Chapter 18 - Fangri Rabbit

Let Go of that Shou

Content Warning:
R18, PAPAPA (short), MANIPULATION (shou manipulates gong), Dubcon (gong is shifu), DADDY KINK, AGE DIFF

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The next day, Zhao Feihong got up bright and early, wrapped up his bundle, and posted a note on the main gate, asking the neighbors to keep watch for him. Then he set off with You Mengzhe all the way to Lu River to take a boat northward towards the capital.

It was the dry season at the start of spring, and the ice in the upper reaches of the river on Feng Mountain had yet to thaw, so the river had barely less than six chi of shallow water. Amidst the expanse of dried up, yellowish reeds, a few waterbirds would occasionally fly past. 

Zhao Feihong took the first big boat. The first wave of people going northbound to Jiangzhou was the largest, all of them merchants and vendors.

Inside the boat was bustling and raucous, with people crammed everywhere. Zhao Feihong sat at the remotest end of the hold, with his hands on his knees like he was meditating, or like he was relaxing with his eyes closed. You Mengzhe moved next to the hold’s awning and poked a hole in the bamboo cover to look out at the scenery. 

"Little guy." An old man next to him handed him a bag of peanuts and said, "For your dad." 

You Mengzhe elbowed Zhao Feihong and casually called, "Hey, Dad." 

Zhao Feihong quickly took the peanuts and nodded his thanks, and he and the old man chatted casually over two cups of wine. People nearby asked him where he was going, and Zhao Feihong replied, "I’m taking him to the capital to visit a friend." 

"Young people," The old man stroked his beard and continued, "It’s good to go out often. Where's his mother?" 

You Mengzhe quipped, "My mother kicked the bucket. He’s my mother’s old flame." 

The old man: "..." 

Zhao Feihong smiled and said, "I am his Shifu." 

“Of course, of course, a teacher for a day, a father for life,” replied the old man.

Zhao Feihong spoke with a gracious and elegant demeanor, and as the two continued to chat, the entire cabin of passengers unexpectedly quieted down. Everyone on the boat listened as Zhao Feihong conversed with the old man. 

"Only in times of peace, will the Jianghu stir up trouble," the old man chuckled. 

Zhao Feihong responded, "It has been this way since time immemorial. In troubled times we resist foreign violence, and in peaceful times, we focus on domestic affairs. If not for peace and prosperity, how would the martial artists of the Central Plains have the heart to fight each other?" 

You Mengzhe noticed that the old man was carrying a medicine basket, with a plant picking hoe on his waist. Most likely he was a doctor who had seen his fair share of martial artists fighting each other, and had treated quite a few patients. 

A married woman laughed and said, "Well my son loves to hear stories about martial arts heroes." 

“Yes, yes,” everyone agreed, and a young man smiled and exclaimed, "Flying over eaves and leaping over walls, practicing Qinggong, stealing the palace’s jade seal at night, are these all true?" 

Zhao Feihong chuckled. "If you believe it, then it’s true. If you don’t, then naturally there’s no such thing.”

The old man took a sip of wine and remarked, "Whatever happens in the imperial court or the Jianghu has nothing to do with the common people." 

Zhao Feihong nodded and said, "Exactly. As long as everyone has food to eat and clothes to wear, who cares about the royal court’s emperor or the Jianghu’s sect leaders?”

You Mengzhe found this conversation amusing, and just as Zhao Feihong’s mouth opened, he took advantage of the opportunity to shoot a peanut into it. 

Zhao Feihong was just about to say something when a peanut whizzed by and hit his lips, causing everyone to burst into laughter. 

"Your child is naughty." 

Zhao Feihong just said self-deprecatingly, "I’ve made you laugh." 

The passengers went back to chatting amongst themselves, and Zhao Feihong did not reproach You Mengzhe, nor did You Mengzhe care. He merely brought over a small stool to peer outside of the awning, while Zhao Feihong and the old man set up a chess board, and faced each other for a round of go.

As You Mengzhe watched his serious expression, he couldn’t help but want to mess with him, yet couldn’t decide the best way to do it. But a moment later, You Mengzhe felt bored and went over to push and paw at him left and right, only to have Zhao Feihong say nothing, one hand still playing go as the other fended him off, ever calm in the face of the unexpected.

Thoroughly bored, You Mengzhe poked and prodded to no avail, before stealing Zhao Feihong’s black piece. The old man just laughed and said nothing. 

