Chapter 34.1

Turing's Code

“This investment stems from my trust in him professionally, and not because of my personal feelings.”

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Andy suddenly flushed and took a deep breath. One of the foreigners present then promptly changed the subject. This group obviously didn't want to get entangled with Tianhe on meaningless things, hence they cut to the chase and said, "We suspect that there are some kinds of related party transactions between you and Guan Yue, as well as with Epeus's financing plan."

"He's the supervisor for the Asia-Pacific region," Pro reminded. "They are dragging in all sorts of irrelevant matters to force Guan Yue to move back to the headquarters so that they can facilitate Qingsong China's take-over."

"No." Tianhe knew that this supervisor must have an inferior role and flatly rebuffed him. Pro then began to prompt Tianhe via his earpiece, and Tianhe also answered according to Pro's prompts. Tong Kai wanted to say a few words, but when Tianhe opened his mouth, he gave him the floor to speak. Another foreigner added, "It was not obvious in the bylaws of the contract, but we have the right to suspect that in real life……" 

Pro, "This is their senior legal advisor."

"This?" Tianhe threw the contract that Tong Kai had worked on onto the table.

Tong Kai, "I thought we had already reached a consensus five minutes ago that there were no related party transactions in this financing case. We've clearly explained the investment in Epeus. As a technology company, Wen Tianhe, as the leader, will successfully lead the changes in the entire industry."

"Thank you for your compliment," Tianhe politely said to Tong Kai.

Tong Kai lightly said, "I'm just telling the truth."

The supervisor said in his deep voice, "A company that is facing a predicament of bankruptcy and restructuring, not to mention its employees who have already been dismissed. Qingsong China spent more than 400 million yuan to invest in just one person, you still have to explain what that person's worth is."

"Or is he just your ex-boyfriend who turned to you for help in a desperate situation?" Andy said.

Tong Kai casually said, "The third-party evaluation report is the strongest evidence."

The legal advisor added, "We still suspect that the third-party evaluation results came from Guan Yue's instigation."

"What nonsense!" Tong Kai exclaimed. "Tidal was founded four decades ago as one of Silicon Valley's first computer software evaluation companies. You are an insult to your cooperative partner and, moreover, to yourself."

"I think that's understandable for people who are completely ignorant about computers," Tianhe said.

Tong Kai replied, "But it's puzzling how a person with such a low IQ can assume a position as a senior legal advisor."

Tianhe, "Perhaps this is also a related party transaction as they suspected it to be?"

"This is a personal attack!" The legal advisor furiously exclaimed.

"Faced with false accusations, I can only doubt your intelligence," Tong Kai said. "All the clauses are reasonable, you can't find any issues about it yourself. Now you can only pester and suspect something that doesn't exist. Are you a lawyer or not?"

Tianhe, "Let's return to the topic of your so-called ‘related party transactions.' What else would you like to inquire about my private life?"

"Through background checks, we found out that from an early age, you and Guan Yue have established a strong, colluding friendship, and have even had a brief romantic relationship," Andy said. "This financing case was initiated by Chairman Guan Yue himself and was handed over to the CFO for follow-up. What does this signify?"

Tianhe, "Such are the facts, but we broke up within a year of his arrival at Constanley. During the rest of his stay in Qingsong US, we haven't had any interactions."

Guan Yue suddenly interrupted, "I used to be a friend of Wen Tianhe's. I recognize his talent. He's the most outstanding person in the computer industry. If the computer industry had a strength evaluation list similar to that of analysts, he would be the most outstanding participant, there is no ‘one.' I believe in his ability to create wealth for Qingsong. This investment stems from my trust in him professionally, and not because of my personal feelings."

Tianhe was surprised. He looked at Guan Yue and wondered whether those were his heartfelt words.

"He is the ‘most' as far as I'm concerned," Guan Yue added.

Silence reigned in the office.

"In that case, why didn't you invest in Epeus sooner?" Andy said.

Tong Kai said, "Are you an idiot? During Wen Tianyue's tenure as the CEO, where did we get the chance to invest?"

"But I think emotion played a big part when you made your decision," The supervisor said. "If there had been no such relationship……"

"You think the investment is useless," Tianhe and Tong Kai said almost at the same time, causing Tong Kai to laugh. Tianhe added, "You must come up with the facts to prove it. Guan Yue and I are neither married nor have a phylogenetic relationship."

"His uncle and your father once formed a partnership to run Epeus," Andy said.

Tong Kai, "You said it was ‘once.' There is no stock involved now. I really don't want to waste my time on you, or we better take this to court."

"If we had chosen to go to court, we wouldn't have come to communicate with you patiently right now," said the legal advisor.

