Chapter 44

Turing's Code

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There is a slightly insensitive part written in this chapter about refugees in Europe. I apologize :(.

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It was afternoon tea time, and the company was sunny and bright. It was unlike the afternoon of a winter day at all. All the tables and chairs on the first floor had been set up, and the computers were delivered one after another. The workspace was quite spacious. After all, the company that had originally started with 500 or 600 employees was expected to have less than 100 people now, and the air was quite fresh.

There were green plants and flowers on the table. Tong Kai, Jiang Zijian, and Wu Shun were sitting on the sofa lazily in the small conference room with the tea table set up to have afternoon tea.

"Um," Mei Xi carefully reminded Tianhe, "Second Boss, there's something... I don't know if I should say it..."

Tianhe said to Mei Xi sincerely, "Good medicine is bitter and advice is harsh. In order to encourage everyone to attack the company's shortcomings, Guan decided to reward a Van Cleef necklace for every suggestion he adopts."

Mei Xi immediately said, "Well, Second Boss...Big Boss just spent 160 million on our company. I think you'd better not look at him."

Tianhe, "Accept advice with an open mind, then you will serve the Lord well. When will you stop calling me Second Boss?"

Mei Xi, "We all really like Second Boss. I hope Second Boss can be happy with Big Boss..."

Tianhe stood outside the door and saw Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian talking to each other. But from outside the soundproof glass wall, one could only see the two people conversing with each other eagerly. Jiang Zijian shifted towards Tong Kai several times, but Tong Kai, like the pea machine gun shooter in Plant versus Zombies, angrily pointed to Jiang Zijian's sofa, signaling for him to sit still and not make trouble.

Wu Shun had taken Epeus' offer. Going back to Jiang Zijian's place now meant he had nothing to do, so he just stayed at the office.

Tianhe opened the door and entered the conference room. Wu Shun, Tong Kai, and Jiang Zijian all turned their heads at the same time.

Tianhe sat down and Jiang Zijian gave his coffee to him. Tianhe said, "Be quiet; my head is about to explode."

Wu Shun, "How is your AI coming along?"

"Pro is being petty," Tianhe said, "But I believe that he will come back."

Speaking of this, Tianhe suddenly remembered something Guan Yue once said.

"It'll come back."

The small conference room went silent. Tianhe said to the three people, "What's the matter?"

Jiang Zijian, "That morning, Pro and I talked a lot."

Tianhe, "What did you talk about?"

Jiang Zijian, "We talked about you."

Tong Kai immediately looked at Jiang Zijian. Jiang Zijian thought about it and said, "It was nothing special."

Tianhe, "???"

Tianhe looked at Jiang Zijian with a slightly confused expression. Tong Kai then said, "This is the product manager's contract, CTO, can you take a look?"

"Give it to Guan Yue." Tianhe glanced at it briefly and felt that there was no problem with it. After Guan Yue came down later, he could just talk with Wu Shun directly. Next, in addition to the project shares, other programmers will be graded according to the template. Tong Kai's work was done.

Tianhe had to admit that the efficiency at which things were progressing was amazing. It had been less than half a month since Guan Yue decided to leave Qingsong and the company had already begun to take shape. Although Tong Kai didn't do things by himself most of the time, as long as he let the assistant from Nuolin do the main work, he could solve all the problems easily, which was quite surprising to Tianhe.

There were still 16 days until New Year’s Eve. Tianhe was currently cracking the password of Prometheus' server; after that, he could finally relax a bit.

"Chairman Guan said we'll all have a meeting later along with Mei Xi," Tong Kai said as he stretched and laid out on the sofa.

This small conference room was built for Tianhe and the programmers to have small afternoon tea parties, solve technical problems, and chat. A tiny pure gold sign was hung at the door, stenciled with many roses. The natural light in the room also made people feel lazy.

"Tianhe," Jiang Zijian said to Tianhe, "Guan Yue will protect your server, don't worry."

