Chapter 36 - Pleasant Night Cream


“Mu-ge, I like you too.”

Content Warning:
Explicit smut; Dubious Consent

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Night. Having received Li Xiao's verbal command, Xu Lingyun met with Tang Si, and upon hearing it, Tang Si couldn’t decide whether to laugh or to cry.

“Lord Xu, leaving aside the fact that we haven’t yet been assigned the location for the autumn hunt, the soldiers haven’t rounded up the mountain either,” Tang Si said. “How can we prepare rations for three thousand men for an overnight departure on such short notice?”

Xu Lingyun scratched his head. “These are His Majesty’s orders. General Tang, you have to go, whether you want to or not.”

Tang Si looked exasperated. Xu Lingyun added, “How about this: let's take the army along the south side and head west along the Han River. I think His Majesty will most likely want to enter the Western Plains, so whenever we pass through the various cities in Jiang Province, Jia City, and Ting City, I will go and ask the local officials to prepare rations for the army. As long as we beg for food along the way, that should do it.”

Tang Si couldn’t think of any other solution, and he asked, “What other orders did His Majesty have?”

Xu Lingyun shrugged. The two of them looked at each other, both apparently having racked their brains over Li Xiao’s impromptu autumn trip, yet eagerly ready to experience it.

With that, Tang Si went forth to ready the city guards, while Xu Lingyun returned to the palace to prepare.

Li Xiao, on the other hand, couldn’t sleep all night. He was so restless, it was as if he were a kid preparing to run away from home. He woke up during the third geng and peered out before lying back down, only to then wake once more at the fourth geng and sit there for a while.

Lin Wan was sound asleep. At the fifth geng, seeing that the lights were still on in the rooms across from his, Li Xiao pushed open the door quietly and went out into the garden.

In the darkest hour before dawn, the lights were out in all areas of the palace, and the stars were setting in the west, though a faint remnant of light could be vaguely discerned.

A thin layer of frost had formed on the ground, and the autumn chill was biting. When Li Xiao was struck by the cold air, he sneezed, before commanding the eunuch on duty to not follow him. Instead, he had him stand outside Yanhe Hall to wait for his orders, before heading straight to Xu Lingyun’s room in the corner.

The room's light was still on, but Xu Lingyun wasn’t there. There was a guard’s black garb neatly folded on the table, with a note pinned to it under a paperweight.

The paper was a sketch consisting of a few simple lines that depicted several courtyards with an arrow heading east from Yanhe Hall, across the imperial garden, passing through a large portion of the imperial palace, before finally pointing at the northeast gate of the harem.

Li Xiao untied his dragon robe and threw it on Xu Lingyun’s bed, quickly changing into the bodyguard uniform prepared for him. Li Xiao’s figure was slender and handsome to begin with, and the garb brought out another side to him. He straightened his collar and put on the martial cap, then glanced in the mirror, only to be struck dumb.

It was an old robe, the hems of which had faded white with washing, that had clearly been worn for who knows how many years. Though simple and plain, it had a certain flair when worn by Li Xiao.

With a black bodyguard’s cap, a black cloth robe, and a length of white silk that served as a belt, showing off the straight lines and strength of his waist, only Li Xiao’s eyes held a hint of fierce cruelty.

Li Xiao seemed to have met someone he had been familiar with for many years in the mirror. After looking for a moment, he came back to himself, turned around, and left the room like a gust of wind.

Outside the secluded courtyard wall, the falcon guards yawned, one after another, leaning against the wall, clicking their tongues as they stared off into space. The guards were all dressed exactly alike in red robes, with leather shoulder guards strapped to their left shoulders and wrist guards in their right hands.

The door to the falconry was wide open. Twenty falcons either perched on the shoulders of the falcon squad or on their wrist guards, looking around alertly from time to time. The arctic gyr, in contrast, stood in front of Xu Lingyun, clawing away at the sand on the ground.

One of the guards asked, “Leader, where exactly are we going?”

Xu Lingyun, “You’ll find out later.”

Xu Lingyun sat down with his back against the high wall of the harem, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. Since Li Xiao had not yet arrived, he fished a book out from his robes and flipped through it under the light of the red lantern above, stopping at the page describing the battle of the Western Plains, where everything had become a little more settled.

Western Plains, Ting City.

The previous night’s turmoil seemed to have no impact on the people of Ting City, as the shops opened as usual early in the morning, with people bustling about in the Eastern Street. The lanterns that had been taken during the Shangyuan festival were left discarded on both sides of the street, with children occasionally picking up these remnants and engaging in plenty of horseplay.

Standing in front of a food stall, Li Qingcheng took Zhang Mu by the hand and looked out, only to see that the snow had already melted throughout Ting City, so everywhere around them was dripping wet. The sky was cloudy, making it colder than it had been a few days prior, and only a slim ray of sunlight shone down through the clouds.

“Zhang Mucheng,” Li Qingcheng called.

Zhang Mu’s big hand tightened slightly, indicating that he was listening.

Li Qingcheng walked aimlessly through the market, still leading Zhang Mu by the hand without letting go once. Women around them sent side glances one after another at this tall, blindfolded man.

“Listen.” Li Qingcheng picked up a small wooden mallet and jiggled it in Zhang Mu’s ear. The wooden mallet was made ingeniously, making a sound of ‘kou kou kou’ when shaken.

Zhang Mu smiled.

