Chapter 38

Turing's Code

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Guan Yue walked to the other side as he coughed. He glanced at his watch and said, "Everyone is here? Prepare for the meeting, where is Tong Kai?"
The HR director said, "About that… Mr. Tong said he has something to take care of today. He's currently caught up, so he may not be here for a while."
With one hand on his forehead, Tianhe quickly rushed to the back of the staircase. Mei Xi and the general assistant were under the revolving stairs with complicated expressions. As he looked at Tianhe, the general assistant immediately went to the restroom, turned on the hot water, and prepared a towel for Tianhe to clean his face and hands.
"Mr. Guan won't fire all of you," Tianhe said to Mei Xi. Suddenly, he felt like something was wrong. Wait, why were there so many former Qingsong employees here?
Tianhe looked into the hall. Several managers had brought a large table and pushed in the chairs. Guan Yue sat down at the side of the conference table while the HR director sat on the other side. The receptionist from Qingsong had also come. 
"They seem to be waiting for us," Mei Xi said. 
"Assistant?" Guan Yue said as he furrowed his brows. 
Mei Xi tapped the little assistant, "He's calling for you."

The assistant hurried over. 
Guan Yue's voice became more serious as he said, "Chief Financial Officer!"

Tianhe could only walk over with Mei Xi. The first and second chairs next to Guan Yue were empty. He looked at Tianhe and pointed to the chair next to him, signaling for him to sit there. Mei Xi looked at the conference table, seemingly pondering. He noticed that the seat in front of the HR director was his, and so he walked over and sat down. The assistant reached into their bag and pulled out the folder, putting it in front of Guan Yue. 

"Greetings, Mr. Wen."

The managers all greeted Tianhe at the same time. He nodded as he noticed that the chair was still empty. 
"Give Mr. Tong a call," Guan Yue said as he picked up the plastic cup and took a sip of water. From just one glance, Tianhe knew that he was trying to cover up his emotions after the tango dance just now. But Tianhe's attention was obviously not going to be on him—this was a meeting about Epeus, how come there were eight former Qingsong investment managers here? Although Tianhe couldn't recall their names, he recalled having exchanged conversations with them back in Qingsong. 
Tianhe pressed his earpiece and said, "Connect with Tong Kai."
"I really can't come today," Tong Kai said busily. He was sitting in front of a huge pile of documents, his phone in between his shoulder and his head, frantically looking for his headphones. "The assistant sent Guan Yue a message, did he not see it? You two should be aware of your schedules when you step out, a lot of journalists are trying to stop you."
Tianhe's voice transmitted through the phone. "What's the matter?"

Tong Kai said, "I'll explain it to you guys later. I'm currently helping Nuolin solve this lawsuit and then I'm going to resign. I'm not f*cking serving him anymore!"
Tianhe could only comfort him for a bit. He hung up the phone and said to Guan Yue, "The vice president really can't come right now. Let's start without him first."
Guan Yue tapped the conference table, signaling the start of the meeting. Everyone at the table looked up at once. 

"Today, Epeus is reborn. New investment companies will be rebirthed as well," Guan Yue said in a deep voice. "From now on, the two companies will be like brothers. Here, we will work hard together and grow stronger together."
"Past matters cannot be taken back, those who come can still be traced. I hope that starting from today, all of you will still have faith in me and allow me to lead you in this fight."

The investment managers applauded. 

Tianhe followed along as he clapped. Then, he suddenly reacted. What does that mean?? Epeus and Guan Yue's new company are going to open together? Who wants to be your brother??!!
At the same time, Tong Kai was in the office facing a desk full of messy documents. The printer was still making a "creak creak" sound. 

Tong Kai fussed. "This lawsuit doesn't need to be fought at all! One glance and you can see it involves commercial bribery, it's lying! Can you not accept every lawsuit that comes your way?"
"Mr. Tong, the Boss is extremely anxious right now. What should we do?"

"Do you still have the bubble wraps you bought last week?"

The assistant replied, "He nearly finished popping all of the bubble wrap rolls in the company. There are only three left. Two tons of new shipments are on the way, but they have been detained by customs. We're a law firm, why do we need so much bubble wrap?"

