Chapter 39

Turing's Code

“You just know how to bully chickens. What’s wrong with chickens?”

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In the conference room, Jiang Zijian frowned as he looked at Tong Kai silently. At this moment, he was incredibly serious, and there was a sad look in his eyes.

Tong Kai took a deep breath, spread out the folder, and said seriously, "Mr. Jiang, your company is too large-scale to do this kind of breach of contract with Hollands, it is very...very…l-l-ack...t-this...lacks consideration."

Tong Kai suddenly couldn't speak coherently as he looked at Jiang Zijian's eyes. The shock he received today was really too great that it had already exceeded the sum total of the fright he had felt in his entire life. In addition, Jiang Zijian was completely different today from their usual meetups—wearing a tailored suit and a pair of spectacles—polite and polished, giving off a gentlemanly aura. Simply looking at him made Tong Kai want to go forward and take off his suit, tie him to a chair, blindfold him, tie his hands with that necktie of his, and hold him…… Forget it! He'll deal with him tonight!

Jiang Zijian gazed at Tong Kai, who had cleaned up specially well today. Just last week, Jiang Zijian had taken him to have his hair cut. Tong Kai looked very manly after that, his front locks combed back, his childlike temperament was no longer so obvious, he looked like a celebrity. Jiang Zijian couldn't wait to push him onto this conference table in the presence of everyone right now… No. Let these irrelevant people wait outside first. From here to the glass wall, to the elevator…… No way! Tonight, he must be dealt with!

Tong Kai added, "Ho… That Hollands. Uh, yeah, Hollands, as the most loyal ally of Jiang Man Group in China, we hope to discuss things in such a way today as to keep things within bounds to a...to a...to a manageable……"

The Hollands' representative said seriously, "Yes, this is our ultimate goal."

Tong Kai took the folder, got up, and said to Jiang Zijian, "Can I ask you first, why exactly did the defendant's side insist on terminating the contract?"

The vice-president looked at Jiang Zijian. Jiang Zijian muttered, "They sell us expired meat."

Tong Kai immediately turned and said to the representative, "You're actually selling expired frozen meat to your allies?"

The representative anxiously explained, "That batch of frozen raw materials was indeed a quality check error on our part, as we've explained many times!"

The vice-president said, "Understandably, although our President Jiang took offence, but well, this issue hasn't been brought up again since……"

Jiang Zijian said, "The inspection date for the outer packaging passed, but the raw materials inside had expired. This was a deliberate deception."

"What hypocrisy indeed!" Tong Kai, who stood on one side of the conference table, tapped the back of his hand on the tabletop and said to the foreign representative, "Has your company made any attempts to provide an explanation after being found out? Oh, I guess doing that would just add insult to injury."

Hollands' representative, "......"

Nuolin boss, "......"

Jiang Zijian said to Tong Kai, "It would definitely add insult to injury. They have repeatedly violated the terms of the contract and even added all sorts of agreements every time something went wrong. I have had enough of you all."

The representative immediately said, "That was just a human oversight. We've already dealt with the people involved."

Jiang Zijian, "How do you explain the two cases of seafood poisoning that occurred in the third quarter of last year and the first quarter of this year? The hotel staff ate it on the sly. If it had reached the consumers, the consequences would have been disastrous."

Tong Kai, "How do you explain this? Yeah? Explain it?"

Tong Kai, like a crab, slowly moved across the room towards Jiang Zijian, and said, "Hollands has violated Section 7 and 11 of Article 2, and Section 2 of Article 3. This situation, applicable to the arbitration of international commercial disputes, depends crucially on whether Jiang Man now decides to re-litigate the security issues of food raw materials…"

The representative anxiously said, "Those are all in the past! Your father and my grandfather had promised amongst themselves to pursue this matter no further! We had an agreement!"

"Don't be so evasive by calling out my father!" Jiang Zijian said. "Watch your mouth! You are no son!"

The representative fumed, "I said, Hollands' chairman is my grandfather! Rascals! You rascal!"

Tong Kai came to Jiang Zijian's side and motioned for the vice-president to step aside. The vice-president, who was completely dumbfounded, stood up and looked at Tong Kai.

Tong Kai sat down next to Jiang Zijian and said with a poker-face, "Nonsense. Go home and wait for the lawsuit."

