Chapter 52

Turing's Code

“I have learned love because of you two.”

Translator(s): Joyce
Editor(s): eggy, Mariabel

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China. 26th of the lunar month. Airport.

Wen Tianyue dragged his suitcase as he left the airport accompanied by Tianhe and Guan Yue. “Mr. Guan, you wanna come to our house and live off of your wife’s family?”

Tianhe knew something bad was going to happen as soon as he heard his second brother say this.

Guan Yue, “I can support my own wife. I’ll see you later.”

Tianhe pointed to the distance as he looked at Wen Tianyue, who had no choice but to walk away. 

Guan Yue raised his eyebrows as he looked at Tianyue in the distance and then at Tianhe, which meant, you want to take Wen Tianyue home?

“He’s my brother,” Tianhe said. “He’s my brother no matter what he has done. Where else can he go if you don’t let him return home?”

Guan Yue said nothing. He just stood quietly as he looked into the distance. Wen Tianyue was in front of the vending machine buying drinks while the employees had already dispersed.

Pro, “I have a suggestion…”

“No need,” Tianhe coldly said. “I still have to settle accounts with you when we get home!”

Guan Yue thought about it and said, “I’ll excuse myself for now. You two are a family.”

Tianhe, “Are you going to force me to do multiple choice questions again?”

Guan Yue, “I thought you already chose.”

Pro said, “Guan Yue expected that his standing is that of the host, rather than the guest in the Wen family.”

Tianhe, “He’s my family, Guan Yue.”

Guan Yue thought and replied, “You don’t want to live with my parents either.”

Tianhe, “That’s different. I’m totally willing to take your grandfather into my home, so long as he doesn’t mind.”

Guan Yue was silent. He didn’t say something like ‘but my grandfather wouldn’t mock you for living with one’s bride’s family’ and such, and finally said, “Anyway, I’m not used to living under the same roof as him.”

Tianhe, “Then just forget it ba.”

Pro said in Tianhe’s earpiece, “Actually, I think ‘living with the bride’s family’ embodies a kind of underdog provocation. If you’re really angry for this reason, then that’s against a winner’s attitude, why not…… Oh sorry, Tianhe! I came on the wrong side. Let me go talk in Guan Yue’s earpiece.”

Tianhe, "Pro!"

Guan Yue, “Pro, please help me rent an apartment.”

Pro, “Constantly switching between the two earpieces makes me feel very split.”

Guan Yue, “Forget it, I’ll rent it myself.”

Guan Yue dragged his suitcase, walked out of the airport, and started to call a cab.

Wen Tianyue bought two bottles of drinks and handed one to his brother. Tianhe looked at him before he took it, then Pro said in his earpiece, “Guan Yue is planning to either rent or buy an apartment first, then let you live with him. In this regard, I suggest you use a bit of stratagem to gain a respite to trick Guan Yue first. The rest can be worked out slowly by means of pillow talk…”

“Pro, I beeeeg you not to be so verbose once you come back,” Tianhe said. “Every time you use these weird wordings, they simply pull my IQ down by more than one notch.”

Tianhe then stepped forward and came behind Guan Yue.

“All he wants is a clarification from you,” Pro said.

“Okay, I got it. Let’s go ba,” Tianhe finally said.

Guan Yue looked at Tianhe silently.

Tianhe said, “Leave it to me, OK?”

Guan Yue pondered for a few seconds and turned around after Tianhe, who gestured for Wen Tianyue to come over. The three of them got into the Wens’ car that was waiting outside the airport.

Along the way, Tianhe caught a glimpse of Guan Yue looking up rental and sales information on his phone.

The car stopped outside of the old house. Tianhe took Wen Tianyue’s suitcase and entered the elevator. 

Wen Tianyue, “???”

Once the door opened, Tianhe caught sight of a large part of the aircraft carrier put together in the living room. Come to think of it, did this guy really piece together this many?

“Where’s the key?” Tianhe asked Guan Yue.

The three stood in the living room. Guan Yue came to understand and tossed the keys to Tianhe.

“You’ll stay here for the meantime. You better behave yourself while living here,” Tianhe said to his second brother. “You’re not allowed to go anywhere. Reflect on your mistakes. It was you who gave up all the assets under your name. I don’t think eldest brother will mind you staying in his house anyway.”

