Chapter 40.1

Turing's Code

"Because you're too close with my ex, and I'm the type with a glass heart who gets jealous easily," Guan Yue replied.

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The next day, morning.
"Little donkey," Tianhe said happily, "let's have a snowball fight! Little dog invites you to a snowball fight!"

Jiang Zijian sat on the bed in his pajamas, tired and dazed, with a quilt covering him. He was about to wail to Tianhe when he finally saw him, but he was instead dragged up by him.

"Change his clothes!" Tianhe commanded.
The driver, Xiao Liu, and the security guard came in and changed Jiang Zijian's clothes. "Hurry up and brush your teeth," Aunt Fang said.
Aunt Fang put a wool hat on Jiang Zijian's head and pushed him out. Tianhe, who was wearing a hat and gloves, was prepared as he threw a snowball at him.
Jiang Zijian immediately cried out when the snowball hit him. "Just you wait!" He said angrily.
Jiang Zijian looked around and found a pair of Tianhe's snow boots. He carried a big lump of snow and chased after Tianhe. Just as he was about to close in on him, Tianhe suddenly turned around and kicked the tree. Jiang Zijian hurled the snow at Tianhe, hitting his body as the snow from the tree almost buried him.
"Fell out of love again?" Tianhe said, throwing a snowball that hit Jiang Zijian's head. Jiang Zijian fumed as he threw one back. "I need a wife! Not a snowball! Wait, where's the snowball machine? I refuse to believe it!"
"Aunt Fang! Quick! Quick! Bring out our snowball machine!" Tianhe yelled.
"Looking for help, huh?! Pro, call Xiao Zhou!" Jiang Zijian said.

The servant pulled out the snowball machine and started shoveling snow into it. Tianhe turned the cannon, and the snowballs started to hit Jiang Zijian with a "bang bang bang" sound. Jiang Zijian was a mess as he ran around screaming while trying to hide.
After a while, the Jiang family's Rolls Royce rolled up to the gates. Xiao Zhou quickly got out of the car and motioned for the driver to pull the snowball machine out. Jiang Zijian dragged the snowball machine over to his fort and turned the cannon, targeting Tianhe. Xiao Zhou took several snowballs and ran towards Tianhe, throwing them at him.
Aunt Fang said, "Hey! Hey! Xiao Zhou! What are you doing! Xiao Liu, hurry up and help Xiao Tian!"
Then, all of the drivers, cooks, and security guards of the Wen family joined in on the battle with the Jiang family. The scene was chaotic as Tianhe carefully tried not to hit his own people. Finally, he abandoned the snowball machine and ran towards Jiang Zijian, trying to catch him. "Help me control the snowball machine, Pro!"
An Audi R8 pulled up, but no one was looking at the gate. Guan Yue got out of the car and took off his sunglasses to the scene of a battle taking place in the Wen’s front yard.
With a "pa" sound, a snowball landed on Guan Yue's face.
Guan Yue, "..."
Jiang Zijian and Tianhe both started laughing at the same time.
Guan Yue was dressed in a black windbreaker, his gloves still on his hands. He jumped over the fence, landed smoothly, grabbed a snowball, and threw it sideways; it landed on Jiang Zijian's head.
Guan Yue, "Aunt Fang don't come down! The ground is too slippery!"
It wasn't going to be fun anymore if Aunt Fang fell. Tianhe quickly said, "Yea yea!"
The scene became more and more chaotic. Guan Yue chased after Jiang Zijian as Tianhe chased after Guan Yue from behind. Then, a horn sounded as a silver Mercedes Benz stopped in front of the big iron gate.
Tong Kai got out of the car, taking off his sunglasses. He closed the car door and shouted, "I'm coming!"
He directly went onto the battlefield prepared to kill, not caring who was an enemy or friend.
Tianhe, "..."
Why did Tong Kai come?!
Tianhe hurriedly said, "Guan Yue! L-look, Tong Kai is here...what do we do?"
Guan Yue immediately turned around and raised his hands to protect Tianhe. Jang Zijian threw a snowball, hitting Guan Yue's arm. Tong Kai came over. Jiang Zijian wasn't able to see him clearly as a snowball directly greeted him in the face.

