Chapter 42.2

Turing's Code

“Baobao, I love you.”

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At seven o’clock in the morning, the world slowly lit up as the rising sun’s light appeared into view from outside the window. Guan Yue was sitting, his phone screen lighting up from time to time as Tong Kai sent several messages.

There was a faint sound of the door opening in the distance, as upstairs, Tianhe woke up from his good sleep.

Guan Yue looked up at the stairs and hurried up. Seeing Tianhe washing up, Guan Yue silently went back downstairs, turned on the water dispenser for warm water, looked for the sea salt shaker in the bar, pinched some of it in, and stirred it with a stirring stick. When Tianhe came downstairs, Guan Yue then handed the warm water to him.

Tianhe nodded and sat down on the sofa as Guan Yue also returned to sit in front of him.

Tianhe drank some warm salt water and silently made eye contact with Guan Yue.

Tianhe, “There are some things that I haven’t had time to explain to you, or rather, Pro doesn’t want you to know too much.”

Guan Yue’s phone rang again. He muted it and said to Tianhe, “Andy is after me. It was me who brought trouble to you and the AI. I should have been able to figure out that Pro was very important to you. I thought about it all night last night, and although I haven’t thought of the most appropriate solution yet, I take back my words; there must be another way.”

“No,” Tianhe shook his head. “It’s not what you think. Hear me out in detail first. You may have a new judgment afterwards.”

Guan Yue looked at Tianhe in confusion. Tianhe drank some more water and said at a loss, “Where do I start? From the day I learned of Pro’s existence… Pro, I must tell him the truth. I believe that Guan Yue will accept you.”

The living room was extremely quiet. Pro didn’t answer on the stereo.

“Pro?” Tianhe suddenly realized that something was wrong. “Speak.”

Guan Yue looked around as if he understood something.

Tianhe immediately got up, ran into the third-floor studio, held down the computer, and connected to the main server in Canada.

Tianhe, “......”

Guan Yue, “What is it?”

Tianhe, “Data…… All data can no longer be accessed! It hid itself!”

Guan Yue, “Hold on, the AI is still there? Just denying your access?”

“I don’t know,” Tianhe quickly entered the password, but no matter how many times he tried, it all showed an error. On his phone, the house’s LAN control system…… In all systems, Pro’s authorization disappeared completely.

Guan Yue, “Take it easy. Listen to me.”

Guan Yue looked at Tianhe’s eyes. Tianhe was silent for a moment, thought about it before he looked up at Guan Yue.

Guan Yue was already feeling worn out. He hadn’t slept all night but held it in firmly despite extreme adversity, signaling Tianhe to believe in himself.

Hence, Tianhe started from the beginning and explained to him Pro’s emergence. Guan Yue was initially filled with shock, followed by a bewildered look. He got up and went to the French window. As the day arrived, the parrot woke up, the blue cat yawned and washed itself on its face, while the snapping turtle was still hibernating.

“Drink a little?” Tianhe knew that he shouldn’t drink this early in the morning, but he thought Guan Yue might need it, so he poured him some whiskey. Guan Yue then reached out to take it, but Tianhe put the glass on the table.

Guan Yue simply couldn’t believe what he had heard; thusly, all the questions—from the day Epeus went bankrupt—were explained.

“I know that the data stored in the server unit abroad is very important to you,” Guan Yue said. “But I thought that was just the core technical secrets of Epeus’ two major signature software. I get it, I will do everything in my power. Trust me, Baobao.”

Tianhe, “After I came back last night, I carefully discussed it with Pro. I’d rather do it another way than do a data migration.”

Guan Yue suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Towards April, I will contact people in Silicon Valley to hold an early press conference to announce Pro’s existence. I will also open part of the server’s license to an international technical co-development agreement, which the main purpose is to implement the new development process in accordance with Prometheus’ wishes.”

Tianhe spread out his hands. “Once the news is released, Andy would never dare use diplomatic means to empty and shut down the server.”

Guan Yue, “......”

Tianhe all along was calm, trying his hardest to smile as he said, “This way, it will remain alive and well, though it will no longer belong to me alone.”

“Are you disappointed in me?” Guan Yue suddenly said.

“No,” Tianhe looked at Guan Yue a little sadly and replied, “it’s not that. I know we are all finite in our abilities.”

Guan Yue, “You don’t have to worry about this anymore. I’ll say it again; I will definitely think of another way.”

“Guan Yue, I think I need to make a self-critique.” Tianhe said. “I live too willfully. Like you said, I am a child, I……am a child who can only ever rely on others to protect me.”

Guan Yue, “......”