"What stage are we in right now?"
"We are currently entering stage three."

Tong Kai continued to look at the document without looking up. "Turn on a broadcast and connect it to his office. Broadcast what I am currently doing in the office. This might temporarily help him calm down."
The assistant asked, "Do you want to open the Meitu function?"

Tong Kai looked up with a shocked expression. "Of course! What did you think?!"

The boss saw that Tong Kai was currently facing a mountain of documents. His anxiety finally slowed down as he put down the bubble wrap in his hands, eyes focused on Tong Kai. 
"Kai ah?" The boss was a fifty-year-old middle-aged man. He earnestly asked, "Are you looking at the lawsuit for tomorrow? Can you finish it by lunch today?"
Tong Kai pressed the mute button and blocked the boss. His eyebrows furrowed deeply. With a deep breath, the boss instantly became nervous. 

Tong Kai thought for a moment and his eyebrows relaxed. The boss noticed this and instantly showed a gratifying smile. 
Tong Kai's expression changed and then the boss immediately widened his eyes. 
Tong Kai looked up and said to the boss, "Call Australia. Fight..."
The boss could only see his mouth moving, there was no noise coming out. He seemed to have been struck by lightning as he looked up in fear at Tong Kai. 

Pro's voice said in the earpiece: "Believe me. As long as you follow what I say, there won't be any problems."

Jiang Zijian exclaimed, "Alright!"

Today, Jiang Zijian wore the clothes that Tianhe's family had specially tailored for him. He chose a pair of flat glasses made of titanium alloy and put them on. He couldn't help but admire himself. He truly was a talented jade, elegant, handsome, free and easy-going, beautiful, completely flawless flawless flawless! Jiang Zijian's body was straight like a sharp sword. He had sword-like eyebrows and eyes bright like stars, stars, stars.... Jiang Zijian really couldn't find any more adjectives to praise himself. 
Pro: This will maximize your external courtship advantage, match your internal hormones, and please all the people that will be present. 
Jiang Zijian said, "You're right! But do I have to familiarize myself with the process of the lawsuit? I only read half a page last night."
Pro: "There's no need for that. As long as you maintain that attitude, the plaintiff will be convinced by your charm. The probability of failing without a fight is 100%."
Jiang Zijian was a little suspicious as he said, "Should I at least know the name of the plaintiff?"
Pro: "There's no need for that. It's a waste of time."

"Alright!" Jiang Zijian said happily. 

Jiang Zijian went to Jiangman headquarters in a Rolls Royce. Jiang Chaosheng was currently in Washington visiting congressmen. He had left the lawsuit for his son to handle in order to gain experience. If he really couldn't do it, then he would lead the situation remotely. Jiang Zijian decided to discuss the lawsuit with the local executive vice-president of the company and had four lawyers work out a countermeasure. 
Pro: "I suggest you drink a cup of Irish coffee now to relax."

"That was exactly what I was thinking. By the way, Pro, does Tianhe listen to you no matter what you say?"
Pro: "Most of the time, yes, but occasionally he likes to go against me. Once he doesn't take my suggestions, he starts to regret it. You know humans are impulsive, but the program is not affected by personal preferences. I have 100,000 server units and I have amazing control over the future and very sophisticated computing and impeccable logical processing."

"Amazing." Jiang Zijian nodded and took a sip of Irish coffee. 

Pro: "So you should believe me that there definitely won't be any mistakes."

When Jiang Zijian arrived at the headquarters, everyone was shocked. The prince had come. A phone camera was set up behind the front desk, following Jiang Zijian. 
Pro: "There are currently 27 phones secretly recording you."

"My 360° view is perfect," Jiang Zijian said confidently as he entered the meeting room. Pro immediately darkened the ground wall of the large glass hall. 

"Mr. Jiang." The four members of the lawyer group got up one after the other. The vice-president pulled out a chair and Jiang Zijian sat down. 

Jiang Zijian nodded. Pro said into the earpiece, "Later when I say something, you say something. I think you should be able to feel it from their eyes. The five company members present have a rather distrustful attitude towards you."

