Chapter 48

Turing's Code

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"Good morning, Big Boss. Good morning, Second Boss..."

"Good morning, everyone. Today seems to be another energy-packed day," Tianhe said as he smiled.

Everyone yawned towards the sky, trying to pump some energy into themselves, trying to wake up. 

When an angry Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian were sent back from the parachuting base, Tianhe quickly hid behind Guan Yue and waved his hand repeatedly, indicating that it had nothing to do with him. 

Guan Yue was wearing a tight UV ray shielding suit, his figure entirely perfect. Over it, he wore a pair of black basketball pants. Mei Xi blew a whistle and said, "Let's go now!"

The group of investment managers and financial engineers were walking ahead like zombies. One by one, they continued to walk up the mountain along the lake’s sightseeing road. 

Guan Yue carried a backpack with water and sandwiches for two people and walked ahead with Tong Kai and had his hands stuffed in his basketball pants. Tong Kai chatted with him as Guan Yue listened indifferently. 

Jiang Zijian and Tianhe were walking behind them, talking and laughing with the staff. Tianhe was still a bit absent-minded, he felt that his lips were hot and his expression was unnatural. He would raise his hands and touch his lips from time to time. 

"It's not swollen," Jiang Zijian said, "Don't touch it, you’re only making it more obvious."

Tianhe, "..."

After walking for a while, the group couldn't move anymore. Guan Yue was standing in front of them while Jiang Zijian and Tianhe were in the back, waiting. Looking over the team of a few dozen people, Tianhe glanced at the head of the team with a smile. Guan Yue was wearing sunglasses, so his expression was unreadable. He slightly moved in his direction.


"Hm?" Tianhe snapped out of his daze and smiled. "Hm? Yes."

A few Quants were already discussing technical problems with Wu Shun before the official onboarding. Tianhe nodded and said, "I think we can have a try."

Tianhe had specially told Guan Yue that they couldn't be too blatant in front of the company employees, or else it would be hard for him to maintain his style; he couldn't be exposed. Private matters were private matters, there was no need for PDA, or else how was the company going to be managed in the future? Fortunately, although Guan Yue loved him very much, he also knew that he must respect Tianhe in front of his employees. With much effort, he controlled himself and did not act too obvious. 

Tianhe knew that right now, Guan Yue really wanted him to step forward and walk next to him, so that they were side by side, their fingers intertwined while looking at the scenery of the lake and the mountains. But, he must restrain himself in front of his subordinates.

Guan Yue was a man of Eastern culture. Although his family didn't leave him with many good memories, they urged him to read many sage books when growing up. This led to his attitude of "allow love, but practice restraint" while in public. No matter how much western education he received, this was deeply engraved in his heart and never changed.

Guan Yue seldom kissed him in public, the most intimate action he would perform when walking on the streets was to touch shoulders. When the atmosphere was at its most intense, he couldn’t refrain from grabbing his hand, and even hugging his waist was a rare occurrence. 

There was a period of time before when Tianhe would argue with him. In Tianhe's world, he felt that if affections weren't publicly expressed, then they weren't genuine. After sulking several times, when Guan Yue and Tianhe would attend gatherings, he would kiss Tianhe's cheek. But this kiss was more of a declaration of sovereignty.

"Guan Yue can actually endure not coming over right now?" Jiang Zijian said, "if it were me, I would..."

Tianhe smiled. "You wouldn't either, you're also not walking over right now. Did you confess when you jumped out of the plane?"

"No....the moment we jumped he started screaming nonsense..and made me forget all my words."

Tianhe was speechless.

As he thought about it now, Tianhe seemed to gradually understand Guan Yue. He discovered that Jiang Zijian was the same. Although he was usually very unruly, he was able to restrain himself in front of outsiders. 

"Chairman Wen!" The front desk girl smiled. 

"Ah!" Tianhe also smiled brightly. Today, he was also wearing a comfortable white shirt with black shorts, and a pair of blue sunglasses. As he was standing by the lake, he couldn't help but want to look at Guan Yue. But he also didn't dare to be too obvious. He thought, I should've also worn a pair of black sunglasses so that I could effectively hide that I was looking at him.

"Have you bought enough?" Tianhe said, "If it's not enough, you can have Vice President Tong take you shopping again."

The team started to move again. Tianhe walked with the girls as everyone started to discuss just what type of card would have the power to make luxury stores close the doors just for them. 

"It seems like it just has to be a black card partner," Tianhe said as he thought. "But occasionally they'll also look at the person coming in. When I go out they rarely close the doors for me, it's probably because Chairman Guan has a rich-looking face."

Everyone laughed together. GIP (as in VIP) was one of Jiang Zijian’s favorite jokes to make. The chief executive asked another question, "So in novels when the shop assistant rolls his eyes before you throw the black card and his attitude turns 180 degrees, is that all a lie?"

"Hm...maybe, because no one would do such boring things to affect other people’s moods."

