Chapter 34.2

Turing's Code

“...Even if Guan Yue was a hotel doorman, I would have still chosen him at the very beginning. The initial decision to stick together had nothing to do with his money.”

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Mario opened his mouth slightly. Guan Yue swept his eyes over the crowd, and heedlessly said, "In addition, I recommend Mario as North Korea's co-partner."

Mario, "…………………………"

Andy was also at a loss. After a long day of this tug of war, he didn't expect that Guan Yue had actually already resigned!

Pro said through his earpiece, "You see, Tianhe, I 100% predicted right."

"I believe this was not an impulsive decision on your part, Guan Yue," the supervisor said in Chinese.

For a moment, no one in the office spoke except for Guan Yue and the supervisor.

"I've had this thought for a long time," Guan Yue said in a deep voice. "Dilance, you're talking more and more rubbish. You wouldn't have bothered me like this in the past."

The look of the supervisor called Dilance became unnatural.

Guan Yue, "You rode upon a dumb monkey, blinded with pride by flattering yourself upon a thousand stupid mistakes without knowing it; Being bound by old and obstinate thoughts, kneeling in front of power, you've issued a compromise to beg for forgiveness to the person you once despised the most. Your end has become so predictable that half your foot has already stepped into the grave."

Tianhe thought, You always fought with people so differently, but I like it.

Guan Yue, "It's obviously you who has made one of the most serious mistakes of all.  Epeus was signed under my name, and the contract terms have been re-constrained. It is obviously not because of related-party transactions. This is called ‘seeking personal gains with power.'"

The supervisor's face changed instantly. Tianhe then seemed to finally realize something.

This financing was only under the jurisdiction of Guan Yue! Guan Yue was the one who had the real say to it! In other words, if Guan Yue resigned……

Andy looked at the supervisor and then at Guan Yue, and couldn't help but say, "What else do you think you can accomplish without Qingsong? You can take the projects with you, but Qingsong won't give you a cent for all the financing!"

Tong Kai and Tianhe simultaneously showed a mocking smile. Tianhe simply didn't understand what this man was thinking.

Guan Yue got up. The door opened as he pressed the touch button, then he pressed both of his hands on the desk and slightly leaned toward Andy. Andy immediately stood up in horror, thinking that Guan Yue wanted to hit him.

However, Guan Yue didn't. He simply looked Andy in the eyes and seriously said in Shaanxi dialect, "I have plenty of money."

Ten minutes later, the headquarters' representatives left the office in succession.

"Pro," said Guan Yue, "was that you just now?"

Pro's voice switched to Siri's female one, "Your Bluetooth connection has already been disconnected. Request to execute the next instruction."

Tianhe, "Keep playing dumb. Don't mind us."

The office once again fell into silence. Tong Kai said, "They are certainly in a panic now to discuss countermeasures."

Guan Yue was sitting quietly. Tianhe raised his hand and said, "Whatever your decision is, I'd say go for it."

"Yeah!" Tong Kai also raised his hand and gave Tianhe a high-five. "That's perfect! That Texas accent that had attacked us was simply destructive!"

Tianhe, "Indeed spiteful. I don't want to use personal attacks on someone unless necessary."

At six o'clock in the evening, Guan Yue opened his email inbox, waiting for the Boss's reply.

"Are you serious?" Tianhe asked Tong Kai.

Tong Kai shrugged, spreading out his hands, and said, "I guess the team building won't proceed. What a pity. I was trying to find a reason to take my hubby, Xiao Jiang, to have fun together."

The inbox then issued a special notification sound. The Boss's reply had arrived.

Guan Yue's fingers lightly pressed the button; he spent a few seconds reading the reply before clicking the power off, and then got up.

Guan Yue walked out of his office and looked around. It was already time to get off of work, but all the company employees were still there, seemingly sensing what had happened. They all looked up at Guan Yue the moment he stepped out.

Mario stood in his place before taking a step back.

Guan Yue merely glanced at the employees and left Qingsong thereafter.

