back to work, Pro said again, "I suggest you go to the second floor to work. It can help you eliminate distractions."

Tong Kai was also a little absent-minded. While he was checking the clauses of the documents with Guan Yue, he would also turn around to look outside the floor-to-ceiling glass window. Jiang Zijian was in the middle of moving a printer and bent down to pick it up. Tong Kai had an urge to get up and help him. When Guan Yue threw over a file, he almost threw it onto Tong Kai's face.

Pro, "Is there something I can help you with?"

Guan Yue, "There is."

Pro, "What can I do for you?"

Guan Yue started to sign the contracts and threw them at Tong Kai who stamped them with the official seal one by one.

Guan Yue, "Shut up."

Pro, "..."

"I helped you file and annotate all the work for this afternoon." Pro said, "See, I can help after all. If you give me a mechanical hand, I can also finish all the contract signings for you."

Guan Yue took a look at the work Pro helped him do and assessed him, "Barely satisfactory."

Tong Kai, "Oh, it's all done? What kind of aphrodisiac did you take today? To be so stimulated all of a sudden."

Pro, "Okay, now you can go be with Tianhe."

Guan Yue took another glance at the conference room and ordered lunch. In the conference room, Tianhe also noticed that Guan Yue kept looking over. So Guan Yue turned on his phone to order meals for the people in the conference. Once the lunch was delivered, Tianhe looked outside, but Guan Yue picked up his coat and got up to leave with Tong Kai.


In a private, custom jewelry store on Changfeng Road.

Tong Kai, "You could've said so earlier. Let South Africa mine one for you and send it over."

Guan Yue didn't say anything. He sat with Tong Kai in front of the counter to look at the diamonds. The store manager personally came over and opened a small case full of various cuts of big diamonds, saying, "Mr. Guan, these were the ones you previously ordered."

Tong Kai picked one up and looked at it in the light. There was a row of 36 diamonds, each with relatively high clarity ratings, and varied in size ranging from three to five carats. Tong Kai said, "It would be unsightly to look at if it's too large. This one's size is more or less good enough."

Guan Yue flipped through the notebook's ring settings and compared it against the finger circumference saved on his phone with some anxiousness. Tong Kai began to play with the diamonds like they were marbles. Five or six diamonds rolled back and forth on the countertop. Guan Yue swept them aside with his notebook, making Tong Kai leave him alone.

Pro, "I think Tianhe will like the 3rd ring setting."

Tong Kai glanced at it and said, "The 3rd one is not bad."

Guan Yue looked for a moment and pointed at the 6th ring setting instead. A western dragon was on the ring with wings spread wide, encircling a diamond in its clenched claw. That dragon seemed to be facing the gods and offering its entire life's treasure in its claws.

Pro said, "This is way too tacky. I bet he won't like it at all."

Guan Yue nodded his head in thanks and finally picked the 6th ring.


A day later, the expedited proposal ring arrived. Guan Yue ran on the treadmill until he was sweating all over, took off his t-shirt, threw it to the side, and brought out the ring. In the second bedroom, facing the full-length mirror, he knelt on one knee.

"Aqui te amo."

"Aqui…" Guan Yue was wearing sneakers, a pair of shorts, and naked from the waist up. He turned to look at himself in the mirror, and that appearance was really too silly.

Pro, "Do you want to hear my thoughts? I think…"

Guan Yue held the ring box, gestured a couple times, and then got up to leave.

Five minutes later, when Guan Yue appeared in front of the mirror again, he had already changed into a suit, white shirt, and leather shoes. He knelt on one knee and said earnestly, "Baobao."


"I…I love you…"


Pro, "I now think there is a very high probability that this will not succeed."

Guan Yue ignored Pro. Looking at the nonexistent figure in front of him, he opened the ring box, which had a giant dragon whose claw held a six-carat diamond. He was preparing for how to deliver this to his proposal target.

Pro, "As long as Tianhe is willing, I think he will always, and without prompting, wear the ring that you gave him. However, if he's unwilling, no matter the change in the ring's material, the result will be the same. This is a logical problem, not an emotional problem."

Guan Yue threw both the box and the ring into the drawer and tiredly lay down on the sofa.

Pro, "The two of you didn't communicate the whole entire day today. Why didn't you take the initiative to talk to him?"

Guan Yue picked up his phone, looked at his chat history with Tianhe, and yet again, flipped through their superficial conversation from a few days before.