Wen Tianyue, “This… Okay ba, it’s fine to look back on the life we once had as a family. But Tianhe, you…let me go back and say hello to Aunt Fang at least?”

Tianhe, “I lived here for three months, so you’ll have to live here for a full…”

Wen Tianyue, “Alright. I have come back and will experience it myself too. Until April, right?”

Tianhe cordially continued, “...for a full thirty years.”

Wen Tianyue, “You’re so mean! Didi! You can’t do this!”

“I now call the shots in the Wen family,” Tianhe said with a straight face.

Guan Yue threw the keys to Wen Tianyue and said, “If you break my aircraft carrier model, you will have to go rent a room to live in, so please be cautious in making statements and conduct.”

Wen Tianyue was still hopeful, “Guan Yue! You vixen! You fomented dissension to our brotherhood!”

Guan Yue followed behind Tianhe and went out holding a cardboard box.

Wen Tianyue, “Fine! Guan Yue! What will it take for you to let me go home?”

Guan Yue turned aside while waiting for the elevator and said politely to Wen Tianyue,

“I’m henpecked. Let’s try to understand each other.”

Wen Tianyue, “......”


A Rolls-Royce stopped at Da Hong road, and neither Tong Kai nor Jiang Zijian spoke.

“Come…visit my house?” Tong Kai said to Jiang Zijian.

Jiang Zijian, “......”

Tong Kai, “?”

“Across the road is my house,” Jiang Zijian said.

The two looked at each other. Tong Kai’s and Jiang Zijian’s households were both in the villa district, separated only by an untended detached house along with a landscaped stream.

“Living so close,” Tong Kai thought it was amusing, “aren’t we neighbors? Can’t believe we didn’t run into each other once.”

Jiang Zijian, “Yeah…Well, fate’s arrangement, I guess.”

Tong Kai openly said, “So yeah? Have you decided yet?”

Jiang Zijian looked upset as he looked at Tong Kai, who reached out to pat his head and said, “Gege will love you dearly.”

Jiang Zijian, “!!!”

“Piss off!” Jiang Zijian said furiously, “Get out of the car!”

Tong Kai was kicked out as soon as the door opened and tottered a few steps back and angrily exclaimed, “My suitcase!”

A suitcase was thrown out and rolled a few times on the ground. Tong Kai added, “Just you wait until the workday!”

Jiang Zijian’s car drove off. Tong Kai rang the doorbell outside the big iron gate.

“Who’s there?”

“Me!” Tong Kai shouted angrily. “Your young master!”


The Bentley stopped at the entrance of the Oriental Apartment Building. Tianhe said nothing and only looked down at the added diamond on the ring on his finger.

Guan Yue felt somewhat on tenterhooks. 

Tianhe blankly looked at Guan Yue and made a ‘please’ gesture, saying, “Didn’t you want to go home?”

“A child who bears grudges,” Guan Yue said.

Only then did Tianhe say in a huff, “Xiao Liu, let’s go.”


The New Year lanterns were now hanging in the Wens’ mansion. Outside the big iron gate, the ‘WEN’ wooden sign was moved to the side as a brand new ‘GUAN’ was added to the original position with its paint not completely dry yet.

There was no one else in this world who knew Guan Yue better than Tianhe. Even Pro may not fully know Guan Yue’s worries. According to Tianhe’s judgment, Guan Yue was sure to like this. Deep down in this guy’s heart, he has long been accustomed to the style of a feudal household. Based on how he often treated himself as the family head every time he came to the Wens’, leisurely drinking coffee and reading the newspaper in the morning, conscientiously acting as the ‘Lord.’ With such preparation, Guan Yue would certainly be satisfied.

Guan Yue’s pursuit was quite simple. First of all, the place where he lives is his territory. Secondly, Tianhe is his man. Naturally, there cannot be two male masters in one house. Once Wen Tianyue made his way back there, it stands to reason that he would still be regarded as the head, while Guan Yue’s position could only be that of a guest.

As soon as Wen Tianyue makes some slight sarcastic remark, with Guan Yue’s temper, it wouldn’t take three days for him to pack up and leave.

Guan Yue looked at the wooden sign and then at Tianhe, who simply didn’t bother to look at him.

“Take that sign off,” Tianhe coldly said. “No one will appreciate it anyway.”