"A true gentleman watches a game of go silently. Stop messing around,” ordered Zhao Feihong. 

You Mengzhe couldn't help but reach out and feel up Zhao Feihong again, rubbing and kneading in earnest, wishing he could leap into his arms. With one hand, Zhao Feihong restrained him and slammed his wrist on board, finally stopping You Mengzhe for a moment.

"What on earth are you trying to do?" Zhao Feihong sounded annoyed. "Don't think for a second I won’t beat you." 

You Mengzhe let out a very lifeless, "Oh."

"Your disciple is acting cute for attention." The old man smiled and said, "You can't tell? Let’s finish this." 

Blushing, You Mengzhe plopped down on the bow, and a moment later Zhao Feihong and the old man resumed their playing. The wu-peng boat reached the crowded shore, where several boats had docked outside Jiangzhou at the Han River Ferry, precisely where You Mengzhe had first arrived in Jiangzhou last year. 

As Zhao Feihong walked, he said, "First we’ll have dinner, then we’ll find a place to stay in the city, and then tomorrow we’ll hire a carriage to take us up the official road to the capital…… You Mengzhe! Stop messing around!”

Zhao Feihong had even shouted out his full name, which suddenly filled You Mengzhe with a sense of intimacy. He stopped trying to climb onto Zhao Feihong’s shoulders, laughing heartily as Zhao Feihong grabbed him by his collar, before leisurely resting his arm over his shoulders, and just like that, the two of them made their way into the city. 

Zhao Feihong did not have the slightest bit of a Wulin Alliance Leader’s heroic air, and with him dressed in commoner’s clothing and walking with his own disciple with their arms around each other’s shoulders, who knew what he looked like right now? 

As they walked along the road, he told You Mengzhe all about Jiangzhou’s history and origins, and You Mengzhe listened, bright-eyed.

"In ancient times Jiangzhou was called 'Yanzhi Fang'. Two thousand years ago, this place was only a small fishing village by the Han River at the southern border of the Northern Zhou Kingdom. South of the Han River was uncivilized. Two thousand years ago, a resident of the fishing village crossed the river south to Yunmeng Kingdom to pick safflowers and brought them back to make rouge. Only after commerce and trade developed did this place gradually flourish.”  

You Mengzhe interjected, "I know, and then later was the Seven Soldier Rebellion."

Zhao Feihong nodded and continued, "Seven of the Xiongnu’s troops took Sili, and the emperor fled. The North’s economic and agricultural centers shifted to Jiangzhou, the North and South were divided, and the whole of the Central Plains was caught in the flames of war. Sixty years later, the Southern Dynasties gathered a large force and attacked, once more driving the Xiongnu out of the Great Wall.” 

They walked through the long, bustling street, with Zhao Feihong’s arm around his shoulders as You Mengzhe listened attentively, so absorbed that he could see the chaos, the golden-armored battle horses, and the violent battlefield, as if they were painted on a scroll right in front of him. 

Zhao Feihong smiled faintly and asked, "Fascinated?" 

"You seem to know so much." 

"Back when I read about this in a book, I also felt just like you do now. Afterwards Jiangzhou gradually grew into the prosperous city of today…” 

As they strolled around the market, You Mengzhe asked, "What do you want to buy?"

"Nothing in particular, I'm just taking you around. Feel free to buy whatever you want.”


Zhao Feihong smiled and said, "There’s an elephant over there." 

You Mengzhe looked up and saw that both the elephant and the merchant from the Western Regions were still here. “I know that thing, it’s that beast from the Southern Wilds. He’s selling that elephant for one thousand taels!”

Zhao Feihong’s jaw dropped. “That’s more money than I’ll make in my entire life.”

You Mengzhe laughed, and they weaved through the market to go over. Zhao Feihong had one arm around You Mengzhe’s shoulder and the other one petting the elephant’s trunk, like he was teasing it.

"Why are you so poor?" asked You Mengzhe.

Zhao Feihong smiled. "Wealth is material. I might be poor, but it’s enough to support you.”

“That brother of yours must be pretty rich.”

“Yuanshan’s family is one of Xichuan’s great clans who moved to the capital, so indeed he is wealthy.”

"Why don't you ask him for some money? If he’s that rich and you’re so poor, how do you even know each other?" 

Zhao Feihong raised his eyebrows. "It is easy to obtain one thousand jin of gold, but difficult to find a true friend. What reason is there to speak of rich or poor when befriending someone?" 