“Customers, look around as you please?” The stall vendor selling gadgets was a young woman who beamed at them. “These are all a few toys for girls. Young Master, care to buy some rouge as a gift for someone?”

Li Qingcheng put down the mallet and unscrewed the container of rouge, only to be greeted by a delicate fragrance.

The young woman said, “This rouge comes from Jiang Province, and it is very finely refined.”

Li Qingcheng nodded. He put down the rouge box and picked up a pair of knots made from red rope, only to see that the knotwork was very intricate. In the center were four circles twisted around each other, and with a slight flip, eight more circles of rope bordered with golden threads, interlocked with each other, the knots crafted ingeniously. When unfolded,  it could be coiled up in the palm, and when folded, it once again became a flat knotted rope.

Li Qingcheng asked, “What is this for?”

The young woman smiled and replied, “This is called the True Love's Trial of Distance knot, woven by the craftswomen of the Jinfang embroidery shop, to hang as a waist pendant. They don’t sell these trifles at the shop, so they let me bring them to the market for some change.”

“Buy a pair and bring it back to tie onto the huang jade ba,” Li Qingcheng said.

Li Qingcheng’s heart stirred faintly, and he asked, “Is the Hall of Brimming Spring that…house of young male prostitutes in the east of the city?”

The young woman nodded and received the money. Li Qingcheng thought about it and turned his head to look. Glancing towards the Eastern Street Market, he spotted a man dressed in a green robe buying things, followed by a young brothel manservant, who was the same male prostitute in the Hall of Brimming Spring that day.

Li Qingcheng nodded. He loosened his hold of Zhang Mu’s hand, walking forward as he fiddled with the knot in his hand before he turned his head to look at Zhang Mu’s waist; Zhang Mu hadn’t brought the huang jade out with him. He treated that jade as a treasure and never wore it as a waist pendant; he had only put it on as an accessory once when he met the Provincial Officer, but he stowed it away safely as soon as he returned home. In these past few days, he hadn’t even worn any tallies at his waist.

Li Qingcheng let go of his hand and immersed himself in fiddling with that knot. Zhang Mu still listened carefully to discern the sound of Li Qingcheng’s footsteps. Li Qingcheng took a step, Zhang Mu would follow for every step.

Li Qingcheng squinted as he shot him a glance, only to see Zhang Mu with a puzzled appearance; with a black cloth covering his eyes, his male countenance was handsome and peerless in the morning sunlight that enveloped it, giving a breath-taking sense of rigid beauty.

Li Qingcheng suddenly thought of a prank. He tiptoed away in a flash, hiding himself on the side of the road and watching from a distance.

Zhang Mu couldn’t see, and the market was too rowdy, so even before this, the sound of Li Qingcheng’s footsteps was already too difficult for him to discern. Now that Li Qingcheng’s footsteps had lightened, even more, Zhang Mu couldn’t sense him at all.

The Yingnu was already tall, so when he stood in the midst of the bustling crowd, he stuck out like a sore thumb. The passerby all looked strangely at him, but Zhang Mu didn’t notice at all, instead standing there for a while, before he raised his hand, only to close it around empty air.

“Qingcheng?” Zhang Mu called out in alarm, before taking a step forward.

“Qingcheng!” Zhang Mu turned his head anxiously, his sword brows furrowed deeply and his ears cocked. “Qingcheng—!”

Zhang Mu roared, “Qingcheng?!”

Zhang Mu shivered for a while before he immediately came to a conclusion. He then reached out to untie the knot at the back of his head holding the blindfold in place. Li Qingcheng hurriedly said, “Over here! Don’t untie it!”

Zhang Mu breathed a sigh of relief, while Li Qingcheng stuck out his tongue; it hadn’t worked out this time either. He originally thought Zhang Mu was then going to say something, but this blockhead didn’t get the hint and instead remained silent. He had no choice but to take his hand, swinging it around in boredom as they continued onwards.

From afar, Shuhua came out of a shop, got on a carriage, and left.

Li Qingcheng suddenly had another idea. He pulled Zhang Mu towards the shop where Shuhua had come out and saw that it looked like a medicine hall, yet also not, with a plaque hung over the entryway with the words: “Jinbao Hall.”

What did this shop sell? Li Qingcheng let Zhang Mu wait outside while he entered the shop alone, and saw that there was a screen in the hall to separate the inside of the hall from the outside. He went to ring the bell at the counter and the shopkeeper, a skinny man around fifty years of age, with an obscene leer, came up and smiled. “What does the Young Master like to buy?”

Li Qingcheng looked around and said curiously, “Just a moment ago, there was a young male pros…”

The shopkeeper leered and asked, “Young Master means that boy Shuhua?”

“Ah…” Li Qingcheng casually picked up a box in front of the counter. “What do you sell here?”

The shopkeeper smiled. “Jinbao Hall’s goods come from all over, and we only sell bedroom goods. It is all novelty stuff and can only be found in this house, no other. Is the Young Master seeking something to strengthen his yang energy or something for pleasure?”

Li Qingcheng opened the box to take a look and found that there was an explicit erotic picture inside. The corners of his mouth immediately twitched, and he put the lid back on, nodding and saying, “I’ll look around, I won’t trouble you.”

Li Qingcheng walked around the shop with both hands clasped behind his back, only to see that the goods were really as varied as the shopkeeper had said. There were fans painted with erotic pictures, urns filled with wine steeped in medicinal herbs, and lots of uncovered brocade boxes with finely crafted ceramic bottles inside, which he thought were most likely the aphrodisiacs.