Knowing that this matter was over, the Hollands representative angrily threatened, "Jiang Zijian! You, this is 'choosing to be a fragmented jade! Not a complete tile?!'"

"No no no," the vice-president hurriedly said, "that, please calm down. 'Rather than becoming a whole tile, one would rather be a piece of broken jade'; that's not how it's used!"

"Come on ah!" Tong Kai was astonished. "You want to cut us down, how? What Hollands, this company name, doesn't sound like a bird with beautiful plumage."

Everyone, "………………"

Half an hour later.

Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai stood in the parking lot, glaring at each other.

"You lied to me!" Jiang Zijian exclaimed angrily.

Tong Kai, "Doesn't that apply to you as well?"

Jiang Zijian, "I really thought you were a foot masseur! I'm giving you one last chance to apologize right now, and I'll forgive you for old times' sake!"

Tong Kai, "You're the one who should be apologizing!"

Jiang Zijian, "You...You…"

Jiang Zijian took a deep breath, looking at Tong Kai, whose face was flushed with anger as he also looked at Jiang Zijian. A thought suddenly arose in both their minds of wanting to kiss each other. Tong Kai reached out to pull Jiang Zijian, who also grabbed onto the other person's arm, and then the two began to tussle. Tong Kai had already lost his rationality as he clung to Jiang Zijian's suit, while the latter tried to grab him by the back of his collar. Then, Tong Kai's 'Parting the Wild Horse's Mane' move stopped Jiang Zijian, and Jiang Zijian's 'White Crane Spreading Wings' move also pushed him off a bit; the both of them then pounced on each other again.

"Mr. Jiang! Don't fight, don't fight!" The entourage from both Jiangman and Nuolin hurried over, one held Tong Kai back while the other supported Jiang Zijian.

"I'm gonna kick your ass!" Jiang Zijian roared.

"Kai ah—"

Nuolin's boss on the other side wailed in despair as two of his subordinates dragged Tong Kai away, one on either side of his arms while his legs trailed on the ground, towards the Maserati that was parked a short distance away from the parking lot.

Tong Kai  broke away from the two lawyers and shouted angrily, "I've had enough of you all! I will resign! No more bubble wraps! Squeeze it all!"

Upon hearing that Tong Kai was going to resign, all of the subordinates let him go. His matters were no longer relevant to them anymore, so there was no need to give him a hard time.

Tong Kai broke free and walked menacingly up to Jiang Zijian, who was being held back by the vice-president and the assistant.

Jiang Zijian looked to the left and then to the right. "Let go of me ah! Are you two out of your mind ah? Do you want to see your own young master get beaten up?"

The vice-president and the assistant quickly let him go and then turned to leave.

Jiang Zijian, "Explain clearly to me."

Tong Kai, "What else do you want? I've done enough to help you today. Do you want me to sit on you… Let you sit on my lap? Ha!"

Tong Kai turned and walked away. Jiang Zijian took off his spectacles and followed behind Tong Kai.

Jiang Zijian said, "It's no wonder that this is who you really are!"

"Aren't you, too?" Tong Kai turned back to Jiang Zijian. "What demolition, what pinduoduo? Did you have fun fooling me?"

Jiang Zijian, "You've fooled me enough ah! What with the 0 yuan tickets to wherever, the collection of compliments for crawfish, drinking Evian for the first time, and the lifelong dream of eating crawfish unrestrictedly! Fooling me round and round to learn—what—crawfish farming! Cheering to make you happy every day! Fraud! Liar!"

Tong Kai, "Wasn't your air-con broken? I thought you couldn't fix it? Oh, that's right, your house is being demolished, but got rich overnight!"

Jiang Zijian, "What about your father's two-colored ball?! We agreed we'd go together to manage a fish pond!! I'm out of here!"

Unable to say more, Jiang Zijian turned away in a rage. Tong Kai felt dizzy with anger. He turned 180-degrees on the spot, his steps didn't stop as he followed after Jiang Zijian, trying to get back in the game.

Jiang Zijian got into his sports car. Tong Kai also got into his Ferrari, pressed the button of the car window, and threw out the lucky rope.

"I'm giving it back!" Tong Kai raged.

Jiang Zijian, "......"

Jiang Zijian suddenly felt an uncontrollable rage. He pressed the button of his car window, threw out the lucky rope and an apple watch, and said, "I'm giving it back!"