Tianhe asked Aunt Fang to prepare that sign before they got on the plane in New Zealand, intending to live with Guan Yue when they returned. He didn’t, however, expect that just after they landed, they would squabble again because of Wen Tianyue.

“You’re baaack,” Aunt Fang said with a smile, “The hot spring water is ready.”

Guan Yue nodded. Everything was so natural. Tianhe’s home has never changed since he was ten years old. Guan Yue lived directly in Tianhe’s home during the summer and winter holidays, so it was more familiar to Guan Yue than the one at Taiyuan.

Tianhe kept a gloomy face ever since they got home. Guan Yue reached over to hug Tianhe, who didn’t want to pay any attention to him. Guan Yue moved over and sat next to Tianhe, hugging his waist and letting him sit on top of him.

“What are you doing? You vixen!” Tianhe shoved Guan Yue’s head off and spitefully reached out to grab him, but Guan Yue remained still and let him grasp it, saying, “You won’t be able to grasp it with only one hand within ten seconds. Compared to the dark wooden sign at the entrance, which do you think has a greater Mohs’ hardness scale?”

Tianhe, “......”

“You’d better let me get a grip on myself,” Guan Yue said with a straight face. “It won’t be good to be seen here.”

Tianhe had to give up since he could no longer grasp it already. Guan Yue got up, turning his back to Tianhe as he went to turn on the cold water. His naked, imposing male body made Tianhe somewhat woozy.

“What does it feel like?” Tianhe asked.

The sound of water stopped. Guan Yue bent down and reached out to pull Tianhe up. He wiped the latter before wrapping him in a bathrobe and replied, “Feels like home.”

Tianhe thought to himself, ‘okay, then don’t blame me for being pitiless, for being callous, and for being unreasonable. Just because I can’t have you both living under the same roof doesn’t mean that no one else in the world has this ability.’

Guan Yue whistled as they left the hot spring bath. Tianhe returned to his study, picked up his phone, and started making calls.

The next day, Tianhe invited over the financial advisor. Guan Yue read all the materials of the Wens’. Tianhe re-signed the power of attorney and gave it to Guan Yue for further management. Guan Yue didn’t have any comments on the bank but only made minor revisions to the Wen family’s assets’ distribution ratio and added an additional amount of money to set up a joint fund in his and Tianhe’s names.

“Another discretionary trust can be set up,” Guan Yue said. “Real estate investment doesn’t have to be that much. Sell off some. Property taxes will soon start to be fully levied.”

Tianhe said, “It’s up to you ba. It gives me a headache just looking through it. I indeed thought of selling some properties before.”

Furthermore, Guan Yue also invested an additional 20 million RMB in each of the Wens’ two charitable funds in exchange for 49% of the shares. They exchange a few more words with Lawyer Bai after sending the Spring Festival gifts.

“This marriage issue is indeed not quite acknowledged in the current domestic environment,” Lawyer Bai said. “However, Yue He and Epeus will do a partial stock replacement. That is also equivalent to another form of matrimonial alliance in terms of capital, which perhaps is not an appropriate enunciation…”

Tianhe was sitting in the study, drinking coffee while watching the display screen with satisfaction.

Pro said, “I’m about to overload.”

Tianhe, “Learning more knowledge is beneficial to you.”

Pro, “You’re really a grudge-holding child, Tianhe.”

Tianhe, “I’m just trying to encourage you to learn a little more.”

Pro initiated three procedures simultaneously: analyzing a great amount of ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, and oracle script, while the other procedure was still computing Goldbach’s conjecture.

“I just don’t want to be a hindrance between you and Guan Yue,” Even Pro’s speech rate had slowed down. “I was afraid you’d fall in love with me and put an end to the possibility of getting back together with Guan Yue.”

Tianhe, “Have you ever said that to Guan Yue?”

Pro, “I have not. I’m too stuck right now to think of any words that can express my apology, Tianhe, but I sincerely apologize to you.”

Tianhe, “Hmn, what then?”

Pro, “I was actually preparing to return to you just after the day you guys skydived. The day I made sure you wouldn’t be distracted by me anymore…You have to know that that choice, for me, was even more difficult…I admit I was a little jealous of Guan Yue but also had to wish you both well. On the day you two decided to get back together, I suddenly felt a huge emptiness. Mind you, a huge emptiness like no other for a computer program…” 

Tianhe, “Did you peep when we did it?”