After walking around, Li Qingcheng came back and asked with a smile, “What did Shuhua buy just now?”

The shopkeeper stooped to take out a round box from the counter and smiled. “Shuhua bought a box of pleasant night cream. Would the young master like to try it too?”

“How is it used?” Li Qingcheng asked, opening the round box as he spoke.

“Does the Young Master want to play with women or with men?” The shopkeeper asked. “This is for male pleasure, women cannot use this. If the Young Master is looking for male pleasure, do you prefer the great pleasure or…the little pleasure?”

“What does great pleasure and little pleasure mean?” Li Qingcheng asked blankly.

The shopkeeper was a little embarrassed. Seeing that Li Qingcheng didn’t look like he was one of those, he thus explained, “The great pleasure is… someone who is handsome and vigorous, the one on the top; while the little pleasure is charming and gentle, the one that lies down on the bottom…… If Young Master is looking for male pleasure, Jinbao Hall also has these…”

Then, he took out a box and opened it, revealing the dildo crafted from copper lying inside, and with a smile, he said, “Our shop’s superior dildoes are different from ordinary jade ones. Copper dildoes can be filled with some hot water, and it feels very good to the touch.”

Seeing that Li Qingcheng only half understood, the shopkeeper explained with keen interest, “Young Master may not know, but there are methods to enjoying male pleasure, like that boy Shuhua, when I went to the Hall of Brimming Spring......”


The shopkeeper vividly described the whole process of what Shuhua had done.

Li Qingcheng, “......”

“That hussy Shuhua ascended straight to the heavens......”

The shopkeeper was extremely explicit, describing in detail all that happened during their sexual encounter from the time they undressed to the time they got up and left in an intimate manner, making Li Qingcheng’s face and ears flush red, his mouth dry.

Li Qingcheng, “...”

The shopkeeper, “......”

With a knowing smile, the shopkeeper guessed that Li Qingcheng was the bottom one, so he introduced to him, “The ancient formulas used in the pleasant night cream are made from mild herbs, without the use of cinnabar, muscovite, and anything else harmful to your wellbeing. There’s no harm in using this one; the effects are gentle and not too potent. It wouldn’t be harmful even if you use more than you need.”

Li Qingcheng brought the box closer and sniffed it. “How do you use it?”

The shopkeeper said, “It can be added to the wine, or applied externally. When that thing goes in, it will be very painful, but it slips in smoothly and easily after applying this. This is suitable for use both with the great and small pleasures...... Young Master, you can’t taste it!”

Li Qingcheng said, “Usable both internally and externally? How much should be used at a time?”

The shopkeeper packed up the box and smiled. “It’s two taels of silver for a box. If the Young Master can bear it, there’s no harm in using up even the whole box, and I promise it will have you acting with beast-like ferocity…”

Li Qingcheng, “Two taels of silver just for one night, that’s too expensive.”

The shopkeeper laughed. “Just kidding. Although this cream was made from herbs, the ingredients were picked from the best of the best. The extract of this herb is so strong that using just a little bit of it makes your body feel hot in no time. Feed each other some more when you’re warm and entangled with each other, and it melts in your mouth, that’s all it takes to......” He stalled, gesturing with his knuckles. “A night of lust, no problem at all. Young Master can come back at any time if you’re not happy with the purchase.”

Li Qingcheng sized up the scrawny shopkeeper, and upon seeing an idyllic display on his face, he thought that since he managed to keep such a large shop full of aphrodisiacs and carnal goods, he was also probably a person that had grown overly attached to being overwhelmed by pleasure. Then he smiled and said, “Bring me ten boxes.”

Saying this, he reached into his bosom to feel for the silver. The shopkeeper was dumbfounded and said, “There are only two boxes left in the shop.”

Li Qingcheng said, “We have to leave Ting City in a few days. How long will one box last?”

The boss thought about it. “If the Young Master performs bedroom activities every night... I estimate it will last for three or four months, but it would be too harmful to your body. If it is once every few days, it should be enough for a year. Where does the Young Master live? You may wish to leave your address, and I’ll send someone to deliver it to you the next time a merchant leaves the area?”

Li Qingcheng nodded and said, “Quite the businessman. But for now, bring in the two remaining boxes. Should the need arise, I will send someone to buy more next time.”

The shopkeeper hurriedly brought the two boxes of pleasant night cream, along with a gift of a handkerchief embroidered with an erotic picture, and stuffed it into a beautiful brocade pouch. He accepted the silver and said with a smile, “Young Master, take care.”

Li Qingcheng tucked the box in his bosom on his way out. Zhang Mu was still standing there like a block of wood. He didn’t ask Li Qingcheng what he had bought, and Li Qingcheng didn’t tell him either, instead taking his hand and saying, “Let's go.”

Li Qingcheng left the eastern street and proceeded to the governor’s manor. Fang Qingyu had carried out his work very efficiently, and in just half a day, the governor had taken up his post and all the officials under him had come out to pay their respects. Fang Qingyu, who was in the government office going through the books, upon hearing that Li Qingcheng had arrived, immediately went out to greet him.

Li Qingcheng said, “No matter, you go about your business, Mu-ge and I are walking around. Wait until all this is done, then I’ll buy all of you lords a drink.”