Tong Kai's apple watch flew out of the Ferrari and smashed against the door of the Aston Martin.

"I'm giving it back!" An iPad yeeted out of the Aston Martin.

"I'm giving it back!" A Coach wallet yeeted out of the Ferrari.

"I'm giving it back!"

"I'm giving it back!"

"I'm giving it back!!!"

Soon, outside the doors of the two super cars, gifts flew hither and thither: notebooks, markers, vacuum flasks, Swarovski figurines, Pandora bracelets, dolls caught in claw machines, couples phone cases……

Finally, out of their respective cars flew two screaming chickens.

Tong Kai, "We're over! Liar—!"

Jiang Zijian, "Let's break up! Liar! Liar!"

Lastly, a copy of 'A Mi Tuo Fo Me Me Da' and 'Cry Me A Sad River' each flew out of both cars and fell to the ground.

Tong Kai reversed his car and ran the front wheels over one of the screaming chickens, it let out an inhuman howl.

Jiang Zijian tried to drive away, but accidentally also ran over a screaming chicken. He suddenly changed his mind and stalled the car.

"Please move the car," Tong Kai said sternly.

Jiang Zijian, "What? Say that again?"

Tong Kai gritted his teeth in anger and drove over and over the screaming chicken, which rolled back and forth under the wheels with rhythmic, miserable howls.

Jiang Zijian, "You just know how to bully chickens. What's wrong with chickens?"

"The chicken is not at fault. It's your fault. Please. Make. Way," Tong Kai said politely.

Jiang Zijian said, "I'm stalling right here. Do you have a say on that? You can buy the parking lot."

Tong Kai, "No problem."

Tong Kai got out and locked up the car, walked out of the parking lot, hailed a taxi, and peeled off.

Jiang Zijian also got out of the car. He had a collision course with Tong Kai. I'm just going to keep your car stuck here. What about that? Then, Jiang Zijian also left the Aston Martin in the parking lot and went out to hail a taxi to leave.

The two went their separate ways, leaving the remaining super cars outside the conference hall, as well as a ton of profitable stuff all over the ground. 

At dusk, all the people in the Industrial Park dispersed. In late January, the wind was piercingly cold as little snowflakes fell in the park. The office furniture suppliers were moving stuff inside one after another. 

Guan Yue walked out of the company with Tianhe, taking shade under a black umbrella.

"Who decided to initiate the two companies together?" Tianhe turned his head to look at Guan Yue.

Guan Yue, "Me."

Tianhe, "I'm moving back to Sci-Tech Park."

Guan Yue, "Vetoed by one vote."

Tianhe turned over, both hands in the pockets of his windbreaker, and walked backwards, looking at Guan Yue seriously. Guan Yue grasped the umbrella as he quickened his pace, stubbornly trying to keep Tianhe under his protection, but when Tianhe was about to open his mouth, Guan Yue immediately reached out to hold him to prevent him from tripping.

"160 million yuan," said Tianhe apprehensively, "you're spending money like my second brother now!"

"The real estate will rise in value," Guan Yue said in a deep voice. "There's no loss, don't worry."

Tianhe had to give up. His family already had too many real estate properties. He'd originally thought of selling some of them off and giving them to Guan Yue,  so he could move on to other businesses, but now Guan Yue had bought a small commercial building, which drove him mad.

Guan Yue seemed to know what Tianhe was thinking as he said, "It's from my own money. Otherwise, as a second generation ancestor, how can I have the audacity to spend my family's money to buy things for you?"

Tianhe looked at Guan Yue suspiciously.

Guan Yue, "What? Is it strange to make some profit after all the years I've worked at Constanley and Qingsong?"

Tianhe then no longer bothered Guan Yue about this issue. As they reached the car, Guan Yue opened the door for Tianhe, put away the umbrella, got into the driver's seat, and drove to Quant club. Tianhe had already received the appointment text message, as well as the one Guan Yue had forwarded to him, with the response from the other party — Feng Song, who had accepted Guan Yue's invitation, agreeing to play three rounds of cards at the club.

Guan Yue's reputation was still quite tremendous. His track record in financial circles was simply well-known.

"How do you know him?" Tianhe had always felt that it was quite strange.

Guan Yue, "I invested in his startup company."

"It's my job to recruit people. I can work it out myself," Tianhe said.

Guan Yue, "I promise not to say anything and act in accordance with my distinctive position."