Tianhe was still thinking. After he went home yesterday, he had talked with Pro. He knew that the risk was high. Pro was unwilling to try, and the reason was very simple. He knew that Tianhe would definitely fall into a pit of self-blame when there was a problem with the transfer process, thinking that he was the one who "caused" it.

Just like this, Tianhe wouldn't be able to let go of this matter for the rest of his life. But after the second plan was suggested, Pro agreed. As long as the research authority wasn't fully open.

However, now that Pro was asleep, Tianhe didn't understand why he refused to communicate with him as soon as he woke up.

Jiang Zijian, "Is it upgrading itself?"

Tianhe, "Maybe."

Tong Kai, "You were the one who created the program; why is it ignoring you? Did it not give you an explanation?"

Wu Shun explained, "In a sense, AI can't be described as a 'thing'. You have to think of it as a living person to understand its behavior. "

Tong Kai was like Guan Yue; the two did not understand the characteristics of artificial intelligence. After all, it involved ethical issues. But Jiang Zijian accepted it quickly. Because he was exactly like Tianhe, he regarded it as a friend to communicate with from the moment he knew Pro.

Guan Yue opened the door via the bluetooth headset on his left ear. He walked in with Mei Xi following behind him.

Guan Yue's mood seemed to be much better. His tension from this morning seemed to have been washed away. He sat down on one of the sofas as Mei Xi stood beside him with an iPad; he seemed to still be making a schedule.

Tianhe looked at Guan Yue, his facial expression seemed to be asking him, Has the initialization finished ahead of time?

Guan Yue motioned No. He then looked up at Mei Xi and said, "Sit down, let's have a relaxed meeting. Everyone here is the backbone of Epeus and Yuehe, speak freely, no need to pay attention to the rules."

Everyone observed Guan Yue's facial expression. His mood seemed to have improved after taking an afternoon nap.

Tianhe thought about it; there did seem to be a monthly meeting on their agenda. He said, "If you have any criticism towards me or Chairman Guan, feel free to say it."

Mei Xi immediately said, "I admire Big Boss and Second Boss very much. I don't have any objections."

Tong Kai raised his hand. "There's something I don't understand."

Guan Yue raised his eyebrows and Tong Kai said, "I want to criticize the front desk. This is the backbone of the company's meeting, so why is the front desk worker here?"

Wu Shun, "Well, it should reflect the humanized management characteristics of our company that everyone is equal."

Guan Yue, "Let's talk about the proportion of investment and the distribution of shares. Don't you all want to invest?"

Jiang Zijian, "Do you really think I'm just a front desk worker, Mr. Tong?"

As he said that, Jiang Zijian showed a victorious smile. Tianhe was looking down at his progress at cracking the code, and Guan Yue was wearing headphones; they were both absent-minded.

Tong Kai, "What else are you? Do you also cover the job of repairing the air conditioner? Ah yes, I remember, your major was..."

Jiang Zijian, "I want to invest! Do you really think I got this position just from connections? I've already discussed it with Tianhe! My dad said I could invest as much as I want to; let's start with 100 million! If it isn't enough, say so!"

Mei Xi was startled for a second, then he said to Tianhe, "Really?! Second Boss, you never told me anything about this!"

Tianhe, "Ask Chairman Guan. He has the final say in everything dealing with investments."

Guan Yue pulled out an iPad and opened the Google world map. Tianhe furrowed his brows; this code-cracking progress was too slow. Pro couldn't be more familiar with Tianhe's skills, and had specially designed a new password for him. At present, the program could only be cracked after the password was inputted.

Tong Kai, "I want to invest too. Little front desk brother, I'm the biggest shareholder here, I invested 150 million."

Mei Xi shook as he looked at the two people.

Jiang Zijian, "200 million."

Tong Kai, "250 million."

Jiang Zijian, "300 million."

