Chapter 29 - Wine of Yearning


"Even if a monarch rules over the land under heaven, in the end, he still can't control people's hearts."

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With a row of cuisines spread in front of him, Li Qingcheng waited in the private room. Fang Qingyu lightly slid the door close and sat next to Li Qingcheng without saying a single word, pouring wine and serving food for him.

"Is everything ready?" Li Qingcheng said.

Fang Qingyu replied, "It's ready. Listen to what Qiu'niang has to say."

A moment later, bringing a qin in her arms, Qiu'niang entered the room and spoke in whispers, "Young Master Li, later on, go talk while leaning towards the left side of the room. This room and the neighboring private room are connected. Please take a look here."

Following Qiu'niang's finger that pointed to one side of the cabinet, Li Qingcheng looked to one side of the flower rack; there was a hollowed-out square embedded there, and he could vaguely see a light from the other room by leaning forward.

"So there was still this trick." Li Qingcheng didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Had we not greet each other in advance, we would have really fallen for your ploy."

Qiu'niang gave a faint smile. "We have some customers that dance to this kind of tune, and while they can see us here from the next door, they’ll only be able to hear if the voices are slightly louder. It's just, from this location, we can't get a full view of the next room at all.

"The rammed post-and-plank structures, the placed furnishings, as well as the wooden beams and pillars in this room are all carefully selected for specific reasons. The conversations here can be heard very clearly from the next room, though the conversations there cannot be heard from this side."

Li Qingcheng gladly said, "Very well. Call that male prostitute at once ba."

Qiu'niang put down the qin and personally went out to call over the male prostitute.

When that male prostitute entered with a puzzled look, Li Qingcheng scratched his head and said, "What kind of music can you play? Go, play it for us."

The male prostitute timidly opened his mouth. "What kind of music does this official wish to hear?" While speaking, he also stole a glance at Fang Qingyu. There were two men, while there was only him ordered to keep them company; he still didn't know what kind of method would be used to 'torment' him. Previously, he had originally been ordered by Qiu'niang that he would only be required to accompany the governor's young master. Who would have thought that there was a sudden, inexplicable change of customers; he was only afraid that this young man in front of him really wasn't an easy match.

Li Qingcheng said, "Play what you wish."

Fang Qingyu said, "Play some music from the Western Plains, I've never heard any." After he had finished saying that, he hugged his arms and leaned against the front door as he looked down. He immediately closed the door and window before giving a meaningful look that indicated that the main lord's son had arrived. 

At this time, with a "clank," the male prostitute plucked the qin, cleared his throat, and began to sing.

"O generals and soldiers, the western road extends far beyond the horizon. The moon as pale as the snow hangs far ahead, guiding one's way back to home..."


Speaking of which, inside the flower pavilion of the Hall of Brimming Spring, Governor Sun's only son Sun Keng had arrived. Qiu'niang personally went forward to welcome and invite him to the third floor. 

"Young Master Sun, this way please." Qiu'niang's voice came through from the corridor.

Sun Keng, who had come out to spend a night of passion with flowers and willows while bringing only a family servant by side and keeping his father in the dark, gave out a "hehe" and went to sit in the other private room. He merely heard Qiu'niang say, "Young Master Sun, since Shuhua didn't foresee that Young Master would come this early, he's still making himself presentable at this moment. It will take a while for him to come and see his customer. Would Young Master Sun like to have some snacks first?"

Sun Keng had repeatedly gone back and forth to the Hall of Brimming Spring, and he was also a regular customer. While giving a lewd smile, he said, "No harm, no harm at all. You go down ba, wait until Shuhua has properly tidied up and let him come by himself once he's finished."

Qiu'niang withdrew, but when she had just finished sliding the door close with her hands, she suddenly heard a chaotic crash coming from the neighboring private room.

Li Qingcheng said in anger, "What kind of hideous mess are you playing?!"

The male prostitute was still singing. "Nine times does the bell echo throughout the mountains, representing a change of era. The ice of Feng River defrosts, for the autumn has left and the spring has arrived." Saying this one verse, a teacup unexpectedly flew in front of his face, making him scared to the point he threw away the qin and got up. Soon, Li Qingcheng threw another teacup; this one directly hit his face and couldn't be avoided at all. Li Qingcheng then proceeded to grab that male prostitute's hair, fiercely pulling it toward him before giving him a slap, which immediately made the other party's face swell up.