"Let's just dine at the club. It's already almost seven o'clock," Tianhe said.

Guan Yue, "Let him wait."

It was snowing heavily. Guan Yue made a reservation for a candlelight dinner at Brynos Restaurant. The greenhouse where the private booth was located was blooming with large puffs of Bulgarian roses, and heavy snowfall and the melodious notes of violins gently covered the city outside.

"I feel like I'm being wooed," Tianhe said.

"You've finally realized it," Guan Yue replied. "But there's no hurry. Take your time to think about it. Be rational. Don't act on impulse."

In fact, there was so much that Tianhe wanted to talk about to Guan Yue. He had thought about how to respond to that day countless times. Many questions and conflicts would still exist even when they got back together. However, for today, here and now to say the least, he didn't have to think too much until he was sure of his feelings.

Tianhe, "CEOs must serve as an example and not indulge in workplace romances."

"I'm off work now." Guan Yue shook his table napkin and casually said, "Or do you want to work overtime to chat about work?"

Tianhe said, "Have you taken a hard look at the situation since you left Qingsong?"

Guan Yue, "Is this about Mario?"

Tianhe felt that Guan Yue was really too cocky at times, just like trusting Mario only to suffer betrayal in the end. Can't this guy change his temper?

"Even siblings betray each other in this world," Guan Yue said offhandedly, sipping some soup, "not to mention strangers, I had a hunch."

Tianhe, "So it seems that my harrowing experience has not provided you with any experience."

"It was an ill wind that blew nobody any good," Guan Yue replied. "Truth be told, we all have to thank him."

Tianhe, "Then I suggest you send him a new Patek Philippe as a token of your appreciation."

"For someone who's about to leave for North Korea, I don't think it's necessary," Guan Yue said.

Tianhe finally laughed. Guan Yue also had a smile in his eyes, and was about to tease him some more when Tong Kai's call came. Guan Yue conveniently rejected it after only taking a glance.

"You've learned to reject a call now," Tianhe said.

Guan Yue, "Because I'm wooing someone today. I shouldn't neglect him."

Tianhe scrutinized Guan Yue, thought, and said, "I just know there is no such thing as a free candlelight dinner."

Guan Yue said, "I've been having trouble with the name of this new company, so I wanted to give you the naming rights."

Tianhe, "How about 'Baguette Capital'?"

Guan Yue, "I don't mind if you also don't mind. After all, you'll be the one to declare to the public later that 'our biggest investor of Baguette Capital.'"

Tianhe, "……"

Guan Yue's eyebrows rose, enquiring what his decision was.

Tianhe, "I can't decide."

Tianhe naturally knew what Guan Yue was thinking — perhaps the new company would be named "Yue He" or "He Yue," a combination of their initials as a testimony of their love. It was a very romantic act that made Tianhe's heart beat faster, but once it was established, what if by any chance...they didn't end up together in the end?

Then the name of this company would obviously be a constant stab for both of them.

Guan Yue, "I thought you'd like the task of naming. Fortunately, I've prepared some alternatives, why don't you take a look at them?"

There were only two names on the paper; one was "Yue He Capital" and the other was "He Yue Capital."

"Do I even get to choose?!" Tianhe exclaimed.

Guan Yue held out his hand, challenging Tianhe to beat him with rock-paper-scissors, and finally Guan Yue won two out of three rounds. Then, they dined like nobody's business again.

Tianhe only had to say, "Whatever. This is God's will, let's just go with Yue He then. For some reason, this name reminds me of that 'Ren He La Rou joke."

Guan Yue, "......"

Tianhe finally succeeded in recovering his lost ground, thinking, You're the one who wanted this name anyway. In case you quarrel with me again and regret it, solve it yourself, I don't care.

Tianhe's phone suddenly rang; it was Tong Kai. Tianhe also rejected the call, then Tong Kai called Guan Yue again, just two phones ringing back and forth. Finally, Tianhe frustratedly accepted the call.

"Is Guan Yue there?" Tong Kai said wearily. "I'll borrow him for a moment to accompany me for a drink."

10 o'clock p.m. Quant Club.

Guan Yue and Tong Kai were sitting at the counter. Tong Kai lifted up his head as he drained his glass of brandy and then gestured to the bartender to fill up his glass again.

