Chapter 35 - Emperor’s Rage


"How then, has this king fallen to such a state, what weakness!"

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That night, after the two armies joined forces, Fang Qingyu led troops to the governor’s manor to seize the records and the books held there. Tang Hong and Zhang Yan broke up Lin Xi’s forces and re-organized them, switching out all of the city guards for Li Qingcheng’s eighty personal troops within the Ting Province garrison.

Zhang Yan had hastily inherited the title of provincial officer, and it was difficult for him to avoid feeling apprehensive. He was worried that the old troops wouldn’t accept his command, but the men that Tang Hong settled in perfectly solved this issue. 

Li Qingcheng had also personally agreed to leave Zhang Yan with a thousand men, and after moving into the Provincial Officer estate, to prevent any mishaps, this force would directly be counted as Zhang Yan’s personal guard.

This decree dispelled the last bit of unease that Zhang Yan was feeling. The mobilization of the forces within the city was complex, and Tang Hong came under the pretense of mutually helping out, but with the reality of supervising the process. For a time, troop reports flooded into the estate like flowing water, and it wasn’t until the fourth geng that all of the unforeseen issues had been taken care of. The two divisions camped outside the walls systematically began to bring their men back into Ting City.


The next morning, Li Qingcheng walked out of his room and stretched. He heard a constant sha sha noise from outside as someone swept up the snow. The sun was warm, the flowers were blooming, and the entire city was filled with the scent of plum blossoms, a truly carefree and joyous sight to behold.

The doors to Fang Qingyu and Tang Hong’s rooms were shut tight, and an old woman was making some medicinal salve in the courtyard while Zhang Mu sat to one side, watching intently.

“This humble citizen greets Your Highness,” the old woman said, shakily moving to kowtow as she saw Li Qingcheng coming.

Li Qingcheng hurried to lift her to her feet as he smiled. “Ying-ge and I grew up together, you can speak to me as you would any other junior. What is this?”

“Medicine,” the old woman smiled. “Lime powder was scattered into Ying-zhu’s eyes, so they must be treated carefully.”

“It won’t affect things, right?” Li Qingcheng asked.

The old woman replied, “Though I, Tang-po, do not have the ability of my master E’niang in bringing the dead back to life or successfully curing those on the brink of death, I still have the skills to miraculously restore a person’s youth to them. Your Highness does not need to worry, once this medicine is applied, he will be right as rain in twelve shichen, and he will still possess that pair of bright pupils.”

Li Qingcheng saw that a page had fallen to the side of the table, on which was written a dense list of almost thirty medicinal supplies such as hundred-year dinian root, fleece-flower root, Binghai orchid, and snake gallbladder. He knew that those were all well-known, expensive ingredients, and even now, Zhang Mu’s eyes were only reddened due to the irritation, so he guessed that these were just for recuperating and worried no more.

Tang-po finished making the medicine, and she evenly stirred in a little bit of talc before placing it on the table. Li Qingcheng said agreeably, “Let me ba.”

Tang-po smiled. “Once is enough. It will guarantee that Ying-zhu will be able to see even further and sharper than before.”

Tang-po took her leave, and Li Qingcheng sat down behind the table, his legs crossed, saying, “Lie down.”

Zhang Mu: “I’ll do it myself.”

Li Qingcheng: “Sit down!”

The sound of snow being swept up outside finally ceased. Zhang Mu pillowed his head on Li Qingcheng’s leg, and Li Qingcheng lowered his head, carefully applying the medicine.


Fang Qingyu walked out, still yawning. Without even lifting his head, Li Qingcheng asked, “Where’s Tang Hong? Still sleeping in? Drag him out.”

Fang Qingyu replied lazily, “He was afraid of being whipped, so he only slept a single shichen before he rose to go patrol the camp.”

Li Qingcheng en-ed, before he commanded, “You eat first. After you eat, there’s a matter for you to handle.”

Fang Qingyu: “What good medicine is that? Apply some for Qing-ge too.”

Li Qingcheng raised a hand and waved it. Fang Qingyu scooted over, only for Li Qingcheng to splash talc powder over his entire face. He was torn between laughter and tears as he turned to squat under the eaves of the corridor, before taking the bowl that Tang Hong’s maid handed him and beginning to eat his own meal, unheeding of the others.

