Chapter 7

Turing's Code

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The torrential rain hit the windows, causing the wipers to wipe as fast as Guan Yue drove on.

Tianhe, “You haven’t changed the car yet? Do you like this birthday gift so much?” With two presses on the car stereo button, Beethoven’s “Pathetique” came out when he immediately turned it off again.

When the car was on the elevated road, Guan Yue suddenly asked, “You're always wearing an earpiece. Whose call are you waiting?”

“My boyfriend.” Tianhe said.

“Deception is not good. Why don’t you just tell him you still love him?” Pro advised him in his earpiece.

Guan Yue hit the brakes and turned the steering wheel. He made a U-turn and turned the air conditioner up a little higher. Under the gorgeous lights, the shining, rainy night was the most suitable scenery for recalling memories. Tianhe couldn’t help remembering the past.

Guan Yue was born into a family of Shanxi merchants who did paper business in Taiyuan after liberation. Naturally, his family was quite prosperous, even rich. However, compared to Tianhe’s noble lineage, Guan Yue’s family was just a member of the nouveau riche.

The genealogy of the Wen family can be traced back to the cabinet of the Ming dynasty and reached their peak during the Qing dynasty. During the Republic of China, Wen Tianhe’s great-grandfather was one of the first generation of scholars to study abroad. After the founding of New China, his grandfather became an honorary professor at Cambridge University. Later, he re-entered China with a Chinese nationality and became a scientist in the Computer Engineering field. He also greatly contributed to the Two Bombs and One Satellite project. In his father’s generation, Wen Yuankai specialized in both computer and finance and became one of the founders of quantitative trading software. Before the rise of the financial computer industry, Wen Yuankai was China’s first quant. When Wen Tianhe was moving, he found a photo of his great-grandfather and Turing—the father of computers—from many years ago when he was still young.

Of course, the curse that one generation is inferior to another generation has befallen the hearers. As the saying goes, ‘the rich do not surpass three generations’. Everyone is in a superficial state, but the status of the inner family was slowly declining.

The anxieties of all the N Generation’s rich were similar. As the main heirs of their respective families, Wen Tianyue and Guan Yue both needed to use their best efforts to maintain their social class. It’s very difficult to make a fortune but very easy to lose a family. It was common for a large family to lose all their possessions for decades as long as one can make a fortune.

At that time, Guan Yue always kept a respectful attitude towards Tianhe’s second brother, Wen Tianyue, even though he thought that he was too pompous and ostentatious. Tianhe often sided with his elder brother, and because he protected his brother, they also endlessly quarreled. Unexpectedly, Guan Yue’s predictions were finally fulfilled.

The clearer Guan Yue was about his feelings, the more proud he was of his own family. This kind of superior position in the family background reflected the politeness and alienation irony, which was Guan Yue’s most disliked “high society style.”

When they reached his home, the villa was already dark.

“We moved out,” Tianhe said. “I forgot to tell you that we can’t afford to live here. The house is waiting to be auctioned off.”

Guan Yue paused and said, “I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter. We now live in my childhood home. I will show you the way.” Tianhe smiled.

Guan Yue left the villa and said, “I remember.”

Tianhe smiled again. “I actually heard you say ‘sorry.’ It indeed is a turn of events.”

He thought Guan Yue was feeling muddle-headed. At that time, he didn’t think it would be an abrupt move to let Guan Yue drive him home hence him seeing his house in a distressed situation at the auction. Regardless, there was no way to preserve Tianhe’s self-esteem.

Thankfully, Tianhe never cared about his self-esteem. Instead, when he saw Guan Yue’s guilt, he found it interesting.

Tianhe didn’t say anything on the way back to his old home. He was waiting for Guan Yue’s subtle expression at this moment when sure enough, Guan Yue’s reaction couldn’t help but make Tianhe snicker. He was amused and had a little lark of fun.

The two didn’t speak as they drove down another road.

“Which auction house are you using?” Guan Yue finally broke the silence.

Tianhe, “Shh, Chairman Guan, let’s enjoy this rare romantic atmosphere quietly and keep it a little mysterious. You have exceeded your speaking quota for today.”