Guan Yue, on the other hand, was accompanying Tong Kai with a glass of Chivas Regal and a green tea. The large projector in the club was playing the 1953 movie "Roman Holiday," with the scene of Gregory Peck riding his bicycle with his Princess, Audrey Hepburn, through the streets of Rome showing on-screen.

"He said he would kick my ass," Tong Kai said sadly to Guan Yue.

Wearing a calm expression, Guan Yue stretched out his hand and placed it on Tong Kai's shoulder, patting him comfortingly.

Tong Kai, "When I heard the miserable howl of the screaming chicken, it was like I had woken up from a dream, a beautiful but evanescent dream. Baguette, was that what you also thought when you guys broke up? Tell me."

Guan Yue glanced back at the card table in the corner. The bright lights fell on Tianhe's head, now dressed in a white sweater, watching Roman Holiday while chatting with a guy with yellow-dyed hair on one side of the table, where the croupier was dealing cards to the both of them.

"Wen Tianhe, what do you want to show me?" Feng Song said. He was still wearing his camouflage pants and camouflage sleeveless shirt, showing off his bronzed arms and shoulders, with his shamate yellow-dyed hair combed down.

Tianhe, watching the movie on the side, said, "An AI, but it went to accompany a friend on a date today."

Feng Song, "AI accompanying a date, interesting. Did it all work out?"

Tianhe glanced at Tong Kai and Guan Yue at the counter.

"It doesn't seem to be the case," Tianhe said to Feng Song. "At this point, it's better not to let it get in the way. I admit that I was inconsiderate in my earlier actions."

Feng Song, "Wen Tianhe, you and Guan Yue are together?"

Tianhe was somewhat baffled, sizing up this guy with yellow-dyed hair and saying, "We are still familiarizing ourselves with each other. Don't use this 'old confidant' tone on me."

Feng Song, "This 'God's wand' name has been resounding in Quant circles for a long time."

Tianhe, "How do you know Guan Yue?"

Feng Song got the last card, looked at it, picked up his wine glass, and said, "He invested in my previous company."

"Ah……" Tianhe nodded and said, "that startup company where the partners contradicted and ended up throwing the hard disk drive down the building."

Feng Song nodded humorlessly and held out his hand, meaning; You see, we know the situation on both our sides very well.

Tianhe then seized his wrists and opened each hand to display his cards; Feng Song had two pairs whilst Tianhe had one. Tianhe threw him a chip, obviously not concentrating on playing because he was watching the movie.

"If you two join hands," Feng Song thought about it and said, "I dare not imagine the result. It would bring about legendary results in the financial industry, right?"

Tianhe drank some house blend tequila and watched Gregory Peck reaching into the Mouth of Truth. Tianhe then claimed his card. Feng Song reached over and tried to steal off Tianhe's final card, which Tianhe held down.

Tianhe, "What a pain in the neck."

Feng Song put his hand on Tianhe's shoulder, leaned in to his ear, and said in a low voice, "I'm very curious, is Guan Yue your rich guy?"

From over the counter, Guan Yue saw Feng Song crossing the red line; he put down his glass and was about to go over. However, Feng Song apparently was not interested in Tianhe. Seeing him withdrawing his hand, Guan Yue thus turned back to sit.

Tong Kai pulled Guan Yue by the collar, pulling him a little closer, and gruffly said, "I don't want to live!"

Guan Yue, "......"

"You're a straight programmer," Tianhe said in all sincerity to Feng Song. "Have you written the code? Have you read the journals? Have you reviewed your blockchain knowledge? Why do you care about other people's feelings and gossip?"

Feng Song spread out his hands and then motioned to the croupier to continue dealing the cards. Tianhe added, "We were in a relationship before, and are currently working together normally, so you don't have to worry too much about the company turning into a couples inn."

Feng Song, "Won't go."

Tianhe, "Do you want to know more about my plans? I guarantee you would be interested."

Feng Song shook his head and said, "No, I don't want to go."

Tianhe stakes a chip. "Then give me a reason, so I can explain it to my boss."

Feng Song followed to stake a chip. "The reason is precisely your boss. As long as Guan Yue is the CEO, I don't want to go."

Tianhe glanced at Guan Yue in the distance, flipped over the card, and said, "I didn't know you two actually had an enmity."

"No enmity," Feng Song said. "Not by a long chalk. I simply don't want to work under him."