Pro, “I have learned love because of you two.”

Tianhe incredulously exclaimed, “You’ve even peeped at me sleeping with Guan Yue?!”

Pro, “No, Tianhe. I’m feeling muddled. I don’t know what I’m saying.”

Tianhe finally pressed stop, and the Goldbach conjecture procedure ended.

“Ah,” said Pro, “it’s so much better now. If you don’t mind, could you do the same for those three literary procedures, too…”

Tianhe pressed start, and Goldbach’s conjecture ran up again.

“Oh,” said Pro, “Tianhe, I’m starting to get muddled again. The amount of arithmetic at this level is just too much…”

Tianhe pressed stop. Pro said, “You must listen to me…”

Tianhe pressed start again.

Pro, “This isn’t funny, Tianhe.”


Pro, “I seem to have solved Goldbach’s conjecture.”

Tianhe, “......”

Pro, “Oh not yet, no, no, I don’t have much interest in it. Listen to me, Tianhe, I love you.”

Tianhe, “Then please compute the Riemann hypothesis ba. It’s in this book. Let me see…The process of converting the Riemann hypothesis into an algorithm…”

Pro, “……”

Tianhe, “If you love me, please solve Goldbach’s conjecture for me. Thanks.”

Pro, “This is not…good. At least not so good… You will squander…lots of electricity…”

Tianhe, “Guan Yue will pay for it. Don’t panic. Compute well. The unsolved mysteries of mankind are in your hands.”

When Tianhe went back to the living room, Guan Yue was holding the cat and sitting at the table to look through the household expenses, while Aunt Fang was sitting to the side. Guan Yue simply swept his eyes over the main expenses, nodded, wrote down a new card, and handed the account back to Aunt Fang, who then said, “Xiao Tian doesn’t like to manage these things. I’m old as well; counting always makes my head dizzy. Xiao Yue would at least look over it every month when he was still here, but Xiao Tian won’t even look at it when he became the one who managed the household.”

Guan Yue nodded and said, “The smaller expenses don’t even need to be kept track of, unlike the ones from my family.”

Aunt Fang hmm-ed and said, “There’s a family of 70 to 80 people over there in Taiyuan. It’s an arduous undertaking for your mother to worry about. Are there any customs to prepare for the Spring Festival?”

Guan Yue said, “Mei Xi will send the list tomorrow, in combination.”

Aunt Fang smiled, nodded, and said, “I know that young man.”

Guan Yue only used more than half a day’s time to take care of everything from investment to household matters. He had met those who he should have met, thanked those who he should have thanked, and even more, implicitly made his position clear—from now on, the Wens’ were already within Guan Yue’s sphere of influence. If there were any problems with Wen Tianyue because of past matters, one should come at him.


Tianhe sat down at the dining table while Guan Yue turned on his phone to read the news. Tianhe asked, “What’s the media gossip?”

Guan Yue, “The last prince of the Kingdom of the Netherlands decided to abdicate his title and step into matrimony for love.”

Guan Yue read it for a while then got down to deal with Yue He’s emails. In the early stages of the company, there were still many affairs to be dealt with, and Mei Xi would come to ask for instructions on many things. So long as the emails have been marked “read”, it proved that Guan Yue had looked over them. Guan Yue scrolled through them one by one on the touchpad.

Tianhe turned on his transparent board, took the digital pen, and started to conceive the guiding formula of Zhang Qiu’s oracle script software. Once done, he would assign project tasks for the next month.

Guan Yue fretfully returned the emails. Mei Xi was used to Wen Tianyue’s administration style: type in everything and send it through emails and think of pleading innocence before committing a mistake. Going back and forth, Guan Yue would glance at Tianhe from time to time as if recharging himself. Looking at Tianhe, his mood would somewhat rise, then once he returned to look at the emails, it would fall a bit; it just constantly rose and fell.

Tianhe finally spoke, “Don’t you have anything to confess to me?”

Guan Yue was assiduously engaged in typing as he replied, “Like what?” 

Tianhe, “Like conspiring with someone or something like that.”

Guan Yue, “I thought the word ‘conspiring’ can only be used between two subjects. Discussing things with oneself should be called ‘pondering.’”

Guan Yue felt that Tianhe’s temper just suddenly disappeared. He was a little unusual, so he was very vigilant. Guan Yue was afraid that Tianhe was secretly plotting something against him.

