Chapter 33

Turing's Code

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The next day.

"Chairman Guan, open the door." Tianhe said in front of the CEO's Office. "I have something to ask you."

Guan Yue was still in the middle of a meeting with the Indian partner when he let Tianhe in. During the entire meeting, the Indian was so excited while explaining all of a doodah to Guan Yue that a blast of curry-flavored English promptly blew against his face. Seeing this, Tianhe was on the verge of falling to the ground from laughter.

Guan Yue frowned and asked him to repeat himself.

Tianhe found a place to sit down when Guan Yue suddenly went over behind Tianhe and put the thing he had left out in his pocket. Tianhe noticed something of two components.

Guan Yue was clearly angry, but nevertheless, didn't curse the Indian partner in front of Tianhe.

Pro, "You see, he's obviously in a better mood now. He doesn't even swear during the meeting."

From what Tianhe had heard the Indian say, the cross-border financing case initiated by Guan Yue has been botched, and the other party has resigned and gone to another company.

Sure enough, it has quite a Far-Eastern style. However, he should have thought of it when he initiated the proposal. To think that a top PPE student would actually make such a basic human error. This time, Socrates' re-embodiment can't help him.

Guan Yue was considerably jittery as he paced around the office.

Pro, "Pay attention to his brisk footsteps."

Tianhe, "......"

The successive sounds of crackled curry-flavored English was like setting firecrackers in the office, furiously cursing a man named Andy at the Wall Street headquarters. Slang and profanities combined with English and Indian languages bounced around in the CEO's office. Guan Yue couldn't get in between the words; Tianhe felt that he was going mad with anger as his fingers were somewhat spasmodic.

Pro, "Pay attention to his rich body language."

Tianhe, "......"

A Mumbai man wearing a turban, a pure gold nose ring, and ten jeweled rings, one on each finger, pointed his finger across thousands of miles towards Guan Yue. He was waving his glittering fingers and glaring at him with brows furrowed as he accused his guilty partner.

Pro, "Pay attention to his joyful eyes."

Then, a series of "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck—" began. The Indian partner started with New York as he, one-by-one, fuck-ed all fifty states in the USA.

"Fuck yourself." Guan Yue said coldly.

When the other party reached Pennsylvania, he finally couldn't stand listening anymore. He sat down and pressed the remote control, shutting down all the data displayed on the video and the optical screen completely turned off.

The world regained its peace. Guan Yue sank into the chair and heaved a sigh.

"Chairman Guan, the colleagues asked me to ask you if it is possible to choose the South Island of New Zealand for the team building?" Tianhe asked. "Or is there somewhere else you'd rather be?"

Guan Yue soon regained his usual state, as if nothing had happened yesterday.

Tianhe didn't want to come at all, but last night, he remembered Guan Yue's sentence: "you are the best." — He still recognized his talent, hence Tianhe decided to be magnanimous and not bother about him. Just like what Pro said; there's always one who needs to speak first. After all, Guan Yue has also done so much for him…… Most importantly, Tianhe had arranged a trap for Guan Yue. However, he was not prepared to tell anyone, even Pro, in advance, lest he encounter Pro's "probabilistic" speculation, which might sway his resolution.

Let's see how long you can hold your tongue — Tianhe thought.

Guan Yue began to boil water for his tea, feeling his anxiousness disappear.

"Won't go." Guan Yue said coldly.

"That's good. I don't want to go either, I'm really busy these days." Tianhe lightly said. He previously decided to join the others in order to accompany Guan Yue, but now that the latter decided not to go, it was also just the time to recruit more people.

"In addition, I want to ask whether I can request for a job on behalf of Zijian for his "Xiao Kai" in Qingsong." Tianhe added.

"No time to pretend with them." Guan Yue flatly rejected.

"Okay." Tianhe wasn't expecting to be rejected. For this, he only politely said, "I'll think of another way then. I'll go first, I have an appointment to play cards with someone."

Tianhe turned and left. Guan Yue sat behind his desk in silence.

After New Year's Day, Tianhe would push Epeus back to life with the fastest speed he could as he constantly ticked off tasks from his daily schedule. As an intelligent computer program, Pro can help him program to a certain extent, though it cannot play a decisive role and can only save a section of the labor costs. The most difficult thing now is that he must find the suitable ones.

