Chapter 43

Turing's Code

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"You're here so early," Tianhe said with a hint of tiredness in his voice. "I thought you weren't going to show up."

Feng Song, "I thought Liao Shan was here, I'm going to leave right now."

Tianhe, "She said that if you were here, she'd come. What do you think about that?"

Feng Song said without a care, "If she comes, I'll come."

Tianhe glanced at Guan Yue. He didn't think he was going to be in the company too, but he had nothing to say to him right now.

"She said that if you're here, then she'll come too," Tianhe said to Feng Song as he sat down at the long table. He uncovered the cloth and continued his unfinished work from yesterday.

Feng Song, "You tell her that if she comes, I'll come."

Tianhe, "Wouldn't this continue as an infinite loop?"

Feng Song, "If you want to break this loop, I can wait and see, or do you want to let Guan Yue solve this?"

Tianhe, "Your business failing has nothing to do with Chairman Guan; all you did was beat up your partner. Don't think I don't know."

Feng Song, "Jue Lei's dad only likes to sweet talk; all I know is how to beat someone up."

Tianhe, "Ah, Jue Lei still hasn't returned the 1500 dollar paper clip he borrowed from me. I'm going to sue him for stealing."

Feng Song, "That's possible, perhaps you can find the key to this loop."

Tianhe had asked a Qingsong manager who moved to Yuehe and found out that Jue Lei was in charge of this project a year ago. Feng Song had used his spare time outside of his job to set up a software company with a college roommate with quantitative trading software as its specialization.

Qingsong took the software for a run and thought Feng Song wouldn't be beneficial for a long time. He also worked at an investment bank, which may potentially lead to competitive disputes at any time. They were getting ready to kick him out.

Therefore, the investment manager, Jue Lei, took the liberty to hint at Feng Song's partner’s intention. He had succeeded in making the two best friends fight against each other. Finally, Feng Song lost his only friend, resulting in him giving up his shares and leaving.

Guan Yue tried to speak several times but was stopped by Tianhe's gaze.

Feng Song stood up, but Tianhe said, "Stay, let me show you something."

Feng Song, "Is it your AI again? Wen Tianhe, I am not Liao Shan. I'm not interested in it, even if it's round or flat."

Tianhe, "It's not an AI. If you don't want to see it, then just go. I'm annoyed today anyways."

Unexpectedly, Feng Song expressed his understanding and left after glancing at Guan Yue. He looked at Tianhe again and thought that they must've quarreled and hurt each other. He then said again, "I've already reminded you long ago, forget it. Since you're so sincere, then I'll stay and look."

Guan Yue, "..."

Tong Kai was busy signaling to Guan Yue not to curse him out. Looking at Tianhe’s attitude, he could tell that this employee was crucial to the company.

Tianhe pointed to the corner where the cloth that was draped over a computer exposed the bare metal. Feng Song walked over with a puzzled look and pulled the cloth off.

Feng Song, "!!!"

Tianhe, "This is a bitcoin miner that was prepared for you. Its graphic card array has the highest configuration, each worth 1.2 million. As long as you are willing to take this job, I'll give you 6 to play with. You can put them in the computer room in the back of the company. The company will take care of the electrical fees; whatever you win, you can take home.

Feng Song was completely put in a dead-end by Tianhe as he sat on the ground and began to study the mining machine. Tianhe had investigated and could guess that bitcoin was not only a matter of money to Feng Song, but also the unparalleled sense of achievement when he found the coins. However, Feng Song's machine was very old compared to these. In Feng Song's eyes, this mining machine was like giving a platinum bag to a girl. Tianhe was not afraid that he wouldn't take the bait.

Feng Song, "You...Wen Tianhe, you're too cruel."

Tianhe's mood clearly hadn’t returned to normal. He said, "Contact Liao Shan yourself. Report to work one day before the New Year and start working to recruit team members after the New Year."

There was still some time before the New Year. Feng Song said, "I'll bring this back to check it

Tianhe said, "Bring it back by yourself; here's the exit ticket."

Feng Song gladly took it as he said, "Prepare the contact." Then, he placed the miner on the
cart and pushed it away.

