Chapter 6

Turing's Code

Translator(s): Joyce
Editor(s): Mariabel, fujoshisarah, GlitteryPanda

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Tianhe hadn’t been to Fink for a long time. The store opened in China eight years ago and once claimed to only accept regular customers. However, after opening a centurion credit card reservation service last year, it suddenly became a luxurious and lively market. Then it was interviewed by The Moth from Michelin Restaurant. After the chaotic interview, they received massive bricks, enough to cover twenty kilometers. Tianhe felt that the restaurant was too noisy, especially on Friday nights, thus he reduced the number of times he came here. However, today he suddenly wanted to experience the fireworks.

The supervisor’s eyes immediately brightened as soon as he saw Tianhe. He took him to the second floor and got him a pre-dinner drink. This two-story restaurant, converted from four villas, was full of flowers. There were only two tables on the second floor. Reservations were open on the first floor, turning it into a noisy area. During meal time, many foreigners sat there with their families.

“Coming to Fink for dinner is a relatively good idea,” Pro said.

“Why?” Tianhe glanced down to the first floor.

Pro, “The probability of Guan Yue coming here for dinner at night is only 0.7%.”

Tianhe, “Can you stop mentioning that guy? I finally forgot about him.”

Jiang Zijian went upstairs and whistled at him. He pulled out a chair, sat down and said, “I decided to disguise myself as a hotel doorman to meet someone. Do you think I look like one with how I dressed today?”

While the two looked at each other, a strange expression appeared on Tianhe’s face. Jiang Zijian blankly asked, “Isn’t it like this? I worked hard to buy it on Taobao myself! The assistant also helped me form a queue. Aiya, they also found me a broken-screen iPhone.”

Pro, “Do you need some advice?”

Tianhe picked up his phone, then took off his earrings and poked them into the slot to change the SIM card and said, “It’s easy to sell you out by your way of conversing. Once you’ve sat down, you should prepare a pack of cigarettes—Hongmei or Zhongnanhai一with the lighter as you snap your fingers and shout, ‘Waiter! Pour me some tea!’”

“I don’t smoke. Waiter! Pour some tea!” Jiang Zijian shouted nonchalantly.

The supervisor thought that Jiang Zijian had been poisoned and ran up the stairs with a lemon jar. He was frightened and asked, “Mr. Jiang? What kind of tea would you like?”

“It’s okay. We’re rehearsing a play.” Jiang Zijian explained and then questioned, “And then what?”

Tianhe turned his head and inquired. “Pro, then what?”

Jiang Zijian, “???”

Tianhe, “Pro is a voice intelligent search program. He asked if you brought your wallet.”

Jiang Zijian clapped his thigh. “Yes!”

Tianhe, “Prepare a wallet filled with discount cards, five or six credit cards, VIP hair salon cards, a whole row of various membership cards, and put them in order....”

Jiang Zijian, “Yes, yes, just like my driver did.”

Jiang Zijian always went out with neither money nor his wallet. At most, he would only bring one card.

“Then stand on stilts like this一sit and then shake...” Tianhe added.

As Tianhe demonstrated by shaking his leg, Jiang Zijian asked, “Where is the meeting place? How about Starbucks?”

Tianhe, “Yes, that’s suitable. When you buy drinks, you need to use the China Merchants Bank points to exchange them. Also, you can’t say ‘white water is good.’”

Jiang Zijian took out his phone and scrolled intently. “I also downloaded the popular app Dianping.”

Tianhe’s attention was no longer on Jiang Zijian as he turned to look downstairs.

Pro, “Tianhe, it’s not good for you to teach him to find a spouse by cheating like this.”

“What did you just say?” He flipped his phone over and faced the camera down the stairs.

“It’s out of view, we can’t see the surrounding scene.” Pro immediately replied.

Tianhe, “Don’t play dumb, Pro. Explain it to me.”

Pro, “Small probability events are also feasible; the possibility cannot be ignored just because it’s only 0.7%.”

Jiang Zijian, “???”

Jiang Zijian followed Tianhe’s gaze and saw Guan Yue with a Ukrainian supermodel enter the restaurant and head to the corner of the garden on the first floor.

Jiang Zijian stood immediately and said, “How about we go somewhere else? Lucy! Sorry, I suddenly...”

“It’s okay. Sit down. I just visited Chairman Guan this afternoon.” Tianhe thought about it, took off his ring, and put it on the table, added, “Just at the right time. Chairman Guan asked me for one thing.”

Pro, “Tianhe, this is not a good idea.”

