Chapter 53

Turing's Code

His soul immediately freed itself from his body and flew into the blue sky, exploding into gorgeous fireworks.

Content Warning:
lol chapter but fair warning there’s mention of suicide attempt

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Editor(s): eggy, Mariabel

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Tong Kai felt that something seemed to be different at home since last night.

From his family to the housekeepers to this group of attendants, they were all acting a bit strange, seemingly showing excessive concern for his personal safety. Firstly, his sister called to inquire about him; for fear that he might catch a cold, she asked the housekeeper to call a doctor to do a full health checkup for him.

Whereas the Netherlands’ side used to call him once a week to make sure that he was still alive, now, his sister would give him a call every day.

Tong Kai was completely perplexed. Sitting on the rocking chair, he was about to read a book for a moment when Edgar, the butler, took out four blankets for him to pick from. He said, “The one on the right ba.”

Edgar, “I suggest you cover up with all four of these.”

Tong Kai exclaimed in horror, “You’ll smother me to death!”

Edgar, “This was your sister’s order.”

Tong Kai, “Why is everyone in the family suddenly showing attentiveness to my health? Never mind… I’ve really been lacking a bit in exercise lately. My heart almost jumped out of my chest the last time we parachuted.”

In the dead of winter, Tong Kai’s house was in full bloom. It was like spring all year round and the atmosphere inside the house was very refreshing, while there was a faint smell of saltpeter outside as children were playing with strings of firecrackers in the villa district.

“I’ve decided to go out for a short run,” Tong Kai put down the book, lifted the blankets one by one, and went to change into sportswear.

Edgar came over immediately. He stuffed Tong Kai with a hand warmer, stuck several heating patches on the inside of his tracksuit, and had him put on a beanie.

Half an hour later, Edgar took the lead followed by a group of male attendants dressed in suits, with two in front opening up a path and four tailing behind. They reached out their hands and trailed after Tong Kai all the way as he jogged and consecutively blocked dogs for him.

Tong Kai, “…………………………”

“Edgar,” Tong Kai stopped in his tracks and said, “Did something happen recently?”

Edgar wiped the sweat off his forehead as he took the iPad while standing aside, and said politely, “Which country’s news would you like to hear?”

Tong Kai looked around. “What are you guys up to by following me here?”

The row of attendants hurriedly stood up straight and retreated aside as Tong Kai looked incredulously at them and then at Edgar.

“All of you, go back,” said Tong Kai. “Go back to playing ping-pong, picking up hot chicks, and playing video games! Go, go, go! This is just nuts!”

Edgar said, “The Netherlands’ side specially exhorted that…”

Tong Kai, “Edgar, do you want Aunt Fang to hate you? You don’t want that, do you?”

Edgar, “......”

Tong Kai pointed to the direction of his house, indicating that he could go back.

Edgar could only take out a collar and said, “Then you should at least put this on so that we’ll be able to find you at any time through this satellite locator.”

Tong Kai, “Are you sure this isn’t a time bomb? Why am I seeing that it’s even flashing a red light ah!”

Edgar, “Once every ten seconds, it can transmit your location to the satellite, as per your sister’s order.”

Tong Kai, “Are you all walking a dog here? Can’t it be changed to a tracker band?”

Edgar, “A tracker band has limited power.”

Tong Kai, “Never mind, never mind… Hurry up and go back. Fine, fine, I’m wearing it, don’t bother me again.”

Edgar stood by the side of the road and waved at Tong Kai, who sighed in relief and uncomfortably adjusted the collar with a baffled expression. He then ran a few paces and turned a corner. Alright, now…. He can finally pretend to pass by the gate of Jiang Zijian’s residence.

Today was a cloudy day. Tong Kai took a deep breath and jogged across the neighborhood before arriving outside Jiang Zijian’s residence.

A gardener in his fifties, wearing gloves and blue gardening overalls, was cleaning up the rhododendrons in the garden.

“Hi!” Tong Kai greeted the gardener.

Jiang Chaosheng tossed the clipped rhododendron aside, wiped his sweat, and said, “Yeah, yeah.”