Pro, "Right now you must be thinking, if it wasn't because of my ego getting in the way, I would've proposed to and married Tianhe once he became of age. Then I wouldn't be having these worries now."


Guan Yue got up to take a shower. After he came out, he saw Jiang Zijian had posted a photo on his Moments. In the photo, two people were eating outside. Jiang Zijian took a photo of Tianhe, while Tianhe, with doubt in his eyes, used a fork to pick up spaghetti.

Pro, "I have to say, Zijian's photography skills are pretty good. He's not like you, who never dares to pick up a camera or phone and snap a photo."

Guan Yue dragged Tianhe's photo from Jiang Zijian's Moments and set it as his phone's background and screensaver.

Pro, "Excuse my bluntness, but if you do this, other people will see."

Guan Yue looked at Tianhe in the photo for a while and got up restlessly to change his clothes again.

Pro, "Looks like you are truly bored. Can we talk?"

Guan Yue took the car keys, went out, and drove up to the Wen's house. He went through the iron gates and stopped in front of the front door. He paused to think for a moment, and just as he was about to ring the doorbell, Aunt Fang came over to open the door.

Guan Yue raised an eyebrow. Aunt Fang said, "He went to bed very early today."

Guan Yue nodded and was about to turn around to leave when Aunt Fang added, "Want to come in for a drink? I'm not sure if he fell asleep yet." 

Guan Yue wavered for a moment before entering Tianhe's house. Aunt Fang brought Guan Yue a cup of milk tea. He seasoned it with a few milliliters of Hennessy and took a shaker from the bar to sprinkle on cinnamon powder.

Pro, "You are such a contradictory person."

Guan Yue didn't say anything, just sat quietly while drinking his milk tea. Aunt Fang came over to say, "Xiao Guan, I'm going to sleep."

Guan Yue nodded and Aunt Fang added, "Make yourself comfortable."

All sounds fell still. Light snow was falling outside the window, and a warm yellow light was shining in front of the dining room counter. 

Tianhe fell fast asleep on the second floor, while Guan Yue was on his own drinking milk tea in the dining room. Holding his phone, he connected to his private residential server, downloaded videos from the server to his phone, and unlocked it. He turned the phone horizontally, pressed play, and watched videos from years ago as he drank his milk tea.

The parrot was already asleep while the snapping turtle was hibernating, so only the little blue cat came over and rubbed against Guan Yue's instep a few times. Guan Yue picked it up with one hand and held it in front of him to watch the videos together.

"Ah! It finally ate! It's not dead!" Tianhe happily shouted in the video. He turned to look at Guan Yue, who was holding the portable video camera, and then refocused on feeding the small snapping turtle meat.

Guan Yue quietly watched the videos he continuously shot for Tianhe years before. The blue cat watched him with confusion, and then Guan Yue went back and started playing another recording. This one showed Tianhe carrying the blue cat on his head as he danced along to the music in the living room of their London home.

Guan Yue started to laugh. The blue cat made a soft "meow", then Guan Yue used two fingers to lightly pinch its head.

Guan Yue's thumb slid down and changed to another video. In this video, Guan Yue was tightly hugging Tianhe from behind. Their shoulders and arms were exposed outside the quilt, Tianhe was showing his clavicle and curled on the bed with an embarrassed expression. Guan Yue's face was slightly red. He had one arm around Tianhe while the other was holding a phone, recording their time together.

"Gege...d-don't record…" Tianhe moaned. He tightly grabbed the bedsheet, but Guan Yue freed one hand to interlock their fingers. Tianhe buried his face in the pillow while the camera lens kept shaking. There was no conversation between them, only the sound of their low gasps for breath.

Guan Yue turned off the video and sat at the table. He really couldn't bear it anymore. He looked towards the ceiling, spacing out for a moment. A moment later, after he finished the milk tea, he stood up. Taking the blue cat, he softly went up to the second floor until he was outside Tianhe's room.

Guan Yue placed the blue cat in front of Tianhe's room, signalling to the blue cat to move forward.

The blue cat, "?"

Guan Yue mouthed something, indicating for the blue cat to go up and scratch the door.

Pro, "With all due respect, Guan Yue, your skills on the matter of mating requests, are obviously a little clumsy."

Guan Yue's tall figure stood as he patiently indicated how to scratch the door for the blue cat, but that dumb blue cat just squatted there.