Jiang Zijian’s smile disappeared and frowned, “You went to see him? Why?”

“I’ll tell you more about it later.” Tianhe then asked the supervisor, “Lucy, please do me a favor. Do you remember Mr. Guan Yue?”

“Your mood doesn’t look good.” The supermodel pulled down her hair and looked at Guan Yue with a smile. “Do you need rest?”

Guan Yue shook his head, glanced at the menu handed over by the waiter and nodded.

The Ukrainian girl added, “You always talk less.”

“Because there’s nothing to say,” Guan Yue distractedly replied.

The supermodel laughed. “Do you need eye drops?” She took out a small mirror from her handbag and showed Guan Yue his bloodshot eyes, and then handed him the bottle of eye drops. Guan Yue took and used it.

“This is my first visit to China,” The supermodel said. “I’m glad to meet you.”

Guan Yue closed his eyes and nodded. He opened his eyes again and looked at the second floor. The upper floor was blocked by the railings. That’s where he would sit whenever he heard Tianhe was here and often when he returned.

“Me too.” Guan Yue said. “You speak Chinese very well.”

The supermodel added, “I met several investors today and want to create my own brand in China. Do you have any friends whom you can introduce to me?”

Guan Yue thought for a moment and asked, “What does your father think about it?”

The Ukrainian supermodel smiled and replied, “My family supports me very much.”

Guan Yue expressed a little tired look and turned to look at the roses blooming in one side of the flower bar.

“Hello.” The supervisor came to serve Guan Yue and the supermodel and said, “Mr. Guan hasn’t come here for a long time.”

Guan Yue, “You still remember me.”

“Of course,” The supervisor smiled.

Guan Yue nodded and drank his pre-dinner wine. He picked up a fork and twirled it between his fingers. All of a sudden, he felt like something was amiss.

The supervisor cheerfully put down the plate. The Ukrainian supermodel added, “I wanted to meet more people in the fashion industry when I came to China but I don’t know why it’s always so difficult to schedule their time. Living in China seems much busier than in Europe.”

Guan Yue replied with a “hmm” sound and tasted the meal. He poked through the meat and was about to stir up the side dishes when he found a ring in the plate.

Guan Yue, “...”

Just when Guan Yue’s mood was already dark, all the bright spotlights in the restaurant turned to their table like stage lights. The introduction of “The Marriage of Figaro” began and sounded overwhelming. All the guests were startled and turned to Guan Yue and the Ukrainian supermodel.

The next moment, the symphony went silent, and the soft music of the violin reverberated. Tianhe and Jiang Zijian both had violins in their hands as they played the music gracefully and intoxicatedly and walked past tables towards Guan Yue and the supermodel. Behind them was the chef, who played the Scottish accordion, and a group of waiters with drums. It was like when Fink played “Happy Birthday to You” for a guest, but this time the music was “The Marriage of Figaro.”

The Ukrainian supermodel was shocked and said, “Guan?”

This time, it was harder for Guan Yue to remain calm. He sat still, raised his hand while looking stiff, and tried to explain.

The scene was only a little from the bottom line of his collapse. Guan Yue reached out to pick up the ring. The supermodel got up in coordination and consciously waited for him to propose on one knee.

At the same time, Jiang Zijian and Wen Tianhe played the violin and walked towards the table.

“Marry him! Marry him!” The chef yelled passionately as he played the accordion.

“Marry him! Marry him! Marry him! Marry him!”

All the guests applauded and raved wildly.

Guan Yue, “......”

“Marry him!” Tianhe and Zijian put down the violin and shouted excitedly together.

Like a stage full of luxuriant flowers, the audience was filled with happy smiles, like they had just witnessed true love. They shouted sincerely to Guan Yue and the supermodel. “Marry him!”

Tianhe looked around and said earnestly, “I will pay for everyone’s dinner today.”

“Yooo—” Another burst of cheering pushed the atmosphere into a wave of joy.

Pro, “According to my analysis, Guan Yue is now full of a strong feeling that you humans call embarrassment. If you don’t mind me asking for a favor...”

Jiang Zijian, “Flowers! There aren’t flowers yet!”

Tianhe suddenly had a thought. He looked around, rolled up his sleeves, and picked up a large pot of dripping Guanyin from behind the flower bar. He carried it laboriously to Guan Yue and shot him a sincere glance behind the flower pot.

Guan Yue, “......”

Tianhe, “Take it quickly, it’s heavy! I can’t hold it for too long!”