The soldiers in the estate had been sent out, but thankfully they had requested a woman before, otherwise there wouldn’t be enough people this early in the morning, and they wouldn’t even have a meal to eat.

Li Qingcheng was just thinking of Sun Yán when he heard Fang Qingyu welcome someone from his position outside the yard. “Sun-xiong has worked hard.”

Sun Yan smiled. “It was my duty to do so. Lord Fang has risen so early.”

“I was wondering who it was,” Li Qingcheng said, with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, “sweeping up snow so early in the morning. Turns out it was beloved Minister Sun.”

Sun Yan put down the broom, wiped away some sweat, and stood in the hall, a broad smile plastered across his face as he said, “How did Your Highness sleep last night?”

Li Qingcheng ducked his head, using his pinky to apply medicine to Zhang Mu lying on his leg. He smiled softly as he replied, “Didn’t I tell you to come after noon?”

Sun Yan bowed. “This subject really had nothing to do at all, and was hoping to come over a little earlier to get closer to Your Highness. This subject was ignorant, and the mere thought of being able to sweep away some of the snow in front of Your Highness’s door was enough to overwhelm this subject with fearful awe.”

Li Qingcheng en-ed, replying neither affirmatively nor negatively. He knew that the medicine that was healing Zhang Mu’s eyes had been undoubtedly brought by Sun Yan, so he replied lightly, “Come in and sit ba.”

Sun Yan put his hands in his sleeves and entered the room, standing there politely, waiting to be of service.

Li Qingcheng said, “Yan Hong, bring a bowl of rice for Lord Sun to eat.”

The songstress replied in the affirmative from the outside, and she brought over a platter, standing outside the hall. Sun Yan hurried to take it with two hands, and Li Qingcheng said easily, “My subordinates and I have never cared much for the rules of etiquette. Sit here and eat, there’s no need to stand on ceremony, there’s still something for you to take care of in a little while.”

Sun Yan smiled long-sufferingly. “Your Highness hasn’t eaten yet, so how can this subject dine in front of Your Highness?” And saying this, he picked up his bowl and was just about to go outside when Fang Qingyu, from outside, with his mouth crammed full of food, said as he chewed, “Your Highness is treating you as one of his own, Sun-xiong. Be more casual, learn from me.”

For a time, the room was completely silent, and all that could be heard was Zhang Mu’s harsh, heavy breaths and Li Qingcheng’s light ones.

“Zhang Mucheng, it’s done,” Li Qingcheng said very lightly. He reached out and pulled out a black strip of cloth, covering Zhang Mu’s eyes with them, tying a knot in the back.


Sun Yan ate very carefully, but he speedily finished the breakfast. Yan Hong took away his bowl, and Li Qingcheng asked, “The position of the governor of Ting Province needs to be reassigned. Who do you have in mind?”

Sun Yan was taken aback, before wild joy flooded his heart. The governor of Ting Province had long since been a thorn in the Sun family's side, and ever since the beginning of Li Mou’s reign, every governor had been sent from within the imperial court. They endlessly created difficulties for the rich families in the area and prevented the Sun family from gaining power. This question of Li Qingcheng’s meant that Li Qingcheng intended for him to pick someone.

Though Sun Yan felt joy in his heart, he didn’t know whether or not Li Qingcheng was deliberately testing him, so he replied with a smile, “This subject believes in appointments based on ability, so outside of Lord Fang, there are no other picks.”

Li Qingcheng furrowed his brows. “Don’t speak nonsense. I asked you to recommend one, so recommend one; I don’t have the time to beat around the bush with you.”

Fang Qingyu smiled. “With my magnificent name of Lord Fang, how can I be content with just the title of the governor of the Western Plains?”

Sun Yan felt very embarrassed, and he hurried to let out a few dutiful chuckles. He thought for a bit, before saying, “In the past, the Western Plains’ Department of Inspection was always governed by the governor, while Governor Sun was in charge of recommending candidates for the imperial court to consider. The year before, there was a person named Wang Zhi, who had excellent conduct and discretion, and was also very talented. His name was entered in the records of the governors, and he was preparing, together with Sun Xing and Niu Fu, to gather his qualifications to send to the court. However, that year, that case happened, so matters were delayed.”

Li Qingcheng: “Sun Xing is one of the Sun family’s people?”