The next morning, a vintage Porsche stopped in front of Tianhe's house.

Around this time, Tianhe was in the middle of a phone call in the living room.

Jiang Zijian, "......Guan Yue is right on his way to becoming an inhuman capitalist. With that, I think there's a good chance he'll exploit you……"

"......Uh-huh? Come to think of it, I've decided to hire Xiao Kai to my company, and plan to start exploiting him afterwards," Tianhe said, his call on speaker mode.

Jiang Zijian immediately said, "Good ah! Thank you! My beloved! Exploiting him?! I authorize you to exploit as much as you like! Do you also need to exploit me?"

"Not for the time being," Tianhe said. "Unless necessary."

"I can let my father invest one billion in you! Let's take Pro to a roadshow," Jiang Zijian said.

The doorbell rang. Tianhe then said, "Shut it. Pro would surely harbour grudges against you…… I'll hang up first, talk to you later."

"Hiii! Little tailor!" Tong Kai, with light steps, strode forward into Tianhe's home. "I thought you must be at home today...…"

Aunt Fang, "Xiao Tian? Your friend is here!"

Tianhe, who was feeding the parrot, said, "Close the doors and pay him no mind."

Tong Kai, "That's so mean. This is the first time I came to your house, but I didn't get to bring a present. But here, this is for you, a stew soup for tonight."

Tianhe then recalled and immediately said, "Aunt Fang, accept it and send him away."

Behind Tong Kai was the butler, a handsome sixty-year-old foreign gentleman with gold-rimmed eyeglasses and white gloves, carrying a pet box.

The butler said in English, "Excuse me for taking the liberty of coming in here."

"Please come in." Aunt Fang smiled and entertained the guests. After feeding the parrot, Tianhe saw Tong Kai putting down the box and said, "I'm here to deliver Guan Yue's little baby."

Tianhe, "So that's why I didn't see it in Guan Yue's home, it turns out he sent it to your home to raise."

Tong Kai opened the pet box's mini door. Ten seconds later…

Thirty seconds later……

A minute later……

Tong Kai, "Perhaps it's not awake yet."

Then, a little snapping tortoise moved about with difficulty and poked its head out of the box, slowly and sluggishly, raising its head to Tianhe.

The little snapping tortoise, with its threatening stance and its mouth open, was about to nip Tong Kai's hand, when the latter immediately evaded it. It surveyed its surroundings before slowly making its way towards Tianhe and climbing over.

When the cat and the parrot saw that the tortoise had returned, they instantly became excited. The parrot immediately turned and wanted to fly over, but its claws were tied. The blue cat ended its meditation mode, jumped onto the back of the sofa, and looked at the little snapping tortoise in horror.

"Welcome back, Xiao Yi," Tianhe said with a smile. "Xiao Jin, Xiao Tian, come and greet Xiao Yi."

A parrot, a blue cat, and a snapping tortoise—

Jin, Tian, Yi! The genius detective young man combined characters!

"This is the wine from the young master." Tong Kai's butler held the bottle in both hands and showed Aunt Fang the symbol on the bottle.

Aunt Fang smiled and said, "Ya, it's a Bordeaux Rouge; Rotterdam Chateau, that's very kind of you."

"And here, also from the young master, is the winning litigation certificate." The butler then took out a rosewood box and opened it. The inside of the box was padded with velvet, and a yellow post-it note sat in the middle, which read ‘guaranteed to win a lawsuit once.' The note was stamped with several of Tong Kai's personal anti-forging seals.

Aunt Fang removed the post-it note and put it aside. Then, she looked inside the box again; there was nothing.

Aunt Fang, "?"

"Here's the certificate." The butler quickly but carefully picked up the post-it note, and explained to Aunt Fang, "There are only three holders of this certificate in the world."

"Yes, yes."  Aunt Fang laughed. "I'll take good care of it. How about lunch?"

The butler smiled. "It's an honor."