You Mengzhe stopped at a crafts stall specializing in sword tassels and blade tassels, as well as gemstone sheaths for daggers and swords and the like. In peaceful times, all the pampered sons of wealthy families loved to play with swords, emulating the majestic air of martial arts heroes. Even the market for weapons accessories was booming. 

"How much is this?" You Mengzhe asked casually, picking up a dagger sheath. 

"Two taels of silver," the boss said with a smile, "The young hero has good taste." 

"Two taels!!" You Mengzhe exclaimed in an exaggerated tone. "For two taels of silver I could buy a whole chest full of these!!" 

Zhao Feihong: "......" 

In the past, You Mengzhe would have just casually thrown out a five tael silver ingot with a cursory “keep the change”, but after spending all this time with Zhao Feihong, even he had unconsciously become fond of haggling. 

Zhao Feihong, though, bargained with an indifferent demeanor, and when he joked, it sounded like he was teasing. But You Mengzhe haggled a lot like an unscrupulous merchant, with an excessively slick air. 

"What do you need the scabbard for?" asked Zhao Feihong.

You Mengzhe answered casually, "To give away. Whatever, I won’t buy it here, I’ll just go somewhere else." 

The boss hurriedly said, "Ai, little brother, name a price..." 

Zhao Feihong and You Mengzhe walked away for a while before You Mengzhe looked over his shoulders and inquired, "What’s this for?" 

You Mengzhe pointed to a circular arc made of silver foil, and the boss replied, "This is called a staff flare. Two pieces must be inlaid onto the body of your staff. Super awe-inspiring! Little brother, both you and your father wield a staff, so it couldn’t be more perfect! Five silver coins for one!" 

You Mengzhe glanced at Zhao Feihong from the corner of his eyes. Both of them were carrying weapons on their backs, Zhao Feihong with his black-gold staff and You Mengzhe with his bamboo equivalent. 

Zhao Feihong remarked, "If you want it, then buy it.” Four pieces would cost two taels of silver.

“I’ll pay for it,” offered You Mengzhe.

Zhao Feihong tossed a small silver ingot onto the stall, and the boss beamed. He took their weapons to the back of the stall where there was a small anvil stove, and with a few strikes, welded the silver foil onto the body of the staves.

You Mengzhe took them, and swung his in an arc from the front of his body to the back, before swinging it from his shoulders back to the front, the silver light gleaming, eliciting elated cheers from bystanders in the market. Zhao Feihong wielded his black-gold staff, leaving a silvery, moon-like trail with a single sweep, the resulting applause even more thunderous. 

"Where’s my money? Give some back to me, I want to buy more for gifts," said You Mengzhe. 

Zhao Feihong retracted his black-gold staff, and replied with a smile, "Go easy on the money. You can buy what you want, just make sure we can afford it.”

You Mengzhe picked a blade tassel to give to Yu Changqing, an exquisitely-made scabbard for Sun Bin, a dragon-shaped knotted sword tassel for You Gutian, but didn’t know what to get for Yuwen Hong. Just as he was deliberating over it, he suddenly saw a pair of brass knuckles, made just for the index and middle fingers. 

Zhao Feihong said, "This is for the meridian-severing Iron Finger technique."

"The esteemed patron has sharp eyes!" remarked the boss. 

Zhao Feihong added, "There’s no harm in getting one for Yuwen Hong.” 

You Mengzhe counted; it would cost a total of eight taels of silver. After Zhao Feihong haggled for a while, it came down to seven taels. 

You Mengzhe said, "It’s hard to tell the sword tassel and the blade tassel apart. Help me engrave their surnames on the small jade piece in the middle." 

The boss nodded, took a needle-sized carving knife to etch out the characters, and painted over them with a brush. Afterwards, Zhao Feihong brought You Mengzhe to an inn. 

A chicken cost twenty coins, a string of coins could buy fifty chickens, fifty chickens cost one tael, so with that money they could have bought three hundred fifty chickens! You Mengzhe couldn’t help but feel some buyer’s remorse and snuck a glance at Zhao Feihong. He felt embarrassed that he had spent so much of his money.

However, Zhao Feihong didn’t seem like a poor person. He didn’t live as miserably as Yu Changqing did, took them to good places to eat, and even specially brought You Mengzhe to the teahouse to listen to a storyteller. 

You Mengzhe listened eagerly as the storyteller narrated epics from the previous dynasty, but when he saw Zhao Feihong’s smiling expression, he realized that Zhao Feihong had already heard all these stories long ago and had just brought him here to have fun. 