Tianhe finally couldn't handle it anymore. "Are you auctioning?"

Wu Shun, "Well...the front desk is offering 300 million, will the vice-president follow?"

Tianhe, "Wu Shun! Stop encouraging them!"

Tong Kai, "500 million."

Jiang Zijian, "800 million."

Guan Yue, "2 billion."

Wu Shun quickly rubbed Mei Xi's back and said, "Hold on! Chief financial officer, calm down."

Jiang Zijian, "3 billion!"

Tong Kai, "5 billion!"

Guan Yue, "5.5 billion."

Wu Shun was busy as he said, "The front desk has invested 3 billion, the vice-president has invested 5 billion, and the boss has invested 5.5 billion. Do you want to add more?"

Tianhe, "Wu Shun!"

Tianhe, "Mei Xi!"

Mei Xi was currently lying on the sofa. For a second, he was only letting out air, not taking any in. Tianhe quickly went to press on his chest and was joined by Wu Shun.

Jiang Zijian, "8 billion

Tong Kai, "12 billion!"

Tianhe, "..."

Guan Yue, "Let's stop this for now. Mei Xi, get up and count the money."

Tianhe, "Investing 20 billion in a software company, has your brain been caught by the door? What am I going to do with all this money? Build a bed?!"

Tong Kai, "Isn't this good? Just dilute the BCDE wheel together. In this way, I just need to take out 12...." As he spoke of this, Tong Kai suddenly froze.

Where am I going to get 12 billion? I'm going to be beaten to death by my sister!

Jiang Zijian had also just realized that the transfer of 8 billion was not a joke. Even if he mortgaged the hotel for a few days, there was no way he could take out 8 billion; he was frozen on the spot.

Thankfully, Tianhe came to save them. "There aren't that many shares, 100 million each, everything else will be given to Guan Yue. It's settled."

Jiang Zijian, "No, I want to have one more dollar than him."

Wu Shun, "How about I pay for that dollar."

And so everyone agreed on the issue of sharing after a round of financing. Tianhe had the remaining 34%, Guan Yue had 13%, Tong Kai had 4.3%, Jiang Zijian had 4.3%, and Wu Shun had 0.0000000000%...

Wu Shun took out his calculator and counted the zeros behind the decimal point. He was dazzled for a moment.

Jiang Zijian triumphantly showed a charming and handsome smile to Tong Kai; he had won this round.

Jiang Zijian said to Tianhe, "Can I also buy your shares?"

Wu Shun, "Brother, I think you better take it while it's still good."

Tianhe was currently looking at his phone as a strange number had come in. It was from Liao Shan. Liao Shan had also been taken care of, she was currently with Feng Song at the Quants Club fighting for programmers.

Feng Song sent two lists. The core members of the first and second groups of the project had been established. One group would do the quantitative trading system, and the second group would take care of the financial analysis system. When he saw this, Tianhe was relieved to forward the list to Wu Shun, and asked Jiang Zijian not to make trouble.

"If there's no other issue, then we're done for today," Tianhe said. "Everyone must be tired today. I still have to meet with Liao Shan and Feng Song tomorrow."

Mei Xi exclaimed, "Back from the dead! Back from the dead at last! So much money! Too much! I don't even know how to spend it!"

Everyone looked at Mei Xi together; Mei Xi had accidentally spoken what was on his mind.

Guan Yue, "Too much money to spend?"

Mei Xi, "No no, save save!"

Guan Yue, "Team building."

Mei Xi, "That's good too!"

Wu Shun, "Is the boss for real? I haven't been abroad in years, I'll take my programmer friends and get to know each other better."

Tianhe really wanted to beat Guan Yue. Was this the time for team building? He was very upset right now and didn't want to go. He looked at him for a moment, then thought about Guan Yue's grandfather passing away. He suddenly remembered that he had wanted to accompany Guan Yue to go somewhere to relax when he passed away.