"Didn't you suspect that it was some kind of April Fool's joke when you heard that?" Tong Kai said, with an air of faux seeming seriousness, at the dinner table. Tianhe, who had been thinking about how to recruit Feng Song from another angle, calmly said, "Isn't that his style?"

Tong Kai helplessly said, "It's a pity we're all associates."

Tianhe, "It always starts at an associate level. Constanley made it for over a year before jumping to Qingsong China, didn't you notice? This guy actually has only one goal, that is, to build a business empire of his own, like J.P Morgan and Rockefeller. Qingsong's partner position is just an interlude in his life for a few years."

When Tianhe told Jiang Zijian about Guan Yue's resignation, Jiang Zijian only sighed then and there, and said, "He's too aspirant. Can you not give me a way to survive ah!"

Tianhe, "I'm surprised, though, that when he injected capital into Epeus, the two of you had already talked over the next layout."

Tong Kai spread out his arms. "It was none of my business. I merely made the contract according to his requests. Anyway, this was Guan Yue's sole objective. It was you who prompted him to make the final decision."

Tianhe, "What prompted him to make the final decision was that he needed to get control of a portion of his family's funds that had been left to him after his grandfather died."

Tong Kai smiled as he looked at Tianhe, and said, "Let's put it this way: How many people made it to the Forbes Richest Billionaires list based on capital injection? How many are on the list based on the Internet Plus and Information Technology industries? Science and technology are the primary productive forces. It is an inevitable trend of the era that science and technology companies are bound to create enormous value and leave the so-called ‘industries' such as the service industry and manufacturing industry far behind."

"Internet Plus and Information Technology industries are not in opposition to ‘industry,'" Tianhe said. "Science and technology in itself is also a type of industry."

Tong Kai, "Therefore, if he wants to reach the real peak of his life, he can only rely on Epeus; rely on you."

Tianhe, "This is truly a great compliment to a programmer. Are you sure that the word ‘rely' has no other meaning?"

Tong Kai then told Tianhe the entire process. Guan Yue had already decided to set up a professional investment company of his own long before he joined Qingsong, and rely on his own connections to carry out capital operations. Of course, Tianhe knew Guan Yue best. He also knew that Guan Yue couldn't just be a partner of a fund his whole life. However, he didn't expect him to make his move so soon.

Guan Yue's growth rate far exceeded Tianhe's expectations. Tianhe originally thought that Guan Yue would stay in Qingsong at least until Epeus went public. Unexpectedly, when he decided to invest in Epeus, he had already paved the way on everything for today. In other words, that time when Wu Shun spoke of ‘a slight change of power,' Guan Yue had then already planned and made the overall preparations for today.

The next step was to terminate the contract with Qingsong. Before the funds came in, Guan Yue would invest an interest-free fund to Epeus in the name of a private loan. By the time the new investment company was established, it would be transferred under the company's name. And so Epeus would also become the most valued subsidiary of ‘Guan Yue Capital.'

For a rich second generation, getting a position as a Chinese partner of a multinational VC was no longer a disgrace to the family. Surprisingly, in the end, Qingsong China's Chairman position and Guan Yue's right to mobilize billions of funds were just similar to participating in an internship.

He had bigger ambitions, and his foresight was far greater than anyone could imagine.

"I have to admit that you have a very good eye for people as well as for beauty," Tong Kai said. "You have chosen such an outstanding fiancé for yourself. Honestly speaking, did you use computer technology to predict how much personal wealth Guan Yue would have in the end?"

Tianhe, "It's not what you think at all. Even if Guan Yue was a hotel doorman, I would have still chosen him at the very beginning. The initial decision to stick together had nothing to do with his money."

Tianhe thought: Guan Yue is not who everyone imagines him to be, he is more than just an ordinary person. However, he didn't correct Tong Kai. Someone had something that someone wanted to pursue, thus there was no need to keep up with the Joneses. For instance, even though the Wens were well-off, they merely relied more on their family background. Compared with the Jiangs' and Guans', their assets were not of the same order of magnitude.