“My mouth is on me,” Guan Yue said. “I’ll say a few words if I want to. There’s no quota.”

Tianhe, “Quietness doesn’t mean embarrassment. There’s no need to talk.”

Guan Yue stopped talking.

Tianhe didn’t turn on the navigation, but Guan Yue accurately found the residential area where Tianhe lived as a child.

“Good night.” Tianhe unfastened his seatbelt and said to Guan Yue. “It’s been nice to see you again, especially knowing that you’re doing well.”

Guan Yue put his hands on the steering wheel. “Me, too.”

Tianhe got out of the car and walked into the corridor. The rain had already stopped and the city sky had cleared up as Guan Yue drove away.

“Mario.” Guan Yue said, turning the car and driving towards the outer lane whilst calling the CFO.

“Next, there’s a 95% probability of him going to a special motor racetrack in Huangjiao. Crazy...” Pro predicted in his earpiece.

Tianhe pressed the fingerprint lock and opened the door. “I think some rainwater entered your brain and caused you to get soft in the head. You truly shouldn’t get wet in the rain. He gave up racing many years ago when he was scolded by me. Pro, your information needs to be updated.”

Pro, “I still think you need to call him and remind him to pay attention to his safety.”

Tianhe sneezed and heard the macaw say in the dark, “Guan Yue is getting colder.”

“He’s not cold.” Tianhe saw the clean clothes folded outside the bathroom and said, “The Chairman is already an adult and allowed to have a good time. Pro, help me find out who we’re playing with tomorrow.”

Pro started searching by name. Tianhe took off his clothes and looked at himself in the mirror. His white, thin figure showed obvious abdominal muscle. In the white mist, Tianhe leaned his head against the shower wall while hot water rushed down. He let it wash down his body, starting from the top of his head which stung his eyes.

That night, he caught a cold. He slept in a daze, one dream after another brought him back to the time when he was still with Guan Yue. He sat in his car and sped along the straight highway of Huangshi at the end of the endless skyline to the place where they still couldn’t reach.

The next day after the autumn rain, the temperature cooled down overnight. The vast green lawn of Ronghe Ranch had been thoroughly watered. This ranch was one of the industries jointly invested by Wen Tianyue, Jiang Zijian’s father, and several local tyrants. Most of the time, the ranch was in a deficit state. At first, it raised more than 20 horses brought back from Berkshire. For horses, this didn’t seem to be the best place to live. After changing their environment, they always looked listless and sickly.

Tianhe had seen the horses in the past and once thought about crossing the ocean to send them back, because they just look pitifully. Not long after, some local tycoon shareholders who owned coal mines suggested that since the ranch was so large, why not raise some cows? This way, everyone can drink some self-produced milk.

Another shareholder suggested that they could raise a few more pigs and chickens, so then Ronghe was turned into a QQ farm by the shareholders. After they started raising pigs, Tianhe rarely came by.

Jiang Zijian liked most sports and naturally enjoyed dressage full of high-class styles in equestrian. However, he didn't want to ride a horse and play dressage amongst a large group of howling pigs, so over time he slowly forgot about the horses.

“You don’t need to care about Wu Shun.” Jiang Zijian came out with Tianhe after changing his knee pads. He put on his helmet and whispered, “Coax the man named Zhuo Yilong. He can help you, he’s also generous.”

Tianhe looked towards the other side of the venue where there stood a middle-aged man in his thirties and a young man. The middle-aged man was Zhuo Yilong as Jiang Zijian mentioned.

Tianhe, “Rong Hui’s vice president, I see.”

Jiang Zijian, “Take away your barbaric style.”

After a cold night with a fever and the flu, his brain was still a little muddle-headed and he felt like he was stepping on cotton. As soon as he climbed over and got on the horse, he really felt it. He took the polo stick handed by the jockey. With his long legs on the horse’s belly, he urged the horse forward and took the lead in entering the field. Jiang Zijian stepped up, touched the horse’s head, and followed closely.

The sky was clear and cloudless. On the other side of the mountain beside Dianguang Lake, Guan Yue, stood on the golf course’s lawn. He was dressed in a golf suit, leaned down slightly, swung his club, and hit the golf ball with one strike.