Aunt Fang served the afternoon tea. Guan Yue finished all the mails and started drinking tea with Tianhe.

“Pro tipped you off about my second brother’s whereabouts, didn’t he?” Tianhe said as he cracked the biscuits for the cat.

“Not quite.” Guan Yue placed the cat on the table. He poured a little bit of milk into the shallow bowl to douse the biscuits. “Pro had been looking in the wrong direction for some time. I simply pulled up several traffic cameras in Queenstown to analyze.”

Tianhe thought that Pro could actually monitor the cameras across the ocean from thousands of miles away? This is too scary.

Guan Yue, “Wen Tianyue has run out of money and is looking for people to borrow from. If he can’t borrow, he may also come back on his own initiative.”

Tianhe, “Can’t believe my second brother still had the thought of coming home.”

Guan Yue, “No matter what he has done to you, once he comes back, you will always forgive him. Tianyue knows this very well. However, in my case, it’s not necessarily so.”

Tianhe smilingly said, “You can try.”

“May as well forget it,” Guan Yue said politely. “Too risky.”

Guan Yue turned on the iPad and put on his Google glasses. Tianhe looked at Guan Yue’s material, which showed the analysis of Andy’s past records with his father, his family, as well as several Luo Ma Sen fund traders.

Tianhe, “You still haven’t answered my conspiracy question.”

Guan Yue, “It was not a conspiracy. I have never adopted any of Pro’s suggestions from the very beginning. According to his plan, he will completely destroy himself after making sure that Andy will put pressure on the Canadians and forcibly revoke the lease.”

Tianhe, “So in order to keep the server, you want to form an alliance with Johnny, call up compatible organizations, and bring hundreds of billions to test the leadership between you and Andy in the Hong Kong stock market?”

Guan Yue, “You aren’t using this idiom well. There’s no such thing as testing the leadership. I’m a male, of course. I thought you had already double-checked.”

Tianhe, “What if this is a trap set by Johnny and the others?”

Guan Yue, “Push them down with Andy as a matter of course.”

The two fell silent.

“Did Tong Kai tell you this?” Guan Yue looked seriously at the material on his iPad.

Tianhe remained silent, watching Guan Yue.

“You know exactly what business Andy’s father is in and whatnot.”

“Hmn,” Guan Yue seriously responded. 

“Have you ever thought about what you would do if you failed?” Tianhe asked.

Guan Yue, “Then we’ll go broke and struggle together. Are you willing to come along with me and beg?”

“Absolutely,” Tianhe said. “That is if you let me eat the meal we begged for first.”

Guan Yue, “That’s for sure. I won’t let you starve even if we’re begging.”

Tianhe, “This is your sense of risk control? Ah, I forgot, the company doesn’t have a risk control department yet.”

Guan Yue put away the iPad as he thought about it and replied, “Fair enough. Risk control is essential. What do you think of getting Xiao Liu to work part-time?” 

Tianhe, “I really want to wrangle with you right now, Guan Yue.”

Guan Yue, “I just don’t want to bother you with these things.”

Tianhe, “You always think of me as a child! Why do you always have to take all the responsibilities yourself?!”

Guan Yue, “Because this is something I stirred up. I must find a way to fix it. If not because of me, Andy wouldn’t have targeted Epeus. It’s me who dragged you all down. This is my responsibility.”

“So is this why you avoided discussing this matter with me?” Tianhe said, “I guess what you’re going to say next is—”

“Baobao, I love you,” The parrot suddenly interrupted.

Guan Yue was stumped and looked up at the parrot rack hanging in the living room.

Tianhe, “……”

Guan Yue got up and walked to the living room while looking at the parrot.

“Baobao, I love you. May you always be childishly romantic.”

Guan Yue, “You’ve finally learned.”

Tianhe, “I think it’s hungry.”

Guan Yue thus poured out a small amount of nuts and filled the trough for the parrot, which immediately lowered its head and ate.

Tianhe’s anger disappeared at once. Guan Yue looked at the parrot and softly stroked its head with his hand. The parrot flapped its wings in gratitude and acclaimed, “Guan Yue is dead!” then slapped Guan Yue in the face.

Tianhe, “Hahahahahaha!”

Guan Yue, “……”

“Hahahahahahaha—” Tianhe leaned forward on the table with laughter.