While still humiliating the prostitute, Li Qingcheng turned around and pulled out Fang Qingyu's sword. The warning sound of a sword being pulled out made the prostitute tremble with horror and immediately wail, "Young Master, please spare this one's life!"

Fang Qingyu's expression changed. "Your Highness, you must not do that!"


In the private room next door, Sun Keng was pouring his own drink when he suddenly heard a loud noise, as well as a barely audible sound he recognized as his own courtesan. At once, his heart became alert; he went to the wall and leaned his head on the side in order to listen.

The male prostitute let out a big wail, shouting for his father and mother repeatedly as he kept trying to dodge while Li Qingcheng, rolling up his sleeves, was ready to beat him up to a pulp. As curses came out of his mouth, he led the prostitute to the base of the wall where the other end was directly next to Sun Keng's ear. When Sun Keng bent down his body, he saw that there was a hollowed-out hole on the wall with some light seeping through from the inside, so he decided to lean forward to peep. But with just one look, his lungs nearly burst from rage. Who was wailing and begging for forgiveness if it wasn't the exceptional flower he usually held in his own hands?

Sun Keng immediately reached his limit; he turned around and kicked the door open. At this moment, Qiu'niang, whose complexion was changing several times, was standing outside of the neighboring room. Having made preparations early on, as soon as she saw Sun Keng coming out, she hurriedly busied herself to push him back into the room.

Sun Keng said, "Who! This is rebellious!"

Qiu'niang persistently implored, "Young Master Sun, please do not make this public, you must not by all means! That man's background is very strong! Young Master, please listen to my words!"

Sun Keng, who was restrained by Qiu'niang, still understood the principle: "In this world, the more arrogant people are, the faster they die; inevitably, there will always be some people who must not be provoked by all means," so he immediately reined his voice in and asked, "Who exactly is that person inside that room?"

Qiu'niang: "That little young master has a very strong background! While this humble lady also doesn't know who he is, this one knows he's an honored guest of the Sun family, a person personally invited by the Young Heir, Sun Yán himself. Young Master must not go there now!"

"Today, Sun Yán specially assigned someone to come over and serve that young master well. Only, we didn't expect that as soon as he arrived, he immediately took a fancy to Shuhua. Young Master Sun, please quell your anger. Although this person has an explosive temper, this servant is still a reasonable and discerning owner. This humble lady has also clearly stated that Shuhua has a customer to be waited upon tonight, so he would just play a tune and leave afterward. Wait for this humble lady to go and calm things down, Young Master need not beat the grass to scare the snake."

Sun Keng calmed down and saw that next door, there was a man with handsome looks and a sword around his waist. Knowing that this individual most likely couldn't be provoked, he then asked, "Did Sun Yán tell you about this man's identity?"

Qiu'niang said, "How is it possible for this humble lady to be aware of so many things? That man mouthed 'the capital,' maybe he is a person sent by the court. The Sun family has enunciated that he must be taken good care of, so we cannot go against his wishes. This lady is only afraid..."

Sun Keng said, "How is that possible? If a lord from the court had come, why wasn't I aware of it?"

Moving her lips while carrying a hint of fear in her eyes, Qiu'niang seemingly wanted to say something but then hesitated. After looking at Sun Keng for a moment, she finally said, "Since Young Master Sun has calmed down a little, this humble lady shall be on her way. Since Shuhua has angered him, in all likelihood, he won't be able to restrain him; this humble lady will go pick him up." 

Sun Keng said, "Quickly go!"

Qiu'niang left the room and went to knock on the room next door. Sun Keng first inclined his ear toward the hole in order to eavesdrop, before finally bending down his body to peep, only to see Qiu'niang entering the room and repeatedly apologizing while the prostitute was curling up on the ground. Qiu'niang, on one side smiling apologetically to Li Qingcheng while on the other scolding the prostitute, said to him, "Young Master Li, please wait a bit. This old lady will lead this one to withdraw and give him a proper lesson. I will give Young Master Li a substitute?"

Li Qingcheng's eyebrows moved, prompting Qiu'niang to give a slight nod. Li Qingcheng made a long sigh. "Enough. No need to call another person to serve me, just take this one away."

Qiu'niang said, "There are also many young girls in the Hall of Brimming Spring..."