However, he suddenly found that under the Wens' halo, things didn't seem as difficult as he imagined.

The financial computer engineers have their own circle. After returning to China, Tianhe received an invitation from the club which only had one main activity — playing Texas Hold ‘em. Just like a small circle in London or New York, these engineers who mingled in the cross industry are used to communicating with the game of cards.

Tianhe subsidized this club with a sum amount but had never gone there. It was only until after the bankruptcy when it was necessary to rewrite the system framework and design new algorithms that he attended several times. Although other quants naturally can't solve Tianhe's unsolvable problem, playing cards with people of the same profession can incite some of his inspiration.

"I can let you win the entire game if you want to." Pro said.

"Don't." Tianhe pushed open the door of the club. "I don't want to cheat. I want to win with my own skill."

"I'll think about it." At the play, a quant said to Tianhe. "I believe you can make good things. We still use the books your father wrote in those days up until now."

"I just want to support my family." Tianhe said. He opened the card and glanced at it earnestly. It was his habit to not start looking at the card until it was at the fourth one.

He knew what these programmers wanted. First of all, stability; Secondly, provide enough money and shares; And third was to not have any workplace struggles or engage in something trivial. These highly intelligent talents were obviously more likely to follow a tech-savvy leader for there are less things to do than an all-round CEO.

Afterwards, they talked about specialized fields and aspirations. Tianhe therefore summed up to provide a 140% salary increase, gratuitous shares, as well as a stable commitment for the future.

"Have you found a product manager yet?" Another quant asked. "And you as the technical director?"

Tianhe replied, "I haven't found any good ones yet… I was thinking I'd rather be a CTO...... All-in. There's still currently no suitable candidate for the product manager."

The quants singly smoked their e-cigarettes. Although the young man who worked at the JPMorgan Chase declined Tianhe's proposal, he still gave him a suggestion, saying, "You need to find a good product manager. Your second brother was a good one too."

"Yes." Tianhe said. "He's simply really good at it. Unfortunately, his greatest forte is to play with capital and is so conceited which led him to run off and throw the mess to me."

They all laughed and opened their cards. Then, everyone made a frantic sound as Tianhe won once again.

"No more playing," said the young man. "Give yourself a rest."

"Have you two brothers agreed on a collusion?" A quant couldn't help but ask. "How else can you persuade Qingsong to undertake it?"

"Eh?" Tianhe was stumped for words before he smilingly said, "No. My second brother really disappeared off the face of the earth, I now wonder what religion he has converted to. Qingsong invested for Epeus because he thought I could make the software, which I did."

"It wasn't a cinch. You really made it." They all sighed. After Tianhe joined the club, he occasionally came to play with them. For most programmers in the whole club, the transaction analysis system was a heavy work comparable to God's creation. In the end, Tianhe finally succeeded in passing the evaluation by his own ability, which was beyond everyone's imagination.

"What about the CEO?" Another one asked.

Tianhe pondered for a moment and then replied, "CEO…… I have an ideal candidate, that is, it will be a bit of a struggle to persuade him."

Everyone nodded. Tianhe knew that they needed to think about it, but that was already enough for today.

"Why don't you consider Liao Shan?" The young man asked.

Tianhe said, "The genius Liao Shan is indeed the best candidate for a group of project leaders. Unfortunately, I don't have her contact information. Even if I did, it was said that she does not receive calls from unknown numbers. The only way is to break through her firewall and send an offer directly to her device……"

"If you can completely press her, she will certainly come to you with a keyboard, mouse, and a monitor." One quant said.

"The point is I can't do it." Tianhe said. "We are roughly comparable. The Ministry of National Defense used the firewall she helped design when she was sixteen. It would take more than 200 years for that damn thing to crack. I guess she's still patching it up right now. I'd rather talk to her in person."

"She doesn't like the investment banking environment that much." The young man said. "I think you have a good chance of finding her. However, you'd better not show her your software for she'll say……"

Tianhe, "I know she'll exclaim, it's amazing that someone in the world could write a piece of software with a bug in it. That's what she did to our Professor and in the end, the man didn't do well."

Everyone nodded in unison.

"Today's target is Feng Song……" Tianhe looked at the schedule. "Pro, are you sure he's definitely going to the eel rice restaurant?"

Pro, "Yes. He eats the same eel rice at noon every day for three consecutive years."

