Chapter 16 - Kangjin Dragon

Let Go of that Shou

"I can't help it ah...Shifu, you... go in a little deeper, ah, I can't handle it..."

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First You Mengzhe had to remove Zhao Feihong's martial robe. With a single swipe, he tore it open before peeling it off of him and throwing it on the chair. Zhao Feihong spat out another mouthful of blood. 

Isn’t he vomiting a little too much blood? I should hurry. 

Quickly and efficiently, he untied Zhao Feihong’s belt, laid his body flat, and tore off his underpants. And just like that, he stripped Zhao Feihong stark naked, with his robust, masculine body laying flat on the bed. 

You Mengzhe: "......" 

Zhao Feihong: "......" 

You Mengzhe licked his lips and couldn't help but feel aroused at the sight. For years on end, Zhao Feihong had never slacked off even the tiniest bit in his martial arts practice. His hands and feet were shapely and well-proportioned, his pectorals and abdominal muscles robustly defined, his shoulders broad, and his biceps hard as iron. Under the oil lamp’s glow, that chiseled, naked male body seemed coated in a layer of oil, undeniably perfect. 

So strong, You Mengzhe thought, and even rarer was the cock below Zhao Feihong’s hips, hard like iron, as thick as a child’s arm, with its twisted veins bulging, standing hard and erect. 

It must have been because of his pent-up desire that his whole body had grown heated, directly causing his qi deviation. No wonder, no wonder... 

You Mengzhe swept his eyes over Zhao Feihong’s entire body, every inch of his skin exposed under You Mengzhe's intrusive gaze. Zhao Feihong's face flushed bright red, yet he just couldn’t make a sound.

That thing was way too huge, ridiculously so. It was at least as thick as Zhao Feihong’s black-gold staff. You Mengzhe used his fingers for scale, then wrapped his right hand around Zhao Feihong’s scorching member. He couldn’t even grasp it fully with one hand! He would probably die if it impaled him like this. 

Whatever, You Mengzhe thought as he gulped, coated both his hands generously with balm, and applied a thin layer over the entire mass of Zhao Feihong’s enormous cock. As he rubbed his palm against the ruddy head, it immediately swelled even larger. An excess of viscous fluids oozed out of the reddish opening, wetting You Mengzhe’s entire hand. You Mengzhe slid his hands up and down his length a few times, and imitating what Sun Bin had taught him before, inserted his finger just a bit into that massive head, forcing even more precum to leak out.

Then You Mengzhe used the balm to completely coat his back entrance, his middle and index fingers stretching open his hole, and pursed his lips as he prepared himself.

At this point, Zhao Feihong couldn’t even spit out blood. He could only watch it all helplessly, staring face to face with You Mengzhe. Embarrassed, You Mengzhe closed his eyes, gasping faintly, but in the end, his own finger was still not thick enough. So he grabbed Zhao Feihong’s large hand, clutched his middle and index fingers together while the rest lay crooked, dipped them into the balm, and pierced his back entrance open with them. Zhao Feihong’s hands were large, his fingers thick and coarse, his fingernails neat and even, and his fingers long. When his two fingers plunged into You Mengzhe’s warm, soft depths, a flush travelled from You Mengzhe’s face to below his neck.

Just a little messing around was good enough, and You Mengzhe couldn't wait any longer. He straddled Zhao Feihong's waist, stretched one hand behind his back, grasped Zhao Feihong’s cock, aimed the massive head towards his own back entrance, and sat down.

As soon as he entered, You Mengzhe’s vision darkened with pain as he gritted his teeth to withstand it. It was truly way too big, at least 7 or 8 cun long, and it was excessively thick. The moment it plunged in, pain seared through his extremities as if he had been split open. He sat down half a cun, stopped a little, then sat down another half a cun, continuing until he got used to the feeling, and the acute pain gradually eased. In this way, You Mengzhe sunk his hips lower and lower, doing his utmost to bury that entire fleshy length into his depths. 

"Ah..." You Mengzhe moaned. 