Li Qingcheng impatiently shouted, "Get lost! Didn't you hear me?!"

Qiu'niang kept repeating, "Yes, yes, this one is leaving," while bringing the prostitute out of the private room. Fang Qingyu then moved to close the door.


As he peeped through the hole, his own room's door was softly knocked once more. Qiu'niang pushed the door open, bringing along Shuhua with her. That male prostitute was covered all over with tea, his hair was disheveled, and his face was also red and swollen.

Feeling both piteous and also angry, Sun Keng moved forward and took that lovely yet poor prostitute's hands. Qiu'niang then said, "Young Master Sun, please wait a moment. This humble lady will take Shuhua to tidy up first. He will be here after a while."

Sun Keng was trying to clarify the background of the man next door at this moment, so he commanded, "Go ba, give him a bath."

After Qiu'niang led the prostitute away, many thoughts whirled about in Sun Keng's mind. He is surnamed Li and is Sun Yán's honored guest. He has a strong background and came from the capital... Who exactly is he?

Sun Keng suddenly remembered the news he had heard last year. A burst of fear struck him in a flash, making him rush to the hole in order to peep once more.


While peeping through the hole:

Li Qingcheng and Fang Qingyu, one master and one servant, were both silent.

Li Qingcheng let out a long sigh.

In a mild tone, Fang Qingyu said, "Your Highness, Qing-ge will play a piece for you to hear ba."


At these two words "Your Highness," Sun Keng suddenly felt as if he was struck by a thunderbolt, and his whole body went stiff.


Li Qingcheng was dispirited. "No need."

Fang Qingyu smiled. "That courtesan entertainer doesn't understand how to arouse Your Highness's joy, and some scoldings should've also been enough. What was the point of lowering yourself to his level?"

Li Qingcheng dully said, "It is me who is too fretful. The road ahead is long and tedious, regaining the throne is not something that is easy to achieve. But then, this one male prostitute had to play a song that also humiliated me. Every now and then, this prince keeps recalling past events..."

Fang Qingyu fiddled with the strings of the qin several times, making a clanking sound, as he gladly said, "Your Highness need not concern himself with it. This man, Sun Yán, has always kept his promise. Since he has already agreed to send 10,000 liang of gold and 10,000 jin of crude iron in order to help Your Highness, the day when Your Highness will regain his throne is just around the corner."

"In addition, Zhang Mu and Sun Yán had been good friends during their childhood, they must be brothers with a strong bond. Now that Your Highness has already promised to recapture the capital and conferred  Sun Yān as the empress afterward, what else is there to worry about?"

Li Qingcheng frowned slightly. That wasn't what they had agreed to speak about before. There wasn't supposed to be any "Zhang Mu" phrase either. Why did Fang Qingyu have to add that in?

However, this doubt went by in a flash. Li Qingcheng sorrowfully said, "As a matter of fact, it is not that this prince suspects Sun Yán. Since this prince has agreed to marry, there is no need to be concerned about the money. It's just, the rest of the people..."

Fang Qingyu smiled. "Provincial Officer Lin's heart is loyal to both the country and the people, and he's more than willing to assist Your Highness. Why worry?"

Still concerned, Li Qingcheng said, "Lin Xi and Sun Yán, these two people are both easy to handle; this prince is just afraid about that governor surnamed Sun. If we want to move our troops to Ting Province's Jia City and Ting City, we must hand over the military seal to both the governor and the provincial officer at the same time. this prince is only afraid..."

"Ai." Smiling, Fang Qingyu got up and comforted him. "We just have to kill the old man before the coming spring. Qing-ge will personally go do it himself, this matter need not trouble Your Highness's heart." 

Half of Li Qingcheng's words were mere acts, while the other half truly came from his heart; their future was indeed covered in dense fog. At once, he became lost in thought and didn't say another word.

Fang Qingyu sat by the couch, the act was now over. His eyes were still showing a very complicated gaze when he put his arm around Li Qingcheng's waist and whispered in his ear, "What else do you want to say?"

"That's it," Li Qingcheng replied in a very low voice.

Fang Qingyu's shoulders blocked Sun Keng's line of sight in the other room; it only looked like the master and servant seemingly had a very close relationship, and that Fang Qingyu was giving him some words of comfort.