Sun Yan thought for a moment, before replying, “Not entirely so. The qualifications are still at the main government office, which is very close; it is a mere shichen’s journey heading north on the main street. Should this subject go right away to bring the files of those three people for Your Highness to peruse?

Li Qingcheng got a brush. “No need, since you are fixated on having Wang Zhi, then have him temporarily take up the role of the governor. Who else can assist him? Pick one of your Sun family’s people and switch out the provincial minister of records as well.”

Sun Yan thought deeply for a moment. He understood that Li Qingcheng was truly doing him a great favor by not only letting him recommend the governor, but also allowing him to promote a regional officer to the rank of provincial minister of records, who was in charge of the records. With this, the entirety of the Western Plains’ administration would fall under the Sun family’s control.

Sun Yan said, “Sun Li is Sun Cheng’s younger twin brother, born by way of my late sixth uncle’s concubine, but because of his low birth…”

Li Qingcheng replied happily, “That’s of no issue, a hero is not judged by his origins.” And saying this, he lifted his brush, and with a wave, he wrote down the letters of appointment for the governor and the provincial minister of records, before continuing, “They should start now ba. Minister Sun, you go and retrieve ten thousand liang of silver…”

Sun Yan hurried to say, “When this subject came by earlier, he thought that today, Your Highness might spend some silver today, so this subject has brought some.” He then pulled out a thick stack of silver slips, each one five hundred liang, bowing as he offered them up with both hands, placing them on the table.

“Twenty thousand liang of silver notes, if this isn’t enough, this subject can go back and retrieve some more.”

Li Qingcheng responded gladly, “Enough, this much will do for now.” And saying this, he counted out four notes and handed it to Fang Qingyu, letting him go to perform a headcount. “Minister Sun, send someone to go with Fang Qingyu. In the span of a day, you must finish taking care of everyone in the government offices. Bribe those that can be bribed, and if money fails, then use the sword.”

Fang Qingyu walked away to carry out his orders, while Li Qingcheng looked over at Zhang Mu sitting to one side.

From the beginning to the end, Zhang Mu hadn’t made a single sound, maintaining that poker face of his. Because his eyes had been covered by a black cloth, he looked even more indescribably handsome.

“You used to be a mute, now you’re also blind,” Li Qingcheng said teasingly.

Zhang Mu didn’t respond to that, but Sun Yan let out a few dry chuckles. Li Qingcheng picked up the brush and swiped it once across Zhang Mu’s face. At that, Zhang Mu’s face turned faintly red, and he lifted his hand to touch.

Li Qingcheng laughed loudly at that, before saying, “Tell them to serve the meal.”


After breakfast, Tang Hong brought Zhang Yan back. In the hall, Zhang Mu and Sun Yan were sitting to the left and right, respectively.

“Minister Zhang has worked hard,” Li Qingcheng said.

Zhang Yan cupped his hands and sank into a kneel. “It was but this general’s duty. I am willing to join Your Highness’s ranks and swear loyalty to my lord and country!”

Li Qingcheng hurriedly said, “Don’t kneel, don’t kneel.” He personally raised him to his feet, looking into Zhang Yan’s eyes, saying, “I have already fallen to this state, and for Minister Zhang to be so adamant in coming to my aid makes me very moved. In the future, no matter when you and I see each other, Minister Zhang, I exempt you from having to kneel in front of me for the rest of your entire life.

“From today on, you are the main commander of the Western Plains.You will not need to kneel in front of any officials of the imperial court, and I bestow upon you the title of the Great General of this reign.”

With this sudden rise, Zhang Yan felt a little like he was floating. Li Qingcheng returned to his position in front of the table, saying, “Sit. Last night Tang Hong handed you the command tally, right?”

Zhang Yan hurried to reach a hand into his robes. Li Qingcheng then said, “After Provincial Officer Lin’s sacrifice, that silver tally has now been conferred upon you. From now on, no matter what sudden situations arise in the city, you can use this tally to act as necessary, and I will not fault you after the fact.”

When Sun Yan heard this, that came as a great shock to him. Meanwhile, Zhang Yan was deeply grateful. “Thank you, Your Highness, for your grace!”

Li Qingcheng portioned out a whole half of that stack of silver notes, almost ten thousand liang of silver, handing it to Zhang Yan right in front of Sun Yan’s face. He smiled and said, “This is a little reward for the men, everyone’s busied themselves for this much of the night, they should rest a little.