As Tianhe walked into the restaurant, Pro said, "I never heard you talk about a CEO target."

"Mm. It's not that important right now." Tianhe replied. "Hey, hello."

A guy with dyed yellow hair, a few freckles on his face and wearing a cross country attire was eating eel rice in a corner, glancing up at Tianhe and then proceeded to look down at his phone as if he didn't exist.

"Wen Tianhe, I will not go to your company. Get lost." Feng Song said.

"Help me do a beta." Tianhe sat down and pointed at his phone. "We'll leave once we're done. Pro, let's start."

Feng Song, "???"

Feng Song stopped eating as if realizing something.

"Is that your artificial intelligence? You've worked it out?" Feng Song looked at Tianhe suspiciously.

Pro suddenly said in his earphone, "Tianhe, you should return to Qingsong."

Tianhe, "???"

Pro, "Listen to me."

Baffled, Tianhe got up and put away his phone and then turned to leave the restaurant.



Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian were sitting in the park, sorting out their LV shopping bags. In front of them, a group of old fellows and elderly women were doing Tai Chi. This was exactly the place where he first ran out hand-in-hand with Jiang Zijian from the foot bath city at that time. This bench was also their favorite. As long as the weather was fine or they didn't think of spending money, they liked to come here to bask lazily whilst quietly watching people do Tai Chi.

Jiang Zijian felt like he had seen so much that he can already do it too. Occasionally, he also learned to play a few moves with Tong Kai.

Tong Kai's phone abruptly rang.

"I have something to return to." Tong Kai suddenly said. "They informed me to go for an interview."

Jiang Zijian, "I'll see you off."

Tong Kai immediately waved his hands, forgetting to take the paper bags.

Jiang Zijian, "Hey! What's going on?"

Tong Kai turned back and made a phone gesture, indicating for him to call.

Qingsong Capital. Tianhe felt something was off as he entered the company.

Pro, "People from Wall Street are here."

Tianhe, "What do you want me to do? He still hasn't apologized for what he said. I really don't…… Forget it. Guan Yue only went back to duty last weekend."

Pro, "I think they might call you in later."

Tianhe returned to his station, sat down, and pondered. He knew that this wasn't the right time to have a cold war with Guan Yue. Private accounts can be slowly calculated, but the company's affairs must take the situation as a whole into consideration.

Pro added, "Look to your left."

Tianhe turned his head. Looking out from the left side of the water dispenser, the floor-to-ceiling glass wall in Guan Yue's office changed color as the reflective smart glass was adjusted to transparent by Pro.

Tianhe, "This wall can change to transparency!"

Pro, "I just broke into the light control system a day ago."

The situation in Guan Yue's office took in everything at a glance. Guan Yue was sitting behind the desk in his office with Mario as the Chief Financial Officer next to him. Five middle-aged western men and a young Chinese sat around Guan Yue's desk in what looked like a hearing.

Tong Kai ran into the company and looked around. Tianhe raised his hand to indicate that he was there. Tong Kai then nodded and turned into Guan Yue's office.

Tianhe saw Tong Kai go in and take a seat beside Guan Yue. The representatives of the head office distinctly leaned back.

"Are they actually afraid of Tong Kai?" Tianhe whispered.

"During the restructuring of Qingsong China, Tong Kai and Guan Yue joined hands to play around with all of them. That Chinese descendant named Andy, his father is a Congressman who may be re-elected in April this year." Pro said.

Tianhe remembered. He was one of the people that the Indian had frantically fuck-ed.

Tianhe, "Is it so serious?"

Pro, "I eavesdropped on the conversations among the employees and found out that the people from Wall Street asked Guan Yue to withdraw for a period of time and wait for North Korea's situation to stabilize its reform and open up to the outside world before entering the North Korean market."

Tianhe, "North Korea…. Uh, I don't think he'll go. However, this strategic decision does have its justification. If Qingsong can successfully seize the North Korean market rights at the beginning, it might be able to reap pretty good profits."

"They currently have several pretexts, one of which is that Guan Yue has related party transactions with Epeus and that the report submitted to the headquarters was inconsistent with the facts."

"The second is his cross-border financing case."

"The third was related to the Guan family in Taiyuan, where they believed that Guan Yue had somehow violated a non-compete agreement and used the company's resources to assist his father in some asset restructuring."