"En," Jiang Zijian replied solemnly. He had always known this.
Jiangman was a family business founded by his father. Last year, Jiangman had successfully hit the stock market and everyone was looking at the position of the successor. The senior executives all looked down on Jiang Zijian and thought that he was a lazy second generation who only knew how to idle around. All they had to do was protect their chrysanthemums from being attacked and wait for Jiang Chaosheng to die. Even with the lift of one arm, a group of hungry wolves would be ready to attack and divide up the property of the Jiang Family. 
At most, he would be given the title of honorary director and sent some big crabs for the new year and festivals. 

Jiang Zijian had no opinion on the property. He thought that the ideas of these people were quite ridiculous sometimes. But for the sake of Xiao Kai, he decided to defend the family business and protect the money that should belong to him. 
Pro: "It doesn't matter what they say, you just have to answer, 'There's no need,' and shock them with the momentum."

The lawyer coughed and said, "Mr. Jiang, I am unsure if you have seen the information that was sent out last night."
Jiang Zijian, "No need."

Everyone was silent. "..."

Pro: "You can add on another phrase, 'If you have something to say, quickly say it. I have to go surf in Hawaii this afternoon.'"

Jiang Zijian suddenly remembered that he had not lived in the villa that he bought last time in Hawaii yet. He could take Xiao Kai along with him this time to play. As he said what Pro suggested, the crowd became silent for a moment. 
The vice-president seemed to be caught off-guard by Jiang Zijian's reaction and said, "Well, do you think we should start the process by responding to the lawsuit or communicating with the other party first?"

"There is no need."
The audience was silent as the lawyers’ faces twitched. Lawyer B said, "Holland Animal Husbandry has cooperated with our company for nearly ten years. The supplier's contract has not expired yet, now..."

Pro: "There is no need for that."

Jiang Zijian, "There is no need."
"Mr. Jiang, would you like some water?" The assistant had brought a cup. 
"There is no..." Jiang Zijian was quite thirsty. I should drink some, he thought as he smiled at the assistant, and said, "Thank you."
The meeting room was silent again. Jiang Zijian followed Pro's instructions and said, "This lawsuit is not an issue at all. Surrendering is their only choice."
"Well..." The vice-president said, "They...that...what President Jiang means is, is it possible for them to withdraw the lawsuit?"

Jiang Zijian said, "It is certain that the lawsuit will be withdrawn."
Pro: "Just wait and see if you don't believe me. Before 8pm tonight, the lawsuit will be withdrawn unconditionally."
Jiang Zijian: "Just wait and see if you don't believe me. Before 8pm tonight, the lawsuit will be withdrawn unconditionally. I'm going to Hawaii, if you're busy..."
Pro: "No no, remain seated. This isn't the best time to leave."

The crowd was silent. "..."
The vice-president's phone suddenly rang. He took a look and got up with a shocked expression, then went to answer.
All of the lawyers pretended to look down at the documents. But in reality, all of them were looking at Jiang Zijian. He was wearing a lucky thread around his wrist. It was so boring that he was playing with it. 
The vice president busted through the door and said, "Holland and his representative in China want to talk to us."

He really came! Jiang Zijian thought. 

"There is nothing that needs to be discussed, let them withdraw the lawsuit directly."

Everyone was silent. 
Pro: "Alright, you go first. I'll come back after I change my clothes."
Jiang Zijian repeated politely. The vice-president signaled to the lawyers and they all got up one after another. As they got up, they lowered their heads, sending messages to each other discussing how they were going to fix this mess. 

Jiang Zijian continued to sit in the conference room and said, "Pro, I don't think it's very polite to treat Dad's old employees this way."
Pro: "Before you entered the company, they were wantonly mocking you. They knew that you didn't understand and would earnestly ask for help. Once that happened, they would guide you to make the wrong decision and let you face Holland, which would result in letting them continue to supply Jiangman."
"And then, they would crush you in front of your father, leaving the impression that you are unqualified for the job. So, to gain the upper hand by showing dominance is a must."