Jiang Zijian walked in, confusion on his face. He turned to Tianhe and asked, "What's that thing

"It's...the wife of his dreams," Tianhe didn't know how to describe it. He sat down on the long table and thought for a while before saying, "So it is most appropriate for the programmer to
leave the problem to the programmer to solve."

Guan Yue had kept silent ever since Tianhe appeared, so the atmosphere was a bit awkward.
Tong Kai tried to ease the mood as he thought that the two must've just argued.

Tong Kai, "Did you bring lunch?"

"No," Tianhe continued to work on Guan Yue's desk. For a moment, no one spoke. The atmosphere was strange and heavy. Jiang Zijian sat on one side and looked at the operation
Tianhe was working on and said, "This looks like the building blocks from when we were

"Hm..."Tianhe said, "Pro, help me...never mind.

Tianhe realized that Pro would no longer answer him; he didn't know if he was sleeping or doing something else. As soon as this was said, the mood became even more awkward.

Tianhe didn't look at Guan Yue. Instead, he pressed the bluetooth switch on his goggles and raised his hand to operate on the small keyboard, analyzing and identifying the lines and components. Guan Yue wanted to speak several times, but there was no chance for him to do so.

Everyone sat there quietly, all of them watching Tianhe work.

"Pro will come back," Guan Yue said, "I promise you."

Tianhe answered anxiously, "Thank you."

The conference table became silent again.

Someone's stomach suddenly made a sound, breaking the silence. The sound of Tong Kai slipping through the contract stopped.

Jiang Zijian, "How come the food isn't here yet? Tell them to hurry up; the vice president can't be starving."

Tong Kai, "..."

Tianhe, "I told Mei Xi to go buy it."

Embarrassment slowly spread throughout as the hour hand pointed to 12:50.

Mei Xi, "Sorry! Sorry bosses! I'm late!"

Mei Xi came in with the lunch boxes as he apologized. Tianhe had finished the machine; he dragged it off the table and turned over the desk, getting ready to assemble it.

Guan Yue rolled up his sleeves, seemingly getting ready to help before Jiang Zijian said to him, "If you make a mistake later, then that's another level of guilt added on for today."

Guan Yue, "..."

"He doesn't need to have any guilt. Stop bullying the boss. You guys eat first." Tianhe said, "I'm not hungry; I just ate before coming here."

Jiang Zijian, "I'll eat with Tianhe later. I'm also not that hungry."

"I'll eat after I finish this contract," Tong Kai said.

Mei Xi found the supplementary contract and gave it to Tong Kai, the CEO, legal consultant, and chief financial officer. Chief Executive Officer Tong Kai took several start-up members of the contract and began to fill the gap chapter. These days, he's just been engaging in this pile of contracts without any technical content. It's quite boring to think about it.

…… General manager assistant, administrative assistant, front desk assistant, front desk assistant... Tong Kai finished the chapter and was ready to eat. Suddenly he asked himself, "Why is there an assistant at the front desk?"

Jiang Zijian quickly took the contract and said, "The boss promised to recruit an assistant for me. Do you have any comments?"

Tong Kai, "..."

Guan Yue, "..."

Tong Kai, "Tianhe?!"

"Ah?" Tianhe pulled down his goggles, drilled a hole in his desk, and said, "What's wrong?"

Tong Kai, "This idiot wants to come to our company to work at the front desk?"

Tianhe, "Don't be so vulgar! Don't you like him? Just give him small tasks; you're the head of the administration anyway. Do whatever you want with him, I don't mind."

Jiang Zijian, "Yea yea, you can do whatever you want with me. I don't mind either."

Tong Kai, "Then go pour me a cup of tea."

Guan Yue still hadn't touched his lunch box. He only looked at Tianhe.

"Eat first," Guan Yue said.

"I have to finish first," Tianhe answered, "There's going to be more guests later."

Guan Yue, "Who else is there?"

Tianhe didn't answer. He only said, "After you finish eating, go take a nap upstairs."

The company had just started, and everyone was busy. Guan Yue thought about it and could only nod his head.

Jiang Zijian, "But I don't know how to make tea."

Tong Kai, "I told you to go do it, so you should just do it. I'm your boss."

Mei Xi, "Um...front desk, please just go make the vice president's tea. Open the tea bag, take out the string, put it in the cup, and add hot water. Then, just bring it over."