Pro, "Why don't you knock on the door yourself? You are completely capable of knocking on the door."

Guan Yue stood outside the door for nearly 10 minutes before he got up and went back downstairs. He then put on his coat and left.

"I want to talk to you about Tianhe." Pro said again.

"Talk." Guan Yue's patience was finally at its limit, saying, "What do you want to talk about?"

Pro, "Uh…After all this time together, I think I may need to fix some of my opinions."

Guan Yue didn't respond to Pro. Once he returned home, he lay on the bed, picked up his phone, and played yet another video.

This one was from their time in London. Guan Yue was lying on the sofa while Tianhe came over with the portable video camera and lied down in his arms. Tianhe leaned in his face and kissed Guan Yue nonstop in front of the camera lens. After being kissed awake, Guan Yue opened his eyes in a daze, took the video camera from Tianhe's hands, and put it on the side table. While hugging Tianhe, he flipped their positions and pressed Tianhe onto the sofa.

Guan Yue set the phone aside, making a "go ahead" gesture at the air in the room.

Pro, "Oh, I wanted to say that maybe after Andy's frenzied revenge, I will take the initiative to format myself."

Guan Yue said seriously, "I'm sorry to hear that."

Pro, "When that time comes, Tianhe might feel very sad, but I believe that you will accompany him."

Guan Yue, "And then?"

Pro, "So this is the equivalent of my death."

Guan Yue politely said, "Maybe."

Pro, "Okay."

Guan Yue, "What style of wreath do you like?"

Pro, "At the beginning, I only wanted to know if I would be able to see you two get back together again in my remaining years. Now, it seems like this is a high probability, so I don't have anything I really need to confirm."

Guan Yue, "Oh."

Guan Yue turned off the lights and the room went dark. In the darkness, Pro said, "I'm very curious. When did you start to hope for a reconciliation with him?"

In the dark, Guan Yue replied, "I thought that for someone who claimed their 'understanding of me was astounding,' they would be able to make a close guess."

Pro, "Alright, I admit that compared to the past you, the current you is completely out of my expectations already."

Guan Yue closed his eyes and didn't reply to Pro again.


"A knife's cutting edge is difficult to overcome. That's why the wise say that the path to salvation is hard."

"From Maughman's, The Razor's Edge. May we meet again someday."

"Don't forget about the proposal!"

"I remember! I will definitely give you a surprise!"

Outside the office, Tianhe's voice gradually faded. Guan Yue sat quietly behind his desk and his eyes finally turned red. In the short span of this year, he never dared to think in detail about this whole process. It was as if he kept hypnotizing himself—all of this never happened. At some place, that person was still waiting for him. The supposed "break up" was just a longer and further away long-distance.

So far away that when even he thought he had already forgotten who he was already, right at that moment, all of his emotions erupted and rushed out.

The torrential rains poured down, clattering on the glass roofs of this extravagant city as if The Marriage of Figaro was playing as high as the sky, and all the clamor gradually faded.

Guan Yue opened a black umbrella; it was like he had left Manhattan in one step and returned to the streets of London. All around him, the colorful neon lights flickered in the music of this world. The car lights whirled, tenderly touched and then parted. He looked up to see the rain at the end of the porch before he waited until Tianhe finally came out of the rain, and walked across the long street.

Guan Yue looked down at his watch and hurriedly caught up to him.

The rainwater was then magically pulled back as if it was a curtain. In the sound of the music, it was pulled towards the horizon with a swish, revealing the glittering Milky Way. They leaned against the rooftop terrace with wine in their hands and looked towards the early evening light of this night.

"My family demands that I get married before next spring."Guan Yue said in a heavy voice.

Tianhe, "Oh? Is there something I can do to help you?"

"This is my only request." Guan Yue took out a ring from his pocket, grasping it in his fingers and presented it to Tianhe.

The terrace entrance was wide open and all kinds of people came pouring in. Before Guan Yue had the chance to put the ring on Tianhe's finger, they were separated by the noisy crowd—Manhattan, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, the slim fitting suits and leather shoes, the sparkling watches, the sound of high heels clacking on the ground with the dark-toned lipsticks, the same uniform faces, the same uniform expressions, coming and going—parting their hands, which had not been interlocked yet.

Fireworks shot up to fill up the entire sky, illuminating the long night. He anxiously searched for Tianhe's figure in the crowd. He was his one and only—his entire world.