Tianhe thought about it and said seriously, “Although I always hate to admit it, you are right. When there is no wind and the river lay unruffled, I could live free and easy, very dependent. But after experiencing the test of life once, I couldn’t protect anything. My Dad, Dage, left me the industry. And Pro, who accompanies me like a friend… If you hadn’t insisted on going to Wall Street at that time, Epeus would have long been gone by now. I was too willful, not willing to let you leave my side. Luckily……”

Tianhe smiled sadly. “......Luckily you didn’t listen to me. Finally, you’ve succeeded, while I, still willful without a single success.”

Guan Yue, “I just don’t want you to…don’t want you to…… Nevermind.”

Guan Yue sighed heavily, avoiding Tianhe’s gaze.

Tianhe, “At that time, I refused to accept reality, refused to admit that you were right, made all kinds of excuses, and quarreled with you endlessly. But sooner or later, one day, I still have to submit to reality.”

“Last night, I thought a lot about why I always come to hurt you with my twisted words and force logic?” Tianhe helplessly said. “Maybe because I often feel that admitting defeat in front of you is equivalent to admitting defeat to reality. I don’t want to admit that I can’t do it without you, but, against reason, such are the facts… Guan Yue.”

“You are outstanding in many ways than me. Now I understand, when we were together in those days, I was…the least sensible, but it’s just that I always hate to admit it. Sometimes I think… What a sick guy. I only know how to look up to the unreachable moon, but never squarely face the earth full of reality.” Tianhe softly said.

“Don’t say that.” Guan Yue, already overwhelmed with remorse and at his wits’ end, said, “I just hope that you don’t get hurt by such things… I… Baobao, I…… I-I’m unworthy of you.”

Guan Yue could no longer continue. He got up to leave the room with extremely tangled, painful eyes, and looked at Tianhe before he went out.

Tianhe walked towards the door, took out the ring given to him by Guan Yue from his pocket, and gazed down at it.

A voice suddenly sounded in the room.

“Baobao, I love you.”

“.........” Tianhe turned around almost immediately and looked at the parrot stand that was hanging in the room.

“Baobao, I love you.” The parrot gave off the sound. “It’s like loving the fog that wanders over the mountain ridges and the songs of the world.”

The parrot jumped on the stand a few times and then looked left and right.

“Baobao, I love you. May you forever be childishly romantic.”

Tianhe stood up and stared at the parrot in a trance.

“Baobao, may you forever be childishly romantic.” The parrot jumped around and said, “I love you, I love you, Baobao, I love you.”



Three hours later at the new company in the Creative Park.

Guan Yue, “How much money can you put forth?”

Tong Kai was still in a state of drowsiness, looking at Guan Yue with a bewildered look, who was also in a rather bad mood today.

“One hundred…or so,” Tong Kai tentatively observed Guan Yue’s complexion. “1.3 billion euros. What do you want to do?”

Guan Yue, “Raise funds. Inform Johnny. Let the three companies ally together to enter the Hong Kong stocks, sniping Luo Ma Sen Fund.”

Tong Kai instantly roused and said, “Oh, that… boss, you mustn’t be impulsive. Are you going to reduce Andy to poverty and ruin along with his father?”

Guan Yue had only slept for two hours today. After listening to Tianhe’s words earlier, he had thoroughly lost his rationality. Tong Kai did not dare to provoke him at this time. He turned on his phone, momentarily looked at Guan Yue, momentarily looked at his phone.

“I’m going to fucking burst with rage!” Guan Yue almost growled.

Tong Kai was almost deafened by Guan Yue’s voice. The company was originally fairly empty. In addition to a few pillars, on all sides were bulletproof French windows. With Guan Yue’s bellow of rage, it was just like an intercontinental ballistic missile had exploded in the hall. Tong Kai suddenly had a feeling of vomiting blood from the internal force of a martial arts master.

“Don’t be angry! Anger won’t help… Alright! I’ll give you more than sixty……under your name now,” Tong Kai hurriedly said. “Johnny over there might be able to provide you with a hundred to four, and that…… the Wens’ might also be able to put forth some…”

Guan Yue stood in front of the French window, looking out at the garden, still trembling slightly.

Tong Kai, “Boss, your wife’s ultimate weapon has not been made yet. I have no problem sniping Andy to death, just that the Dragon Saber hasn’t been issued yet. It’s not a good idea to raid Hong Kong stocks with now 30 billion and slap him unarmed and defenseless, is it? You can wait for the confirmation of the goods, stand far away, and use your weapon as a cross-border slash to hit him, so why fret over trifles and run to fight with him at close quarters?”