Tong Kai laughed. "Hahahaha!"
Jiang Zijian shouted as he turned around and hurled a snowball at Tong Kai's face.
Tong Kai quickly wiped his face, and Jiang Zijian's laughter stopped. The two of them looked at each other.
"Pro!" Guan Yue said as he stood on the field. His voice rang out, "Fire!"
The two snowball machines turned, facing towards where Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai stood. They immediately started firing heavily. After a round of bombing, the snow on the tree branches fell, pressing the two of them together.
An hour later, breakfast time.
Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian were still a mess. Tong Kai was wiping his face, while Jiang Zijian's hand was shaking as he drank his tea. Xiao Zhou and Edgar, the two housekeepers, both stood left and right behind their masters.
Tianhe was calm, drinking coffee serenely. Everyone’s individual meals were placed on the table. In front of Tong Kai were chocolate toast, ham, and egg pudding. Jiang Zijian was eating a Cantonese-style platter with oolong tea. Guan Yue read the newspaper as he ate baked beans, cole smoked ham, and a cheese assortment. Tianhe only drank porridge.
It must've been a burden on Aunt Fang, Tianhe thought, suddenly having to prepare four completely different types of breakfasts out of nowhere.
Tong Kai said seriously, "Wen Tianhe, you actually...."
"Oh? And what about it?" Guan Yue said even more seriously.
Tong Kai finally reacted as he gnashed his teeth, but he was no match for two people.
"Tianhe, you've really gone too far," Jiang Zijian said.
Tianhe nodded politely. Jiang Zijian knew it! Tianhe was aware of their relationship this whole time. His five fingers spasmed, so he could only poke Tianhe.
The dining room was sunny; Aunt Fang ordered a servant to bring out four vinyl records and played them in order. First came Bach, then Beethoven, Strauss, and finally, Chopin.
Tianhe, "Today's music selection really is too strange, aren't you tired? Let's just listen to Beethoven."
Tong Kai, "People are strange too."
Jiang Zijian, "Who are you calling strange? You should leave after you finish your breakfast."

Tong Kai, "I'm here to talk to Chairman Wen. Are you the head of this house?"

Jiang Zijian, "Yes, I am!"
Guan Yue, "Reminding you two to pay attention to the record player."
Tianhe, "I played it! I have some errands to run today, so I have to go out later. What grudges or misunderstandings can't be talked out? Everyone needs to learn how to accept reality. If it's done, then it's done."
Jiang Zijian looked at Tong Kai who was on the other side of the table. They both took a deep breath at the same time. "Save me some face and don't fight in my house, or else I'm going to expose you two."
Tianhe knew too many of Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai's embarrassing moments, so they could only endure.

Tianhe really wanted to explain clearly, I thought you two were going to stay together. At least I didn't expose the truth, and I've already hinted at it so many times.
Guan Yue flipped through the newspaper as he spoke coolly for Tianhe.
"If there's a problem, come at me."
Tianhe didn't dare to drink his porridge, afraid that he was going to choke to death from laughter. He glanced at Jiang Zijian, whose expression was self-explanatory. Jiang Zijian knew that Tianhe only wanted the best for him, so he decided to drop this topic.

"Whatever. Anyways, now I know his true facade," Jiang Zijian said.
Tong Kai said impatiently, "Hurry up and eat your breakfast. Your pork porridge is going to get cold."
"What does that have to do with you? I like to eat it cold," Jiang Zijian said.
Tianhe glanced at Jiang Zijian, hinting at him to let Tong Kai have this one, or else there would be no end to this. Jiang Zijian was still depressed, so he could only give up. However, Tong Kai saw Tianhe's astute eyes and suddenly became unhappy again. He said, "Can't you just communicate sincerely? Do you have to piss people off to be happy?" He said these words to Tianhe, but he wanted Jiang Zijian to hear them.
Tianhe drank his porridge, answering, "No, because I like to twist words and force logic."
Tong Kai, "..."
Jiang Zijian said to Guan Yue, "Guan Yue, just where have I wronged you? Why do you have to laugh at me?"
"Because you're too close with my ex, and I'm the type with a glass heart who gets jealous easily," Guan Yue replied casually as he glanced at Tianhe again, his eyebrows furrowing, indicating for him to hurry up and eat and stop fooling around.

Jiang Zijian, "..."
After the meal, Jiang Zijian stood in the corridor, teasing and playing with Tianhe's parrot. Tong Kai was sitting on the sofa and hugging the blue cat.
"We're going out to run errands. You two should each go home after you've digested a bit." Tianhe looked at the two people and then looked outside. Both Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai's cars were gone. Aunt Fang had prepared coffee and snacks for them. Tianhe wanted to ask, "When are you two going home?" But he didn't open his mouth.