After listening, they emerged into the night; it was the second night of the New Year, so the market was as bustling as it was during the day.

There was also a House of Blossoms in Jiangzhou, so You Mengzhe took the initiative to ask, “Shifu, let me treat you to some wine and music. This is my family’s business.” 

Zhao Feihong said apathetically, "You go and play by yourself, I'll wait for you outside."

"I’m really going in,” You Mengzhe called out.

Zhao Feihong straightened out his sleeves and waited outside the entrance. With no other tricks up his sleeve, You Mengzhe had no choice but to come out and drag his feet behind him as they left. 

“Forget it.”

They returned to the tavern to rest for the night. The room had two beds, and You Mengzhe lay on his own, unable to sleep. Every so often he would turn his face to peep at Zhao Feihong, wanting to crawl over and sleep with him, but he didn’t dare.

People were still setting off firecrackers outside when Zhao Feihong said coolly, “You better go to sleep.”

You Mengzhe tossed and turned, thinking to himself that Zhao Feihong really was a good person. He had to think of a way to give him something, too. But what could he give him? Nothing he had was his own.

His money was his father’s, and if his treasures weren’t his mother’s, then they had still come from Qinghua Hall. None of them were his, and even he himself was raised by You Gutian—he had absolutely nothing. But who really owns themselves? People are born with nothing, and even their bodies were given to them by their parents. 

You Mengzhe entertained all sorts of ideas, and at the end, settled on cheating Zhao Feihong into dual-cultivating with him a few more times while he still had the ‘Turning to Yang’ in his body. En, that would do.

The two of them left Jiangzhou the next day. Zhao Feihong had hired a carriage to take them up the official road, and they would reach the capital in about ten days.

You Mengzhe sat groggily in the carriage, which was actually pretty clean inside. The driver was a deaf and mute old man, and his carriage had been the cheapest. No one else on their way to the capital wanted to hire him, firstly because they couldn’t communicate with him, and second because they were afraid of being robbed on the road. 

Zhao Feihong knew sign language, and with his overpowering martial arts skills, he didn’t fear getting ambushed, so with a few gestures, they, the old horse, and the old driver set off for the capital.  

There was a narrow cushioned seat, two stools, and a small charcoal stove inside the carriage. It had snowed last night, so it was a bit chilly outside. When dawn broke, they closed the curtains.

You Mengzhe sat in the carriage, dozing and dozing until he fell on Zhao Feihong’s body and woke up, but didn’t open his eyes. Zhao Feihong’s body was extremely warm, and had a kind of manly scent. All You Mengzhe wanted was to weave himself into his arms and let him hold him. 

“What do you want now?” Zhao Feihong warned, “Sit properly, and don’t move around.”

Zhao Feihong noticed the second You Mengzhe became restless, busy rubbing this and nuzzling that. When he reached out for his staff, You Mengzhe hurriedly shrank into the corner of the carriage. 

How should he do it? You Mengzhe narrowed his eyes, beginning to focus his qi. He thought about what happened that night, and spurred his internal force to blindly and erratically surge through his meridians, letting the chaos brew for a long time before he felt the slightest start of a qi deviation. Then You Mengzhe practiced the ‘Turning to Yang’ backwards once.

Yes... yes! This was the exact feeling! He had found it! 

You Mengzhe could only feel his entire body start to boil, the vital qi in his dantian colliding and surging all over the place. He was going to qi deviate any second now! Just a little more! He also needed to vomit blood; how would he do it realistically? 

You Mengzhe sent his vital qi crashing in his chest—nothing came out. Again! Still nothing. He had already thrown his vital qi in disorder and couldn’t summon it anymore. Then he felt something warm running in his nose. Was his nose bleeding?

Damn, even the heavens were helping him! You Mengzhe sucked in the blood from his nose, and then spewed out a mouthful of blood with a wretched cry. 

"Mengzhe?" Zhao Feihong immediately noticed that You Mengzhe’s qi had become thinner than a strand of silk, as he leaned motionlessly in the corner of the carriage. Zhao Feihong touched his forehead, felt his pulse, and was immediately alarmed. This time was even more dire than the last! 

"Mengzhe!" Zhao Feihong quickly brought You Mengzhe into his arms, and after a moment of silence, started to undo his robes.