With a face full of embarrassment and shame, tears brimming in his eyes, his knees spread wide and his back erect, he relished the satisfying sensation of being completely filled.

All of it was inside now, and You Mengzhe had been practically pierced dizzy. Sweat covered his beautiful, youthful body, and he couldn’t help but reach out to fondle his own chest, then his lower abdomen, before stroking his own erect member. Even though he had just been penetrated, he uncontrollably shot out a trail of translucent white all over Zhao Feihong’s chiseled abdomen. You Mengzhe gasped slightly and began to rock up and down. Every time it plunged into his innermost depths, he would feel abundant vital qi pouring into his body. The vital qi felt as vast as the ocean, infinite and boundless, but also intense like the sun melting snow, instantly making his entire body feel as if it was submerged in warm water—so satisfying that he couldn’t help but tremble with pleasure. 

Zhao Feihong coughed, then straightened his neck and gasped for breath. The surging, rushing vital qi suddenly found a catharsis point, releasing his body from paralysis.


You Mengzhe immediately responded, "Calm... calm down! Shifu, I'm helping you heal your injury!" 

At once, Zhao Feihong practically flushed red with anger. He didn’t dare look at You Mengzhe, who was sitting so deeply on his cock that it reached his core, the two of them frozen in this position.

"Hurry...get off," ordered Zhao Feihong.

"We’re in the middle of dual-cultivating! I would die! Don't make me qi deviate too." 

Zhao Feihong was about to go insane, and was speechless for a long while. 

So You Mengzhe said, "Let’s keep going. Just close your eyes, and I’ll do the work. One, two, three...Go!" 

Zhao Feihong propped himself up by his elbows, unable to stop his panting. Right now their bodies had become one, and just as he was about to extricate himself from You Mengzhe, the movement of vital qi began to slightly reverse. Flushed, You Mengzhe looked at Zhao Feihong, indicating for him to close his eyes. 

“Or how about I cover your eyes?”

“Stop messing around!”

You Mengzhe grabbed his own inner garment, planning to cover Zhao Feihong’s face with it, but was blocked by Zhao Feihong.

“Forget it,” Zhao Feihong panted for a moment before continuing, “Just this once. After this, we are still master and disciple. Don’t even think about anything else.”

“Not a problem, now lie down. Just relax and enjoy it.” 

Zhao Feihong swallowed, turned his head to avoid You Mengzhe's gaze, then said, "I'll do it, you relax. Guide your body’s vital qi along the meridians according to the ‘Turning to Yang’.”

You Mengzhe: "......”

You Mengzhe thought that he must have heard wrong, but Zhao Feihong had already sat up and grabbed You Mengzhe by the waist to lay him down on the bed. Avoiding his gaze, Zhao Feihong gently drew out half a cun, before plunging in, burying his cock to the hilt. 

"Ah!" You Mengzhe let out a shameful cry, and Zhao Feihong began to slowly, tortuously thrust in and out. 

You Mengzhe grabbed Zhao Feihong's arm, thinking he actually knew how?! How could this be? So it wasn’t his first time!

While You Mengzhe’s thoughts ran wild, Zhao Feihong thrusts followed one after another, and several times their bodies were nearly about to separate, his entire cock just about to pull out, before he deeply rammed it back in.

You Mengzhe’s cries were loud and unrestrained, which made Zhao Feihong order, “Be quiet!” 

"I can't help it ah...Shifu, you... go in a little deeper, ah, I can't handle it..." 

Embarrassed to the extreme, Zhao Feihong grabbed the corner of the quilt and stuffed it in You Mengzhe’s mouth for him to bite on as he repeatedly thrust in and out. You Mengzhe whimpered with tears brimming in his eyes, only focused on the pleasure that piled up in waves, each one surpassing the other, throughout his entire body. Every time Zhao Feihong thrust inside, a vigorous qi energy surged back and forth through You Mengzhe’s entire body’s network of arteries and veins, as if it were eroding his consciousness. It felt so good that he could fly — No, it felt so good that he could ascend. You Mengzhe’s vision blackened; he could in no way describe this sensation. 

