Chapter 17 - Kangjin Dragon

Let Go of that Shou

"I’m... I'm so sorry, Shifu, I’ve made you do this again..." 

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With a smile, Tang Hui asked, "Why is Alliance Leader Zhao keeping the Divine Sect’s Young Master in his own home?” Then he winked at Zhao Feihong ambiguously. 

Zhao Feihong responded as calmly as clear skies, "Mengzhe is determined to repent, and has taken me as his Shifu. Henceforth, he has cut all ties with the Demon Cult." 

You Mengzhe: "..." 

Your sister has cut all ties, You Mengzhe seethed internally, if I had known earlier, after riding him last night I should have cut off all his ties with his cock... 

Tang Hui smiled regretfully. "I'm just afraid that those on Yuheng Mountain won’t be so kind." 

Right, right, just you wait for my father to come pay you a visit.

Zhao Feihong responded with a smile, "Sooner or later, we must settle the grievances of the past. Young Master Tang need not worry about it." 

"Oh—" Seeming to have heard some inner gossip, Tang Hui nodded thoughtfully. "But then again..." He laughed suggestively, before raising his eyebrows, his eyes full of amusement. "The Young Master of the Demon Cult has taken our Wulin Alliance Leader as his master. I'm afraid that once the righteous martial artists hear of this matter, there will be a lot of talk behind closed doors." 

Zhao Feihong said calmly, “I have already announced the news today.” 

You Mengzhe frowned slightly. No wonder, would the group of people who came to wish them a happy New Year this morning spread the news?

Then he heard Zhao Feihong continue, "Since I have done it, then naturally I am not afraid of others talking about it behind my back." 

Tang Hui fanned himself, then grinned. "Hero Zhao is straightforward and upright, of course he is not afraid of gossip. My father respects this aspect of Alliance Leader the most."

Zhao Feihong rushed to modestly reject his praise and for a moment, both had nothing to say to each other.

So as long as you can do something, then you won’t be afraid of people’s gossip, huh? Then what about what happened last night? You can really talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? You’re only not afraid of people talking because they don’t know the truth. If you’re truly unafraid, then announce that matter too. 

After a long while of silence, Tang Hui couldn’t stand it any longer, retracted his fan, and got up to take his leave. Zhao Feihong walked him outside the main gate, when Tang Hui asked, "Oh right, I heard that Yuheng Mountain is already looking for him?” 

"The notice was posted a month ago," Zhao Feihong confirmed. 

"I heard that he cultivates a technique called the ‘True Art of Turning to Yang’..." 

"Indeed, that is true." 

Tang Hui’s eyes widened. "Really?" 

Unperturbed, Zhao Feihong replied, "A few days from now, I plan to take him to the capital to ask my martial brother to disperse this perverse skill." 

Tang Hui nodded slowly and laughed.  "Hero Zhang is an expert at striking acupoints and meridians, as well as cleansing and transforming essences. That will surely be the best. Alliance Leader, I will take my leave now." 

Tang Hui departed, and Zhao Feihong closed the gate.

"Is that it for today?" You Mengzhe asked.

"Don’t you dislike having guests?" 

"How did you know?" 

You Mengzhe did feel that today's guests were a little annoying, coming in droves one after another, and to his surprise, Zhao Feihong had noticed.

"When are we going to eat that chicken?" You Mengzhe couldn't wait any longer, pointing at the clucking chicken trussed up in the yard. A neighbor had sent it several days ago, and Zhao Feihong had been raising it since, not even killing it for the New Year. 

Zhao Feihong grinned. "Go boil the water."

You Mengzhe cheered loudly. Tonight they were finally going to feast! He spun around and went straight to the kitchen to boil the water. Zhao Feihong cut off the chicken’s head, drained its blood, scalded its feathers, and sliced open its chest as You Mengzhe watched in a daze from the side, neither of them speaking. 

Suddenly, a strange feeling overtook You Mengzhe. It felt like a reluctance to lose something, yet also like a desire to rub up against Zhao Feihong like before. Of course, right now Zhao Feihong was covered with chicken feathers and blood, so he couldn’t mess around and rub against him now. So why did he feel this way? 

You Mengzhe studied Zhao Feihong intently. His profile shone with a warm light, his eyebrows and nose bridge carrying a masculine air, yet he looked genteel and modest, without the slightest degree of arrogance or tyranny. Moreover he had none of You Gutian’s way of keeping others at an extreme distance, nor his chilly, arrogant manner of holding everything and everyone in the palm of his hand. If You Gutian really came here to fight Zhao Feihong, that would worry You Mengzhe. However, Zhao Feihong had already dual-cultivated with him, which had enhanced his martial level, so You Gutian might not be able to win… 

You Mengzhe’s mind was in a complete mess, all he knew was that he wouldn’t feel good if anyone were to lose. It would be best if no one fought at all. 

"Hey, let’s discuss something," You Mengzhe broke the silence.

"What?" asked Zhao Feihong unconcernedly, completely immersed in gutting the chicken.

"Don't duel my father." 

"I should have had this fight with him sixteen years ago. This is not open to discussion. No matter how much I spoil you, this matter is not up to you.” 