Jiang Zijian could only get up and make the tea as Mei Xi followed behind him. He quickly said, "No, no! Don't open the tea bag like that! You only have to open the outer layer, and this is cold water! Ugh, I'll just do it; watch how I do it."

"Why is it so hot?" Tong Kai said, "You don't even know how to make tea. Hurry up and leave; I'm firing you. Leave right now."

Tianhe, "..."

Jiang Zijian, "...:

Mei Xi, "Um...Vice president, calm down.... he can learn."

"My contract states that I cannot be fired," Jiang Zijian had been working as a servant for the whole morning and couldn't bear it anymore. He flipped open the contract and said, "Look, Article 12 under Section 4, under any circumstances, the company shall not terminate the contract, except for the occurrence of natural forces which includes but are not limited to earthquakes of magnitude 9 or above, tsunamis, tornadoes, nuclear leaks, alien invasion of the earth..."

Tong Kai, "..."

Jiang Zijian, "It even has the official seal! Look, it's already in effect!"

After he finished saying that line, Tong Kai snatched his contract. Now, Jiang Zijian was really angry. He tried to grab Tong Kai to get the contract back. Tong Kai just wanted to rip the papers apart, but he was no match with Jiang Zijian's athletic skills. He flipped the conference table and pressed Tong Kai down.

"If anyone steps on my machine, both of them will be fired together." Tianhe said calmly as he continued working on the desk.

Tong Kai kept struggling as he was pressed onto the sofa by Jiang Zijian. Jiang Zijian held him down as he said threateningly, "Do you understand now?! I always let you have the upper hand!"

"You..." Tong Kai was about to be angered to death. He reached for Jiang Zijian's waist and grabbed his weak spot. Jiang Zijian suddenly cried out, "Stop! Stop it! Tianhe!"

"How come it's so lively today?" A voice rang out from the outside, "I thought there was only going to be a few people."

Guan Yue, "???"

"Wu Shun! You're here!" Jiang Zijian finally saw his savior, "Save me! Hurry!"

Guan Yue's eyebrow twitched as he looked at Wu Shun. Wu Shun only calmly walked past Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai. Jiang Zijian finally got the contract back, the expression on his face clearly showing his discontent. He sat back down at the conference table.

"How come you're here so early?" Tianhe said, "It's only you? What about the program director you were going to introduce me to?"

Not long ago, Tianhe had told Wu Shun the situation of his company. Wu Shun had agreed to help Tianhe find a program director.

Wu Shun nodded at Guan Yue, greeting him. He took out a resume and handed it to him. Guan Yue said, "I can't understand it; give it to him."

Wu Shun, "I haven't done computer programming for several years. After seeing Tianhe's work, I really don't have any confidence in my skills. I want to start with the ordinary programmers..."

Tianhe almost drilled the hole wrong as he said, "You....Wu Shun? You want to join my company?"

Jiang Zijian spoke from the side as he was eating, "He's afraid he can't do it. He's been talking about it for a long time, but he just couldn't tell you."

The whole company was stunned.

Wu Shun smiled towards Guan Yue, "I'm not working at the NDRC anymore (National Development and Reform Commission)."

Guan Yue, "You left the job?"

Tianhe pondered for a moment, then began to assemble the touch area as he said with a smile, "You couldn't do it anymore?"

Tong Kai, "You...you worked at the NDRC? You left the NDRC?? Why couldn't you work part-time?? What a waste of a good resource!"

Wu Shun nodded, then said, "Before New Year's day, I met with my ex. Then, I went home and thought about it. I felt that always living life according to a set of guidelines was....a bit unfitting. I left my job in January."

Tianhe wiped his sweat and smiled, "Then you're free now, congrats."

Wu Shun handed his resume to Tianhe and said, "I'll help you. Are you building the office intelligence system?"

Wu Shun took the screwdriver and started to help Tianhe assemble it. Tianhe flipped through Wu Shun's resume, getting a small idea of what his skill level was. He put it down and then started to work on the desk together. The components were all ready; only the assembly process was left.

Tong Kai suddenly asked, "Your family didn't cause you trouble?"

Wu Shun, "Of course they did; they even broke off our ties. I stayed at Zijian's house for a while. Uh...sister-in-law..our friendship is purely between bros, I can promise you..."

Jiang Zijian, "What's that got to do with him?"