Facing the rhododendrons, Jiang Chaosheng’s heart groundlessly brought forth too many feelings of sadness, grieving over the passing of spring and melancholy associated with autumn—when spring comes, the rhododendrons are in full bloom, and so long as they are well taken care of, they are bound to bloom beautifully. Likewise, the Jiang household at present was a prosperous scene like the fresh flowers pinned to an embroidered work and the flare up of spilt cooking oil on a blazing fire. Their stock was uncapped on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, and had hotels found throughout all parts of the whole world, how can it be simply summarized as ‘prosperous’?

However, Jiang Chaosheng, who studied philosophy, always thought of withering flowers whenever he saw them bloom; how sad would it be to see them falling all over the ground? He should build a small greenhouse for such beautiful flowers. The idea of a greenhouse made him think of his most beloved son, Jiang Zijian. Wasn’t he that flower who grew up in a greenhouse? There will come a day when he will have to leave this greenhouse and encounter the wind and sun, endure the rain and frost, and eventually suffer from an unspeakable misery and hardship… There will be nothing he can do to stop the flowers from withering and the seemingly familiar spring swallows from returning…… At this point, Jiang Chaosheng, the hotel tycoon, couldn’t help but feel a heaviness deep in his heart.

Jiang Chaosheng smiled at Tong Kai and asked, “You’re a neighbor?”

Tong Kai, “Yes, I live right behind your house. Such arduous work ah!”

Jiang Chaosheng, “Gotta finish trimming here before the New Year!”

Tong Kai, “My family also planted a lot of them! Dutch rhododendrons are a bit delicate! Yo, you’ve done a great job growing them. Whenever you have time, can you come over to my house to have a look?”

Jiang Chaosheng laughed and said, “I dare not accept such praise. I’ll take a stroll over when I have the time?”

Jiang Chaosheng himself had bought the flowers from the Netherlands. The two men then chatted through the iron gate. Jiang Chaosheng noticed the collar around Tong Kai’s neck flashing a red light every once in a while. Somewhat skeptical, he didn’t dare just let him in. He thought and thought and suddenly recalled that not long ago…the Hollands representative said to Jiang Zijian, “Rather than becoming a whole tile, one would rather be a piece of broken jade,” and sudden nervousness arose at once.

“Is your young master here?” Tong Kai asked again. “I have something to ask him!”

Jiang Chaosheng, “!!!”

Tong Kai, “?”

“Here, here,” Jiang Chaosheng hesitated and said, “Just a moment, I’ll go and call him.”

Tong Kai, “Thank you la!”

Jiang Chaosheng thought long and hard. After walking out a safe distance, a riot of mixed emotions swelled up as he looked back at Tong Kai. He must have been sent here by the Hollands! Asking for Jiang Zijian, this was the only possibility!

“Little donkey.”

Ai! Dad!” Jiang Zijian happened to be with Wu Shun and was watching him play games.

Jiang Chaosheng, with a grave expression, said, “There’s someone outside wearing a time bomb around his neck. He said he has something to ask you. Do you have a friend who is…in this business?”

Jiang Zijian, “...”

Wu Shun, “......”

The two men suddenly tensed up. Wu Shun said, “No way ba… It’s almost the New Year. What does he look like?”

Jiang Chaosheng said, “The security guards have been watching him for a long time. I don’t think I should let the young man in. At such a young age, what if you all are caught by that guy and blown up to pieces without any bones left, how could I bear it? Let him come at me, if he comes at you, Dad can just…”

“Dad!” Jiang Zijian’s face was full of panic. “Let me go! But I haven’t offended anyone ah!”

Jiang Chaosheng, “Didn’t the Hollands throw harsh words at you? At the time, we laughed and just let it pass, but we didn’t expect that…”

Jiang Zijian, “!!!”

Wu Shun said, “Take it easy. Let me check the situation. Where are the bodyguards?”

Jiang Zijian replied, “Darn, several of them went home for the New Year. The man’s not holding a gun, it’s a bomb ah! Even if all the bodyguards went, they wouldn’t be able to hold it down!”

Wu Shun said, “Can we see the surveillance? Let’s check the surveillance first.”

Jiang Chaosheng took the two to the security room. The head of security was staring at the screen as though he was facing a mortal enemy and said, “Boss, that man left!”

Tong Kai walked around as he impatiently waited outside when he caught sight of a child standing alone in the middle of the road. He hurried over and asked, “Where are your parents? How come you’re here alone?”