The CFO of Qingsong company, nicknamed “Super Mario,” followed suit and also hit the ball.

“...Wen Tianyue had only one goal and it was very clear.” The CFO said. “With financing being listed as his main goal. I have to admit, his playing method was quite ingenious. It’s just that with the policy issues, he was much too confident in his own abilities, and he was always off playing before going public.”

“If it wasn’t for the break in the capital chain, maybe he could have succeeded. I can only say that everything is fate...”

Guan Yue handed his club to the caddie, refused the golf cart, and walked to the hillside. The CFO followed him, saying, “Epeus’s decision-making mistakes didn’t lie in its decision to enter the entertainment industry last year. The biggest problem lies in the super server unit they rented. The developer of this unit is the most advanced technology company in the U.S. with 100,000 processor chips which are rarely rented outside the country. It costs 14.4 US dollars per hour, 12.5 million a year and consumes nearly 100 million RMB per year. And the lease lasts for six years...”

“...It’s reasonable to say that our family’s industries are complete and have invested in a lot of projects over the years. We shouldn’t go this route,” The CFO added. “Real estate is trivial and the commercial streets are their most profitable investment. Apart from this, the chain of Holiday Inns and Ronghe Ranch are just across the stadium. Look over there...they are all supported by the commercial streets. Slow down, it’s been too long since I’ve exercised.”

Guan Yue slowed down. The CFO barely kept up as he gasped for breath and walked slowly alongside him, adding, “Private club ‘Jiangyue’ is only used for banquets and their families. It was sold to the hotel tycoon, Jiang Chaosheng last July. The two mobile game companies are half-dead and the project hasn’t come out yet. Of course the cost isn’t that high, it’s seven or eight million a year. Although the handicraft workshops and private brands make money, the scale is very small. Wen Tianyue had originally planned to invest just a little bit and develop a few games for his own amusement. If he was successful, he would sell it to a large factory in the form of a boutique studio...”

Guan Yue stopped and began playing the sixth stroke. The CFO added, “As for the guarantee loan in the name of the company, I think there should be some inside information, not Wen Tianyue’s impulse...”

The CFO found the ball and hit another shot and then continued to explain, “The company’s main business is internet issuance and channel operations. Wen Tianyue believed that through strategic cooperation with them, he can first use secured means to guarantee loans then force mergers and acquisitions. It would tell a good story and play a role in boosting the stock prices after going public in the future.”

On the other side of the golf course, there was a burst of cheers in the house farm area of Ronghe Ranch.

Tianhe got on the horse. As long as he held the stick in his hand, he threw the business issues behind him in a blink of an eye. He had not played a ball game for a long time. The emotions that had accumulated in these days were released along with the hot autumn sun and the refreshing wind from the running horse.

When he was still in college, Tianhe’s backhand was one of Cambridge’s greatest skills. All his opponents could not help underestimating him when they saw him, a quiet guy with black hair. However, his horse riding style wasn’t gentlemanly but wild and unrestrained, just like riding a horse on the highlands of Scotland. He easily killed his opponents.

Jiang Zijian went on, temporarily forgetting he was here for public relations, and couldn’t help cheering loudly. He cooperated with Tianhe to advance and retreat. The other two players on his team were also very tacit and cooperated with them.

Zhuo Yilong didn’t expect that a thin, tall, twenty-year-old boy would come on the field so arrogantly. His team was beaten without any power to fight back and his complexion immediately didn’t look well. Jiang Zijian ran over to the horse and said, “Let him score two goals, Tianhe!”

Tianhe realized that he had always regarded Jiang Zijian as Guan Yue and rushed forward after getting on the horse. Jiang Zijian then thought of his first task and had to deliberately lag behind.

Wu Shun came over, smiled, and gave a thumbs-up to Tianhe. He turned his horse around, hit the ball, then passed it to Zhuo Yilong. Tianhe stood on the saddle with it’s stirrup, bowed lightly, and rushed to his goal. Zhuo Yilong circled around while Tianhe suddenly pulled out his horse and left the circle, smiling at Zhuo Yilong.