Tong Kai, "What's that got to do with me? And don't call me sister-in-law!"

Tianhe glanced at Guan Yue, then quickly turned his eyes away. Guan Yue slightly bent his body as he watched Tianhe begin to assemble his desk’s mainboard. Every piece was able to be put together perfectly, with no mistakes at all. Every piece went where it should, and every groove was right. There was no room for space, which was perfect for anyone with OCD.

Tianhe, "Ah, I was just wondering why Jiang Zijian had not come to me recently for emotional advice."

Wu Shun smiled as he replied, "Only he was willing to take me in. All my old friends left me and wouldn't even pick up my calls after they heard I left the NDRC."

Tianhe, "You see, I was very conscious when I went bankrupt, so I didn't bother any of my second brother's friends."

"You still have Guan Yue," Wu Shun said as he helped Tianhe push the last box and turned the table over. Tianhe was relieved; everything was finished. He took Wu Shun's resume and began to seriously take a look. "I'll interview him after lunch. Everyone go eat."

Jiang Zijian was a bit nervous; you could see that he wanted Wu Shun to enter Epeus. Tianhe smiled. He was definitely going to hire Wu Shun. After all, his technical foundation was there. It's just that the specific spot he is responsible for can be arranged separately.

Guan Yue got up and gave his chair to Tianhe. "Sit here,” he said before walking to the garden. Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai had already finished eating separately. Jiang Zijian then went to check out the front desk as Mei Xi stared at the two companies’ logos. Epeus was still using the original design, while Yuehe was using a new one. The initials of the two companies were taken apart and embedded into each other, forming a flying...

"Is this logo a bird? It's very ugly." As soon as Jiang Zijian took on the front desk job, he had been complaining about it.

Mei Xi, "This was what Chairman Guan had requested, isn't it Chairman Wen's parrot?"

Jiang Zijian, "It's not a parrot is it? It looks a bit like a thunderbolt."

Mei Xi, "..."
After Mei Xi looked at it for a while, he thought it looked weird too. Jiang Zijian said, "No, this won't work."

Mei Xi, "Then what should we do?"

Guan Yue was currently in the garden making a ball. Mei Xi was about to ask for instructions, but he waved his hand, showing that they could do whatever they wanted. Jiang Zijian then said, "I'll ask my classmate to design it; he just won the gold medal at the Berlin Biennale."

Mei Xi, "It won't be cheap...."

"I'll pay," Jiang Zijian said before he walked out to make a call.

In the room filled with sunshine, Tianhe asked Wu Shun a series of serious questions. Wu Shun was quite nervous as he thought about each question carefully and answered them one by one. After asking the technical questions, both sides fell into silence.

Wu Shun, "My basic skills aren't really solid..."

Tianhe, "No, I was just thinking, what you truly like may not be..."

Wu Shun, "Of course I like this industry, or else I wouldn't have quit. Of course, when I just started..."

Tianhe, "Ah no, Wu Shun, let me finish."

Both sides laughed as Wu Shun motioned for Tianhe to finish speaking, but Tianhe also motioned for Wu Shun to finish speaking.

Wu Shun thought about it for a moment, then said, "I have to admit, when I first started, I resigned because I wanted to work on Epeus’s reconstruction with you."

Tianhe nodded and said, "You wanted to try artificial intelligence research."

"Yes," Wu Shun nodded and said, "At first, I wanted to create a company of my own to develop robots that can accompany and resonate with people. A perfect dream for me. However, I am far from that level at the present, whether it is from the operational level or the technical level.

"You have a lot of ideas about demand," Tianhe said. "You've even won a prize in the robotics design from the United States."

"Compared to execution, I pay more attention to team coordination and designing requirements, as well as product feedback," Wu said

Tianhe, "So I think that the position of product director is obviously more suitable for you."

Tianhe held out his hand and smiled. Wu Shun was silent for a few seconds and nodded, "It's a great honor to work with you." He shook his hand solemnly before getting up and walking out of the company.

Tianhe, "???"

Jiang Zijian was currently studying in the garden with Mei Xi about what types of plants to plant in the summer. Suddenly, Wu Shun came over and jumped on Jiang Zijian's back.

"I did it!" Wu Shun shouted.

Jiang Zijian, "Congrats! Hurry up and get down; I knew he was going to take you!"