“It’s good that he left then,” Jiang Chaosheng said. “It’s good that he left.”

“He’s back again!” The head of security instantly tensed up, pointing at the screen.

Tong Kai had already sent the child home. He looked around, his back facing the Jiang residence. The view from the surveillance monitor wasn’t clear enough for them to perceive, but the satellite locator around his neck was still flickering.

Two bodyguards stood in the security room and started to examine the collar flashes:

Bodyguard A said, “I’ve seen this kind of bomb when I was in Libya.”

Jiang Chaosheng, “......”

“Pint-sized,” Bodyguard B said gruffly.

A, B, C, and D are the Jiang family’s four bodyguards. C and D went home for the New Year, while A and B were on shift.

Wu Shun, “How big is the impact scope?”

Bodyguard A, “Not quite sure, at least a radius of 30 or 40 meters.”

Bodyguard B, “Now, the key is to find out where the controller is.”

Bodyguard A said, “Let’s go up to the third floor, prepare the snowball machine, put a row of billiard balls into it, aim for his head, and hopefully knock him out.”

Bodyguard B said, “Either that or slide down from upstairs and tackle him to the ground.” 

Jiang Zijian, “No way! That will get you both killed!”

Bodyguard B said, “It doesn’t matter. It’s our job to keep you all safe.” 

Bodyguard A’s complexion changed as he thought, Don’t. You’re not afraid of death but I am. I haven’t received my year-end bonus yet.

Jiang Chaosheng inquired, “As for where it will explode, the house will be fine so long as it’s not too near.”

Tong Kai wore sportswear and a beanie, showing a small part of his body from the gate. Wu Shun watched for a good while but still couldn’t come to a conclusion at the moment.

The head of security watched hesitantly for a moment and then said, “Thirty or forty meters may blow up our family’s peacock. Look, he’s walking towards the pond outside.”

Jiang Chaosheng, “It’s better to have a peacock get blown up than to have a human accident. That can’t be helped.”

Wu Shun, “Be sure not to let him in. Also, what do you think he’s carrying in his arms? It’s not a hand grenade, is it?”

The head of security said, “Boss, why don’t I sneak past using this path, go behind the rockery, stick the electric baton out from behind the fence, and electrocute him in the back so that he would just fall on the spot. This electric baton can even electrify an elephant flat!”

Jiang Chaosheng responded, “I’ll go.”

Jiang Zijian said, “I’ll go!”

Jiang Chaosheng, “Donkey!”

“Dad!” Jiang Zijian exclaimed.

Wu Shun, “Call the police first, they’ll be here in a moment. Let me just call my friend.”

Tong Kai waited for a long time, but still didn’t see Jiang Zijian come out. He got tired of waiting and jumped a few times outside the fence.

“He’s thinking of a way to climb in,” Jiang Zijian said. “We can’t wait any longer.”

Jiang Chaosheng said, “I’ll go out to distract him and take him to a place where there are no people.”

Wu Shun, “Or you can all hide yourselves in the fence’s bushes before jumping out and to ambush him, knocking him unconscious.”

The head of security said, “Use the electric baton ba. It’s the best safety guarantee.”

Jiang Zijian grabbed the electric baton, taking everything into his own hands, and rushed out of the security room. Wu Shun immediately exclaimed, “Come back!”

Jiang Chaosheng was about to go out, but the security guard immediately stopped him and said, “Boss! You can’t go! You can’t go ah!”

The two bodyguards signaled for Jiang Chaosheng to be at ease, and with their neckties flying, they ran out after Jiang Zijian.

Wu Shun returned to the security room, nervously watching the surveillance, only to see Jiang Zijian, with the electric baton in his hand, walking out of the garden with quick steps, looking left and right. He immediately phoned Jiang Zijian and said, “Don’t talk. Listen to me.”

Jiang Zijian passed by the peacock, which spread its tail feathers at him.

Jiang Zijian nodded, signaling the peacock to be quiet and not to get horny in this winter weather. The two bodyguards cautiously followed behind Jiang Zijian, parting left and right, ready to outflank.

Wu Shun, “Go a little bit to the left.”

Jiang Zijian chose an area and stuck the electric baton out from behind the dense bushes in the fence. Wu Shun said, “A little to the right.”