Sun Keng knew that there was nothing else to be heard. When he raised his head again, he was already covered in a cold sweat; his eyes were filled with an unspeakable, panic-stricken kind of feeling and he stood while gasping for breath. 


While embracing Li Qingcheng, Fang Qingyu rubbed the corner of his mouth against Li Qingcheng's side face. Li Qingcheng narrowed his eyes and poked him under the ribs, saying in a small voice, "Enough."

Fang Qingyu puffed his breath before turning around and opening the door. Calling the servant, he instructed, "Rearrange the dishes back."

That servant, who had been bribed early on, immediately took the opportunity to go downstairs to inform Qiu'niang. Not one moment later, Qiu'niang, bringing along that male prostitute Shuhua, hurriedly headed upstairs and went into Sun Keng's private room with a smile plastered all over her face as if she was being showered by the spring breeze. 

Still standing by the wall, Sun Keng was bewildered and uncertain, and his face was very pale. But, when he saw Qiu'niang coming again, he instantly returned to his senses. He immediately fetched his outer coat and draped it over his shoulders and rushed to say, "This young master has another matter to attend to tonight and won't lodge for the night."

Qiu'niang said, "What did you say... Young Master?" 

Sun Keng wasn't in the mood to talk. He just fetched some silver and rewarded her before waving his hands and going downstairs. In a hurry, he stumbled on the narrow staircase and nearly fell down to the lower floor.


After Qiu'niang had sent the prostitute away, she looked into the distance before gently knocking on Li Qingcheng's door. 

Li Qingcheng commanded Fang Qingyu, "Fetch some silver and reward that male prostitute for using your name. I had been slightly ruthless in doing it before and I don't know whether he received any physical injury because of that; he's rather pitiful."

Fang Qingyu sneered. "All right. You tidy up, let's go back ba."

After fetching his robe and putting it on, Li Qingcheng walked out of the room and across the long corridor on the top floor of the building, while Fang Qingyu went to reward the male prostitute first. When he found Shuhua on the second floor, he fished out some silver fragments and said in a kind manner, "My family's young master is not in a good mood today; even you got implicated and were wronged by him. This silver money, you can have it."

The male prostitute, still with an appearance akin to raindrops on a pear blossom —— that tear-stained face of a beauty, hurriedly thanked him for the reward. When he raised his eyes, Fang Qingyu gave him a lazy smile that totally had both attractive and carefree overtones; he then touched his own face and wiped the oil in the passing before turning around and going downstairs.

No sooner said than done, Li Qingcheng came out of the room. Bundled in a sable fur coat and holding a cap he had yet to wear in his hand, his gaze followed Sun Keng, who was still frightened out of his mind as he roused his drunk family servant who had been drinking in the flower pavilion downstairs. When he went out from the main entrance, he nearly bumped into the man who had just come through the door.

"Aiyo, watch where you're going..." that man said with a smile.

Sun Keng's focus immediately returned. This man who had just come, who else could it be if not Sun Yán?

"Ah, you're..." Sun Yán, who still had no clue what was happening, cupped his hands in greeting and smiled. "Young Master Sun."

Sun Keng's heart became alarmed. Earlier, he had eavesdropped on a conversation between the crown prince and that bodyguard who called himself "Qing-ge" in the room. Qiu'niang had also clearly stated that he was the Sun family's honored guest. And this time, by lucky coincidence, he met Sun Yán downstairs. Is it possible that Sun Yán is going to host a banquet and the crown prince came early in order to wait for him?

Both sides' accounts matched. Sun Keng, with his usual expression, busily cupped his hands to greet him in return, smiling as he said. "Young Heir Sun."

Both of them were surnamed Sun. After a few exchanges of pleasantries, Sun Yán asked, "How Young Master is leaving now?"

Sun Keng's suspicious gaze went out in a flash and he hurriedly replied, "There's something going on at home." After saying so, he went to take his leave and left. When he went out, he nearly bumped into another man. Looking up, he saw that the man's stature was tall and mighty, and he looked fierce as he stood silently inside this quiet, slightly snowing night. The Hall of Brimming Spring was brightly lit, illuminating the streets covered with snow. That man had a faintly discernible scar on his face, and he was emitting a nefarious aura from head to toe. Since he was a head taller than Sun Keng, he looked down as he sized him up from above.

Sun Keng was so frightened by this. But then, Sun Yán hurriedly turned around and called out, "Come, come, Zhang-xiong, please."