Everyone thought that a person possessing more than one billion of personal wealth was considered well-off, but little did they know that the rich were also classified at different levels. There were, furthermore, hundred billions and even a myriads that would be in another world. Jiang Chaosheng, who had opened a chain of hotels, and the Guans', with their background as a papermaking family  who had changed their profession to government construction, were much more well-off than the Wen family. Even so, there was a disparity when they were compared with the world's wealthiest who sat on tens of billions of US dollars.

Tianhe had no doubt that Guan Yue would inevitably enter his first screen in the Forbes list one day, perhaps in less than 10 years.

Tong Kai, "Sometimes I wonder why he makes so much money, what is it for exactly?"

Jiang Zijian had once asked Tianhe this question as well.

Tianhe told Tong Kai the same answer, "Participate in the redistribution of social wealth, promote the development of human productivity, contribute to a better world, encourage more people to obtain employment opportunities, advance industrial upgrading, and achieve personal value."

"Bahahaha—!" Tong Kai laughed exaggeratedly. "Wall Street ought to give him a ‘benevolent capitalist' award!"

"This is Guan Yue's ideal," Tianhe said. "You shouldn't taunt him like this, you damn lawyer."

Tong Kai, "Speaking of employment, the main reason I visited today….."

Tianhe, "You've finally found a point of entry from all the roundabout talk. I was even wondering until when you would wait. Anyway, you might as well save your breath."

Tong Kai, "I just wanted to ask you to arrange a position for Xiao Jiang at the re-opened Epeus! I can do anything. I can also pay you, even though I know you're not short of money."

Tianhe, "No way, I don't want to see you two being all lovey-dovey in my company."

Tong Kai, "I promise we won't…in front of you and Guan Yue."

Tianhe, "Why do you want him in my company when you could just shove him somewhere else?"

Tong Kai, "It's alright to tell him to go somewhere else, but the boss of any other company is bound to be too solicitous, which might eventually result in everything being revealed! Only you can grasp the proper sense of propriety."

Tianhe thought for a moment and said, "It's not impossible, but you have to promise me one thing, within your power."

Tong Kai put down his knife and fork. "Say it."

Tianhe, "I haven't thought about it yet."

Tong Kai, "Did you learn this from Zhao Min?"

Tianhe, "In that case, I'll change it to three things. There's still time for you to agree."

Tong Kai, "......"

Tianhe looked at Tong Kai and doubtfully said, "Is your love for that ‘Xiao Jiang' even less than a request? I now question thy so-called ‘love.'"

"Deal," Tong Kai said. "But you mustn't play tricks on me. I now see that I must be very careful when dealing with you. I don't know when……"

"Ah! It just occurred to me." Tianhe then took out a few copies of Epeus' employment contract for a hired legal director from under the cushion of the empty chair and placed them on the table in front of Tong Kai.

Tong Kai, "......"

Tianhe, "Huh? How come there's already a pen here?"

Tong Kai, "…………"

"Ah! I made these contract clauses myself!" Tong Kai, holding a pen, complained pathetically.

Tianhe, "That's why I think you don't have to amend them. These are already quite rational."

Tong Kai looked at the contract and then at Tianhe, his face crumpled.

Tianhe boorishly said, "Cut the shit and quickly sign it! I'm in a rush, I still have something to do this afternoon!"

After his light afternoon meal, Tianhe put away his computer and changed his clothes as he prepared to go to Qingsong for the last time. All of his things had been taken back. Today, Guan Yue would finish all the formalities and sign the agreements. After that, the two would check in for dinner.

Tianhe had originally wanted to take a rain check, but when he recalled his experience from that time when he had to leave his own company, he thought that Guan Yue might also need his presence today. That day in the office, that ‘most' evaluation had made Tianhe's anger disappear in an instant.

Tianhe had been praised for being a genius by many people ever since he was a child, but he had never been emotionally touched like he was that day at Guan Yue's evaluation.

You are the most outstanding. — Perhaps in this world, only Guan Yue would think

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