Zhuo Yilong scored the first goal. The players cheered and the referee signaled the end of the quarter.

Tianhe slowed down his horse. He had a bad cold, so his head was still a little dizzy. His eyes went hazy when he gasped and unsteadily dismounted.

“Too wild,” Jiang Zijian said.

“That’s how I am,” Tianhe replied.

Jiang Zijian clapped his shoulder and said, “Take a rest and talk. They all seem to like you.”

Originally, there was only a three-minute break between the quarters, but Wu Shun and the vice president, Zhuo Yilong, had already sat down in front of the open-air teahouse on the sidelines, obviously not caring about the rules of the game. Tianhe immediately improvised. He nodded, went into the tea house, and smiled at the two.

“I thought you would be elegant.” Zhuo Yilong laughed, “Little gentleman.”

Tianhe smiled, “I haven’t played for too long. I used too much force in the first quarter you let me win, you let me win.”

Wu Shun said to Zhuo Yilong, “This is their style. Gentle off the field while wild beasts on the field. Like England, when they play football, every gentlemanly demeanor is thrown aside and taken over by a vicious charge of round table knights.”

Jiang Zijian and Tianhe both laughed. Tianhe thought it was because these two haven’t fought with Guan Yue.

“I have seen your brother,” Zhuo Yilong said after he drank some of his sports drink and pointed his fingers to Tianhe. “Your personalities are very different. I heard Zijian here say that Epeus was opened by you and him?”

Tianhe replied, “Most of the time, he was in charge.”

Zhuo Yilong said, “I wanted to vote for Epeus at first, but unfortunately, I didn’t get a reply from your brother two years ago. He was so busy with his great career that it was too difficult to make an appointment.”

Zhuo Yilong had not yet reached forty and spoke with a sense of legality and significance. Wu Shun, on the other hand, only looked at Tianhe with great interest. Tianhe had heard Zhuo Yilong’s critical comments about Wen Tianyue. In his brother’s most powerful years, several companies competed for Epeus. Some of them weren’t respected by Wen Tianyue. Although most of them were declined, they also offended many people.

With a smile, Wu Shun flicked his fingers on the beverage bottle, his eyes wandering back and forth between Zhuo Yilong and Tianhe. Tianhe had graduated less than a year ago, he was still learning the nuances of conversation between people in China. It was no trouble to understand Zhuo Yilong’s subtext but interpreting another person’s expression always made him a bit anxious.

This twenty-year-old boy named Wu Shun attracted Tianhe’s attention. He intuitively felt like Wu Shun liked guys—maybe Jiang Zijian. Jiang Zijian obviously knew Wu Shun quite well.

Jiang Zijian laughed and said, “Brother Zhuo is also very busy. It took me a long time to make an appointment today.”

Wu Shun interjected, “Busy preparing for the strategy conference. I’ve been talking about your company recently.”

“Well,” Zhuo Yilong shook his head helplessly and said, “Your IT company knows best that a strategic conference is all monkey tricks.”

Everyone laughed and Zhuo Yilong added, “I’m busy working during the day, I have to coax my wife and take two children after work. I am not like you young people, I don’t have endless energy every day.”

When the topic turned to family, Jiang Zijian said a few words of his own. Zhuo Yilong calmly dug up some photos, showed Tianhe his two sons and asked, “Are you married? When do you plan to get married? Your brother isn’t married either?”

Tianhe smiled and shook his head, knowing that society always liked to ask questions like whether you are married, when are you planning to get married, how’s your family, how’s your wife and children, etc. He also doesn’t mind since he was mentally prepared, replying, “We just broke up more than a year ago and haven’t dated yet again. My brother... Well, he can’t sort out all his mess, so forget it.”

Tianhe liked his sister-in-law who could set off foul wind and bloody rain before passing through a doorway. However, it seems that Zhuo Yilong wasn’t clear about what happened to his family in those days so it was better not to say more.

Zhuo Yilong said, “It’s just like that for any kind of sworn love.” He began to share the story about his first love in college with the three young people. Tianhe felt it was very embarrassing to talk about personal affairs with a person who he’d just met. He generally wouldn’t tell others about his love experience unless he has a close relationship with them. However, since Zhuo Yilong was so keen on this, he had to bear and listen patiently.