Still bewildered, he went past that man's side and got into the carriage with his family servant to leave.


When Sun Yán and Zhang Mu entered the Hall of Brimming Spring, by luck, Li Qingcheng who was on the platform happened to see them.

Li Qingcheng's movement instantly froze, and traces of anger could faintly be seen on his face.

Looking down from the high platform, he saw that on the flower pavilion, a flock of orioles and swallows, complete with their makeup, were flocking around the two people, Sun Yán and Zhang Mu. Standing on the second floor, Qiu'niang first looked down to the floor below before looking up again. She then lifted up her skirt and strode upstairs, saying, "Young Master Li, Ying-zhu was also coming today? Why didn't you inform us?"

With a murderous aura all over his body, Li Qingcheng was ready to draw his sword anytime soon. He coldy said, "I don't know. He's a guest invited by Sun Yán."

Qiu'niang noticed that something wasn't right and hurriedly said, "This humble lady will go inform them."

"Wait." Li Qingcheng stopped Qiu'niang, and after standing for a moment, he got an idea.

"Qiu'niang," Li Qingcheng said, "what Zhang Mu had told you all before, do you still remember?"

Qiu'niang replied in a haste, "Ying-zhu made it clear that we are to do everything Young Master Li commanded us to do. Young Master Li's wish is also his wish."

Li Qingcheng: "Since that is the case, my command is above him. You go send him a male prostitute..."

Qiu'niang said, "Previously, a person from the Sun family had already selected one. According to Young Master, that means... send another for Ying-zhu?" 

In a low voice, Li Qingcheng said, "Is that so, then many thanks to Sun Yán for his good intention. You take them to the private room where I had been staying, and also clean up the neighboring room. Go at once."

This time, Qiu'niang was doubtful. After a while, Li Qingcheng finally realized something and gave her a smile, saying, "I know that Zhang Mu was invited by Sun Yán today to have a meal. I do not doubt him at all, you just rest assured, this is all part of my careful planning. I want to hear what Sun Yán still has to say. That guy Zhang Mu is clumsy, I'm only afraid he will leave out a vital part by mistake when he divulges the information later after he returns; that really won't do."

Qiu'niang didn't understand what kind of vital part and only heaved a sigh of relief, smiling as she said, "It is me who harbored suspicions, giving birth to dark thoughts, and ended up misjudging people. This humble lady will go and put things in order for Young Master."


Qiu'niang called over a servant and gave instructions on how to handle the matter downstairs while Sun Yán and Zhang Mu were still waiting inside the main hall. Li Qingcheng turned around to hide just as Sun Yán smiled toward the platform and said, "Qiu'niang, you still don't want to do this business?!"

Qiu'niang smiled. "Coming! How can we not do business when it's for Young Master Sun? There are many customers today, and this humble lady has arranged a room for Young Master. This way, please..."

A girl reached out her hand and tugged at Zhang Mu. Zhang Mu looked as if he had seen a snake and lifted his sleeves again and again in order to avoid her as he was taken up the stairs.

After Fang Qingyu had finished giving a reward to that male prostitute, he went up the stairs and said, "Let's go."

Li Qingcheng said, "No, there's something else. You come with me."

Fang Qingyu saw that there was something wrong with Li Qingcheng's expression, but had no time to ponder over the matter. He casually smiled and said, "Qing-ge will take you to the market to play. Ting City's night market won't rest until much later, and at this time, there's still a lot of food to eat."

Li Qingcheng didn't answer, but instead pushed open the door and entered the private room —— the same room Sun Keng had stayed in before.

Fang Qingyu chased after him into the room. He then took Li Qingcheng's hand and gently teased him on his ear, "What other matters do you still have to do? We're in the flower street and willow alley, and there's nobody at home as well. With Qing-ge here, who else do you want to sleep with?"

Still not answering, Li Qingcheng fetched a cup and poured himself some warm wine that Sun Keng hadn't touched on the table. As he moved it closer to his face, he felt a wave of sweet fragrance entering his nose. Fang Qingyu smiled. "This is a spring wine, do you really want to drink it?"

Li Qingcheng's eyebrows moved. "What is a spring wine?"