Guan Yue threw a note to Tong Kai. “Make an appointment to meet with these people.”

It was a list of the names of the bosses of the four funds.

Tong Kai took a look at it scared silly. “Boss, I suggest you eat some… koala’s march first, watch TV, calm down, don’t take hundreds of billions at the drop of the hat…… Are you sniping Andy or sniping Soros?! I can’t do this! It’s going to be deadly! You must listen to my words of advice, father! You can’t do this!”

Guan Yue took a deep breath.

Tong Kai asked again, “Can I ask a question?”

Guan Yue turned around and Tong Kai said patiently, “What exactly did Andy do? He got a bunch of reporters knocking on your door to defame you, so you had to let him and his dad jump off a building?”

Guan Yue, “......”

“Constanley was quite dissatisfied with you,” Tong Kai added. “Qingsong won’t just sit back and watch the fun either. You’ll get more than one company involved. I’m guessing Johnny’s ambition was definitely not just to capture Andy, so you’ll have to be careful not to be caught by Johnny yourself. Also, even if Johnny changed his profession to a charity, willing to retreat after sniping the Luo Ma Sen fund— in the case that this course of events triggers a major turmoil in Hong Kong stocks and exchange rate problems, the government intervening will be more trouble. Calm, you should calm down.”

Tong Kai observed Guan Yue’s expression and said, “Not to mention, we are still facing the problem of using……a portion of foreign exchange reserves. Although the other few funds are mostly abroad, there is still a lot of RMB in your money. Xiao Guanguan? We have to push forward this matter scientifically and reasonably…”

Guan Yue’s voice trembled. “I sometimes feel useless.”

Tong Kai hurriedly said, “Don’t say that. At the very least you have a good eye. You see, I couldn’t even take such a good wife… Calm down, you want to watch TV first? Peppa Pig, do you like it? Hmm? —— There’s a guest! The guest is here! Boss, please take a rest and let’s finish other things later. —— Hello guest, what can I do for you? Who are you looking for? Are you a delivery man? What’s there to eat?”

Feng Song, with a drowsy face, stood at the company door. “Your CTO Wen Tianhe made an appointment with me at eleven o’clock this morning.”

Tong Kai motioned for Guan Yue to go upstairs, but Guan Yue only played blind—his anger was somewhat calm as he walked to the long table and sat down. Epeus and Yue He had already been successfully registered. Tong Kai had set the official opening day for the day after the Lantern Festival. After all, as a new company, there are still a lot of preparations that need to be done in advance.

The desks and CPUs had been delivered one after another. Trademark technicians had also begun debugging the CPUs. In the past few days, the startup members were all running around on errands outside. Guan Yue and Tianhe were responsible for overseeing the company.

Feng Song was bored, playing with a Swiss Army knife in his hand, while looking at the company’s computers at the side. Tianhe personally gave them the configuration list. Epeus’s computer configuration was an amazing existence in the eyes of any company or programmer.

Feng Song looked around and took a gulp.

Tong Kai had already sent a message to Tianhe, and said to Feng Song, “He will be here soon.”

“I’m the one who came early,” Feng Song reached out and scratched his body left and right, then looked at Guan Yue and said, “Mr. Guan, long time no see.”

Guan Yue replied with a “hmn.” Seeing that Guan Yue’s mood seemed to be stable, Tong Kai no longer paid attention to him and went upstairs to check the new company’s official seal that Mei Xi had sent over.

But, in less than ten minutes, there was a ruckus downstairs.

Tong Kai thought to himself: My god, this job doesn’t seem any easier than Nuolin. He took the official seal and hurried downstairs, hearing Feng Song’s latter half sentence.

Feng Song, “Right, do you want me to repeat it again? It’s because of you that I don’t want to come. Mr. Guan, I really don’t want to play another round of Tan Le Technology’s entrepreneurship path.”

Guan Yue almost blew his lid because of Feng Song in the second round. He pointed to the door, indicating for him to get lost.

Feng Song, however, looked like a dead pig who didn’t fear boiling water. “Wen Tianhe made an appointment for me to come, Mr. Guan. If I wasn’t afraid of him hacking my hard drive, I wouldn’t have come today.”

Guan Yue originally thought of going upstairs, but on second thought: No, why do I have to avoid an unwelcome guest when I am the stately CEO?

Tong Kai guessed that Guan Yue tried to persuade this man to take the post, but was instead ignited to explode. He hurriedly let someone hand a bottle of hot milk to the guest and said, “Speak properly. Although I don’t know who you are… don’t make such ruckus.”

At 10:50 in the morning, a Bentley pulled up at the entrance as Tianhe and Jiang Zijian arrived.

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