The officials dispersed, and Li Qingcheng went back to the city gate. Zhang Yan went back to the mansion, while Tang Hong took charge of the city defense garrison and was drafting a new list.

“Have they come yet?” Li Qingcheng said.

“No, I sent four teams of men out along the road to scout, we’ll get a report by the day after tomorrow.” Tang Hong knew that Li Qingcheng was referring to those riders of the capital sent by the court to clean up after them. He glanced at Zhang Mu and asked, "When will his eyes heal?"

Li Qingcheng said, “It’ll take a day to recover. It won’t be a bother.”

Tang Hong nodded. Li Qingcheng added, “Inform me as soon as there is any news. When the time comes, the troops must be sent out to ambush them.”

Tang Hong looked at the city guards in the distance and said in a low voice, “I’ve rearranged the Ting Province garrison once more. We’ll start inserting all our men in the Ting Province army tomorrow, and in three months at the earliest, a year at the slowest, we will be able to kill Zhang Yan and take over all these 8,000 military forces……”

Li Qingcheng immediately replied, “No, no need. You make it clear to Zhang Yan that for this encounter, we are only borrowing his troops; you must not show the slightest hint of coveting his army. As soon as the battle is over, you will draw back all our eighty men.”

Tang Hong, at a loss, asked, “Why? Don’t you want the Ting Province army?”

Li Qingcheng waved his hand and said, “What good can these 8,000 military forces be? Be a little less miserly. If you put your own men under Zhang Yan, he will definitely grow suspicious as time passes. Unexpected failure is the worst of folly. Sun Yan will start recruiting next month, and by then there will be at least 40,000 military forces. Only then should you give them command of the troops.” 

“You must remember not to startle the snake,” Li Qingcheng told him. “I have to go to my maternal uncle’s place in Jiang Province soon, so you must keep Ting Province steady, I don’t want to have to turn back halfway.”

Tang Hong asked, “But who’s going with you when you’ve left all the men here?”

Li Qingcheng smiled. “Aren’t there more guards who haven’t arrived? If we can capture them as prisoners, we can use them as personal guards. We’ve been doing business with no capital this far. This one trip won’t make a difference.”

It was already past noon by the time Li Qingcheng got down from the city gate tower. He asked for a horse from Tang Hong and shared it with Zhang Mu, traveling slowly along the city walls. They bought some food on the western street before stopping at the river that divided Ting City into two east and west sectors.

The spring light was radiant, the sun was warm, and the river water hadn't yet defrosted. Li Qingcheng and Zhang Mu sat side by side, sharing several side dishes wrapped in greaseproof paper under the bridge, feeling indescribably comfortable and at ease.

Li Qingcheng, “Zhang Mucheng, try some of this.” Then he guided his chopsticks to pick up some of the vegetables.

Zhang Mu, "Give me some wine too."

Li Qingcheng couldn’t help but smile. “You’ve smelled that?”

Zhang Mu hmn-ed.

As Li Qingcheng chewed, he stared at Zhang Mu, looking at his handsome countenance and the burn marks on the side, which he could never look at directly. Now that Zhang Mu could not see, he could finally look at it with full confidence, and he thought that even if Zhang Mu’s face was damaged, he still had a certain kind of attractiveness that was indescribably pleasing to the eye.

Zhang Mu’s lips looked sharp but not thin, and he was as stiff as a carved stone, with a beautiful high nose bridge, and his skin tone was just the right amount of dark. Li Qingcheng suddenly thought, how about putting the aphrodisiac in the food and giving him some?

Li Qingcheng poured out some wine for Zhang Mu, tugged his hand over, and wrapped it around himself, leaning his back against Zhang Mu’s chest as both of them relaxed under the bridge. Li Qingcheng lazily said, “Zhang Mucheng.”

Zhang Mu took a sip of wine, and the arm wrapped around Li Qingcheng squeezed gently, indicating that he heard him.

Li Qingcheng, “Zhang Mucheng, have you figured it out.”

Zhang Mucheng, “Figured out what?”

Li Qingcheng didn’t answer. Zhang Mu suddenly remembered what had been said on the carriage that day.

Li Qingcheng, “Nine times does the bell echo throughout the mountains, the emperor has entered the city, the flowers are blooming, the ice of Feng River defrosts, and you still haven’t figured it out?”

Zhang Mu said, “Almost there, just a moment.”

Their surroundings became utterly silent, and even the slightest sound of the wind had left them as if the only thing in the world was the narrow space under this tiny bridge and the vast river of ice before them.

“Listen,” Zhang Mu suddenly said softly.

Li Qingcheng closed his eyes and listened. There was an extremely soft sound as if something had broken open inside each of their hearts simultaneously.

“What’s that sound?”

Zhang Mu’s fingers caressed Li Qingcheng’s lips, causing Li Qingcheng to cease speaking. After a long, long pause, another soft sound came.

Crack—— The sound was somewhat clearer this time.

Li Qingcheng opened his eyes in surprise, his black pupils reflecting the icy surface of Feng River which was now covered with countless cracks. The cracks on the ice-layered surface that was formed during winter spread, as far as the eye could see, sweeping upstream at lightning speed with a loud bang in just a breath.

The ice of Feng River defrosts!

At that moment, millions of fragmented ice, as if they had been brewing all winter, blossomed into the most dazzling of ice crystals in front of them. Cold water spurted out in foot-high waves through the cracks in the ice, and with a resounding crash, ten miles of ice broke down, and the surging Feng River came back to life, carrying the "clanking" ice blocks downstream at a rapid flow.