Alright then, let's go, Tianhe thought. Those who had made offers just a year ago were all core members of the two companies now. In the next two to three years, these people would be the most loyal employees. The possibility of quitting after a few months would also be very slim. Building a team first could also promote communication so that when they went in to work after the New Year, they could avoid many unnecessary run-ins.

Tong Kai, "They're all old acquaintances, especially the employees of Yuehe. Let them take their wives and children with them.They've been busy for a whole year, and they've been with you for such a long time. In the end, the team building was yellowed by Andy. How about ten days in Europe? Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Berlin are all ok. We can just stay at my place. I'll tell my family to prepare for reception. "

Jiang Zijian said to Tianhe, "Tianhe, I don't want to go to Europe. You don't want to go either. Let's go to America. Los Angeles, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disney, Orlando global bar. I'll also make a phone call, you can live at my house. The house in Beverly Hills hasn't been occupied for a long time. Let's prepare for reception there. It can be done in a word. "

Tong Kai, "Who wants to play mobile games, can you grow up?"

Jiang Zijian, "Going to Europe at this time, do you want to be robbed by refugees?"

Tong Kai, "It can be said that going to America is the same as being shot in the head!"

Jiang Zijian, "America!"

Tong Kai, "Europe! What right do you have to pick and choose as a receptionist? If you don't like it, then go by yourself."

Jiang Zijian, "Why don't *you* go by yourself?"

Guan Yue looked down at the map and enlarged it with his finger. He then said in a deep voice, "Wellington, Queenstown, Wanaka hiking, Te Anau Glowworm Caves, South Island of New Zealand, it's settled."

Mei Xi immediately said, "Yes yes yes, vice-president, front desk, and the two bosses, the southern hemisphere is warm, let's go to the southern hemisphere."

Tianhe and Wu Shun began to look at the team members’ resumes from the two groups sent by Liao Shan and Feng Song. The day before they joined the company, they had simply dumped them all onto Wu Shun. Wu Shun then wrote comments one by one according to the resumes. Tianhe found that this guy seemed to be quite good, especially in evaluating people.

Guan Yue, "Are there any objections?"

No one spoke.

Tong Kai, "I'll tell them to send the plane over."

Jiang Zijian, "Live at my house, it's right in the city. When are we leaving?"

Tong Kai, "My house."

Jiang Zijian, "My house."

"My house," Guan Yue said.

No one spoke a word again. Guan Yue asked, "Are there any objections?"

Tianhe quickly finished his resume and said, "Yes."

Guan Yue, "..."

Tianhe sincerely said, "Boss, how many people can a private plane hold? Don't forget about the family members. Do you want everyone to hold onto hanging straps and stand all the way to Wellington?

It was then that they all remembered that the private planes of the dead rich were all modified with only 16 seats in them, and the rest of the space was changed into a bar and entertainment area.

"Charter flight, any comments?" Tianhe said, "After Mei Xi gets Liao Shan and Feng Song's contact information, alert them separately. If they want to go, then we'll go together."

Jiang Zijian, "Oh right, what about visas? Some programmers don't have a New Zealand Visa."

Tong Kai, "Just call the New Zealand Embassy. If you don't have a visa, please ask the New Zealand ambassador to coordinate with the visa officer and issue the visa as soon as possible. I just went to the personal painting exhibition of the ambassador's wife before Christmas. Ah, it can be done with a word."

Tong Kai smiled triumphantly at Jiang Zijian as he won this round of the game.

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Is Shelley an actual writer? I can’t find the poems mentioned.

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The poem Guan Yue recites? I think that is “Hymn to Intellectual Beauty” by Percy Bysshe Shelley…. It’s a bit different in the original –

“Thy light alone like mist o’er mountains driven,
Or music by the night-wind sent
Through strings of some still instrument,
Or moonlight on a midnight stream,
Gives grace and truth to life’s unquiet dream.”

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Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian’s antics are so wild and funny.

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