Finally, You Mengzhe got what he wanted! Only after Zhao Feihong penetrated him from behind did You Mengzhe breathlessly weave his arms around Zhao Feihong’s neck, moaning in a low voice. Zhao Feihong practically had his hands bound and could do nothing about it. You Mengzhe leaned forward for a kiss, and Zhao Feihong could only close his eyes and reciprocate. 

“Shifu…” You Mengzhe panted.

Zhao Feihong: "......" 

With his chest bare and face flushed, Zhao Feihong had already come and regulated You Mengzhe’s inner qi. He was alright now, yet he still reached his arms out for a hug, and Zhao Feihong had no choice but to let him take his neck into his arms, looking very much at a loss. 

Act cute, take advantage of the situation and act cute. You Mengzhe had learned it well.

From then on, You Mengzhe began to cling onto Zhao Feihong. The next day he roiled his qi again, and spit out another mouthful of blood. Zhao Feihong said nothing, undressed, and dual-cultivated with him. 

You Mengzhe gradually figured out the rules. No matter what he did, his nosebleeds would never run out. The blood would flow as long as he wanted it to, because mens’ bodies store yin fluids, and since Yin and Yang complement each other, the blood helped maintain an equilibrium. If they didn’t exercise restraint during intercourse, and their yin fluids dried up, this would cause excessive internal heat.

For regular people, this wasn’t a problem, but You Mengzhe’s body contained both the ‘Turning to Yang’ and Zhao Feihong’s yang-dominant qi, so he had an overly hot-dry body constitution, and as a young man he already had a pure yang body. 

If he had dual-cultivated with a woman, it would have been a different story, because Yin and Yang complement each other, so after releasing his essence he would’ve also obtained the woman’s yin energy to balance out his own constitution. But Zhao Feihong was a man, and the Yin and Yang energies in his body were imbalanced, with weak Yin and strong Yang, and thus, his constitution was fire-dominant. 

Whenever You Mengzhe wanted to go for another round, he would vomit a mouthful of blood, and Zhao Feihong would have no choice but to take off his clothes and dual-cultivate with him.

Later on he didn’t even bother to fasten his robes, letting them flow loosely as they exposed his robust shoulders, making You Mengzhe’s heart flutter. 

Thus as time passed, the frequency of his vomiting gradually increased,  which nearly left Zhao Feihong at the end of his rope. But after dual-cultivating, it didn’t harm his Yang constitution, nor did it consume his energy, not to mention that Zhao Feihong had abundant, vigorous qi. 

At his wit’s end, he could only think about You Mengzhe’s worrisome condition, and continuously urged the driver to make haste.

After two straight days of this, You Mengzhe’s legs began to tremble, his complexion flushed, as he lay flat on the narrow cushioned seat, panting.

Charming spring scenery permeated the inside of the carriage as Zhao Feihong sat on the edge of the seat, already a little numb. If they continued to mess around like this, sooner or later he would go insane. 

You Mengzhe grabbed Zhao Feihong's hand and stroked it back and forth between his fingers. A moment hadn’t passed before Zhao Feihong’s cock hardened once more. 

"Shifu." You Mengzhe lay on his side and looked at him, playing with his hands as he teased, “You like me now, don’t you.”

Zhao Feihong said nothing, just holding him in one arm as he looked out of the window in a daze. 

Another day had passed, and even You Mengzhe himself needed to take a break. The swollen pain in his depths that came in bursts was the consequence of excessive sex—uh, excessive dual-cultivation. As he lay there completely flushed, the pain ceaselessly rippled like waves. He could go for more, but his body couldn’t, and if they did it too much, it could break. 

Zhao Feihong had no idea what evil plot this little trickster was up to now. He had felt his pulse and found that it had stabilized, so he presumed he could last a few more days.

Afternoon that same day, the horse-drawn carriage entered the boundary of Sili. Zhao Feihong instructed the driver to turn off the official road in search of a small village. 

"Where are we going?" You Mengzhe asked. "There’s a fishing village by Moon Mirror Lake up ahead. We’ll get some food to replenish your body."

The carriage stopped, and Zhao Feihong put on his outer robes and secured his belt. "Let’s go down for a walk. The spring weather is warm, the flowers are blooming, and you can soak up some sun." 

You Mengzhe had gotten used to these kinds of days. The more he feigned illness to attract sympathy and pity, the better Zhao Feihong would treat him. So he got out of the carriage weakly, as if the wind would blow him over.