Jiang Zijian adjusted the electric baton’s position. Wu Shun could only see Tong Kai’s beanie moving out there. Jiang Chaosheng said, “No, no, go a little further.”

Jiang Zijian reached his hand into the fence.

Tong Kai felt so on edge by the heat that he unzipped his jacket to take out the hand warmer and toss it in his hand.

Shortly afterwards, Jiang Zijian’s electric baton jabbed Tong Kai.

Tong Kai, “?”

“Electrocute!” Wu Shun decided on the spot.

As soon as Tong Kai turned around, the electric baton activated, which promptly shocked him, causing him to fall against the fence and slide down.

Jiang Zijian gesticulated to the surveillance camera’s position. Jiang Chaosheng said, “It worked! Quickly, come back! Quickly!”

Jiang Zijian said over the phone, “I’ll take a look outside.”

Wu Shun, “Don’t go out! Absolutely do not go out!”

“Don’t leave the house!” Jiang Chaosheng promptly exclaimed.

Outside the fenced bushes of the Jiang’s household, Tong Kai lay on his side on the ground with his head askew and his hand warmer that fell on the side.

Jiang Zijian, “Knocked out for sure! It’s okay!”

The bodyguard said, “We’ll go and look. Zijian, go back, quick!”

Jiang Zijian was almost electrocuted by the electric baton in his own hand. His courage has always been great. He inputted his fingerprint, went out the iron gates, and ran to the front of the fenced bushes. He deactivated the electric baton’s power and carefully poked Tong Kai with it.

The bodyguards guarded Jiang Zijian at all times, while Jiang Zijian poked Tong Kai’s collar and propped up his chin using the electric baton to make him turn his head.

Tong Kai remained unconscious.

As soon as Jiang Zijian saw Tong Kai’s face, his soul immediately freed itself from his body and flew into the blue sky, exploding into gorgeous fireworks.


Aunt Fang had fried a plateful of ribbonfish for Tianhe to eat as a snack while also preparing the New Year’s dishes.

Tianhe repaired Wen Tianyue’s phone that he had dropped into the pot, during which Guan Yue held a fried ribbonfish in one hand and fed it to Tianhe.

Zhang Qiu changed into her pajamas and sat sideways on the sofa. Wen Tianyue moved to sit on a small stool and gave Zhang Qiu’s leg a pounding massage. Zhang Qiu’s eyelids didn’t even lift as she rolled up the bamboo slips in her hand, looking drowsy.

“Why is it so quiet?” Zhang Qiu spoke.

Tianhe, with a smile, said, “Because there’s nothing to say.”

Guan Yue, “......”

As soon as Zhang Qiu arrived, Guan Yue turned tractable then and there. His arrogance as the head of the house instantly disappeared. Zhang Qiu told him to do whatever, and he would do what she told him to do. He tried to explain to Zhang Qiu several times but was only relentlessly shut down by Zhang Qiu forbidding him from quarreling in her presence, or else he’ll be slapped.

Zhang Qiu, “Call Pro out to say something ba. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard him, I really miss him.”

Guan Yue, “Pro was punished with protracted kneeling on the washboard.”

Zhang Qiu, “Don’t bully me for being illiterate. How can an AI kneel on the washboard? Would you do it for me to see?”

Tianhe said, “The world is so big. Everything is possible.”

Zhang Qiu cheerfully replied, “That’s true.”

Tianhe, “Since you have interceded for him, I’ll just let him come out for now ba.” Then, he pressed the enter key once, and Pro immediately remarked, “Oh, the Goldbach’s conjecture nightmare is finally over. Thank you, Zhang Qiu, you’re truly beautiful and kind.”

Wen Tianyue, “......”

Wen Tianyue looked at Tianhe, asking with his eyes if this was really Prometheus? Tianhe just ignored it, not wanting to pay any attention to him.

Aunt Fang brought over a plateful of nian gao. Zhang Qiu smiled and said, “Aunt Fang, come, let’s have some tea ba. Don’t get too occupied.”

Aunt Fang finished her work, sat down on the side, and watched with sighs as Tianyue gave Zhang Qiu’s leg a pounding massage. Zhang Qiu slightly kicked Tianyue away, indicating that there was no need for him to continue. Tianyue then sat cross-legged on the ground with a smile on his face and asked, “Has it been repaired yet?”