The ancient glacier from the summit of Mt. Duanke originated from the territory of the Xiongnu people. The thousands-of-miles long Feng River flowed around Feng Mountains all the way eastward, converging with the Han River at its end.

“The ice of Feng River defrosts——as winter has passed and spring has arrived——”

Children’s voices rang out with laughter and mirth on the Ting Province bridge.

“I adore you, Qingcheng,” Zhang Mu spoke in a low voice.

“You’ve finally figured it out,” Li Qingcheng softly said. “I adore you too, Mu-ge.”

An indescribable tinge of red appeared on Zhang Mu’s cheeks, and afterward, he felt the press of cold lips against his own.

Zhang Mu sprang to his feet and pushed Li Qingcheng away before turning to run.

Li Qingcheng, “Hey, stop right there! What do you mean by this!”

With his eyes unable to distinguish things, Zhang Mu set out in panic and ran mindlessly. He first bumped into a tree, then, staggering up, turned to run again along the embankment.

Li Qingcheng almost fell off the river as he laughed, so hard he couldn’t catch his breath. “Where are you going! Don’t run!”

Bumping into several people along the way, Zhang Mu still ran full pelt irregardless. Moments later, he whistled with his fingers to call over the arctic gyr —— it came, spreading its wings and whirling around overhead with clear wingbeat sounds.

With the arctic gyr to lead the way, Zhang Mu ran along the main street by discerning the sound of wings, unexpectedly disregarding Li Qingcheng.

“You……” Li Qingcheng roared, “Stop right there!” He tried to touch the bamboo whistle in his bosom, only to realize that he had forgotten to bring it out with him. He, who had no choice but to chase after Zhang Mu from far behind, saw the latter pant for breath and run back into the mansion.

Li Qingcheng, “?”

Zhang Mu rushed headlong into the mansion. Panting, he pulled up and stood in the courtyard for a moment. On the other hand, Li Qingcheng, stumped, walked past the corridor yet couldn’t find anyone.

After Li Qingcheng blew the whistle, the arctic gyr flew in from the west courtyard, which prompted him to head in that direction. After circling for quite a while, he finally saw Zhang Mu standing behind the rockery, facing the wall with his face reddened all over.

Li Qingcheng, “...”

Zhang Mu, “......”

Zhang Mu didn’t look back. He was facing the wall, still panting and slightly trembling.

Li Qingcheng sized him up from the side, then asked, “Are you…alright?”

Zhang Mu waved his hand and Li Qingcheng went to take it, but at this gesture, Zhang Mu immediately retracted his hand.

Li Qingcheng, thoroughly out of words, turned around and went inside the room. Succeeding in poking around, he opened Zhang Mu’s box and took a look inside, intending to find the huang jade to hang up the love knot.

Inside the large box was another small one containing the huang jade as well as a folded piece of paper that was as smooth as a piece of tofu.

Li Qingcheng confidently opened it, in which a few lines of words were read:

I, too, adore you, Qingcheng, but Mu-ge couldn’t say it for fear of making you angry.

I, too……

“Mu-ge?” called Li Qingcheng, laying on Zhang Mu’s bed as he read aloud, “I, too, adore you, Qingcheng! But Mu-ge couldn’t say it…”

“......” Zhang Mu rushed in like a gust of wind, seized the piece of paper, ripped it in half, and nervously shoved those half-ripped papers into his bosom. Li Qingcheng then exclaimed, “Impudent!”

Zhang Mu shuddered and got down on his knee.

Li Qingcheng, thrown into raptures, laughed aloud.

As the western sun set, the entire room glowed in molten gold. The dusk rays spilled through the half-open door of the room, casting on the ground the tall, slanting silhouettes of Zhang Mu and Li Qingcheng.

One silhouette was sitting while the other was kneeling. Both silhouettes of the lord and the subject made a clear distinction from each other, yet were also the same.

After a long time, Li Qingcheng’s silhouette slightly bowed, and as Zhang Mu reverently raised his head, their lips gently touched.

“Sit,” Li Qingcheng said, before carefully reaching out to untie Zhang Mu’s garb.

Zhang Mu was sitting restlessly, panting slightly and trembling unceasingly.

Li Qingcheng took off the black robe, leaving it to hang down on Zhang Mu’s waist as it revealed his clean inner garment. Li Qingcheng rested his head on Zhang Mu’s shoulder; the manly, bronze-colored skin burned hot under that inner garment, with a pleasing fragrance of his body adding to it.

“Qingcheng…” Zhang Mu said in a trembling voice.

Li Qingcheng lightly said, “Don’t move.” Then, he untied Zhang Mu’s garment, revealing his sturdy chest. The latter, feeling a rush of hot blood within his body, took a deep breath. Li Qingcheng’s hand went down again to undo the belt, but Zhang Mu held it down.

“N-No…” Zhang Mu’s voice was shaking. “Mu-ge will not, dare not…”

Li Qingcheng could almost hear Zhang Mu’s passionate heartbeat in his chest, and he casually said, “Oh, forget it then.”

Zhang Mu glumly lowered his head, felt the sleeves of his robe, and was about to put it back on when his lips touched Li Qingcheng’s fingers.

“Eat this,” Li Qingcheng said. “Only then can you go.”