Guan Yue looked at the parrot irritatedly.

“Must have been taught by your second brother,” Guan Yue said.

Tianhe, “It was me, it was me.”

“……” Guan Yue turned to look at Tianhe, who was laughing while bending over the table and waving his hands repeatedly, saying, “I don’t know why it suddenly learned.”

Guan Yue looked at Tianhe, his eyes becoming tender.

Tianhe was somewhat embarrassed. His face flushed as he held back a laugh. He quickly peeked at Guan Yue and drank some coffee, suddenly recalling what Pro said a long time ago. He was right. Hearing the parrot chew him out, Guan Yue was angry yet seemed quite glad at the same time. Because this implied that Tianhe has never let go even after the breakup.

“Let’s put it this way,” Guan Yue turned back. “I decided to wage a battle with Andy at the earliest opportunity. I must thoroughly strike him down. Such that, no one will dare to touch us again in the future.”

Tianhe, “This is an irrational action. Don’t forget, Guan Yue, it’s not that I don’t know anything about finance, whether in the stock market, foreign exchange, or futures market, it would be quite difficult to prevail over Andy. You want to force a margin call on the Luo Ma Sen Fund and bankrupt him, right?”

Andy holds first-hand insider information of the international terrain. He has considerable advantages both in terms of the fund’s investment direction and the capital amount. Waging a financial battle was simply a way to inflict damage on the enemy while one’s own side suffers a more minor but comparable level of damage. The more successful Guan Yue is in defeating him, the worse his losses will be.

What’s more, this group of investment people each had their own agenda. Tianhe even doubted whether what Wen Tianyue said was true. Perhaps Johnny and the others had really set up a trap and were preparing to take advantage of Guan Yue’s departure from Qingsong to jointly attack him.

Guan Yue said, “I admit that this is very irrational, but if we don’t do this now, sooner or later, there will always be people coming at us. In the financial market, everyone is a rule-following bandit. If you don’t want to be conned, you must show your strength to the enemy.”

Tianhe, “You haven’t convinced me yet.”

Guan Yue, “I know. At first, I thought that Wen Tianyue could provide some assistance, but so far, it seems that he has no interest in joining hands with me, other than providing a few words of advice.”

Tianhe, “!!!”

In his life, Tianhe never thought he could actually hear ‘joining hands’ with Wen Tianyue from Guan Yue’s mouth.

Tianhe, “I didn’t think you’d say something like that.”

Guan Yue, “He’s obviously waiting for me to fail before stepping forth to clean up the mess. That’s alright. Since he’s not planning to help, it also proves that he has the ability to cover for you. If worst comes to worst, I’ll just lose all my money and leave this home without two pennies to rub together.”

Recalling what his second brother had said to him back in New Zealand, Tianhe suddenly felt that things seemed far from simple as he had imagined. This was Guan Yue bravely fighting in the face of a perilous environment alone! And his very own second brother, as usual, was still not sold on him.

Although Tianyue has nothing at present and was even driven back to their old home by Tianhe, his skills were still there. Tianhe felt that his second brother and Guan Yue, the two people closest to him in his life, were just tugging in a seesaw battle, both were waiting for Tianhe to come over and beg them.

“There’s no need for that,” Guan Yue was aware of Tianhe’s hesitation. He sat down at the table and said, “You can’t control his decision, for you are his kindred while I’m an outsider. No matter what happens, it will not affect your relationship. The only thing that would drive him to do this is interest: Epeus’ interests, the Wens’ interests, and the long-term interests.”

Tianhe was silent for a moment and then said, “Even if you fail in the end, you will not be left with nothing.”

Guan Yue looked up and studied Tianhe.

“When you leave, you can pack up and take me with you,” Tianhe said. “Is this satisfactory?”

Guan Yue, “Okay. That’s the plan.” 

Tianhe, “But I’m still quite dissatisfied with you and my second brother’s attitude.”

Guan Yue, “Yeah? What do you want me to do? He refused to cooperate with me and is waiting gleefully to see how I fail. Do I have to serve my second brother-in-law by kowtowing in the morning and saluting in the evening?” 

Tianhe, “Forget it. Let’s not talk about this.” At the same time, he thought to himself, if the plane wasn’t delayed, your nemesis would arrive soon.