Zhang Qiu pushed back her hair and made tea for Aunt Fang, who smiled and said, “This year’s New Year is much more lively compared to previous years.”

Zhang Qiu’s plane had arrived a little earlier today. Tianhe thought to himself that she had arrived, at last. Then, in front of Guan Yue, Zhang Qiu interceded for Wen Tianyue asking to catch up with him. It’s not like Guan Yue could drive off his own sister to the old Wen house, so Tianhe used the opportunity to bring his second brother back home and spend a few days together with four people for the New Year.

Wen Tianyue said buoyantly, “This is the first time in so many years to have such festivity in the family.”

From this statement, Tianhe recalled the previous Lunar New Year. Ever since he had gone to London, he either always spent the New Year with Guan Yue there or followed him back to Taiyuan. It’s already been seven years since the two brothers have spent the New Year together. The thought of Aunt Fang making a table full of dishes only to have Wen Tianyue eating dinner by himself every night suddenly gave him an insufferable feeling.

Wen Tianyue seemed to perceive Tianhe’s thinking, and fearing that his younger brother would feel guilty thinking about the past, he smiled helplessly at Aunt Fang and said, “During the previous years, there was also Mei Xi and the others who would come to spend the New Year together during previous years, though most of them probably won’t come this year.”

“Really,” Tianhe said insipidly. “The monkeys scattered helter-skelter when the tree fell.”

Wen Tianyue said, “It’s pretty good, actually. I wonder where our eldest brother is and whether or not he’s alone right now.”

The atmosphere became somewhat gloomy. Zhang Qiu got up and went to the kitchen with Aunt Fang to help her out, without any of the self-awareness of a rich pampered woman.

Tianhe screwed the phone’s screws and resolved the issue.

Pro said, “Tianhe, do you want me to search for Tianheng’s whereabouts for you?”

“Don’t be a busybody, Pro,” Tianhe said, looking at his second brother, and thought that if his eldest brother came back at this time, this home would turn into a gruesome battlefield, and this New Year won’t need to be celebrated.

Pro, “I just want to help to bring the whole family together. This is a wonderful affair.”

Guan Yue said, “You just want to watch the drama ba.”

Tianhe, “You’re being too naughty, Pro.”

Wen Tianyue didn’t make a sound for a while in embarrassment.

Just like that, Zhang Qiu candidly resided at Wen’s house, thinking of herself as a relative. Tianhe didn’t ask when she would go back either, since he knew that the answer must be ‘I’ll leave only when your second brother marries me.” But this seemed to be a paradox, because even if Wen Tianyue proposed to Zhang Qiu and they got married, she wouldn’t have to leave either.

Of course, the nominal head of the house was still Guan Yue. As soon as Wen Tianyue came back, the house instantly became lively, this liveliness, however, belonged to a quiet liveliness. Zhang Qiu seldom spoke, spending the whole day reading on the porch in peace and quiet. Guan Yue, on the other hand, was busy dealing with company affairs. Tianhe and Pro did his program, while Tianyue was occupied with nothing but playing games all day.

Wen Tianyue feared Zhang Qiu on one hand and his own younger brother on the other, so he no longer provoked Guan Yue. To him, being chased off back to the old house was a small matter, but being slapped by Zhang Qiu in front of everyone would not be. As the saying goes, one would rather die than be humiliated. Tianhe solved two people with one move, thus everyone temporarily lived in peace. But no one spoke to anyone.

The night settled in, and Zhang Qiu and Wen Tianyue went to their separate rooms, while Tianhe went from room to room to say good night. Zhang Qiu went to bed early. The door of her room was left open, allowing him to see her hair spread like kelp and her face covered with a facial mask.

Tianhe, “......”

Tianhe took off her mask, turned off the lights, and closed the door.

He went to Wen Tianyue’s room next door and found him lying in bed holding a magnifying glass, looking at the antique vase that Zhang Qiu had brought them.

“If I find out that anything's missing,” Tianhe said, “and taken to pawn as pocket money, I’ll have to call the police.”

Wen Tianyue said, “Do I look like such a person? How is that plausible?”

“It's good if you understand." Tianhe turned off the lights for Tianyue and was about to go out when the latter suddenly said, “Baobao, I feel like you’re kind of like our Dad.”