“...So from my point of view,” The CFO hit another goal and said, “Epeus is not of great value. It’s just a shell company.”

Guan Yue walked across the lawn and started down the hillside and then spoke his first words today. “Drink less wine and spend less time in nightclubs. Your perception becomes dull.”

The CFO was stunned and thought for a few seconds. He realized that Guan Yue also thought there was still something unreasonable in the whole process of Epeus’ bankruptcy so he quickly followed the boss.

“The server unit lease hasn’t terminated yet.” Guan Yue found the ball and tried to take a swing.

“The termination of server leases in this high-tech industry means they acknowledge that their R&D projects are no longer of any value.” said the CFO.

Guan Yue spoke a few words and entered the cooling standby time.

The CFO added, “Although to rent for a day is precisely just like burning a day’s money. While Wen Tianyue went to San Francisco to find a way to cheat money, Wen Tianhe while the other stayed in China waiting for the fudge institution, thinking there might still be hope.”

Guan Yue hit the ball as the CFO continued. “Anyway, I strongly recommend you don’t try to save their family. In the style of the two brothers, after the money comes... well, Macau’s joke, if they fail again...”

Outside the golf course, there was another sound coming from the horse racecourse. Guan Yue stopped and glanced over.

“Good! Good!” Jiang Zijian held a polo stick and smiled at Zhuo Yilong.

Zhuo Yilong scored two goals in a row and rode around in high spirits.

Jiang Zijian took advantage of Zhuo Yilong’s turning around and hurriedly motioned for Tianhe to raise his hand and surrender to let him win. 

“Okay!” Tianhe shouted at Zhuo Yilong while holding back his polo stick.

Zhuo Yilong, “You let me win, you let me win.”

Jiang Zijian, “Take a rest?”

Tianhe, “......”

After scoring the goal, the referee was asked for a rest. He was a bit confused and didn’t know how to play next. Jiang Zijian was a casual person, anyway. He came here to serve Zhuo Yilong today. After the game, he ate with him, flattered him, and tried every means to achieve his goal to help Tianhe get the opportunity to speak at the industry conference.

Wu Shun smiled awkwardly. This was a friend brought by him. Unexpectedly, Tianhe gave him a look and shared with him an unspoken smile. Wu Shun couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re interesting.” Wu Shun said as he held the bat.

Tianhe smiled and replied, “You played well.” He then gently bumped his polo stick with Wu Shun’s and rode away.

Tianhe was a bit tired. He only drank milk this morning and was very uncomfortable under the sun. He just wanted to finish the three matches quickly. The issue was that he still didn’t know how long he had to play which made him a little fidgety. He had to calculate the next attack route and how to make the ball less obvious.

“Boss?” The CFO asked.

Guan Yue walked down the hillside without saying a word. He then climbed the pasture fence with his long legs.

The CFO watched Guan Yue throw his game of golf instead of playing and with his usual blank face, he entered the ranch like a gust of wind.

“Half time?” Jiang Zijian shouted and signaled Zhuo Yilong to see the referee.

Zhuo Yilong said, “Don’t rest yet! It feels right!”

Tianhe, “......”

Jiang Zijian, “Okay, then fight!”

Wu Shun, “Want to change horses?”

Zhuo Yilong, “I think this horse is okay. Come on! Wu Shun, stop the attack and level the score!”

Everyone, “......”

Jiang Zijian winked and motioned for Tianhe not to ridicule him. Tianhe was sweating but still nodded and rode forward. Zhuo Yilong was obviously greatly motivated. He rushed forward, grabbed the ball while he was on horseback, and hit it in one go.

“Ah!” said the jockey, “Sir! They didn’t rest...who are you?”

Jiang Zijian turned his head and suddenly saw a man sprint onto the field. Everyone froze.

Tianhe, “......”

Guan Yue leaned sideways, rushed onto the field, and swung his stick in the bright sun. With a superb backhand, the ball rushed straight into the goal like a shooting star.