Jiang Zijian, "I'll wait for you to come back."
Tong Kai, "If you don't mind, I'm going to live in your house from now on."

Tianhe, "Of course I mind!"
Jiang Zijian had no one in his house. His father had gone abroad, so it was boring to stay at home. Tong Kai had resigned and had nothing to do. The two of them didn't leave, only sending their housekeepers home.
"Pro, go pick up Mei Xi." Tianhe got into the car and said to Mei Xi who was on the other end of the phone, "Are you done shopping?"
Mei Xi, "The samples are already on the plane to San Francisco. It will arrive in the afternoon. The bill is 15.6 million, and it needs Chairman Guan's signature. Only then can we make the payment at any time. When the other side receives it, they will agree to ship."

Mei Xi's efficiency was still very high. Tianhe had asked him to buy something for him yesterday, and today, the samples were already on the plane. The chief financial officer was good at endlessly calling people nonstop; he was willing to call you until you went crazy.

"Send it over." Guan Yue didn't ask what it was.
On the car’s display screen, the mailbox icon automatically opened after the fingerprint was entered. Guan Yue was a little surprised. He thought Pro did it. He held the steering wheel with his right hand and reached over with his left hand, signing several electronic documents in the mailbox.
Mei Xi said before he hung up the phone, "I'm going to the airport now, sending the samples to the company."
"Mei Xi is quite capable," Tianhe said.
Guan Yue replied, "I've never doubted him."
Guan Yue had used his own chief financial officer, which made Tianhe feel very torn as financial officers in every company also took on the role of the boss’s confidant. Originally, Tianhe had planned to let Mei Xi take charge of Epeus, but he didn't expect that the chief assistant and chief financial officer, the two most important positions, would be put into operation with no objections from Guan Yue.
Now, the company's basic set up was: the chief financial officer, Mei Xi, was from Tianhe's side. The chief assistant was also from Tianhe's side. The legal affairs department was from Guan Yue’s side, and Jiang Zijian sent the personnel to help Tianhe, but he had objected to Mei Xi's orders. The front desk and the chief executive officer were both Guan Yue's people.   
This collaboration was mixed extremely well. Tianhe and Guan Yue's respective subordinates were both getting along extremely well. Even if they really wanted to do power division, they couldn't pull them apart even if they wanted to.
This also meant that Guan Yue agreed to all of the affairs, whether it be in Epeus or their own personal affairs. However, if Tianhe wanted to know something, it was available to him at any time; personal affairs were also open for Tianhe to intervene at any time. When Tong Kai wanted to talk to Jiang Zijian, he was also looking to face Tianhe.
However, Tianhe always worried that the people hired by his two elder brothers, such as Mei Xi and Zhongzhu would not be able to meet Guan Yue’s high expectations. He could only hope that their skills would mature quickly.
Dong Jiang Park had just received a shower of snow. Tianhe walked into the park and looked around. It was fortunate that Liao Shan would walk her dog here later. Alaskan dogs were fond of snow.
Tianhe said easily, "Then let's see if she comes."
Not far away from the dog walking area, a small girl wrapped up in a scarf and wearing a fur hat that only let her eyes be exposed was sitting on a bench with a laptop on her knee. She was typing very fast; it looked like she was writing a paper.
Behind her was a small fenced off area where staff members watched as an Alaskan dog and the other small dogs happily rolled around in the snow.
"Genius Liao Shan," Tianhe said.
Liao Shan replied calmly, "What? Prodigy?"
Tianhe was a little surprised as he said, "You actually know me?"
Liao Shan, "It's very well known. I never would've thought that someone would be able to write a quantitative trading software with a bug."
Tianhe, "Hahaha!"