Just as Jiang Zijian entered the company, Pro had overheard their conversation and speculated that the vice-president didn't want to give up his bribe. He hoped that Jiangman would continue to cooperate with Holland. As long as both the they adopted every means possible, along with the stupid Jiang Zijian, he would decide to continue to maintain the original contract and everyone would adhere to the principle of commercial integrity. Jiang Chaosheng wouldn't be able to say anything and they would all be ok. 
Jiang Zijian, "Oh? To gain an advantage by getting the upper hand? What else did they say behind my back?"
Pro: "I suggest you not be so curious."
"It doesn't matter!" Jiang Zijian said open-mindedly. "Life in the mortal world is seldom confusing. Let's go."

Pro: "Take the inner ring."

"There's a huge traffic jam in the inner ring."
Pro: "Taking this path will ensure that our success rate will not be interfered with by any factors."
"Alright then, let's be blocked," Jiang Zijian said coolly. 
At 4:30 in the afternoon, Jiang Zijian arrived at the appointed place. The representatives of Holland and Jiangman had arrived. Jiang Zijian glanced at the crowd and the vice-president said, "This is our President Jiang."

Holland had sent their senior directing manager who was a white man in his thirties. He shook hands with Jiang Zijian as he spoke in broken Chinese, "Hello! Jiang! We have been working together for many years and we both have great sincerity. We hope that irreparable differences at this important point in time will not cause any more unnecessary economic losses for both of us."

Jiang Zijian seemed as if he had changed into another person as he spoke in Cambridge English, "For us, the most important thing is to protect the rights and interests of our consumers. I don't want to fail the mutual trust established between us, but the fact is that for three consecutive years, Holland's meat and seafood supply has been facing many problems. We have already communicated on this matter multiple times already."

Pro: "I suggest you don't say anything."
"What should be said must be said," Jiang Zijian said as he smiled. 

The audience was surprised. Jiang Zijian pushed up the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said, "Then, should we start?"
The boss of the law firm wiped his sweat and said, "Erm...our legal advisor is currently looking for a parking space downstairs. Please give him a moment."

Jiang Zijian looked at his watch and said, "I'll give him 10 minutes."

Tong Kai was currently downstairs looking for a parking space everywhere. He was about to go crazy. This was a place he had never been to and there was an exhibition center next door. Why did Jiangman make an appointment to meet here instead of going to their hotel? He couldn't find a parking spot for his Ferrari. 
"Hey," the boss called and said, "Kai ah, when are you going to arrive?"
Tong Kai said, "I'm downstairs, I'm trying to find a parking spot!"

The boss hung up the phone and explained to the crowd, "The consultant is currently looking for a parking space." 

Jiang Zijian took out his phone and looked at it with a bored expression. He saw that Tong Kai had given him a call this afternoon. He thought about it and smiled sweetly as he called him back. 
The boss and Jiang Zijian both called Tong Kai at the same time. Tong Kai hung up Jiang Zijian's call and answered the boss'.
"Kai ah, are you here yet?"

"Is this Aston Martin downstairs the defendant's? It’s taking up two parking spaces! Let their driver come down and move their spot!!"

The boss relayed Tong Kai's words while Jiang Zijian was currently sulking over his call being declined. "No, let your consultant find another spot."

The audience was silent. "...."
In the end, Tong Kai couldn't find a parking spot. He parked his Ferrari in front of the Aston Martin and went up first.  
In the conference hall, a phone rang. Jiang Zijian picked up immediately. 

"Hello? Baby ah," Jiang Zijian answered the phone in the conference hall and said, "What's wrong?"
Tong Kai took a deep breath. He was holding the documents in his hand as he walked towards Exhibit Center B; he said, "I miss you, Baby. Today has been particularly annoying." 

Jiang Zijian said hurriedly, "How about we go out for dinner? I'll pick you up by car."

"I'm probably working overtime today. It's fine, I just wanted to hear your voice in the afternoon," Tong Kai said. 
"I'm also working, I'll call you later when I have time."
Tong Kai replied with an "en," and then said, "I'm hanging up." He walked into the elevator. 

Jiang Zijian was in a good mood as he handed the key to the assistant and said, "Please go down and clear the parking space for him."
"Boss, my parking skills are very bad..." the assistant said. 
"It's alright. Just fix the position."
Nuolin started to call him again. "Kai ah."