“In the coming days, when I return to the capital, your troops will be my militia, and from Minister Zhang on downwards, all will receive their just rewards. You go back and rest first, and after you have recovered, when the envoy from the imperial capital arrives in just a few days, you will accompany me to battle.”

Zhang Yan thanked him profusely and with great emotion, once again swearing his loyalty, before he finally left.


There were three people left in the room. Tang Hong looked at those silver notes and suddenly spoke. “Give me some too ba.”

Li Qingcheng replied unhappily, “What are you doing now, can’t you spend a little less? Was the one thousand liang Minister Sun gave you last time as a reward not enough?”

When Sun Yan heard these words, he immediately grew immensely awkward, and he wished he could find a crack in the ground to squeeze himself into. Tang Hong, however, said, “Yan Hong wants to buy the freedom of her sisters who she is friendly with… how about you have the general pay me in advance? A thousand liang should be enough.”

“You’re really the romantic sort,” Li Qingcheng said, torn between laughter and tears. “Take it, take it.”

Sun Yan couldn’t sit still at that, and as soon as Tang Hong left, Sun Yan said uneasily, “Your Highness…”

“Let us write off past matters,” Li Qingcheng said mildly. “Minister Sun, as long as you exhaust all efforts to help me carry out tasks, then in the coming days, I, Li Qingcheng will not mistreat you even the slightest bit. What I said last night still stands; after I return to the imperial capital, the entirety of your Sun family will enter the court with me, and will be elevated as officials. As long as one of your family is present within the court, I will exempt your Sun family from all the taxes of the Western Plains.”

Sun Yan knelt down shakily, kowtowing to Li Qingcheng to thank him for his favor.

Li Qingcheng came forth to lift him up. “Rise, you and Zhang Yan are the same, in the future you too will not need to greet me in such a ceremonious fashion in the future.”

Sun Yan asked, “What does Your Highness have planned next?”

Li Qingcheng asked in reply, “If the duty fell upon you to raise an army of a hundred thousand soldiers, how long would you need for preparations?”


Sun Yan knew that at this time, Li Qingcheng was earnestly seeking his opinion, and there was no room for error. He debated in his heart for a whole ke, before retrieving pen and paper, pondering as he wrote down his calculations.

Li Qingcheng didn’t interrupt him either, sitting there calmly. A while later, Sun Yan spoke. “If I was to call upon the strength of my entire clan and help Your Highness recruit a hundred thousand cavalry, I would need three years.”

Li Qingcheng asked, “Then how about fifty thousand cavalry, and fifty thousand foot soldiers?”

Sun Yan replied, “Two years. Recruiting across the entire Western Plains will only get that much.”

Zhang Mu, who had been quiet all this time, suddenly spoke. “In the capital, there are twenty thousand Yulin troops, fifty thousand riders of the imperial city, only seventy thousand troops in total.”

Li Qingcheng: “I know, but to defeat seventy thousand people…”

Zhang Mu: “Of those, we only need to fight fifty thousand.”

Sun Yan asked, “Where do these words of Zhang-xiong’s come from?”

Zhang Mu: “With Your Highness here, he is more than capable of disintegrating the twenty thousand strong Yulin Army and forcing them to surrender.”


Li Qingcheng said, “But my goal is not solely the capital. I want to take this opportunity to get rid of the Fang family as well, to prevent all variables that would arise naturally as a result after I take my spot on the throne.”

Sun Yan smiled. “Once the emperor takes the throne, the four seas will surrender to his might, and all citizens across the land will submit willingly. What variables will there be?”

“The Xiongnu,” Li Qingcheng said as he rose, a smile in his gaze. “As soon as we attack the capital and direct the brunt of the conflict at the Fang family, they will definitely abandon Yubi Pass in the northeast and request that reinforcements from the Xiongnu king come slaughtering their way in again. Do you believe what I’m saying?

“Yin Lie’s troops are stationed at Feng Pass and cannot be sent back,” Li Qingcheng said. “If Qixue Spring and Yubi Pass are besieged as I predict, then the entirety of the north-eastern border will fall into enemy hands, and the capital will be in even more danger. That’s how it is, Sun Yan.”