Tianhe was a bit surprised, but didn't ask any further questions. Feng Song finished his drink and signaled for another one.

"He puts too much pressure on people," Feng Song said. "He has no consideration for other people's sensibilities..."

Tianhe, "You've misunderstood him. He's always been very nice to his employees. I think you should hear other people's evaluation of him."

Feng Song took his newly filled wine glass and then motioned to Tianhe to stop talking and to listen to him.

"Last year, Qingsong invested in a startup company that I part-time invested in. I'm very thankful to him, there's no doubt about that. But everyday, I felt like a slave to him. One day of not producing results was one day of losing hair because of anxiety," Feng Song raised his eyes, fiddled with his own yellow-dyed hair, and continued, "My whole body has lost hair. He doesn't have consideration for people, his eyes only have wealth. No matter what technical achievements I made, in the end, everyone thought it was because of his money… No one in the industry thought that Feng Song had developed a program and only said, 'Ah, Gue Yue is truly a golden finger.' You see? See? Now look, he's got that look in his eyes where everything in the world is marked with a price. He won't listen to what you say nor care what you think. He's fxcking called AI."

Tianhe, "......"

Feng Song, "I've got six hundred bitcoins, a house, no wife or kids. If I don't have money to eat, I'd sell bitcoins just fine. To experience it again and again, I'm already full. If you'd like to live in his shadow, you can. But I don't."

Tianhe, "I thought you went to work to earn money, I didn't expect that you'd have such a strong emotional need. What a disrespect to you indeed."

Feng Song, "Little God's wand, to other programmers, you give annual salaries, stocks, and bonuses. Don't talk about ideals, just talk about money, then people would speak well of you. But me, I don't care about that. What do I need all that money for? I can't spend it all. The other day when you came to look for me, I thought, sure, it's alright to join Epeus, I could still learn something at least, and so I followed you. But since knowing Guan Yue would be the CEO, let's just call it quits."

Tianhe, "You've misunderstood him. What if I guarantee that you and your team will have freedom in the company, and that you don't have to report to him?"

Feng Song shook his head and said, "Let me make an analogy, if Guan Yue is sitting here, he'll call in as much as I can pay, making me lose until I'm broke, and then involuntarily have me go over to work with him."

Tianhe had to admit that Guan Yue did have that idea. After winning all of Feng Song's possessions one bitcoin at a time, he would let him come to work for them, making him promise to join the company, and then write off the whole thing in one stroke.

"You wouldn't do that," Feng Song pushed his chips all up and said, "all in."

Tianhe, "Give me a solution, otherwise, I'm going to open the cards."

Feng Song said, "Change the CEO."

Tianhe, "Impossible. I'm still considering that Guan Yue and I would pick up the pieces and start anew. Actually, you don't have to worry, although he has a very powerful position, he'll give in on many things if I insist. Moreover, I'm in charge of all professional issues, he isn't the one who manages it."

Feng Song, "Would you dare to yell at him in front of the entire company? And even if you would, would you yell at him to his face?"

Tianhe, "Of course not. How could he go wrong when he's so perfect in my eyes?"

Feng Song, "That's not it. How can I, a little loser, compare to Mr. Guan?"

Tianhe lifted the card and politely showed Feng Song that it was a straight flush.

Feng Song said, "Oh shit," and then got up from the card table, took his jacket, and walked away.

Tianhe, "I'm not done yet, sit down!"

Feng Song, "Don't pull my clothes… I'm not going to beat Pac-Man with you, so get rid of that idea, okay? I admit you're a genius, little God's wand. But I don't like working under Guan Yue's leadership, so don't come look for me again."

Tianhe, "Give me Liao Shan's number. I know you two know each other."

"She's not answering calls. In the park below her house, wait for her there," Feng Song said, and wrote a series of 1's and 0's to Tianhe.

Tianhe, "When does she usually show up?"

Feng Song, "Whenever she needs to walk her dog."

Tianhe began to decode it; it was a latitude and longitude coordinate. After zooming in on the map, it showed a dog park.

Tong Kai was dead drunk. Two cars were parked outside the club as the butler personally came to pick up Tong Kai. Half carrying him, he continuously said "thank you" and "sorry for the trouble" to Guan Yue, and affectionately caressed Tong Kai's head. A driver and a valet held umbrellas on either side of him as they carefully stuffed Tong Kai into the vintage car.