Zhao Feihong couldn’t stop panting, and when he looked into You Mengzhe’s eyes, he grew so embarrassed again that he turned his head away. 

Eyes wide-open, You Mengzhe gazed at his handsome profile with an infatuated look in his eyes, and his heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. 

"Shifu," You Mengzhe moaned, "You're so fierce, you fuck me so good… ah, ahhh, ahhhhhh…”

“...... Don’t say that!” Zhao Feihong swallowed, as he slowly slid in and out.

"Shifu, turn your face a bit. Look at me..."

Zhao Feihong: "......" 

"That’s what it says to do in the manual..."

Zhao Feihong was honestly so close to being played to death by that cunning disciple of his. When Zhao Feihong looked at him, both of them now face to face, You Mengzhe could see a trace of a long-repressed, fiery lust raging in his eyes, which immediately caused his heart to squeeze. 

"Faster," You Mengzhe moaned, "Shifu, harder." 

Zhao Feihong: "......" 

Zhao Feihong began to thrust rapidly, his massive balls slamming between You Mengzhe's legs with a pa pa pa, ruthlessly fucking You Mengzhe. His fierce and domineering vital qi surged within both of their bodies and melted in You Mengzhe’s body by the ‘Turning to Yang’. It transformed into pure yang energy, before pouring back in with a vigor like the seas overturning. Following the increased frequency of his thrusts, vital qi flowed back and forth like waves, blending harmoniously like water with milk, both of them driven crazy with passion, their naked bodies like those of newborns. 

Subconsciously, You Mengzhe had practically lost control over his vital qi, and under Zhao Feihong’s relentless thrusts, a trail of white shot out all over his own chest. Zhao Feihong plunged deeply within, fucking him so hard that he came again, and immediately followed up with several more deep thrusts. Then You Mengzhe grabbed Zhao Feihong’s neck and kissed him passionately. Zhao Feihong’s pupils suddenly contracted. He closed his eyes, kissing You Mengzhe intently, their lips and tongues fervently intertwined, as a scalding heat emptied into You Mengzhe’s depths. 

After dual-cultivating:


Zhao Feihong’s face was ashen. 

"Shifu, why are you so tense? We both benefitted." 


"Aren’t you feuding with my father because he stole your woman? Now your enemy’s son just… No, I mean, you just took your enemy’s son. Isn’t that a good thing?”

This was past what Zhao Feihong could bear. He struck a key acupoint on You Mengzhe’s body, and his entire body went slack. Then he held him in his arms to lay him flat. 

Meanwhile, You Mengzhe concentrated his energy and charged against his blocked acupoints. I’m releasing it, I’m releasing it! With two tries, he had completely loosened its hold. His body now carried the same vital qi as Zhao Feihong’s. He could never paralyze him again!

"Ai, Shifu, aren’t I right?" asked You Mengzhe as he lay down. 

Zhao Feihong: "!!!" 

"Didn't I just strike your acupoint?!" Zhao Feihong asked incredulously. 

"We have the same vital qi now, so I know how to release my acupoints myself." 

"...... Go to sleep... now. Don't say a word."

Even if I talk more, there’s nothing you can do to me. Now you’re really at the end of your rope. 

He flung open the quilt and burrowed inside. Zhao Feihong's quilt wasn’t as nice as his own, and it was extremely thin, but because of Zhao Feihong’s martial arts cultivation, the sheets felt warm and cozy, and even had this strong man’s scent. 

Zhao Feihong shot You Mengzhe a look, then put on some thin clothing and, with an unsightly expression on his face, got up to go outside. 

You Mengzhe hurriedly asked, "Where are you going?" 

"I’ll sleep in your room." 

"It’ll be cold if I sleep like this. Your quilt is too thin." 

"Then go back to your own room and sleep."

You Mengzhe whined pitifully, "I want to sleep with you, Shifu."

"Don’t bring that up ever again!" 

"I wasn’t talking about that… I’ve slept alone since I was a kid. Qinghua Hall was empty...and cold." 