"Like hell you spoil me!" 

"Do you know how many people in this world wish they could have me as their master?" 

Although You Mengzhe hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he remembered that Yuwen Hong had once said, “Follow him, he’s a good person”, and coupled with the influence of these several days, after learning so much from Zhao Feihong’s every word and action, he had to admit this was the case. In the beginning, all of that wood chopping and practicing had exhausted him to no end, but after getting used to it, he realized that Zhao Feihong was actually not that strict, and even though he would still urge him to practice every day, he could tell that deep down, Zhao Feihong truly cared about him. 

"In any case, you’re just doing all this for my mother." 

"When did I say this was all for Qing’er?" 

"Then who are you doing this for?" 

Zhao Feihong simply replied, "For you." 

In a split second, a hint of warmth threatened to spill out of You Mengzhe 's heart. 

Zhao Feihong got up to wash his hands, as You Mengzhe’s eyes stayed glued to his back. He stood tall and upright, filled with a sense of security, radiating a kind of simple and sincere trust.

"Sixteen years ago, my Shifu led the righteous alliance to Yuheng Mountain. There, I spent a long time looking for you." 

"Well I’m here now. Anyways, you’ve already slept with me, and we were both willing..."

Zhao Feihong angrily bellowed, "What did I tell you?! You are never to speak of that again! Go to the corner and face the wall!" 

You Mengzhe got up expressionlessly, slowly ambled over to the foot of the wall and asked, "When are we eating?" 

Zhao Feihong almost blew a fuse because of his disciple, his expression livid as he refused to acknowledge You Mengzhe. You Mengzhe turned to face the wall, the corners of his mouth twitching slightly. 

Zhao Feihong got up again and whipped him with a bamboo pole, roaring, "Stand up straight!" 

You Mengzhe trembled and quickly straightened his back. Zhao Feihong went back to continue preparing the chicken, as You Mengzhe snuck a few furtive glances at him.

Zhao Feihong’s expression was neither happy nor angry, but there was a wrinkle in his brow. At this moment, You Mengzhe couldn't help but swallow, as if there was a knot somewhere in his heart. It felt very strange, as if there was something that was far away in the sky, yet also within reach, like an endless joy accompanied by the bitterness of something that could never be obtained. The pure yang qi rushed and surged within his body, bringing him a sort of warmth… 

The aroma of food came from the kitchen, and Zhao Feihong, who had forgotten about You Mengzhe, busied himself in front of the stove all the way until sunset, stir-frying a plate of cured meat with bamboo shoots, steaming the soft, fatty chicken, and stewing a dish of tofu. He came out to the corridor and called, "Time to eat." 

"Mengzhe?" Zhao Feihong frowned slightly. "Mengzhe!" 

Zhao Feihong's expression immediately changed, and with a sudden stride forward, he saw You Mengzhe lying on his side on the ground, his breath scalding. He had vomited a small pool of blood, which had already frozen. As soon as Zhao Feihong felt You Mengzhe’s forehead, he knew that he was experiencing a qi deviation. 

Last night You Mengzhe had obtained Zhao Feihong’s vital qi, but he had failed to adjust his internal breathing to match it, and Zhao Feihong had also completely forgotten this matter. You Mengzhe’s body also contained Yuwen Hong and Sun Bin’s vital energies, so all three energies had collided against each other until they had taken a wrong turn in his meridians. His entire body was burning up, and he could not move. 

Zhao Feihong quickly carried You Mengzhe into his room and laid him on the bed. He pressed his palms against his shoulders, transferring vital qi in an effort to help him regulate his qi. However, Zhao Feihong’s internal energy was extremely potent, and the three internal forces in his body simultaneously suppressed the ‘Turning to Yang’, making them even more incompatible with each other. The three forces took You Mengzhe’s body as their battlefield, clashing and warring against each other fiercely. Zhao Feihong tried several times, but couldn’t keep it under control, and a moment later, You Mengzhe spewed a mouthful of fresh blood, his eyes turning red.

He had not discovered You Mengzhe in time, so his qi had deviated for far too long and was unable to be suppressed. If he continued like this, You Mengzhe would undoubtedly become paralyzed. 

This wouldn’t do, Zhao Feihong thought to himself, he needed to make his body’s ‘Turning to Yang’ absorb qi by itself, before it could adjust his internal breath. 

Zhao Feihong held You Mengzhe in his arms and sighed after a moment. He took off his robes, pulled the quilt over their bodies, undid his own belt, hugged him in front of himself from behind, and grabbed the balm by the bed.

A short while later, their naked bodies were intertwined underneath the bed sheets, as Zhao Feihong closed his eyes, and slowly pushed into him from behind.

You Mengzhe let out a moan, sweating profusely, as one hand gradually began to jerk and convulse. Zhao Feihong’s large hand held down his, and when their palms met, Zhao Feihong gently smoothed them out before their fingers interlocked.

"Ah! Shifu!" cried You Mengzhe with a hint of a sob. 

Zhao Feihong’s breathing hitched. Without another word, he held You Mengzhe tightly and started to thrust in from behind. 