"I'm already in the elevator."
"They’re clearing the parking space for you."
Tong Kai could only go back down and drive his car into the parking space. However, Jiangman's assistant was driving such an expensive car for the first time. He was frightened and had stopped the car askew, blocking the front of the Ferrari and only parked halfway. 
Tong Kai thought, "It's over for you today."

"Baby ah." Jiang Zijian had been waiting for such a long time and the legendary "consultant" still hadn't arrived. He looked at his watch carelessly and decided that if he still wasn’t here after the call, he was going to leave. "I have time right now, I miss you."

Tong Kai didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Today really is so annoying! I've been insulted!"
Jiang Zijian acted as if there was no one around him. He put on his headphones and adjusted the lucky thread on his wrist. "Don't go to work, I'll support you."

Tong Kai pushed open the conference door, walked in, and said, "I'll finish this last job with a bang. I'm hanging up now, I'll call you back later when I'm done."

"Alright, I'll wait for you."
The two of them hung up at the same time. Tong Kai sat down and shook his hands to reveal his clean wrist which was tied with a lucky red thread. 
"I'm very sorry," Tong Kai said. "The car was too cheap to fit into the parking spot. I've let everyone wait for a long time!"
Nuolin's boss said, "This is our senior legal advisor, Mr. Tong Kai."

Jiang Zijian, "..."
Tong Kai, "..."
Pro: "Next, I'll say a phrase and then you'll say a phrase. Come on, Zijian. You say, 'Withdraw the lawsuit and terminate the contract. There is no room for negotiation. What do you think, Consultant?’"

After a full minute of silence, all the participants in the room were observing the two people strangely. The vice-president coughed and said, "Let's start. Everyone..."

"Kai?" The boss said. 
Jiang Zijian got up silently, turned around, and walked out of the conference room. With a bang, Tong Kai got up and almost knocked down an empty chair. Noulin's people quickly went to help Tong Kai and Jiangman's lawyers went to assist Jiang Zijian. 

"I have to...calm down." Jiang Zijian took a deep breath. 
Tong Kai looked at Jiang Zijian. His boss said, "What's the matter with you?"
Tong Kai subconsciously stretched out his hand and took out two pieces of bubble wrap from his boss’s suit pocket. He began to pinch at them with a blank face. 

"Can you give me a bit?" Jiang Zijian said stunned. 
"I'll give you this big one," Tong Kai said as if he was in a dream. He gave Jiang Zijian the bigger piece. 
For a moment, the whole conference room was silent. There was only the sound of "pa" and "pu" in the room. It was the sound of two people staring at each other while holding bubble wrap in their hands. 

Pro: "Zijian, sober up. You have to control the situation, you got this."

After five minutes, Tong Kai's piece of bubble wrap had all been pinched. One hand was still subconsciously doing the pinching motion. 
"Kai ah, let's hurry and begin," the boss said. 
Holland's representative already looked stupid. His Chinese wasn't good, so he had to rely on the lawyers of the Nuolin law firm. Everyone looked at Tong Kai. 
Pro's voice suddenly rang out throughout the conference room. "I suggest everyone do business first. You can take care of your private matters later."

"Who? Who is speaking?" Everyone was startled at the same time. 

"It seems like Guan Yue's voice?" Tong Kai said as he snapped out of it.
"Guan Yue?" The crowd whispered and discussed. The representative of Holland had a puzzled expression on his face. "Who is Guan Yue? Why is he speaking in the conference room's stereo?"
The vice-president was shocked as he asked, "Why did Guan Yue come to the conference room to speak?"
"Guan Yue? Is that you? What the fuck?" Tong Kai said. 
Jiang Zijian finally finished pinching his piece and muttered, "That's my AI assistant. Alright, I've calmed down. Let's talk business first."
Within the conference room, everyone was looking at Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai suspiciously. 
The boss saw the red thread around Tong Kai's wrist and trembled. Tong Kai stretched out a hand, signaling for him to not be worried. "Talk business first, other matters come after."

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