Zhao Feihong didn’t respond, so You Mengzhe said again, "My father has never accompanied me to sleep. Ai, forget about it."

Zhao Feihong let out a deep sigh, a sigh which contained a bit of both helplessness and self-blame. In the end, he had no choice but to turn back around, lie down on the bed, and stretch out his arm. Internally smirking, You Mengzhe rested his head on his sturdy arm, wrapped his arms around his waist, closed his eyes, and slept.  

Early the next morning, the sound of firecrackers awakened You Mengzhe from his slumber. When he opened his eyes, he smelled something fragrant. The sacred lilies on the windowsill had bloomed overnight, its fragrance refreshing to the heart and soul.

"Did you already set off the firecrackers?! Why didn't you wake me up?" You Mengzhe ran barefoot out of the front corridor into the cold, and sneezed. The main gate was still closed.

Zhao Feihong came out from inside the hall and said, "Go back and put on some clothes, don’t catch a cold!" 

"The peach blossoms are blooming!" You Mengzhe marvelled. 

The peach blossoms in the front courtyard bloomed brilliantly and abundantly, as luxuriant as embroidery. Zhao Feihong turned around and went back into the hall without a word.

Fortunately, the firecrackers hadn’t been set off yet, and You Mengzhe went back inside to put on some clothes. He haphazardly rolled up the quilt and considered it folded, when he suddenly felt an envelope by the pillow. Inside were two taels of silver twisted into the shape of a snake. You Mengzhe stuffed it into his pockets and came out to see Zhao Feihong sitting upright in the hall.

"That is Shifu's acceptance gift for becoming my disciple." 

"Oh, thank you." 

Zhao Feihong: "......" 

You Mengzhe: "?"

Zhao Feihong ordered, "Pay your respects." 

"Let’s just forget about the rites, it’s fine as long as we both know it in our hearts..." 


You Mengzhe stared at Zhao Feihong for a long time, before he reluctantly knelt down and bowed his head to the ground three times. He knew that Zhao Feihong was still thinking about what had happened last night, and was determined to formalize their relationship as master and disciple now. 

Why go through the trouble? Unaccustomed at first, familiar thereafter. He just had to go and cut off all other possibilities... 

When he looked up again, he saw Zhao Feihong smiling cheerfully.

"Mengzhe, in the future there is no need to be formal. Treat me the same as before." 

Zhao Feihong offered his hand and personally helped him up. You Mengzhe suddenly felt a little moved, but after a second thought, something wasn’t right. The Wulin Alliance Leader taking the Demon Cult’s Young Master as his disciple, how would they even start to figure this whole mess out? 

"Then what about my dad..." mentioned You Mengzhe. 

Zhao Feihong stood up tall, walked out with his hands clasped behind his back, and said apathetically, "I only know that your mother is Qing'er. I don't know who your father is." 

"Let’s talk this over, how about you don't go to Yuheng Mountain."

At this moment, You Mengzhe was sincerely worrying about him, but he also knew that once Zhao Feihong made a decision, he would never budge. Feeling apprehensive, he followed Zhao Feihong out of the front courtyard. 

Zhao Feihong opened the main gate, ignited the matchstick with a shake, and passed it to You Mengzhe. 

"Let’s talk about it later," replied Zhao Feihong impassively.

He grabbed his black-gold staff and motioned at You Mengzhe to light the firecrackers. You Mengzhe's eyes lit up. It was rare that Zhao Feihong would loosen up like this. He bowed and ignited the firecrackers. 

The firecrackers ushered in the New Year with an earth-shattering cacophony. Last night’s snow had already melted, and the spring breeze carried the red fragments of the firecrackers house to house, joining the other fragments along the street as red bits of paper covered the slushy ground in thick layers—a joyous atmosphere all around. 

After setting off the firecrackers, Zhao Feihong said with a smile, "May we have great fortune this year.”

Then he ruffled You Mengzhe's hair in passing, and went inside to set up breakfast.