He had been in this carriage for several days, and had barely seen the sun, so as soon as he emerged and saw the vast open horizon, he felt immediately refreshed. The spring breeze curled gently over the vast lake, blowing ripples all over the water, and in the distance he could see quite a few fishermen drying their nets. 

Zhao Feihong left to buy some food, as You Mengzhe leaned lazily against the carriage. The fragrance of flowers entangled in the spring breeze blew in his face, and as You Mengzhe gazed at Zhao Feihong's retreating figure, affection once again stirred in his heart. 

Zhao Feihong was currently buying turtles from a fisherman. Turtles were great for nourishing Yin, clearing internal heat and regulating the liver. He planned to buy it and ask the fisherman to make a braised turtle dish, as well as buy some rice to eat with You Mengzhe by the lake. 

You Mengzhe watched him for a while with an indescribable fondness, and suddenly felt the urge to dual-cultivate again. So he climbed back into the carriage and lay on his side on the narrow seat, and started to manipulate his qi. At present, his “Faking Qi Deviation” technique had been honed to perfection. As soon as he thought about it, his nose began to bleed.

Suddenly he heard a loud, foolish voice calling from outside the carriage. “This place’s turtles are the best, and they say that the emperor has come here too… First eat here, brothers, and then after noon we will make our way to the capital…”

You Mengzhe recognized the voice, forgetting his charade at once, and immediately pulled apart the curtains.

"Brother Wang!" 

"Ah?" The big and stocky constable from Yangzhou stared blankly with his hand on the carriage by the roadside. "Virtuous Little Brother You! You look like you’re about to die! Why are you here?"

You Mengzhe forgot that he was still bleeding from his nose, and with his bloody face poking out through the carriage window, he called out, "Are you going to the capital right now?" 

Wang Tan chuckled, and You Mengzhe got out of the carriage to catch up with him. As it turned out, Wang Tan had received a letter from a Ting County merchant who had gone to Yangzhou for business, saying that You Mengzhe would make his way to the capital after the New Year, so he had to make haste. Assuming Zhao Feihong had sent someone to carry the message, he and his comrades set off for the capital together, and coincidentally they had met each other on their way there. 

Wang Tan still remembered the great times he had spent in the House of Blossoms. Ever since You Mengzhe had notified the brothel, every time Wang Tan had visited the House of Blossoms, all his expenses were on the house. He enjoyed himself like it was like heaven on earth. 

After both parties exchanged their customary greetings, You Mengzhe asked about Yu Changqing’s situation, but Wang Tan didn’t know either. He had intended to meet with him at the capital. 

"What happened to you? Did someone beat you up?" asked Wang Tan. "Who beat you! Gege will help you out!" 

Only then did You Mengzhe remember. He carelessly smeared the blood all over his face, gazed at Wang Tan with a sly look on his face, and smiled. 

Ai, it’s nothing—it’s a long story. I’m just faking it… I’m playing with someone…” As You Mengzhe said this, he felt a hand clamp on his right shoulder, and his smile froze.

Zhao Feihong nodded towards Wang Tan, and You Mengzhe said, "Heh heh heh, this is my Shifu." 

Wang Tan: "Heh heh heh." 

You Mengzhe: "Heh heh heh... heh heh... heh..." 

Zhao Feihong clasped his hands in greeting, dragged You Mengzhe away, and threw him into the carriage.

He took a deep breath, as if preparing to scold him, yet he just couldn’t find the words to say. You Mengzhe stared at him with his bloody face. 

“You… so these days you went as far as to… you… I..." 

Zhao Feihong only thought that he should be the one vomiting blood. A mouthful of blood had even reached his throat, but he just couldn’t spit it out. You Mengzhe didn’t dare to say a word. 

Zhao Feihong was quiet for a moment, then said, “You must not do this again. Vomiting blood will harm your lungs…”

You Mengzhe hurriedly said, “Nonono, it was just a nosebleed. It’s nothing serious, I just focused my qi and it came out. Shifu, you don’t have to worry.”

Zhao Feihong: "......"

Translator's Comment:

*Moment of silence for Shifu’s little shifu*

WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH!! (18/36 chapters + 4 extras)

I promise it speeds up. My fave PAPAPA is yet to come 😉


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Wow, they got a real workout there!! When he stopped fastening his robes – whew! I love how You Mengzhe has started haggling. Thanks for the translation 🙂

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It’s always a pleasure to read this novel! You Mengzhe is such a fun protag; his affection for Zhou Feihong is so sweet, but I also like it when he’s 1000% unadultered horny for him too lol