"Although the first accusation is serious, I think Tong Kai can fully resolve and handle it with ease. However, they may need your cooperation in a little while and accept their sudden inquiries."

"The second accusation is a bit more troublesome whilst the third is a complete fabrication. He only made some subtle adjustments to the Guan's capital structure through Mario to help the family's business by reverse takeover in the future, that is only if Mario didn't mess about in private."

Tianhe roughly understood that the headquarters hoped to firmly control the achievements of Guan Yue's establishment in China through personnel transfer. This naturally angered Guan Yue and furthermore suffered rejection.

"Take the contract out. I'll look over it again." Tianhe said in a low voice as he turned on the computer.

Pro, "......But Mario betrayed him, handed some trade secrets to the head office, and created a lot of false accusations."

"So that explains it. Though I never understood why he thinks of Mario as his confidant." Tianhe said.

Pro, "Mario has been following him since the time he was still working at Constanley. Although he was often ridiculed, his level of expertise wasn't inferior. Guan Yue was a blade of a knife as he lacked friends. Mario and Tong Kai can be said to be his only two companions."

Tianhe, "What's the worst case scenario?"

"There's only one scenario; there is no best or worst." Pro said. "The probability of this happening is 100%."

Tianhe, "There's no such thing as a 100% probability."

Pro, "There is for Guan Yue. As long as he makes a firm resolution, he will not make any changes. The final phase depends only upon his goal."

Tianhe, "The biggest difficulty for them later on should be the decision of why Guan Yue invested in Epeus."

Pro, "I think so."

Tianhe, "They will certainly desperately deny the value of Epeus and regard it as a shell company so that there is a reason to doubt the related party transactions."

Pro, "Quite reasonable."

Tianhe, "Then I need to play a little trick to scare them a bit. Can you hack into their phones?"

Pro, "If they're all connected to the company's Wi-Fi. I'm searching for it, but there are fingerprint and face recognition software. My current ability is limited at that."

Tianhe, "I think the music player system is not a big problem."

Pro, "There's no problem, I've already searched for five mobile phones. By the way Tianhe, do you want to print this contract?"

Pro transferred another contract to Tianhe.

"Qingsong's financing hasn't been counted yet." Tianhe said. "It's cheaper for them."

Pro, "Once the bankruptcy guarantee is secured, there are certain risks. However, I believe you can find the money from other sources. No matter what, I can also help you by peeping at the password."

"As I was recently trying to hack into a couple of infrared cameras near the ATM, I found that from certain angles through the vehicle's mirror, it could effectively……"

Tianhe, "Don't mention that again! This is relevant to robbing a bank! It's a disgrace to the AI community that my AI program hacked into the street cameras and used the reflections of the vehicles' rear mirrors to peek at people's passwords!"

Pro, "It's obviously a much easier and faster way to do it than breaking through the firewall of the central bank. Why use a complex way if there's a simple one? Hackers are always unkempt; sitting in front of the computer night after night, making their work and rest disordered which leads to hormone imbalance. They keep analyzing the secret keys of various banks. They may last for several years but still end up empty-handed or they may be imprisoned at any time, but me, I only operated it in less than a year by just peeping…"

"Stop." Tianhe said. "Never do such a thing again. Print out this contract."

In the quiet office, the printer suddenly rang, automatically scaring everyone.

As an employee walked by, Tianhe hurried up to the printer, nodded politely and took away the copies.

Qingsong was full of an eerie atmosphere today. Tianhe first re-read through his guarantee contract and then at another one.

"How about another helping?" Tianhe said. "We're already here anyway. Pro, print the contract made by Tong Kai."

Five minutes later, the printer rang again. This time there was no one around. After Tianhe took the copies, Mario came out of Guan Yue's office and said, "Wen Tianhe, please come in for a meeting."

Tianhe took a folder, threw the few copies into the drawer and locked them up. With the bankruptcy guarantee agreement, he went straight into Guan Yue's office.

Inside Guan Yue's office.

"Wen Tianhe, please answer our following questions seriously and truthfully…" The young Chinese descendant named Andy said.

Tianhe sat down next to Tong Kai and sincerely said to Andy, "I'm sorry, I don't understand Texas dialect. Can you help me find an interpreter?"

"Hahahahaha!" Tong Kai had already endured for a long time when Tianhe's words finally made him laugh madly.

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Joyce.


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Tianhe, please be nice to him ?
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