Wu Shun got down and picked Jiang Zijian up.

Jiang Zijian, "Woah! What are you doing!"

Wu Shun hugged Jiang Zijian and threw him into the pile of snow, then turned around and picked Mei Xi up, throwing him in too.

Tong Kai quickly walked over and said, "Wu Shun! Are you crazy? You..."

Wu Shun quickly picked Tong Kai up and threw him into the snow. Mei Xi quickly got up and ran away as Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai were left there together.

"Dage and sister-in-law!" Wu Shun smiled, "I wish you a hundred years of happiness!"

Tianhe held his forehead in one hand and went up to the second floor. The initial outline of the office has been drawn out already. The workers had already installed the office compartment and could use it however they wanted as long as they hung up the blinds. On the left were six soundproof meeting rooms for all the programmers, investment managers, and investors in the wide space. On the right side was the reception area, the small bar, and several vice presidents’ separate offices. Guan Yue and Tianhe's offices were on the balcony of the second floor. They were integrated and separated from each other. As long as the door was closed with the press of a button, the two offices would be separated.

Press either side to open the door, and they would be in the same room.

Tianhe knew that Guan Yue had nothing special to consult him about. He wanted to avoid him, but he knew that giving him a call was too bothersome when he needed him. However, after the company opened, Tianhe felt that he wouldn't be able to stay in the office most of the time. He would be doing technical guidance, doing meetings, and technical corrections most of the time.

The workers had nailed up a smoking post in the garden on the first floor and had begun to check the ventilation on the second floor.

The sound of the electric drill was a bit noisy. The office hasn't been fully installed yet. Guan Yue was lying on the long table as he took a nap, the e-book was thrown aside with the information rolling on the screen rapidly. The content was a paper on artificial intelligence and human emotion, a few notes were made on the open book.

Tianhe knew that he didn't sleep at all last night. He probably went home and slept for a few hours today before tidying up and coming to the office with the e-book. As he watched Guan Yue, his heart started to ache a bit, and he didn't want to wake him up. Just as he was about to turn and leave, Guan Yue woke up from his nap, looking at Tianhe in confusion.

Tianhe wanted to say something, but he didn't know where to start.

Tianhe, "Everything I said yesterday was true. I didn't mean to satirize you."

Guan Yue, "I know, but you don't understand my emotions."

Tianhe, "It's hard to admit the truth and face your heart, but these facts are there in the end and will not be shaken by whether I admit them or not."

Guan Yue, "You make me feel incompetent. Forget it. I now understand how you feel now that you've lost Pro. Are you still sad? "

Tianhe, "Much better. Pro reset his access password in the server, cancelled the permission, and refused my access. I'm in the process of decoding it; it's going to take me a few months."

Guan Yue, "I'll say it again. I promise that Pro won't disappear, along with the server. Although, I feel that you always take my words for granted."

Guan Yue felt helpless; he pressed the corners of his eyes with his finger. Tianhe took out a small bottle of eye drops from his pocket before walking over to help him put some on.

Tianhe, "I'm much better now. I've already accepted the worst situation. The reason why I adopted this business was because I didn't want you to make any thoughtless decisions. The consequences may be more difficult for me to accept in this case. I think...sometimes you also refuse my explanations. My words today..did they make you upset?"

Guan Yue, "I want you to be happy every day, without worries and carefree."

"Close your eyes," Tianhe whispered as he dropped the eye drops into his eye.

"But it somehow always fails." Guan Yue closed his eyes and leaned back on the chair with a motionless and indifferent expression. The eye drops leaked out from the corner of his eyes. "But I don't know why I somehow always make you sadder. I'm angry with myself; it has nothing to do with you."

Tianhe looked at Guan Yue in silence. Guan Yue had his eyes closed, just a bit...Tianhe wanted to kiss him.

As the electric drill’s sound disappeared and the workers finished installing the last piece of glass, the whole world went silent.

Tianhe leaned down and lightly placed a kiss on Guan Yue's cheek.

Guan Yue immediately opened his eyes, but Tianhe had already turned away. Guan Yue quickly got up and followed behind him, wanting to pull him into his embrace. But Tianhe's heart was a mess; he sat on the stairs’ handrail and slid down.
For a moment, Guan Yue lost all control and quickly went down the stairs.