You Mengzhe smiled and said, "To great fortune." 

The master and disciple pair were still eating their breakfast of New Year’s rice cakes, fried eggs, congee, salted fish, and salted eggs, when guests arrived to wish them a happy New Year. When those from the martial arts families of Ting County or Yangzhou saw You Mengzhe, none of them knew who he was. Zhao Feihong hurriedly cleaned up the table and ordered You Mengzhe to serve them tea. 

"Alliance Leader Zhao." A whole family had arrived, headed by a middle-aged man, and followed by a lady who was pulling along an older child and holding a younger child in her arms. Both parties were exchanging conventional greetings when another guest arrived.

"Alliance Leader Zhao!" The elderly man’s voice was loud and clear as he laughed loudly and cupped his hands in greeting.

Zhao Feihong rose to return the greeting, and just when everyone sat down, another guest arrived, this time a young man bringing his junior disciples to pay their respects to Zhao Feihong. Zhao Feihong returned their greetings one by one, while You Mengzhe brought out all the teacups in the house, and when those ran out, he would just have to make do with rice bowls for tea. People filled the hall, chatting with each other, and the atmosphere was very lively. 

Zhao Feihong said, "Mengzhe, this is Uncle Lin, the master of Mount Cang’s Five Elemental Fist, Young Master Bai of Liuhe Tongbi Gate, and Elder Hall Master Huang of Mount Jinyun’s Baiyu Hall." 


Master Lin said, "This must be the Alliance Leader’s young disciple," before smiling modestly.

You Mengzhe replied, "Greetings, Master Lin."

"Kowtow," ordered Zhao Feihong.

"......." You Mengzhe's smile froze on his face. 

Kowtow? You Mengzhe roared in his heart, a random servant girl from my sect can make these rascals from who knows where spit blood and die with a single palm, and you want me to kowtow to them?! You must be joking! 

Master Lin's wife was someone who had eyes, so she hurriedly said, "No need, no need, he’s already old enough. Here, let Auntie give you an envelope." 

Zhao Feihong said calmly, "He’s my disciple, and naturally younger than..." 

Master Lin came to his senses and quickly said, "What are you talking about? There’s no need. Ai, Meng Zhe? Where is Meng Zhe from?" 

You Mengzhe snuck a glance at Zhao Feihong, and seeing that Zhao Feihong wouldn’t insist further, he relaxed and answered, "From the border of Jiangzhou and Sili."

"Meng-gongzi is handsome," Master Lin's wife said with a smile.

"His last name is You, not Meng," Zhao Feihong explained, "You Mengzhe, You Gutian's son." 

Everyone smiled and nodded at You Mengzhe with admiration, but a short moment later, their smiles disappeared.

Master Lin voiced, "You Mengzhe...you’re the son of Yuheng Mountain’s…...heh heh heh…..." 

You Mengzhe accepted the red envelope with a smile. "Yes, yes, precisely the Demon Sect Leader You Gutian’s…...heh heh heh.”

Master Lin’s wife said, "The Demon Sect Leader's…...heh heh heh." 

"En, the Demon Sect Leader’s son, heh heh heh…..." 

Everyone's complexions turned deathly white, and the Elder Hall Master's hands trembled faintly when he passed him a red envelope. All the guests were thinking the same thing: Thank god he didn’t kowtow. Thank god, thank god... On the contrary maybe they all should have kowtowed to You Mengzhe. If You Gutian got wind of this, their own families would be slaughtered until not even a chicken. Or. Dog. Was. Left!!!

"Mengzhe, take the junior disciples out to play." Zhao Feihong gave You Mengzhe some money. 

Here, You Mengzhe was neither old enough nor young enough. There were over twenty youngsters from Six Elemental Fist, and You Mengzhe was exactly seventeen, so naturally he became the de-facto leader amongst them. The children in the hall didn’t know You Mengzhe’s identity, and they gathered around him, waiting for him to bring them to buy firecrackers. 