Fang Qingyu replied, "An object to liven things up. Do you want Qing-ge to hold you? After drinking this wine, you can then enter the screen, and Qing-ge will accompany you to sleep for the night..." Saying so, he leaned closer to Li Qingcheng, took him in his arms, and put his lips next to his ear while saying in a low voice, "You will definitely like the matter of intimacy between men. The taste is indescribable... you will know only after you have given it a try."


Li Qingcheng narrowed his eyes and said, enunciating word by word, "Fang Qingyu, do you know something?"

Fang Qingyu was first startled and dared not say another word afterward. At this time, Li Qingcheng heard Sun Yán's voice from outside the door and was stunned a little bit.

Fang Qingyu secretly grumbled "this is bad" before correcting himself, "You... Qingcheng, Qing-ge is going to say something you won't like to hear..."

Li Qingcheng suddenly threw the wine cup at Fang Qingyu, smashing his head and covering it all in wine. He then pointed to the corner, signaling him to shut up.

Fang Qingyu stood with his body dripping all over. A moment later, he said, "You're suspicious. Qingcheng, Qing-ge is afraid you will hear what you do not wish to hear, and your mind won't be at ease."

While Li Qingcheng's expression softened a little at this, he still didn't give him a reply. Minding his own business, Fang Qingyu smiled before lifting up the hem of his robe and kneeling in front of Li Qingcheng.


"Let's go ba," Fang Qingyu thus said. "Qingcheng, these words Qing-ge is telling you now are coming from the bottom of my heart. Why not let yourself live a little bit more peacefully? Even if a monarch rules over the land under heaven, in the end, he still can't control people's hearts.

"Who is loyal to you, will remain with you; even if you drive them away, they will not walk away. If you take a sword and put it by their neck, forcing them to get lost, that person will instead use the blade of the sword to slash themselves and die in front of you.

"Qingcheng, you must not learn from your father. In his heart, your father was always tempted to seize his subjects' loyalty and devotion and had them tested with his Tianzi Sword. To say at the very least, you still have a long way ahead of you. If you hear a bit of a sentence that makes you uncomfortable tonight, you will become worried about personal gains and losses. The future is still long, how are you going to deal with it?"


Li Qingcheng stood quietly, and after a long time, he finally decided, "What you said is correct. Let's go at once ba, I think too much."

Fang Qingyu stood up and led Li Qingcheng out, walking past Sun Yán's room. 

At this time, Qiu'niang had collected the leftover food and wine from the private room, as well as exchanged the spread with a thick felt carpet. Zhang Mu and Sun Yán were sitting on the ground, each with a low table in front of them.

When Zhang Mu heard the footsteps from the outside, his ears suddenly perked up. It was as if he wanted to get up but hesitated, and his eyes were slightly at a loss.

"What?" Sun Yán smiled as he asked.

Zhang Mu shook his head.

"I must go back after drinking the wine," Zhang Mu said.

Sun Yán smiled, sighing as he said, "The eagle has been turned into a loyal eagle, and also has become a loyal dog. Over the past few years, you've actually changed so much."


Fang Qingyu and Li Qingcheng walked out of the Hall of Brimming Spring. Qiu'nang went downstairs to catch up with them and hurriedly said, "Young Master is leaving now?"

Standing in a place where there was falling snow as far as the eyes could see, Li Qingcheng smiled. "We're going, there's no need to trouble you."

Fang Qingyu instructed, "The matter of us two coming here, you mustn't tell Zhang Mu."

Qiu'niang sent out a doubtful look. But, since Fang Qingyu had instructed her, she could only nod her head. Li Qingcheng walked out to the street outside, and Fang Qingyu turned around once more and gave another command, "Sun Cheng has already ordered a male prostitute, correct?"

Qiu'niang nodded and said, "Yes, he also ordered this humble lady to deliver a jar of spring wine upstairs."

Fang Qingyu immediately couldn't help but laugh. Qiu'niang asked, "Should this humble lady inform Ying-zhu?"

Fang Qingyu didn't know what to say either and just spun around. "No need. It's not poison either anyway, but you..."

Fang Qingyu lowered his voice and said in a very low whisper, "You can dispatch that prostitute that had been with Sun Keng just now, that one called Shuhua, and give him to Sun Yán. Let Shuhua take care and serve him, no need to say anything else."

Qiu'niang asked no more. Fang Qingyu smiled rascally before turning around to chase after Li Qingcheng who was out in the snow and left the Hall of Brimming Spring.

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