Jiang Zijian, “That’s too big, not elegant at all! There are two small pots. Here, use the cactus! Chairman Guan, come! Hold the pot!”

All of a sudden, all lights in the restaurant turned off, and a scream of surprise rang out, leaving the dim candles on the table the only source of light. There was a commotion followed by the sound of  chairs being pulled out. The supervisor hurried over to check. When the lights came on again, the table was already empty.

“Oh—” said the chef regretfully. “What a shy boy, so handsome—”

“So shy—” The waiters responded with exaggerated gestures and helplessly shook their heads.

Jiang Zijian had no choice but to let go, while Tianhe placed the pot of flowers on the table before leaving with Jiang Zijian.

At 8:20PM, a flash of thunder bloomed as it rained.

The late torrential rain was overwhelming. Jiang Zijian simply ate his supper and said, “It doesn’t feel like it did before. I even fucking met Guan Yue, completely blacked out, and ended up coming to another house.”

Tianhe ate only a little bit of beef and said, “Their farm was acquired by Delin Animal Husbandry.”

Jiang Zijian took a sip of coffee after the meal. “Delin was so annoyed that they knew he was merging the small ranch and used their milk to make the coffee taste different.”

Tianhe, “I don’t think it’s good to drink and squeeze yourself.”

Jiang Zijian smiled and asked, “Do you want to go to a nightclub?”

“Just the both of us?” Tianhe asked.

Jiang Zijian pondered for a moment. He pulled out another phone to make a call. Tianhe guessed he had another appointment with other friends tonight and said, “Go if you have another appointment. I just want to go home and lie down.”

“I’d like to make plans with a friend tomorrow, but I haven’t decided where yet,” Jiang Zijian said. “I have to find a place where we don’t just sit, eat, and talk.”

Pro suggested in his earpiece, “I recommend playing ball.”

Tianhe pondered for a moment and said, “Play ball? I haven’t played for a long time now.”

Jiang Zijian woke up from this remark and said, “Yes! We can go to the ranch. I’ll ask them if they will go.” Speaking of this news, he added, “This is an appointment I made the day before yesterday.”

Tianhe looked at Jiang Zijian, who said, “The other party is Wu Shun and the Vice President of Rong Hui Venture Capital and NDRC. By the way, Rong Hui will hold an industry conference next week and will allow you to say a few words. Maybe you can build momentum and get help there.”

“What should we pay attention to?” Tianhe asked.

Jiang Zijian said, “Just play as usual. Although Rong Hui had to kneel down and call his father when he met Guan Yue, it is said that their family is a part of your industry and can still put in a few words.”

“Thank you.” Tianhe said seriously.

Jiang Zijian studied Tianhe for a while then finally said, “Well.”

“Hmn,” Tianhe took a sip of coffee and said, “I’m fine.” Sure enough, he thought, this milk is really hard to drink.

Jiang Zijian nodded, took his coat, and got up. He kissed Tianhe gently, just like when they were still studying in London; every time Jiang Zijian came to see Tianhe and whenever they parted.

Tianhe looked up and smiled at him. Jiang Zijian then went downstairs carrying a suit and left.

Pro, “This relationship between two men who aren’t lovers is a little too close in China.”

Tianhe looked outside and thought, “It’s because he thinks I need love at this time. Some time ago, my classmates even thought that Jiang Zijian was my fiancé. Pro, have you learned about the human emotion called ‘jealous'?”

Pro, “The correct description is ‘jealousy.’”

Tianhe, “I can assume that Guan Yue was slightly jealous of this. Lucy, please give me the bill...”

Tianhe then added, “Pro, did you cut off the restaurant’s power supply?”

Pro, “I thought maybe it would help you ease the awkward atmosphere of the scene. Otherwise, I really didn’t know how it would have ended.”

Tianhe took the supervisor’s bill and then signed it. He got up, went downstairs, and said, “Your ability is cycling between being useless and being omnipotent. So far, the probability hasn’t been measured and you were quite capable when you helped Guan Yue clear the situation... Darn! How did it suddenly rain so heavily? I forgot where the car was parked.”

Pro, “The power grid connected to Fink restaurant was designed twenty years ago without a preset power outage password. Which car are you asking about?”

“Of course it’s the one that I drove.”

“It’s in the underground parking lot of Yintai Building, four hundred and twenty meters away from here.” Pro said. “I’ve searched and found two roads for you. On one of the roads, you will hardly get caught in the rain. Please turn over and move carefully along the eaves of Fink restaurant...”