Zhang Mu, without asking what it was, blankly ate what was put into his mouth, which tasted slightly sweet and medicinal.

Li Qingcheng unscrewed the lid of the small box and, looking passionately at Zhang Mu’s bare shoulders and back, he nipped some of the pleasant night cream and applied it finely onto his neck. Zhang Mu couldn’t stop gasping, unknowing of what the other was going to do.

The golden color of the setting sun touched upon Zhang Mu’s oiled and slightly glowing skin, making him appear as if he was a statue full of vigor and aesthetics. Li Qingcheng, who had applied a lot of cream, turned around and kicked the door shut before coming to hug Zhang Mu from behind, his chin resting on Zhang Mu's shoulder.

Zhang Mu settled down a bit. “Qingcheng?”

Li Qingcheng smiled. “Why don’t you pretend to be mute again now.”

Zhang Mu gulped, sitting quietly and still.


Li Qingcheng remained silent for a moment, but nothing happened, so he opened the lid again and fed some more to Zhang Mu. After thinking about it for a while, he also tasted some of it himself.

Zhang Mu ate silently. As for Li Qingcheng, he couldn’t find anything unusual even after tasting it. After waiting for a few more moments and realizing that nothing happened at all, he simply fed the entire box to Zhang Mu.

Li Qingcheng, “......”

Zhang Mu, “?”

Li Qingcheng threw the box away and spoke in a low voice, “Mu-ge, I don’t know why either… but with you by my side all day long, I feel so relieved. I can’t help but miss you when you’re gone even for a while…”


Zhang Mu, “Qingcheng, I don’t know how to talk. I don’t know what you’re thinking. Don’t be angry.”

“It’s not that I’m angry at you,” Li Qingcheng said. “It’s just that sometimes…there is this uncomfortable itching in my heart... I want to let you hold me, but you don’t know how to approach me, so I really have to open my mouth.”

Zhang Mu gulped again then turned around to hold Li Qingcheng, who was at his back, in his arms.

Li Qingcheng touched Zhang Mu’s chest with one hand and asked, “Didn’t you say you adore me?”

Zhang Mu nodded, and Li Qingcheng added, “Don’t you want to embrace me?”

Zhang shook his head slowly but soon nodded again.

“Want.” Zhang Mu’s breathing quickened.

Looking entranced at his handsome face, Li Qingcheng couldn’t help but feel it with his hand. Zhang Mu, whose breathing became heavier, straightened his neck and turned his head uneasily from side to side as he panted wildly like a captive wolf.

“Qingcheng…” Zhang Mu gasped intermittently, seemingly wanting to push Li Qingcheng away, but also couldn’t help but hold him tighter, and the next moment, his lips were sealed by Li Qingcheng again.

The medicinal effects of the entire box of aphrodisiac finally took hold. Zhang Mu was overcome by an uncontrollable redness from his face to his neck down to his chest. Li Qingcheng said, “I’ll do it.”

Li Qingcheng unbuckled Zhang Mu’s belt, while Zhang Mu was sitting on the bed, clenching his fists and gasping for breath, already unaware of what he was doing.

The guard’s robe was then thrown on the ground. Li Qingcheng took off Zhang Mu’s underpants and saw that his thing had already stood tall and erect; thick and swollen hard.

“Be seated,” Li Qingcheng said.

Zhang Mu said nothing as Li Qingcheng retracted his hand to nip some remaining cream off and smeared it evenly over Zhang Mu’s shaft, which caused the glans to swell to the point of discharge, and made the whole shaft as erect as an iron rod.

Zhang Mu moaned low, his voice was hoarse with lust. When Li Qingcheng kissed him on the lips, he was immediately embraced by Zhang Mu.

“Qingcheng,” Zhang Mu murmured as he kissed Li Qingcheng on the face, on the lips, with his mouth still smelling of aphrodisiac.

“Mu-ge,” Li Qingcheng nervously undid his own belt and took off his robe in a matter of seconds, but before he knew it, his inner garment was already ripped open in a savage manner by Zhang Mu, who then leaned over Li Qingcheng’s collarbone and kissed him frantically. The emotions that had been suppressed for a long time finally burst out.

“Qingcheng… Qingcheng…” Zhang Mu babbled.

“Sit here,” Burning with impatience, Li Qingcheng stripped himself naked as he gulped, and then rode up to Zhang Mu’s waist, supporting the latter’s thick member in one hand as he sat down.

That thing was too thick. Having not experienced such an affair, Li Qingcheng simply thought that this was the way to make love between two men, with neither foreplay nor finger-teasing. Yet positioning himself straight up, the moment he met that behemoth's tip, he was immediately overwhelmed by unbearable pain, his eyes blacking out.

However, Li Qingcheng simply endured the pain as he positioned himself between Zhang Mu’s crotch, and Zhang Mu, overwhelmed with emotions, firmly held Li Qingcheng by the waist, roughly sealing his lips and ruthlessly pushing him down toward his crotch.


Li Qingcheng nearly passed out at that moment; his lips were filled with the taste of blood and sweet fragrance, while his thighs were penetrated by Zhang Mu. Feeling a sharp, stabbing pain in his abdomen, he buried his head in Zhang Mu’s shoulder while panting wildly.

Although that thick cock was too unbearable for him, he couldn’t help but slide down more so that Zhang Mu could also thrust deeper and more thoroughly. Zhang Mu gasped and held Li Qingcheng tightly, his body trembling with intensity. A few moments later, Li Qingcheng had not yet moved when he felt a hot stream of liquid intermittently flowing into his body.