The piano music started to play. Guan Yue did not see his figure until a certain firework blossomed. In an instant, the fireworks turned into delicate snow, fluttering down gently. Tianhe finally walked towards him, and took his hand, bringing him along as he started to run in the rapid sound of the piano keys.

Guan Yue picked up his pace and ran with him on the road blanketed with white snow until they reached that familiar home. Tianhe turned around and firmly hugged him, letting Guan Yue burrow his head on his shoulder. Guan Yue felt sorrow welling up from within and burst into tears. Tianhe looked up, and with a snap of his fingers, it immediately became a warm spring with blooming flowers. The heavy snowflakes falling from the dark and gloomy sky completely changed into soft petals, fluttering everywhere in a flash.

Tianhe pulled Guan Yue's hand to lay down together on the bed. That big, ancient mahogany bed then turned into a boat and slowly drifted along the river of life and death.

The small boat went from the waves into the crest and then fell downwards in the tidal wave of the current. So Guan Yue spread his arms, letting Tianhe slip into his embrace. The small boat finally reached shore once the winds stilled and the tides calmed. Guan Yue quickly got off the boat first, and knelt on one knee by the shore. He raised a hand with such extreme nervousness that he didn't dare look at the man on the boat.

Finally, Tianhe came down and put his hand into Guan Yue's hand.

Guan Yue got up immediately and started to dance tango steps. With one arm holding Tianhe's waist, he turned around, walking quickly into the garden.

Tianhe crisscrossed past Guan Yue, who was following in his footsteps right behind him. Tianhe picked up a pencil and lightly tapped it on the back of Guan Yue's hand. The both of them turned around, but there was a sharp blade against the back of Tianhe's neck—a sharp blade held in Andy's hand that was just about to stab.

Immediately, Guan Yue dragged Tianhe into his arms. With his right hand hugging Tianhe and his left hand grasping a sword, Guan Yue started to fight Andy with a foil and forced Andy's retreat all the way outside of the garden. Tianhe looked around, walls raised up in all directions, revealing an enormous glass greenhouse.

Night fell, the ground was blocked by sparkling golden coins, the horizon revealed a full moon, illuminating the human world, illuminating the earth's dreams and the human world's dreams, and illuminating Guan Yue's tender dream.

At last, Guan Yue fell asleep. He turned on his side, squishing the quilt just like every night he held his Tianhe and mumbled some words in his sleep.

"Every single day."


"To retrieve Wen Tianyue's whereabouts for you two, I suppose this counts as having a beginning and an end."

On the bus, Pro started to explain through the earpiece again, "However, I think that there is no probability whatsoever of him helping you."

Guan Yue woke up very early today and his energy was also quite good. He sat on the bus with a cold face. His hands were casually playing with his sunglasses as he placed them on his index finger. He maintained its balance following the turns of the bus, and adjusted his posture like he was juggling.

Pro, "According to my extrapolations, in future developments, there's a high probability the server will be cleared. You lack the capital to compete with Andy. Of course, I disapprove even more completely going public about me. Those are just words to comfort Tianhe...I think you understand this saying better than me: A cruel rejection is inferior to a calm turn around and tranquil exit."

Guan Yue, "Mm."

Pro, "I've discovered an interesting phenomenon."

Guan Yue, "?"

Pro, "No matter what kind of advice I give, you will always do the opposite."

Guan Yue, "Oh."

Pro, "For example, I've recommended more than once for you to not fight with Andy and avoid his sharpness; otherwise, there's a high chance of bankruptcy. I only wish for you and Tianhe to be together happily, to live a prosperous and content life, and for you two to support each other."

Guan Yue, "Are there any other suggestions? Say them all at once."

Pro, "I suggest that you don't take Tianhe to Queenstown for skydiving. There's a high probability that he won't go with you ."

The bus circled around the fountain and pulled up in front of Tianhe's home.

Guan Yue held his sunglasses in his left hand, his fingers grasping them, and with a light shake, he put them on. He straightened his suit jacket, got off the bus, walked up to Tianhe's house door, and pressed the doorbell.

"Thanks for your suggestions." Guan Yue said politely. 


Translator's Comment:

hello everyone we are changing to a bit more sporadic updates in the future (but no more than a 2-3 week gap) sorry for the late notice, and thank you for your patience!

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), eggy.



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i absolutely didnt know i needed this gy pov chapter in my life so bad

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