“It’s okay, thank you.” Tianhe refused the restaurant door and rushed out and said, “See you next time.”

“Mr. Wen, walk slowly.”

Tianhe walked into the rain.

It hadn’t rained for a long time in this city. After he returned from the graduation trip, it was clear all summer up until autumn. He remembered sixteen years ago, when there was a torrential rain in the city, and knee-deep water would accumulate in the streets. He suddenly missed the rainy days when he was a child, wearing raincoats and boots to kick and play in the water puddles.

“The red light at the intersection still has twenty-five seconds left,” said Pro. “If you speed up, you can pass the intersection before the red light switches to green, but this isn’t the best option. I suggest you keep the current speed, it is likely to...”

“The professor said that even if knives fall from the sky, a gentleman should not rush on the road. Let’s listen to a song.” Tianhe walked patiently through the long street in the rain. The road was full of private cars and the waves of splashing water.

The torrential rain poured, while the whole world began to oscillate rhythmically to “Ode to Joy,” and leaves flew lightly in the rain.

The torrential rain poured wildly on Tianhe accompanied by the holy male chorus of ‘Goddess of joy, holy and beautiful, bright light shining on the earth...’ The holy male chorus made Tianhe into a falling chicken.

Tianhe, “......”

Pro, “This version has the highest on-demand rate.”

Tianhe, “You’ve grasped my mood very accurately.”

Before the intersection, Tianhe’s eyes were covered with a layer of water. He couldn’t see the world through the heavy rain and his hair was dripping with water. When the green light brightened, he crossed the zebra crossing.

At this moment, the rain above his head stopped without warning. Someone behind him caught up, holding a black umbrella for Tianhe. The music in his earpiece disappeared and was replaced with the sound of rain hitting the umbrella like a drum.

Tianhe stopped, turned over, and was about to say thanks when he saw Guan Yue’s familiar face.

Tianhe, “......”

Guan Yue, who was dressed in a black suit and carrying a black umbrella, watched Tianhe silently. The diamond watch on his left wrist reflected the light of the high beam in the rainy night.

The vehicles honked one after another while the green light switched to red. Holding an umbrella for Tianhe, Guan Yue made a “please” gesture, and directed him across the road. Even if they wanted to speak at this time, neither men could hear each other’s voice over the rain and thunder. They crossed the road and stopped in front of the shopping mall when Tianhe politely said, “Thank you.”

Tianhe was about to turn around and leave when Guan Yue took the umbrella and grabbed his arm with great strength. Tianhe was never his opponent in strength and had to be taken into the store by him.

When the cold wind blew into the shopping mall, Tianhe shivered and sneezed. Guan Yue took off his suit coat and handed it to Tianhe, but he only raised his hand to show that he didn’t need it. Guan Yue also didn’t put it on. He held onto it in one hand and stood on the escalator.

In the luxurious high-end shopping mall, the soft piano music that was originally playing cut off without warning, and the stereo music playing in all directions was suddenly replaced by the symphony of “Ode to Joy.”

‘Your power enables people to eliminate all differences—’

‘Under your brilliant light, people unite as brothers!’

Tianhe, “......”

The sheltering customer in the mall was startled by the sudden background music. In the roaring music, Tianhe and Guan Yue stood on the escalator and were brought down slowly. Guan Yue frowned and looked up at the colorful layout of the mall.

“Do you have an obsessive-compulsive disorder that you must finish listening to this song?” Tianhe pressed the earphone and said blankly.

In the background sound, Pro replied, “Doesn’t it look like Christmas in London?”

Guan Yue, “......”

Guan Yue raised his eyebrows on one side and looked at Tianhe.

“Nothing.” Tianhe replied calmly, thinking that from now on he will refuse Beethoven.

Guan Yue, “......”

The familiar Audi R8 was parked in the underground garage of the shopping mall. Guan Yue pressed the key, opened the co-pilot door, and helped Tianhe get in.

“Thank you.” Tianhe said as he noticed Guan Yue’s right half was drenched by the rain. His white shirt was almost transparent, sticking to his shoulder and back and showed sexy muscle contours.

“You look better than you were before,” Tianhe said all of a sudden.

“Thank you.” Guan Yue said politely. He got in the driver’s seat and sped out of the garage.

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Cat, Joyce and Caro.


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Gilliane Pornasdoro
Gilliane Pornasdoro(@gillianepornasdoro)
1 year ago

Although Tianhe probably meant it as joke, that fake proposal is too much. They played with Ukrainian woman’s feelings.