Zhang Mu’s arm loosened a little, making Li Qingcheng straighten up.

“Mu-ge?” Li Qingcheng called.

Zhang Mu held Li Qingcheng tightly again and mumbled incoherently, “Mu-ge likes you, Qingcheng… Mu-ge…”

Feeling a pang in his heart, Li Qingcheng held the other party’s head, ran his fingers through his hair, and rubbed his nape. After a while, he felt a burning desire in his own body surged up.

The aphrodisiac in his body also took hold. As he moaned, Zhang Mu suddenly pressed him down on the bed and, with a slight movement, pulled out the huge cock, ejecting out a stream of white fluid.

Li Qingcheng groaned from the side, only feeling an indescribable kind of emptiness. He actually missed the feeling of fullness of being deeply penetrated, and he said in a low voice, “Mu-ge, don’t leave me…”

Zhang Mu clutched Li Qingcheng’s shoulders as he advanced once again.

“Ah!” Li Qingcheng cried out again, his whole body trembling from the thrusts, with tears in his eyes. Zhang Mu’s consciousness was fuzzy. He was inexperienced in this, not to mention he was unaware of how to please Li Qingcheng. He just kept on thrusting and thrusting, fucking Li Qingcheng so hard to the point that Li Qingcheng had already lost his voice, biting the corner of the pillow and whimpering for mercy.

“No more… No……” Li Qingcheng struggled to catch his breath. “Mu-ge! I can’t!”


Having already ejaculated a few times, Zhang Mu finally regained his senses and ceased moving. That cock inside Li Qingcheng swelled up, still with an abundance of strength.

“I… I……”

Li Qingcheng relaxed for a moment then said, “Slow down, slow down... I can’t bear it.”

Zhang Mu, burning with lust, tried to follow Li Qingcheng's instructions, slowly withdrawing and then easing in, grinding the tip against Li Qingcheng’s posterior. As he propped up against the entrance, Li Qingcheng let out a moan of satisfaction and relief.

“Put it in further… Ah… Just right, so good…” Li Qingcheng reached back and felt Zhang Mu’s thick member slowly thrusting in. He felt a surge of pleasure bursting within his body, the shame of being penetrated and the soreness of being squeezed deep inside his hole converging into pleasure, causing his own cock to finally harden.

After a few moments of slow thrusting, Zhang Mu couldn’t resist speeding up again, lying on top of Li Qingcheng and thrusting madly repeatedly. The fit male’s body, which had been daubed with aphrodisiac, was now dripping with sweat, and a medicinal fragrance subsequently emanated from their naked bodies clinging close to each other. Li Qingcheng whimpered and begged for mercy, pulling Zhang Mu's shoulders to indicate for him to go be gentler. However, Zhang Mu suddenly grabbed his hands, and with each of their ten fingers interlocked on the pillow, Zhang Mu bowed down and kissed him.

Li Qingcheng’s hands were now secured, his fingers were uncontrollably trembling, and his lips were sealed shut; he was close to losing all consciousness. He only felt a thick, hard, hot cock in his rear end repeatedly fucking him. Zhang Mu thrust up between Li Qingcheng’s thighs, spilling out the fluid he had released who knows how many times in a series of nearly a hundred furious drives accompanied by "pa pa pa" sounds.

Li Qingcheng opened his eyes and saw Zhang Mu’s handsome brows and high nose in front of him, yet his eyes couldn’t help but roll back as he felt himself being fucked to death.

“Oooh…” Li Qingcheng bit down on Zhang Mu’s lips as hard as he could. The moment he regained consciousness, an orgasm came over him uncontrollably, a searing fluid spurting out of his own manhood to Zhang Mu’s solid lower abdomen.

“Wait ......” Li Qingcheng said, “Stop… Mu-ge…”

Zhang Mu stopped moving, and with a hazy consciousness, he heaved a long sigh, then raised his hand to caress Li Qingcheng’s brows, the side of his face, his nose, and his lips.

Li Qingcheng, feeling numb between his legs, lifted them exhaustedly and pushed Zhang Mu with one hand, having him withdraw his cock, which was still hard, red, and moist all the way from the glans to the entire shaft, as well as dripping with glistening juices at the slit.

Li Qingcheng said, “G-Give it a rest. I’m about to lose it.”

Li Qingcheng rolled over on his stomach and was about to pull the cloth, only to realize that those bodily fluids were all over in between his thighs; he almost couldn’t keep them from flowing out in between spasms in his posterior.

However, no sooner had he turned over than he felt that manhood pounding in again.

“Uuuh--I said--Wait!” Li Qingcheng pleaded aloud.

Zhang Mu said heedlessly, “Qingcheng, Mu-ge wants you...... Mu-ge...... Mu-ge genuinely likes you…”

As soon as those words were spoken, Li Qingcheng’s heart softened. Zhang Mu turned over and lay on top of Li Qingcheng, his toned torso pressing against him. Zhang Mu's chest was against Li Qingcheng's sweaty back, while his long legs were slightly apart. With his knees against the bend of Li Qingcheng’s knees, he forced the latter’s legs apart before starting to thrust like a male dog.