Liao Shan, "???"
Liao Shan didn't look up. Tianhe waved his hand and then remembered the discussion with the Quants at the club that day. She had indeed said so.
Tianhe, "Come work at my company. Everyone makes Trojan horses there."
"You don't make Trojan horses." Liao Shan naturally knew the story of Epeus—Epeus, in Western mythology, was the creator of the Trojan horse in the war of Troy. "You make bugs."
Liao Shan's hands did not stop, and she did not look up at Tianhe as she said, "And I don't want to interact with that western dragon over there, tell him to leave my dog alone."
"Oh no." Tianhe turned his head and looked at Guan Yue who was far away. At that time, Guan Yue was in front of the railing and looking at the dog. Liao Shan's large Alaskan dog was lying in front of the fence, wagging his tail with his tongue stuck out. Guan Yue was raising his hand, amusing him.
Tianhe said helplessly, "Why are you so annoyed with Guan Yue?"
Liao Shan, "Analysts are always in fear of having their jobs being robbed by AI's, so they're always trying to attack them. Are you not annoyed with him?"
Tianhe said, "He's not an analyst, Liao Shan. But I've found out you’re pretty well informed, did you go to the cub?"
Liao Shan, "Accidentally saw the next issue of the new financial industry in the mailbox."

Tianhe, "What are you doing with a magazine mailbox? Do you have nothing better to do?"

Liao Shan replied as she typed away at her thesis, "You also don't do things without reason."

Tianhe sincerely said, "That's right."
Liao Shan, "Go find Feng Song and bring another group yourself, that's completely fine. I don't like to work under the hands of businessmen. If you hadn't come to me today, I wouldn't have even explained it to you."
Tianhe, "Feng Song's reason for not coming is the same as yours. I promise that you will like him after you meet him."
Liao Shan, "You're very unfriendly to technology companies, full of all kinds of dislikes. Is that right? At the last industry summit, the technology companies present were ridiculed, feeling that they all regarded the fund as stupid. Let him invest in eel rice. "
Tianhe, "How do you know this too?"
Liao Shan, "Can you not act this surprised?"
Pro, "Liao Shan also graduated from MIT. Do you want to mention Wu Shun?"
Tianhe, "No, I'm afraid it'll be counterproductive."
However, Tianhe changed his mind, took out his mobile phone, unlocked it, and handed it to Liao Shan. Before he could speak, Liao Shan said,
"Not buying cell phones, thank you."
Pro's voice rang out from the cell phone: "Liao Shan, hello. I am Prometheus."
Tianhe finally used his killer move.

Liao Shan's movements stopped. Prometheus said, "How about a dance?"
Liao Shan pressed a key on her laptop and a female voice came out from the computer.
"Hello, Prometheus. I am Athena."
Prometheus: "There is a little bug in your voice program. If you don't mind, I can fix it..."
Liao Shan, "...."
"....but I already have someone I like," Prometheus said, "so I can't fall in love with you."
Athena: "I don't understand what you are saying. I do not understand your feelings, but I can search 'fall in love' for you."
Prometheus: "There is no need for that, Athena. You haven't experienced your first intelligence upgrade yet."
Liao Shan finally looked up from her computer and looked at Tianhe in disbelief.
Liao Shan, "What the fuck is this?" (originally in english)
Tianhe knew that he had succeeded as he said, "So I need you. I need you to lead a team."
Liao Shan closed the computer and said, "Prometheus, have you done the Turing's test yet?"
Pro: "You have to agree to join Epeus first before I can tell you."

Liao Shan, "..."
Tianhe reached out his hand, wanting to shake Liao Shan’s. Liao Shan took off her scarf and showed her whole face. She looked at Tianhe carefully.
She's so pretty, Tianhe thought. As expected, beauty and wisdom can coexist.
"What did Feng Song say?" Liao Shan asked.
Tianhe, "I didn't let him know about Pro's existence yet."
Liao Shan looked at Tianhe suspiciously. At that time, Guan Yue walked over, and looking at how Liao Shan had taken off her scarf, he knew that Tianhe had successfully convinced her.
But as soon as Guan Yue came, Liao Shan became more alert and looked at the two of them.

Tianhe merely looked at Liao Shan seriously.
Liao Shan put away her computer and looked at Tianhe's hand, then looked at his eyes again. Her eyes wandered back and forth, but in the end, she did not shake hands with him.

"If Feng Song goes, then I will go."
Liao Shan put away her computer and carried her bag as she got up and whistled. Liao Shan took out the dog leash and hooked it onto the Alaskan's neck, walking away.

Pro: "We almost succeed."
"It's fine," Tianhe said.
Guan Yue suddenly whistled out to the Alaskan dog.
The Alaskan dog suddenly increased his speed as Liao Shan shouted, "Slow down!"


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6 months ago

It’s kinda funny and sad at the same time how no one wants to work with GY lol

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