Tianhe stopped and was silent for a moment. Wen Tianyue added, “In our childhood, before going to bed, Dad would come over, going from room to room to check and turn off the lights for us.”

“Hmn,” Tianhe said, “I’ve always kept that in memory.”

Wen Tianyue said, “A kiss for your second brother?”

Tianhe thought about it before he came over, sat on the bedside, and kissed Wen Tianyue on the forehead.

“Good child,” Wen Tianyue smiled.

Tianhe, “Tell me you haven’t had contact with Andy.”

Wen Tianyue was stumped and said, “Luo Ma Sen Fund? Of course we’ve had contact. Luo Ma Sen had the idea to invest in Epeus. You don’t get it, Baobei, Andy is Guan Yue’s enemy, not mine. An enemy’s enemy is a friend. I don’t need to say more about this, right?”

Tianhe thought for a moment and said, “Wait a minute. I’ll call Qiu-jie to come over and you can repeat that again.”

Wen Tianyue shrugged innocently and immediately modified his previous remark, “But then, well, after Qingsong intervened, I knew that you had successfully dealt with Guan Yue, so I gave up Luo Ma Sen. Are you suspecting that Andy and I will collude to drag down Guan Yue? Oh, don’t be like that. That’s so wicked, how can you speculate about me like that?”

Tianhe looked at Wen Tianyue suspiciously. “Is that so?”

Wen Tianyue said, “I guess a certain someone is now cornered into a dead end? Alright, for your sake, I’ll give him a little tip. The Jiang’s will do a stock uncap soon. I haven’t paid Uncle Jiang a visit since I returned home. How about asking him to hold a banquet and invite Andy in passing?”

Tianhe immediately rose to his feet and went out with a gust of wind.

Guan Yue was feeding the cat in the living room when Tianhe came out in quick steps and said, “I have to go out for something.”

Guan Yue puzzledly looked up, glanced at the clock, and found that it was now 10:00 pm. He didn’t ask Tianhe what he wanted to do, and instead, got up with a coat and went out to drive.

At half past ten at night, in the course of drizzling snow, the whole city was already asleep. Guan Yue drove and turned into the neighborhood where Jiang Zijian’s residence was located, while Pro’s navigation pointed past it.

Tianhe, “Turn right ahead.”

Guan Yue, “?”

Tianhe, “It’s this intersection! Where were you looking? Turn over!”

Guan Yue, “You didn’t say so earlier?”

Tianhe, “Don’t go around! If you go around, you’ll have to go out and around again!”

Guan Yue started to reverse, but Tianhe exclaimed yet again, “Don’t reverse!”

Guan Yue made a turn.

Tianhe, “Not this way!”

Guan Yue, “......”

Guan Yue stopped the car. Tianhe finally couldn’t hold back his laugh and said, “You didn’t see the big Jiang character at the gate?”

Guan Yue, “I followed the navigation. Pro! What kind of Daoist immortal navigation is this?”

“I suggest you go to Tong Kai’s residence first,” Pro said over the car’s Bluetooth. “Nothing can go wrong when following the navigation agreeably.”

Tianhe, “??”

“Where on earth are we really going?” Guan Yue was already in utter confusion. His original plan was indeed to consult with Tong Kai.

Tianhe, “Drop me off in front of the Jiang residence. You go to Tong Kai’s.”

Guan Yue turned the steering wheel and went straight ahead. After passing through the large garden in the central area and another villa, he stopped in front of the Jiang’s to drop off Tianhe, who directly scanned his face at the gate. The security guard came out with an umbrella to walk him in before Guan Yue then drove off.

“Zijian?” Tianhe went upstairs and knocked on the door of Jiang Zijian’s room.

“Come in. The door’s not locked.”

Jiang Zijian was standing on a chair in the room with a scarf thrown across the ceiling beam, preparing to hang himself. Two bodyguards were holding his phone, ready to live-stream Jiang Zijian’s hanging process at any time.

Tianhe, “Uhm, you should come down first. Let’s talk this over… You two big brothers leave first. It’s alright.”

The bodyguards then put down the phone and left in great relief.

Jiang Zijian, “Right on time. Later, once I hang myself, you take a picture of me and post it on my Moments then try @ing Tong Kai.”

