Chapter 28 - Hall of Brimming Spring


"Zhang Mu came forward and reached a hand out to Li Qingcheng’s forehead, only for Li Qingcheng to shoo him away."

Content Warning:
corporal punishment (brief but it's there)

Translator(s): moon
Editor(s): namio, jelly

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Mother Hen Has Something To Say:

Today, after seeing the comments, I found quite a few who brought up questions about Sun Yan’s IQ

Let me explain it here

This work, until today, has all been written using the third person POV of Li Qingcheng, so everyone already has an initial understanding and opinion of Li Qingcheng

But Sun Yan basically doesn’t have that, and even his knowledge of Li Qingcheng is relatively blurry

Let’s give an example. Imagine, and this is only a fantasy:


Imagine if your previous company’s boss went bankrupt, and he also died. The company was reorganized, and all the funds were seized

One day, the boss’s son (a person you’ve never met) brought two of the security officers that stand at the door of the company to your house to freeload off you for meals and housing

Sitting on the couch to smoke and watch TV, and at night he goes out to nightclubs to play

And he even brings up the idea of you giving up all your family assets to provide him with financing, because he wants to stage a comeback

As for how he’s going to repay you if he succeeds on a fluke, he doesn’t mention anything about it at all.

How would you react? That is the difficult question facing Sun Yan

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