The chaotic qi in You Mengzhe’s body gradually eased with each thrust, and a cozy heat arose from his dantian. You Mengzhe couldn’t stop trembling as the whirling vital qi, like a vast nebula, surged through his meridians and gathered back into his Sea of Qi. You Mengzhe swallowed, and only when Zhao Feihong plunged in deeply again, did he come back to, letting out an unintelligible moan. 

He turned his head and easily wrapped his arms around Zhao Feihong’s neck. Zhao Feihong hesitated for a moment, but when You Mengzhe’s lips approached his, he didn’t turn his head away, instead taking his lips in his.

Every time Zhao Feihong drove into his core, You Mengzhe’s breathing would tremble and shake. Zhao Feihong gazed intently at You Mengzhe’s exquisite profile, then flipped him over and pressed him underneath his body. Sweat coated his bare back, toned ass, and thighs as Zhao Feihong’s stark naked body lay on top of You Mengzhe’s. Clasping his fingers in his, Zhao Feihong pounded into him ruthlessly, one thrust after another. Every now and then, You Mengzhe’s faint, blissful cries, smothered by the pillow, would escape. Zhao Feihong kissed his ears intently, before gently caressing the side of You Mengzhe’s face with his nose.

Ages passed before both of them sighed deeply. 

In the darkness, You Mengzhe felt extremely satisfied, yet feigned remorse. "I’m... I'm so sorry, Shifu, I’ve made you do this again..." 

Zhao Feihong said emotionlessly, "Don’t worry about it, it's my fault. Go eat." 

You Mengzhe turned to his side. Just now, his heart had fluttered for a fraction of a second. He wiped the pool of viscous fluids on the bedding, while Zhao Feihong had already put on his robe and left. 

The food in the hall had already gone cold. You Mengzhe had anticipated a few words from Zhao Feihong, or Zhao Feihong’s tragic “Woe is me!” expression, but to his surprise Zhao Feihong didn’t say anything, acting as if nothing had happened. 

Maybe he didn’t care about smashing the already broken jar? You Mengzhe snuck a glance at Zhao Feihong's expression, secretly delighted. 

So wouldn’t that mean in the future they could do this often? Sure enough, unfamiliar at first, but accustomed thereafter… 

Zhao Feihong reheated dinner and gave both of the tender chicken legs to You Mengzhe, whose eyes instantly went as green as a weasel’s. The fatty chicken hadn’t been salted, and had been steamed to produce that pure chicken flavor, and along with the chopped green onions, minced ginger, huadiao wine, and the dish of soy sauce, it couldn’t taste any more delicious than this. You Mengzhe wolfed down his food, his heart slamming in his chest as he ate.

Zhao Feihong seemed to have something on his mind, and before long, he finally let out a soft sigh.

"Shifu," You Mengzhe piped up. 

Zhao Feihong raised an eyebrow, shifting his attention to You Mengzhe. 

"How about we get married, and you and my father stop the fighting..." 

"What kind of joke is that?" Zhao Feihong said frigidly. 

From the bottom of his heart, You Mengzhe truly felt an indescribable attachment towards Zhao Feihong, and a deep reluctance to part with him, as if he had known him before he was born—just like Yuwen Hong, he had this mysterious, otherworldly familiarity to him. This kind of life with him was great, too. Deep in his heart, You Mengzhe honestly didn’t want to do anything but stay with him here. 

"I'm serious," emphasized You Mengzhe. He suddenly found that he couldn’t look at Zhao Feihong in the face, afraid that he would show him a scornful, mocking smile. 

Zhao Feihong said coldly, "I am also serious. You and I are from different generations." Zhao Feihong stood up to leave. "Your mother and I were close friends." 

You Mengzhe ate his food wordlessly, and Zhao Feihong also added, "Besides, we are both men, how could we marry each other?"

"Sun Bin plays with gigolos..."

"Playing with gigolos is playing with gigolos. Getting married is another matter entirely."

You Mengzhe was elated to hear this, but then Zhao Feihong said, "Moreover, I don't have this habit." 

You Mengzhe went back to listlessly eating his food, as Zhao Feihong continued, "Tomorrow, I will take you to the capital to find my martial brother and disperse your cultivation. In these next few days, you must exercise restraint and stop thinking about things you shouldn’t." 

You Mengzhe slammed his chopsticks on the table, to which Zhao Feihong declared, "This matter is not up for discussion. If you don't want to go, then scram back to your Yuheng Mountain." 

You Mengzhe narrowed his eyes, thinking about something else, and asked tentatively, "Then if I won’t go up and fight my father?" 

You Mengzhe was a little bit worried. Originally, Zhao Feihong and You Gutian were equally matched, but now that he had given him a ride… If he had now surpassed You Gutian, then wouldn’t fighting him be child’s play? 

"We’ll discuss the matter of the fifteenth of the eighth month another time. This isn’t a business transaction, and I’m not negotiating with you." 

Fine, if he kept putting it off maybe it would never happen. He had wanted to go to the capital to visit Yu Changqing anyways, and on the matter of dispersing his cultivation, maybe he could find another way out. He would just have to take it step by step.

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