Tianhe, “No, no, don’t do this. You are the receptionist after all, this would be too detrimental to the company’s image.”

“I’m desperate!” Jiang Zijian cried in despair. “What should I do? My love has perished! Electrocuted by me into ashes and scattered with the wind! I ruined my relationship with my own hands. He also said he would never, ever forgive me!”

Tianhe, “Get down here! Tell me what happened! Don’t hang yourself! I promise to help you work it out!”


Tong Kai’s residence.

Edgar served Tong Kai and Guan Yue each a cup of tea. Under the warm glow of the floor lamp, Tong Kai, who sat in front of the French window in the living room, covered with a blanket and wearing a pair of optical glasses, was revising the company’s articles of association that his assistant had sent over.

“Right on time. Take a look,” Tong Kai said. “I’m so fucking mad.”

Guan Yue, “?”

Guan Yue observed Tong Kai’s glasses. Tong Kai said, “Nope, I’m used to wearing auto-dimming glasses when I’m in front of the screen at night. Here, try it too.” He then handed the glasses to Guan Yue.

Guan Yue tried it and looked down at the iPad. Based on the brightness emitted from the screen, the glasses can indeed be smartly adjusted.

“Sleep here tonight?” Tong Kai said, “It’s snowing hard, don’t go back ba. Where’s your wife? He’s not going to come here and scratch my face, right?”

Guan Yue, “He’ll probably come later.”

The warm yellow light circulated through the living room on this dark night. Tong Kai and Guan Yue were both wearing pajamas and slippers. When all was quiet and still, it seemed to make even the coldest people appear tender. Two years ago, it was also on such a snowy night when Guan Yue sat here with Tong Kai, discussing Qingsong’s restructuring issue.

Whenever he is faced with a formidable enemy, Tong Kai would become his most reliable ally—with a well-off and solid family background, free from the  temptation of money, high social status, and no fear of oppression from powerful enemies. There has always been only one principle for Tong Kai’s actions, that was, to provoke everything that he doesn’t see eye to eye with. Fundamentally, he has similarities with Guan Yue; living in reality, yet aspiring for a romantic life.

“I’ll make short of the matter ba,” Guan Yue said. “I need an occasion to negotiate with Andy.”

Tong Kai, “......”

Tong Kai put down the materials and looked at Guan Yue skeptically. Guan Yue, dressed in cotton pajamas, reached out to remove the optical glasses he had tried on, held them in his hand, studying them over and over as he mused, “Tianhe will persuade the Jiang family to send an invitation to Luo Ma Sen on the seventh day of the New Year. By then, the occasion will not be a problem and the key will lie in the details of the negotiation.”

Having said that, Guan Yue became silent.

Tong Kai frowned and said, “Using the banquet for an opportunity to meet, and then what? You intend to negotiate with him face to face? Baguette, I don’t see the point in this. He is sure to mess with you.”

Guan Yue nodded.

Tong Kai was somewhat confused. Guan Yue snapped his fingers, then Tong Kai suddenly realized and said, “Got it. You’re going to make a trap for him.”

Tong Kai thought about it. He got up, walked to French window, and said, “There’s something that I’m not sure you’d like to hear, but…Wen Tianyue was right.”

Guan Yue didn’t utter a word. Tong Kai went to heat up two glasses of milk, poured in some whiskey, and handed a glass to Guan Yue.

Tong Kai, “People…”

Guan Yue, “To pull down a man, one can only find a way to make him destroy himself. If he’s arrogant and believes that success is within his grasp, he’s not too far from death.”

This was not only an allusion to Andy, but also to Guan Yue himself.

Tong Kai said, “I sometimes really fear that you will go on to be so impulsive forever and end up diverging from the main path.”

Guan Yue took the milk, sighed, and said, “I’m not like you, Tong. I need to protect my wife and family.”

Tong Kai pondered and asked, “Which side is Wen Tianyue on now?”

Guan Yue shrugged. “No idea.”

Tong Kai, “That Wen Tianyue indeed has an ability to live so long. You see, that rascal takes sides artfully every time. Now, there’s nothing anyone can do about him. From the very beginning, all this was a game he had set up.”

Guan Yue said nothing.