Li Qingcheng: “I will give you half a year’s time for you to gather fifty thousand riders for me. I only want cavalry, and after they return from the battlefield, only then can they take off their armor and return to the fields. You need to prepare double the rations to feed this army, I’ll have use for it.”

Sun Yan’s expression looked a little ugly. Li Qingcheng said, “Go ba, I’ll use other methods to persuade the rest of your family. This time, you really have no chips to bargain with.”

Sun Yan finally made up his mind, and he nodded before returning to take care of those matters.

After Sun Yan left, Li Qingcheng called over Tang Hong, who was still foggy from sleeping. He ordered, “You lead a troop of men up Mt. Wenzhong, and bring that large bell back into the city. Then melt it down and send the copper ingots to the Sun family, just say to hand it to Sun Yan.”

Tang Hong, still dazed, went to carry out those orders.


After finally divvying up all the work, Li Qingcheng felt that his head was dizzy and achy, and he wilted down onto the table in a slump.

Zhang Mu: “Why double the rations?”

Li Qingcheng murmured, “New troops cannot fight, they’ll be routed in a single battle. Using the hastily gathered troops of the Western Plains that Sun Yan recruited to fight my father emperor’s personally trained imperial capital riders and the Yulin Army is like using an egg to smash a rock.”

The eyebrows on Zhang Mu’s handsome face twitched, but his eyes were still unable to see anything. “So then what?”

Li Qingcheng: “That is why double the rations are needed. As soon as the troops are gathered, they will be sent immediately to Feng Pass so that Yin Lie can let them through the pass. They will head north along the Xiaogu River to slaughter the Xiongnu people, and whoever returns will have the skills to just be able to go with us to fight in the capital.

“Ever since we came back from Feng Pass, I’ve had this plan in mind. In a few days, when the troops from the imperial court arrive on the western plain, send out all of those eighty soldiers that Administrative Assistant Wang once handed over to us. Have them each lead a division forth to face the imperial cavalry, and observe their talent. After the battle is over, hand over all the troops that Sun Yan musters up to them, and have them lead those men out into Saiwai to train them.”

Zhang Mu replied, “Using the Xiongnu to train the troops is a good plan. Originally, there were already debts of blood between them and the Xiongnu, and as soon as they lead their men out, they’ll be willing to strike back mercilessly.”

Li Qingcheng nodded before saying in a relaxed tone, “In a few days, as long as we win this last battle with no surprises, we’ll move out immediately to head to Jiang Province. Jiang Province is my mother empress’ familial home, and the Han family is a well-established clan which has resided in the Han River region for a long time. My uncle should be willing to dispatch troops for me, and next year, after gathering the military power of two provinces, with the troops split up to come from the east and the west, that is more than enough to attack the capital.”


Zhang Mu en-ed once, and the two of them continued to sit there without speaking. Finally, Li Qingcheng yawned and said lazily, “When it’s busy, it’s fun, but now that there’s nothing, it’s stifling again.”

As usual, Zhang Mu’s face was set in that impassive expression, while Li Qingcheng snuck glances at him from the corner of his eye. Both of them were like youths who had just fallen in love, and the more Li Qingcheng thought about it, the more his teeth itched. He wanted nothing more than to grab him by the collar and roar, aren’t you the kind to turn away from your heroic duties for the sake of love, the kind that likes to drink aphrodisiac wine?! Drink more, drink some more!

Li Qingcheng sucked in a deep breath.

Zhang Mu asked, confused, “What?”

Li Qingcheng immediately responded, “Nothing much.”

The expression in Li Qingcheng’s eyes changed several times, going from passion to dejection, and sometimes hatred, but in the end he still couldn’t do anything to Zhang Mu.

Li Qingcheng didn’t make a sound, so Zhang Mu didn’t either, the two of them sitting there quietly. Li Qingcheng wondered what exactly was the formula for the aphrodisiac wine that had been served that night in the brothel. He wanted to obtain another jug, no, ten jugs, and pour it all down Zhang Mu’s throat, to see how long he could hold out for, and if he could maintain that impassive expression.

Zhang Mu: “You’re very happy.”

Li Qingcheng: “No, I’m very frustrated.”

Zhang Mu: “What are you frustrated about? Say it, and Mu-ge will go do it.”