Wu Shun was currently sitting at the table drinking tea. Tianhe said, "Product director, come help me. We have to bring this table up to Chairman Guan."

Wu Shun stood up as he reached out to help. When Guan Yue got downstairs, everyone was there, so he had no choice but to restrain his surging feelings.

Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian both walked over. "It's too heavy. Let the workers do it," Mei Xi said.

Tianhe, "No need, it might be damaged."

The table was quite heavy. Guan Yue raised it with his left hand as Wu Shun lifted it on the other side. Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian worked together to move the two corners.

Tong Kai, "You go forward, then turn it around."

Jiang Zijian, "Why should I? It's clear that your side is the one going forward."

Tong Kai, "My side is the front!"

Jiang Zijian put the table down as Tong Kai said, "Isn't this the mark to go forward?"

Jiang Zijian, "Yes, but you flipped it over, so this is the back!"

Tianhe, "Forget it, Mei Xi, tell the workers you hired to come here. I don't think this table can be brought up with them."

Tong Kai, "Look, even your so-called best friend is avoiding you."

Jiang Zijian, "He's avoiding you!"

Wu Shun, "Um, vice president, front desk, can you please bring it up then argue."

Tong Kai, "It's stuck!"

Jiang Zijian shouldered the side of the table, "You reversed the front again!"

The table was stuck on the stairs, unable to move up or down. Guan Yue and Wu Shun worked together, but they were afraid that one corner of the table would be damaged as it would hit against the handrail. Tianhe couldn't bear it anymore as he said, "Listen to me! Use your strength together. One, two, three, turn around and kick your left leg. Go!"

The president, vice president, product director, and front desk all moved forward, smoothly bringing the table up the stairs.

Tianhe, "It's just moving a table; why do you have so much nonsense?"

The desk entered Guan Yue's office and was connected to the power supply. Tianhe motioned for Guan Yue to give him his mobile phone. It started to connect with the desk. He pressed a few buttons, then raised the screen.

Tianhe activated it, then told everyone else to go out. He signaled for Guan Yue to turn on the voice recognition system and pressed the fingerprint. Guan Yue stood on the side, watching Tianhe.

"Say something," Tianhe whispered.

The electronic sound rang out, "Sound wave detected, entered."

Tianhe, "It's so sensitive."

"Only your brilliance can be like the mist covering the mountains," Guan Yue said casually, "like the nocturne brought by the wind from the quiet world, like the moonlight shining on the stream."

"Shelley's poem 'Praising the beauty of wisdom', 2009 world-famous poetry abstract, Cihong publishing house. Author: Shelley. Translator: Yue," The synthetic electronic voice replied, "Acoustic confirmation, please enter fingerprint and face recognition."

Guan Yue walked to the desk and raised his eyebrows. He asked where to press. Tianhe pointed to the touch area. Before he could retract his hand, Guan Yue took it, and the two pressed their fingers up at the same time.

Tianhe, "..."
Tianhe pulled back his hand as the camera powered on and started flashing.

"System initialization," Tianhe said.
"It is estimated that the system initialization will take 3 hours, 27 minutes and 12 seconds," the electronic system replied.

"It's done. The new intelligent office system should be more convenient than your previous one." Tianhe said, "After initialization, you can remove my voice, fingerprint, and face recognition authority."

Guan Yue was still looking down at his desk. Tianhe looked at the small wound on his hand and remembered that Aunt Fang had prepared a band-aid for him; he took it out of his pocket and stuck it onto his hand.

"Do you want to wait here until the initialization is complete?" Tianhe said, "I'll go down and talk to Tong Kai."

Guan Yue nodded, then sat behind his desk and took a deep breath.

Tianhe pushed the door and went out. The silence in the office was slowly being restored as the progress bar on the screen climbed upwards slowly.

Suddenly, within the silence, there was a sound.

"Hello, Guan Yue."

Guan Yue, "Prometheus?!"

Guan Yue immediately got up and was about to push open the door to call Tianhe before the voice behind him said, "Guan Yue, I want to talk to you about Tianhe, alone."

Guan Yue turned around, his eyebrows locked close together, staring at the screen.

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Is Pro going to give Advice to Guan Yue now?! He’s the Best wingman ever!

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