Tong Kai, “Regrettably, fate is not up to man. The one thing he didn’t account for was that your wife actually put his entire wealth as his dowry; otherwise, Wen Tianyue would have already won his fortune back.”

Guan Yue narrowed his eyes and then nodded. “Hmm.”

Tong Kai said, “I’ve been analyzing for you what it would take to put Andy out of business ever since you stated this decision. Whether it’s the stock or futures market, it’s quite dangerous to take money to go against him. This possibility is simply next to nothing.”

Guan Yue nodded and said, “Right. Wen Tianyue’s words have awakened me. Economic laws are never diverted by the will of man. Sober people don’t seek death, and those who do, often bring it upon themselves. But we can lure Andy to his own death.”

The two became silent for a while.

Guan Yue, “How to lure him to his destruction is the subject of today’s meeting.”

Tong Kai muttered, “I think that given this man’s character, even if you ignore him, the possibility of his self-destruction is very high. But…there’s a certain difficulty…to complete this goal within the allotted time.”

Guan Yue said, “We still have many more characters who we are unable to determine if they are friend or foe for the time being.”

Tong Kai thought about it, then chuckled slyly. “Ai? Right?”

With Johnny as the packleader of those numerous institutions, such as Crowe, Conrad, Lorman, etc., including those funds that started to urge Guan Yue to launch a war against Andy from the very start of Yue He’s establishment, all declared their positions to be on Yue He’s side. But as a matter of fact, that was not necessarily the case. After the two men thought about it for a long time, they still can’t be sure whether the other parties really wanted to bring down Andy, or take the opportunity to polish off Guan Yue, or it could be both. Their ambition could be so great that they wanted to take advantage of the two of them fighting one another, to slaughter and knock them over altogether at the end.

Or they supported Guan Yue, but were girding themselves to switch sides at any time and eventually seize all the achievements of the victorious side.

Tong Kai, “Don’t you suspect that the information Johnny disclosed to you was amiss? What if Andy has no intention to shut down the server?”

Guan Yue, “If I were Johnny and wanted to succeed in getting both sides to struggle, this information must be true; it can’t be false.”

“Good,” Tong Kai said. “You’ve finally come to your senses. But I think we still have to confirm one last time. After all, there are what-ifs…now is the time to plan well.”

Guan Yue raised his eyebrows as he conveniently made a hand gesture, his thumb pressed to his index finger, indicating to Tong Kai about the money—how much is needed to do this favor?

Tong Kai originally wanted to say: We are all in the same boat, plus I have shares in Epeus, it’s normal for me to help you with this favor. However, Guan Yue has never shied away from talking about money with his brothers, so he made an impromptu scheme, “I want to acquire the Jiang’s hotel!”

“Impossible!” Guan Yue refused Tong Kai without even thinking about it. “I’m not married yet. If I help you with this favor, you’ll be happy, but I’ll be screwed.”

Tong Kai realized that this was a good opportunity to bargain with Guan Yue. “Then it’s impossible for me as well. Edgar, see the visitor out!”

Guan Yue, “Wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey.”

Tong Kai, “I can arrange that for myself, Gege.”

Guan Yue, “Chinese style…. Shanxi, Imperial Temple! Wait!”

Other people seeing visitors out would be ‘here please,’ while Tong Kai’s version was directly dragging them by the arm. Tong Kai watched Guan Yue in his pajamas being carried out by two young men, and he said, “Bye—“

“6%!” Guan Yue shouted before being carried out.

Tong Kai, “7.”

“Only 6!” At lightning speed, Guan Yue had already completed the entire Jiang Man Group’s share acquisition plan in the primary and secondary markets in his mind, including but not limited to financing, stock exchange, and so on.

“I heard that your wife has Jiang Man’s shares.” Tong Kai said.

“6.5.” Guan Yue was reminded of this and finally said, “I’ll do my best, no guarantee of success.”

“Deal,” When Tong Kai said this, the attendants immediately invited Guan Yue back in.

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Joyce.



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8 months ago

Been waiting for this. Thank you so much!

8 months ago

Thank you for the translation!

Guan Yue was surprisingly comedic here, almost ooc even, being dragged out in his pajamas and still yelling out his bargain 😂

Also that earlier scene of the Jiangs thinking Tong Kai had a bomb around his neck loool, poor guy got knocked out by his not-hubby hahahhahahaha