Li Qingcheng, lacking any effort to struggle, was pinned under Zhang Mu; he was burying his face between the pillows and moaning frantically, and his rear end had loosened up a little. While Zhang Mu’s wild rounds of thrusts brought new pleasure, especially when each time Zhang Mu went in deep and his huge rod hit Li Qingcheng’s perineum, it fitted inside him and brought forth a foreign sensation.


Each thrust was accompanied by a splash of juices and a slapping sound, and Zhang Mu, in the heat of the moment, put his arms over Li Qingcheng’s shoulders, clasped his hands, and hoisted him up a little towards the bed. Li Qingcheng was defenseless, his legs trembling, struggling to back away from Zhang Mu’s hard thrusts. However, both of his hands were dangling and had no strength at all, and his legs were held in a lewd posture while his splayed rear end was repeatedly pushed through penetration.

Zhang Mu’s shaft was far too great in length and girth. No matter what movements were made, Li Qingcheng was pushed deep into the bottom until his voice became hoarse. He was covered in sweat mixed with Zhang Mu’s, who finally slowed down his movements.

“Qingcheng,” Zhang Mu spoke hoarsely.

Li Qingcheng nodded weakly as his hand reached out to touch Zhang Mu’s cheek behind him.

Zhang Mu seemed to sober up a bit and he asked, “I-Is it painful?”

“Mmm, no…” Li Qingcheng had taken all that fucking until he was almost unconscious, yet as soon as Zhang Mu slowed down, the pleasure he had felt earlier still struck him repeatedly, bringing him a very satisfying yet tiring feeling.

Zhang Mu held Li Qingcheng from behind as they lay on their sides. The thrusts were still being exerted, but this time in a much slower manner. Li Qingcheng still couldn’t help but relish that sensation, only to feel that although the pain was there, after a brief moment of excruciating pain came an unspeakable desire for more, and Zhang Mu’s frantic thrusting satisfied him with what he had always wanted, what he couldn’t even say he wanted, at last.

“Mu-ge, I like you too.” Li Qingcheng said in a low voice.

Zhang Mu sucked out a long breath, his crotch pulsating slightly as he finally came to his senses and proceeded to carefully withdraw.

Li Qingcheng rolled over, exhausted, lying spread eagle on his back. Their legs and bellies were covered in wet, greasy liquid, which was also mixed with Zhang Mu as well as Li Qingcheng’s sweat and the scent of aphrodisiacs, filling the room with a sensuous fragrance.

Zhang Mu picked Li Qingcheng up, carried him to the inner room’s couch, and poked around the floor for the cloth to wipe Li Qingcheng with.

Li Qingcheng moaned repeatedly, then took Zhang Mu’s hand, putting it up to his lips to kiss.

Zhang Mu carefully wiped Li Qingcheng up before shaking off the cloth and wiping it casually on his chest, belly, and crotch. Li Qingcheng huddled up on his side against Zhang Mu, quietly admiring his naked body.

Zhang Mu, still blindfolded and with his face flushed, raised his hand and wiped his neck with the cloth, working his way down his chest, presenting himself naked before Li Qingcheng, every inch of muscle lean and toned, abs firm, with long arms and legs that carried vague, explosive strength.

With his huge dick still hanging semi-hard, Zhang Mu wrapped it in the cloth and wiped it clean of the white fluids on his thick pubes. That cock was full grown and beautiful enough to be a mule.

“Be more gentle next time.” Li Qingcheng in all his post-orgasmic euphoria, still relishing the pleasure of his earlier experience.

“I…...won’t,” Zhang Mu said. “Does it hurt?”

Li Qingcheng’s face heated up. “ it. Mu-ge, you’re so beefy.”

Zhang Mu remained silent, while Li Qingcheng couldn’t resist reaching out to touch his beautiful hanging manhood, holding it in his hand. He was still fiddling with it a few times when he suddenly saw something lying on the ground on that cloth.

The very same love knot that was bought earlier at the market.

Li Qingcheng smiled. “Come.”

Li Qingcheng held Zhang Mu by the hips and, putting his knee against the edge of the couch, he felt Zhang Mu's shaft and tied the love knot around the root before pulling it down a little and wrapping it around his balls.

Zhang Mu blushed and stayed silent as Li Qingcheng said, “From now on, I’m yours and you’re mine too, Mu-ge.”

Zhang Mu went to lie down on the couch where he embraced and kissed Li Qingcheng.

Li Qingcheng and Zhang Mu made out for a while, groping each other, their soft, hanging manhoods pressed against each other, adding further pleasure through the rough texture of the rope of love knot as they rubbed against each other.

Li Qingcheng hooked his fingers into it and teased it repeatedly. The knot unwound freely as it wasn't difficult to remove, nor did it prevent him from taking a leak. It was like adding a pretty red string decoration to the manhood, strangling some of his cock tendon and the outline of his balls, adding to the sexiness.

“Wait until you take off that blindfold and look at yourself in the mirror,” Li Qingcheng whispered in Zhang Mu’s ear. “Mu-ge, that’s a beautiful thing you’ve got there.”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Mu’s mouth went dry, and that mule-like thing hardened again. Li Qingcheng said, “Only when we are together in the future will you be able to take it off. No visits to prostitutes or taking a wife is allowed.”

Zhang Mu placed another kiss on Li Qingcheng’s lips. “Got it.”

It was only then that Li Qingcheng closed his eyes in reassurance and hugged Zhang Mu tightly, letting him turn on his side, half-pressing himself underneath him, feeling a great sense of security as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

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