Wu Shun, “Who is this? More people?”

Jiang Zijian immediately turned the horse’s head and said, “You fight!”

After Guan Yue scored, he held the stick and lifted it. Tianhe laughed and banged their sticks together gently, creating a crisp wooden sound. Jiang Zijian shouted from the sideline, “You fight, I’ll take a rest. Brother Zhuo come on!”

Wu Shun and Zhuo Yilong didn’t know what just happened. Suddenly, a knight came on the field wearing a hat and savagely joined the game. Tianhe shouted to the referee, “Let’s start the fourth round!”

Zhuo Yilong didn’t know this man’s origin. He even wore a baseball cap. He was bumpy and couldn’t see clearly. When he was on his way, Tianhe ran up from the left. A ball passed under Zhuo Yilong’s horse’s belly and flew to the newly admitted knight.

Guan Yue’s horse made a fast turn. He pulled the reins in his right hand and held the stick in his left, causing a difficult big drift.


Guan Yue forcibly dragged the horse, turned sideways, and hit the ball. Zhuo Yilong and Wu Shun only felt overwhelmed at the moment and scored.

Guan Yue led the horse, raised his stick, and lightly struck Tianhe’s with his own. The two sides separated carelessly.

The referee motioned for the kick-off and the crowd began to chase the ball again. Smiling, Tianhe turned his horse and ran to the opponent’s goal. Guan Yue fancily galloped as he held the stick in his left hand and thrust his shoulder back. He tossed his right foot off the stirrup, and executed a big flip. The action was so beautiful that he, the opponent, and all the horse masters outside the field all cheered loudly!


The ranch was boiling! Everyone ran out to watch Guan Yue play.

With a bang, the polo passed toward the opponent’s goal with grass flying all over. Tianhe rushed to the opponent’s goal not too far away and also played fancily. He turned around and scored.

After the goal, Tianhe calmly came and held the stick while Guan Yue turned around and gave him a meaningful look. The two lifted their polo sticks and gently touched their sticks together.

Wu Shun, “......”

Zhuo Yilong, “......”

The referee blew his whistle, motioned for the kicked-off, and the polo passed between Guan Yue and Tianhe like magic. Wu Shun, Zhuo Yilong and the two guards followed the ball from one side to the other, sweating all over.

Jiang Zijian looked more and more wronged. He hurriedly gestured to the referee to stop shooting. The referee winked, quickly pressed the watch, and notified the finish.

Ten minutes later.

“Mr. Guan!” Zhuo Yilong smiled, “Ah-yoh! How are you?”

Guan Yue nodded and sat down in front of the teahouse with all the others. His slender fingers rested on the table while he watched the lemonade in front of him. He tapped the table a few times.

“This is fate.” Wu Shun said to Tianhe and smiled.

Tianhe thought it was too funny and chuckled. “Yeah, yeah.”

Jiang Zijian didn’t know what to say for a moment. When Zhuo Yilong saw Guan Yue, he became a different person on the spot and exclaimed, “Your polo skills are actually this—well—good!”

Guan Yue made an  “hmn” sound.

“He used to be the captain of the Oxford PPE polo team so it’s not unfair to lose to him,” Tianhe explained.

“Oh—” Everyone nodded in unison but Jiang Zijian laughed, “Wasn’t our team defeated?”

Guan Yue glanced at Jiang Zijian and said nothing.

Zhuo Yilong looked at Tianhe and Guan Yue. He smiled and said, “Do you know each other? I said, hehehe, hahaha!”

“I’m a fan of Wen Tianhe.” Guan Yue finally spoke.

“I dare not.” Tianhe smiled hastily. “Guan Yue is always bluer than blue.”

“My polo was taught by him. I’ll go, you guys continue to play.” Guan Yue stood up, nodded and left.

Zhuo Yilong got up and followed, “Mr. Guan! Ah! I happened to meet you today. When shall we have a meal together? Hey hey hey, last time our boss...” The voice gradually drifted away. The remaining three were thrown in the teahouse.

Jiang Zijian, “......”

Wu Shun remembered something and said, “Leave me your contact information? I can’t play well, please give me some advice when you’re free.”