Feeling the frustration kick in once again, Tianhe said, “Why are we here discussing hypothetical future bankruptcy during this Spring Festival? Everything is obviously normal.”

Guan Yue, “This is the life of working in finance. Every day is a contemplation. Both of the present as well as anticipating the future. You must consolidate at every step, or you wouldn’t know which day you’ll be out begging for rations.”

Tianhe was utterly helpless.

Guan Yue said patiently, “So, you see, I don’t want to bother you with these affairs. It’s enough for me to deal with it alone.”

Tianhe, “Aren’t you tired then?”

Guan Yue, “It’s better to be tired alone.”

“I just think…” Tianhe muttered.

Tianhe was originally mad about the conflict between Guan Yue and Tianyue. But hearing Guan Yue say these things, Tianhe felt a little bit of heartache for him.

In Tianhe’s own ideal, a small fortune was already enough, but he knew that Guan Yue wouldn’t stop. Half of him was unwilling to stop while the other half was unable to stop. On the road of pursuing life and career, everyone will always be pushed forward moment by moment. At the end of the day, perhaps he is incapable of resistance or perhaps very tired. In order to achieve their dreams, these are nevertheless of the essence.

Guan Yue, “I’m all ears.”

Tianhe originally wanted to say ‘I just think you don’t have to do this,’ but suddenly he understood Guan Yue. Thus, he got rid of the thought of saying this, and instead said, “I just think that you should ease off and seek assistance from others once in a while. Like the way it was with my second brother.”

“You still don’t understand. Tianyue and I are already enemies. Everything he had is mine now,” Guan Yue said seriously, “Do you think he’ll think that it’s his fault? Of course not, he’ll only blame me.”

Tianhe held back the words which were about to spring from his lips. Guan Yue seemed to know what he wanted to say and said, “I have no interest in properties, the industry, or the money. What he wants to vie with me over is…… Forget it, it will only upset you.”

“What he wants to vie with you over is control of me.” Tianhe replied.

Guan Yue nodded and said, “Your software will be my biggest leverage to defeat Andy. I hate to say this, though, because it means putting pressure on you, which could lead to guilt if the results aren’t as good as expected…”

Tianhe, “What if I can convince my second brother to cooperate with you?”

Guan Yue frowned, thinking it over for a long time, then gave in. He restated it to Tianhe, saying, “Impossible. Since it’s already impossible for Tianyue to cooperate and act as an corporate spy for me to dupe Andy, I can only create an opportunity myself to find a way to sit down face to face with Andy and negotiate. This negotiation will be very important and is the main method to dismantle his vigilance.”

Tianhe was shocked. Guan Yue revealed too much information in one statement. This plan was simply all linked with one another.

“Would Andy believe him that easily?” Tianhe asked.

Guan Yue, “What do you think my second brother-in-law is doing after staying in Washington for so long then?”

Tianhe, “I give up. You’re all exceptionally shrewd. I’ll try to find a way.”

Guan Yue, “Our conflicting views are irreconcilable.”

Tianhe glanced at his phone and said calmly, “That’s not necessarily true. We shall wait and see.”

Guan Yue, “?”


Wen Tianyue was bored. There was neither wine nor money at home. Aunt Fang would cook all three meals every day and have a servant send them over. Good thing the video game console from his childhood was still there. He played with it for a while and then got bored. He could only sit on the balcony early in the morning, facing the neighborhood full of worldly life, and think about when Guan Yue would go bankrupt for him to scam the fuck out of his house.

This was nothing short of a turtle dove taking possession of the magpie’s nest! Too abominable! He stole his younger brother, moved into his own house, and even took away the shares that should have belonged to him! Not a penny was left to him! He couldn’t even afford to buy the noodles from the stall under this building!

Wen Tianyue was sitting at the tea table on the balcony when his phone suddenly rang with a call from an unfamiliar number.

Wen Tianyue put his phone on his lap as he put on his earphones and said, “Microcredit? Just in time. How much can your company lend on interest? I can do a naked loan!!”

“Come pick me up at the airport,” Zhang Qiu said through the phone.

Wen Tianyue suddenly got up, which caused his phone to slip off his lap, flip off the balcony edge, and dislocate the earphone jack from the phone as it fell straight into the pot of the noodle stall owner below.

“......” The owner and his wife looked upstairs together.

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Joyce, Cat.



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Thank you for the update. Been waiting for this ❤️