You Mengzhe still wanted to hear what Zhao Feihong was saying, but unfortunately there were at least five small children, so he had to pull them along. He bought some firecrackers outside on the street, and brought the children back to the front courtyard to play. Zhao Feihong’s voice travelled over, and he could faintly hear a few words.

"Mengzhe is the son of my old deceased friend. I am also to blame for what happened on Yuheng Mountain. Fortunately we were able to meet after all these years and can start over on a blank page." 

One after another the guests echoed in agreement. 

Sure, sure, thought You Mengzhe, if I disclosed to them what happened last night, I wonder what kind of expression I would see on their faces.

The old man surnamed Huang’s voice was the loudest and most distinct. "The Alliance Leader has even taken in You Gutian’s very own son. On the fifteenth day of the eighth month this year, our odds of success have certainly increased!" 

Zhao Feihong quickly corrected, "Good one, Elder Huang, but Mengzhe’s nature is not vile, so naturally we cannot use him to threaten You Gutian. I believe those of our righteous sects would also not resort to the same behavior as the Demon Cult’s. When the time comes, he will stay in the capital…” 

His voice quieted, and the children around him were setting off the firecrackers, so You Mengzhe couldn't hear the rest. 

"Big Brother." The eldest son of the Lin family asked, "Why do you and your father live in such a small place?"

"My father?" 

A few little ones scrutinized You Mengzhe, before one of them said, "Yeah, why don’t you move to Yangzhou?" 

"My father lives in Qinghua Hall, why do you say that?" Then suddenly he realized something. "That's my Shifu." 

"Hero Zhao isn’t your father?" asked the little kid.

"No, why do you say that?" You Mengzhe's heart jolted.

The little one said again, "You two look alike, your father looks very handsome." 

You Mengzhe and Zhao Feihong were both wearing azure robes, and they looked just like father and son, both just as handsome as the other. 

He thought that maybe they had made a mistake, so he told the little ones, "My father is thinner than my Shifu. He usually likes to laugh sinisterly. Hei hei, hei hei, like that, you see, just like that." 

You Mengzhe angled his face to the side, and imitated You Gutian’s wicked smile with a crook of his lips, emulating it perfectly.

“Handsome, right?”

The children continuously mocked and teased him, which made You Mengzhe laugh. He suddenly realized that he did not look like You Gutian, but he was always subconsciously mimicking him. After all, he was his only family since birth. 

Right now, Ting County was bustling due to the New Year festivities, but Yuheng Mountain was still as cold and desolate as usual, and he didn’t know how You Gutian was passing the New Year all alone. You Mengzhe missed him a little. From the time that he had grown up, his impression of You Gutian had always been a little odd. To say they weren’t close, wasn’t exactly right. They weren’t complete strangers. But to say they were close wasn’t right either. There always seemed to be a little distance between father and son. 

Each morning You Gutian would call him over and make him practice the ‘Turning to Yang’. When night fell, he would call him over again to check his pulse, feel his meridians, and check whether he had neglected his practice. Apart from this, the rest of the time he would just let him wander around and would never care what You Mengzhe did, letting him play and run all around the mountain. 

The children set off firecrackers one after another, playing gleefully with each other, while You Mengzhe found himself stuck thinking about the past. In these sixteen years, You Gutian had never held or hugged him. Only when some guests went up the mountain, would You Mengzhe get to eat together with him. Those from the Western Regions, Ting City, or the East Sea... the random motley of people in bizarre dress, with red hair and blue beards, all of them weird, would flatter him and gift him lots of treasures, and You Gutian would receive them all, be it the boot-licking or the gifts. Apart from these occasions, You Mengzhe would never get to eat his three meals with You Gutian. He would face that cold and desolate Qinghua Hall, utterly alone.

In all of his life, it had never been this lively, so it was impossible for him to compare these two environments. He just felt absolutely empty inside. 