“Well, I don’t dare to give you any advice. Let's learn from each other.” Tianhe replied immediately. He liked this Wu Shun who was similar to him. His father was in the NDRC, he had big eyes, is very energetic, and unobtrusive.

“I’m sorry today.” Wu Shun suddenly said to Jiang Zijian.

“I’ll wash my hands first.” Tianhe knew when he should escape, so he took the earphone, put it on, got up and left. Jiang Zijian held his forehead in one hand and waved his hand. He smiled and shook his head helplessly.

Zhuo Yilong ran after Guan Yue and didn’t come back. Tianhe looked into the distance and saw Guan Yue dash over  the ranch’s fence and return back to the golf course. Zhuo Yilong also followed and fell under the fence. He jumped a few times, ran up the hillside, became two small dots with Guan Yue and disappeared on the other side of the slope.

The next day was another rainy day. Tianhe curled up on the sofa holding his silly blue cat in one hand while pressing the keyboard with the other. He quickly ran programs one after the other. Jiang Zijian sat looking at the data with an envelope on the table.

He received Zhuo Yilong’s invitation letter for the conference, but it seemed he didn't intend to invite Tianhe to speak on stage, only to sit on the benches.

“Guan Yue is also a God.” Jiang Zijian asked, “Do you have to hurt each other like this in the world?”

Tianhe pressed enter and the programs on the glass screen started to run line by line while dozens of small windows popped out of the trading software interface to show the progress.

“Pro, please help me monitor the CPU, thank you.” Tianhe took a sip of coffee and casually replied, “Although, I don’t think Brother Zhuo will let me speak on the stage even if Guan Yue will not show up. Anyway, it’s all one code to one code.”

“Exactly!” Jiang Zijian said, “I’m a good-tempered man in my game, otherwise I would find someone to cripple him.”

Tianhe, “It’s only fair. We first disturbed his date so then he disturbed our ball game. Is our handsome and golden long-legged uncle willing to be crippled?”

Jiang Zijian, “It’s not my predecessor. As long as you authorize me, of course I’ll be willing.”

“I know where the problem is...” Tianhe pressed pause, glanced at the screen, and murmured, “I said that the program director’s technical level isn’t good, it’s just blank… Forget it. What are you looking at?”

“The person who is about to be my date,” Jiang Zijian replied, “One who massaged in the foot bath center.”

Tianhe glanced at Jiang Zijian’s folder and thought he was recruiting. Jiang Zijian explained that the person who gathered the information was the manager for one of his family’s hotels. The manager registered an account, pretended to be him, and fished in a forum.

This winking straight manager used all his best efforts to hook up with six targets, intercepted the effective information of the chat content, and finally printed it out to send to Jiang Zijian. He took a fancy to one of them at a glance, who was very handsome with a baby face and looked very loving.

Jiang Zijian studied philosophy, so he can’t understand computer languages but was still curious about it and asked, “Oh? Is this the software that will crash Party A’s computer after it is sold? Have you changed it? Is your company saved?”

“No.” Tianhe said. “This trading software is no longer used.”

Jiang Zijian, “Then what did you do?”

“Obsessive-compulsive disorder.” Tianhe casually replied, “How can we tolerate such things in this world? I’ll have to repair it again and apologize door-to-door. I won’t go out for a few days. You’re busy, you should go do your job.”

Jiang Zijian, “What about your server unit?

Tianhe replied, “Let’s wait until later to discuss it.”

Jiang Zijian knew that once Tianhe started working, he basically went into a thin air’s state of not paying attention to anything around him. He didn’t force him, took his coat, and said, “I’ll think of another way to help you.”

“Okay.” Tianhe replied.

“Try not to beseech that damn Guan Yue,” Jiang Zijian advised Tianhe.

Tianhe, “I’ve been stabbed by your ‘fight’. Please disappear for me now, right away.”

Jiang Zijian whistled and shouted to the parrot, “A-Shares have crashed!”

“A-Shares!” The parrot spread its wings and praised the temple of wealth in the eastern world, shouting enthusiastically, “Guan Yue is dead!”

“Almost.” Tianhe said contentedly.

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