"His shoe," Tianhe said.

The butler returned, took one of Tong Kai's leather shoes from him, and bowed to Tianhe and Guan Yue. A car and a driver were left behind for Guan Yue and Tianhe, who had also had a few drinks, to take home.

Late at night, heavy snow fell outside the windows of the car.

Guan Yue glanced at Tianhe, clearly enquiring, "How was the talk?"

Tianhe said, "He's willing to consider it."

Guan Yue, "Feng Song is a dedicated man. If it doesn't work, I'll step forth and persuade him."

Tianhe thought about it and said nothing, just smiled and looked sideways at Guan Yue.

Guan Yue, "?"

Tianhe said, "It's nothing. At the meeting today, I suddenly felt somewhat afraid...no, in awe of you. It's like seeing a completely different you than before."

Earlier at noon, when Guan Yue convened Epeus for a meeting with the core backbone members of Yue He, Tianhe could see that all the investment managers were a little afraid of him, not in a frightened way, but rather in an uneasy way, as though they were suddenly made aware of their tiny selves in the face of this powerful CEO.

Each of the six people in charge set up a project team and reported on the new strategic direction at the meeting, while Tianhe repeated Epeus' strategic goals and promised to provide computer software and information assistance to the new company's financial operations. After the Spring Festival, both companies would allow Guan Yue's money to start running in a regular and thorough way. Guan Yue only listened and didn't speak, but Tianhe saw that Guan Yue's men were thoughtful and spoke rather cautiously, constantly observing Guan Yue's approach towards this.

When Guan Yue nodded, the time project was then passed without further ado.

When Guan Yue said "No," the project manager grew discouraged, apologized for wasting everyone's time, and went back to revise the plan.

The Chairman was too powerful and overbearing, which also reflected in the matter of naming the company.

Although Guan Yue didn't put forward opinions on Epeus, nor restrict the branch in general like the management team, Tianhe knew that Epeus had many faults. Guan Yue just didn't want to say it so as to prevent Tianhe from losing face in front of so many people, or perhaps he was just planning to communicate directly with Tianhe, or simply help him get things in order, so that he didn't need to worry about anything other than the technology.

Guan Yue said, "I've always been like this. You say this because you've never seen me when I work."

"Sometimes you can be a little more humane," Tianhe said.

Guan Yue, "That's your duty. Someone has to be strict. Some people in this world are 'taking unfair advantage of the weak but giving in to the tough' at every turn. They see that you have wealth and a good temper, everybody will come to seize you up."

The two of them stared at each other as the car slowed down as snow paved the road.

Guan Yue looked into Tianhe's eyes, and Tianhe's gaze rested on Guan Yue's lips, then shifted slightly upwards to meet his.

At midnight, the car drove up to the doorway. The driver got down and opened the umbrella.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Tianhe snapped out of that atmosphere and got out of the car, "to accompany me to see Liao Shan."

"See you tomorrow," Guan Yue said.

"Why didn't you tell Guan Yue the truth?" Pro spoke all of a sudden.

Tianhe, "This loved but hated voice is truly seamless... Looks like you're done for the day, how did it go?"

Pro, "It went very smoothly."

Tianhe entered the house. Aunt Fang had been waiting for him in the living room, wearing a worried expression as she looked at the person lying on the sofa, who was none other than Jiang Zijian.

There were several empty wine bottles on the tea table, and Jiang Zijian had thrown up after drinking them. Two servants were currently kneeling to tidy up the carpet.

Tianhe said, "Oh, this is what you mean by 'very smoothly.'"

Jiang Zijian's appearance was too pitiful. Tianhe really couldn't bear it and went up to caress his head. Aunt Fang said, "He waited for you all night. Poor Xiao Jiang, he seems broken-hearted. I accompanied him to drink some, but in the end, the more he drank, the more..."

"These Bordeaux from Mission Estate are not too potent. It's still passable if he has drunk too much."

Tianhe eyed one of the wine bottles.

"That's the wine that was given by that friend of yours called Tong Kai the last time," Aunt Fang said.

Tianhe, "......"

Translator's Comment:

I’m aware there are some mistakes, misused/misplaced pronouns, or suchlike in the first few chapters of Turing, and I apologize ya. I promise I will re-translate those chapters again………… Thank you for understanding! hhh(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) -Jo

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Joyce, Elestrea.


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