Tong Kai, "Yes! Because you all know it's only by rambling about in the office that you can thoroughly exhaust our patience and achieve your purpose."

This was the first time that Tianhe and Tong Kai cooperated together. They were like machine guns; pursuing ahead vigorously and mauling fiercely, giving no quarter. Tianhe almost wanted to give the other party a high five.

The supervisor said, "From another perspective, if Wen Tianhe and Guan Yue did not have a personal relationship, would Qingsong China have agreed to guarantee Epeus's bankruptcy and conduct a Series F financing? I don't think this exists. In the past year, every quarterly report submitted by Guan Yue to headquarters showed a certain clear approach. In the short term, the company adjusted its strategy to the vertical direction of the tertiary industry, avoiding Internet concept innovation, artificial intelligence, VR, and other fields……"

Tianhe, "Please drink some water to moisten your throat. Don't worry, speak slowly."

Supervisor, "......"

Tong Kai laughed so hard that he almost fell from his seat.

The supervisor had been suddenly interrupted that he forgot what he was going to say next.

The legal advisor then rushed to the rescue. "This is contrary to your report." 

Tianhe, "Epeus has existing research results, not concepts."

Tong Kai, "I think I don't need to explain that so-called concept."

"What technology results can a shell company have?" Andy mocked. "AI? Call your AI to come out so we can play chess then! Epeus is completely defrauding! Now the three of you are just ganging up for money!"

Pro, "The trick is ready."

"Let's do a little demonstration then," Tianhe coldly said. "Or I see no conclusion for today."

Tianhe raised his hand. The whole office abruptly echoed Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier." Everyone was startled at the same time, then Tianhe gracefully picked up a pencil and waved it slightly, keeping to the rhythm of the flowing music. The lights also began to flicker rhythmically.

"!!!" They almost all stood up at the same time. Tong Kai's eyes were full of surprise, while Guan Yue was just sitting quietly, looking sideways at Tianhe.

Immediately afterwards, Tianhe tapped the pencil on Guan Yue's desk, then the huge floor-to-ceiling glass wall behind the three of them changed color. In midwinter, the bright sunlight came in through the windows. Guan Yue's office instantly seemed to have transformed into a brilliant and magnificent shrine. Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier" was constantly advancing as the passionate musical composition overlapped, pushing the atmosphere to the climax of the piece. Tianhe, with one hand behind him, drew the pencil to everyone.

The six visiting members' phones played Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier," forming a six-layered chorus!

Tong Kai, "......"

Everyone took out their phones one after another. Horrified, they threw them aside and looked at Tianhe at a complete loss.

Tianhe stood up calmly and walked past the desk. The projector screen automatically turned on and began to scroll through Epeus' business reports at a break-speed. At the coda of the booming melody, the pencil whirled between Tianhe's fingers. As it ended, all the phones concurrently went silent, the projector screen turned off, the lights went out, and the world returned to silence.

"Well, let's proceed." Tianhe sat down again and lightly said, "Where were we?"

Guan Yue looked at Tianhe with a complex expression.

"Sit." Tong Kai eventually recovered from his surprise and said, "Let's take a seat and continue."

The office was entirely quiet.

"You just controlled……" Andy said.

Tianhe interrupted, "Be careful when conducting financial transactions on your phone. My AI may be in a certain camera, peeking at your password."

Andy, "……"

"It is merely a trained hacker technology," the supervisor said.

Tianhe replied, "Whatever you say. Or do we need to estimate the value of this hacker technology while we're still at it?"

After a full minute of silence, Tong Kai spoke, "Today's last question has come out. Everyone here will no longer question Epeus' worth. Otherwise, what else are you intending to ask?"

They looked at each other, until finally the supervisor spoke.

Supervisor, "I suspect this is a quid pro quo, in exchange for a future family and marital relationship."

Tianhe, "This is too offensive. I refuse to answer such a line of inquiry. I will sue you, this is slander."

Tong Kai, "Fortunately, there is a location sound recording. I will start writing a letter of demand now. Please don't rush to leave."

"Perhaps..." Guan Yue suddenly opened his mouth. Everyone was entirely quiet.

Guan Yue finally spoke. For a moment, everyone across the desk looked like they all faced an enemy, warily looking at him.

Guan Yue, "Would that be all? It's my turn. Let me conclude this wonderful performance today."

Guan Yue put the pencil back into the drawer and rummaged around before taking out a few documents, then folded and handed them over to Tong Kai, and said, "I originally refused to call-back. But after this report, I decided to submit my resignation to the head office and leave Qingsong as soon as possible. The resignation letter was already issued to the Boss's email address and was sent to the board of directors earlier today. He's most probably up now and will see it soon."

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Joyce.


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