He also didn’t know who he should miss. After all, his own mother had passed away before he could even see her face, and back then, he couldn’t even catch a glimpse of Yuwen Hong’s shadow. Afterwards, You Mengzhe would just talk to the air and himself, hopelessly dreaming for a mountain deity to accompany him. He was caught doing this once by some Demon Cult members, who thought that You Mengzhe was possessed, so after they reported this to You Gutian, You Gutian specifically set aside a little time to talk to You Mengzhe for about thirty minutes every day. Most of the time they would just make small talk, and once in a while they would talk about martial arts.

At the time You Mengzhe was still young, so naturally he didn’t remember it too well. Moreover, he didn’t understand the warmth or coldness of human emotions, and would take to heart whatever You Gutian said, regarding them as life’s golden rules. He behaved as if he took everything for granted, and had no concept of what was good or evil. Unexpectedly that mountain deity he had vainly hoped for did exist—it turned out to be Yuwen Hong. It's just that Yuwen Hong had shown up too late. Of course, all the members of the Demon Cult inverted right and wrong, and did not differentiate between good and evil, so no one thought that there was anything strange about this. 

And as the Young Master of the Demon Cult, the biggest advantage was that he could go anywhere he wanted to on the mountain, play with others when he had playmates, and foray in the mountains by himself when he didn’t. He could freely enter and exit Cangjing Pavilion, casually play with the divine weapons in Lunjian Pavilion, and enter the alchemy room at will—there was also the Demon Tomb in the back of the mountain, where generations of his ancestors were buried, which was said to contain the urn of his mother’s ashes. 

Ever since he was a child, You Mengzhe had treated pearls like marbles and squandered gold leaves like they were nothing. He lacked nothing, yet he felt utterly bored and listless. He had never had a person like Zhao Feihong in his life who took care of him, brought him out to buy food, or taught him many things. Zhao Feihong’s gaze was never apathetic, only nurturing, and it was clear that both of them needed each other’s company. Zhao Feihong had said before that it had been ages since he had celebrated the New Year, and he had probably spent all these years alone… But what about You Gutian?

Hazily, You Mengzhe once again thought about his strange father. If You Gutian had treated him like Zhao Feihong did, and even nagged at him to practice martial arts and chop firewood, or brought him down the mountain to buy food, maybe he wouldn’t have felt so listless as to run away from home. 

As he was deep in thought, the guests began to take their leave, and the children departed one after another. You Mengzhe and Zhao Feihong bid farewell to the guests, as everyone said “don’t see me out, don’t see me out”, and the little ones’ brothers, mothers, and fathers all examined them with anxious expressions, checking their children’s bodies for any strange marks or indications of any mysterious poisons that would make them die a sudden death a month later. 

"Alliance Leader, no need to see us out." Everyone cupped their hands in farewell. Ever modest, Zhao Feihong walked all his guests out, before plopping on the stone bench in the front courtyard, lost in thought. You Mengzhe looked at Zhao Feihong for a while, when he suddenly felt the urge to get closer to him. 

"What do you want now!" As soon as You Mengzhe pounced over, Zhao Feihong raised his arm guardedly.

"Shifu, I just want to hold you for a while." 

"......You didn’t even kowtow..." Zhao Feihong continued, "Where can I put my face... Okay, okay, what are you trying to do! Stop it!" 

You Mengzhe had his arms wrapped around Zhao Feihong's neck, straddling his lap and rubbing up against him. With Zhao Feihong’s handsome face thoroughly flushed, he got up to leave, only to have You Mengzhe hang onto him like a monkey, and with a few jerks, dragged him along with him. 

You Mengzhe: "!!!" 

Zhao Feihong: "......" 

You Mengzhe’s hand had brushed up against Zhao Feihong's crotch, and that thing was hard and erect. 

Quickly he exclaimed, "Let’s dual-cultivate!"

Zhao Feihong's face instantly darkened, so You Mengzhe had no choice but to let him go. He went out to the courtyard to walk a few laps before coming back inside to see Zhao Feihong sitting in the hall, his expression slightly more relaxed. 

"Shifu, why are you being like this? We are master and disciple, and the ancient texts never said we couldn’t do other things…” 

Zhao Feihong angrily bellowed, "What happened last night was a matter of necessity! This matter defies the ethics of heaven and earth! If you so much as think these filthy, vile thoughts again, then you can leave this discipleship immediately. I won't care what you do anymore, go wherever you want!" 