Li Qingcheng replied listlessly, “Forget it.” Then, he suddenly asked, “Do you recognize my uncle?”

Zhang Mu nodded slightly. “Han Canghai, who holds the positions of provincial officer and governor of Jiang Province.”

Li Qingcheng asked, “What kind of a person is he?”

Zhang Mu: “He’s very similar to your mother. He treated you very well and is a loyal subject. Even if the world turned against you, he wouldn’t do so.”

Li Qingcheng replied, “All the people that you look favorably upon aren’t very good, like Sun Yan, that slippery personality of his…”

A red blush bloomed across Zhang Mu’s face, which made him look even more handsome and strong-willed.

Li Qingcheng murmured, “But I’ve forgotten everything from before. What if he thinks I’m a fake?”

Zhang Mu shook his head slowly, and Li Qingcheng said, “Oh well, there are still many days ahead of us.”

The two of them sat there for another moment, before Li Qingcheng stretched, clearly stifled. Zhang Mu said, “I’ll take you to go have fun.”

Li Qingcheng was torn between laughter and tears. “A mute, and blind to boot, how are you going to have fun?”

Zhang Mu: “Though my eyes cannot see, my heart can. Come with me.”


Li Qingcheng furrowed his brows slightly, but when Zhang Mu reached out his hand, Li Qingcheng thought that since the dust of those trivial matters had settled, it wouldn’t hurt to go out for a walk. Finally, he could appreciate the sights of Ting City, so he happily joined hands with Zhang Mu as they left the estate, planning to have a proper good time in Ting City.


Xu Lingyun closed the book, watching Li Xiao’s eyes.

Li Xiao shook his head slowly, before sighing. “As expected of Chengzu. This king originally thought that since he had troops but no commanders, even a hundred thousand new soldiers would not be of much use, but he had already thought of a plan as early on as when he had been in Feng Pass.”

Xu Lingyun smiled. “Though Chengzu’s personal troops were only eighty people, those eighty people had gone through a harsh journey. Originally, their entire camp had been wiped out by the Xiongnu on the upper banks of the Xiaogu River, so they already had an insurmountable blood debt to repay. As soon as they left Feng Pass with troops to command, they would definitely lead the new troops to fight to the death, and when they returned, they would have each become bloodthirsty, skilled generals.

“And plus, Chengzu had declared the rewards as well, with the number of Xiongnu heads taken as the determination for the amount. No matter if they were young or old, woman or child, five heads would give them silver, ten would grant them an estate, a hundred would give them a government post, a thousand would ensure that their wives and children would be bestowed privileges as well, and ten thousand would give them the title of a king. This guaranteed that the Xiongnu numbers would fall greatly, and would remove much of the Xiongnu military strength for the coming Battle of Qixue Spring as well as develop the bloodthirst of the new troops. Even when the troops of the Western Plains faced down the imperial cavalry guarding the capital, they faced death courageously, and when they were charging into the city, they even rushed ahead of the personal troops of Chengzu’s mother’s side of the family, the Jiang Province troops. In the end, the entirety of the capital completely fell in less than three days. His ability to train his troops is even higher than that of the Taizu’s.”

Li Xiao saw that it was already twilight, and he hinted, “No need to mention more, save the exciting parts for when this king wants to listen.”

Xu Lingyun put away the book while Li Xiao stared into Taiye Pond, his mind elsewhere.

“Has Your Majesty thought of something?” Xu Lingyun asked, smiling.

Li Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly, a mischievous look flashing through his eyes. “This king has indeed been inspired.”


“You,” Li Xiao said, “go tell your men tonight that tomorrow, when the sun rises, they must wait outside the back entrance of the palace for this king’s orders.”

Xu Lingyun smiled slightly. “This subject only has twenty people under his command.”

Li Xiao responded, “Bring them all. Then go let Tang Si know that he should gather three thousand of the Yulin Army, and have them wait outside the city gates.”

Xu Lingyun: “If this subject may be so bold, what is Your Majesty planning on doing?”


Li Xiao: “This king is going to hold the autumn hunt! Chengzhu conquered the entire land and awed the four seas, and as long as they were his subjects, none of the people could stop shivering when they saw him. How then, has this king fallen to such a state, what weakness! Starting tomorrow, this king will no longer allow those officials to act as they please!”

With a sweep of his sleeve, Li Xiao left.

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