You Mengzhe was instantly dumbstruck. Zhao Feihong would stop caring about him? Before, he had always been thinking about running away, but now that Zhao Feihong had said it like this, You Mengzhe discovered he didn’t want to leave anymore. It was truly strange. 

You Mengzhe presented his case reasonably, "What defying, what ethics… You haven’t married, I haven’t married, and no one bats an eye when the righteous martial artists play with a gigolo… Besides, it’s only dual-cultivation…”

Zhao Feihong said nothing, and You Mengzhe grumbled for a long time before going out to grab a bamboo pole to slash around in the courtyard, the wind gusting.

You Mengzhe already had Zhao Feihong's vital qi within his body. His vital energy came from pure yang techniques, so it was inherently extremely domineering and full of yang. However, after last night’s dual-cultivation, it had fused with the ‘Turning to Yang’, and since their martial paths were actually both yang-based, it had transformed into a vast, boundless cultivation base that permeated You Mengzhe’s entire body.

Every one of his moves belied the subtle aura of a master. His inner energy had become full and impregnable, full of accumulated might, yet executed precisely and measuredly as he bent over to flip himself into the air with his bamboo pole held behind his back. He flipped in the air a dozen times before using his backhand to brandish the pole, and let out a bright “Ha!” 

The rich, youthful voice rang loud and clear, and even You Mengzhe himself seemed a little surprised. The staff techniques Zhao Feihong had taught him before had just been repeated smoothly and absolutely effortlessly. It was truly a sight to be seen. He didn’t know when Zhao Feihong had come out, standing in front of the corridor giving him pointers.

“The sixteenth form, ‘Jabbing the Rivers and Mountains’, requires you to preserve your strength.”


"When old force reaches its extent, you can’t continue it before new force arises.”

Zhao Feihong retrieved his own black-gold staff and swept it so quickly that it left afterimages. 

"The way of the staff relies on an uninterrupted source, which must be inexhaustible, yet still fresh. In many places, you're using stagnant energy. Practice it with me once.”

You Mengzhe retracted his stick, and watched Zhao Feihong from the corner of his eyes. Both master and disciple moved in complete unison, with their staffs raised horizontally in front of their chests and their hand movements neat and steady. They swept to the right at the exact same time, and began the staff technique’s set of sixty-four forms.

The peach blossoms in the courtyard swirled in the wind stirred by the staves, Zhao Feihong’s graceful figure confident and unrestrained beyond compare as he maneuvered his staff. With You Mengzhe in complete concentration, one big and one small mimicked each other with each jab, smash, and jerk. You Mengzhe practiced until his movements became clear and fluid, until his entire body was drenched with sweat. It was his first time experiencing the joy of martial arts.

When master and disciple retracted their staves at the same time, Zhao Feihong lightly said, “Not bad, you’ve improved.”

Applause resounded from behind them, as Tang Hui’s voice laughed and remarked, "Great staff technique." 

You Mengzhe had been deeply focused in his practice and didn’t notice when a guest had arrived. Zhao Feihong had known a long time ago, and turned around to see precisely the Tang Sect’s Young Master Tang Hui accompanied by four relatives.

Zhao Feihong and Tang Hui bowed and cupped their fists at each other, and after paying their respects, Tang Hui shook out his fan and began fanning himself. He acknowledged You Mengzhe with a smile, “We meet again.”

Zhao Feihong instructed, "Practice by yourself one more time. Young Master Tang, why haven’t you returned to Xichuan?" 

Tang Hui smiled and replied, "I just so happened to have some matters to attend to after the Alliance Assembly. Afterwards, I couldn’t make it home in time for the New Year, so I rested in Yangzhou for several days before continuing on my way. After you, Alliance Leader." 

Zhao Feihong let Tang Hui into the hall, as a curious You Mengzhe stood outside the door, eavesdropping.

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