Jiang Zijian said, "Sometimes it's nice to be lively, as long as the store isn't too noisy, it doesn't matter."

Now, these employees could basically touch on the habits of these damned rich people. Their first requirement was peace and quiet; that is, wherever they go, it was best not to have other people around. Secondly, there were no special requirements for attitude, as long as one doesn't overdo it. Thirdly, they never carried anything and advocated for all kinds of door-to-door services.

"Do you feel offended if there are too many people?" The front desk girl asked.

"Well...not to that extent. If there's an event where there should be more people, then it's better to have more for a better atmosphere. For example, it would be too silly if two people danced alone at home."

Everyone began to laugh. Tianhe thought that he could use this to tease Guan Yue next time, asking him to accompany him at home to see his reaction.

At noon, the view on the hillside widened. Guan Yue was at the front of the group, walking and stopping. He deliberately slowed down and mixed in with his subordinates, but the managers thought that Guan Yue wanted to rest, so they wanted to stop again. Tianhe thought that there must be three black lines on Guan Yue's face right now, you guys are too ignorant. 

Tong Kai couldn't take it anymore either, he had suggested this activity. The purpose of hiking together was to exercise with employees and walk a ten-kilometer distance, allowing everyone to be more united in work afterwards as they share the memories of happiness and pain. The original proposal was forty-five kilometers, circling the lake. But it was immediately struck down by Tianhe with a face of horror. The dozens of kilometers were very easy for them, but for the employees who worked at Qingsong and in investment banks for a long time, it was not.

Now, it seemed that it would be a bit difficult to even finish the ten-kilometer journey. Tianhe was considering whether he should call a car in advance to pick them up.

A race walking team came around the road, and everyone gave way to let them pass.

"Tired?" Tong Kai stood in front of the group and asked.

Everyone muttered something along the lines of not tired, not tired.

Mei Xi's daughter wiped her sweat as she sat on a rock, "Ahhhh, I'm tired."

Guan Yue lowered his head and looked at Mei Xi's daughter.

Jiang Zijian lowered his head and looked at Tong Kai, sending him a message. I told you we wouldn't be able to hike that much, thank god we didn't make it forty-five meters. 

"Let's rest for another 5 minutes!" Tianhe shouted from the back.

"Alright, another five minutes! Let's cheer up and walk to the bus stop later! Let the driver drive directly to the duty-free shop! As the vice president, I will gift each person a set of Valmont gift boxes, the quantity is limited. First come first serve. The box contains face cream, eye cream, essence..."  

Soon after he said that, Mei Xi's daughter got up quickly and went down the lake road. At the same time, everyone else also got up, walking quickly without a word. The company employees all walked away in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Zijian, "..."

Tianhe, "..."

Tong Kai, "Wonderful! Are you two tired?"

Tianhe rubbed his facepalmed. "See? I told you, it's only ten kilometers, we'll definitely be able to do it," Tong Kai said.

As soon as everyone walked away, Guan Yue walked over. Tianhe sat on a stone and was very comfortable bathing in the sunshine.

"We're gonna go first," Jiang Zijian said as he waved to Tianhe.  

Guan Yue moved his sports backpack to his chest, knelt down on one knee, took out the mosquito repellent, and sprayed it on Tianhe's legs. 

"I haven't been bitten," Tianhe said.

"Just in case." Guan Yue saw that Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai had walked quite far away, "Tired?"

"How could I be?" Tianhe smiled.

After everyone walked away, Tianhe bowed down slightly and kissed Guan Yue on the cheek. Guan Yue's face blushed red, he took off his sunglasses and sat next to Tianhe.

"I already walked a loop around the lake road the last time I came here," Tianhe said.

"You can continue walking if you hang in there." 

Tianhe and Guan Yue didn't say anything as they walked side by side on the looped path. When they passed by a pine forest, Tianhe whistled and played with the squirrels on the trees, while Guan Yue stopped and waited for him. They walked and stopped, and walked and stopped again. After walking for a while, Guan Yue took out a water bottle and gave it to Tianhe. The two bumped into an old Russian couple when they stopped to enjoy the scenery. They made small talk for a while. Even though Tianhe couldn't understand Russian, he thought that Guan Yue speaking Russian was very interesting. 

"What are you guys talking about?" Tianhe asked.

"How they've been married for 43 years."

"Oh...I don't believe you didn't say anything else, you probably bragged about how we've been together for twenty years."

Tianhe had met Guan Yue when he was four, now that he's thinking about it, it's already been 20 years.

Guan Yue said politely, "How could I lie? I said, we just met and that it was our first day together. So, don’t run around, or else we won’t have enough prints for the golden wedding, and other people will laugh." 

Tianhe rebutted, "I don't think so, I believe that you'll have a very long life, it's a talent of your people."


Tianhe started laughing. He looked up and gazed at the sky. Before, he liked to say that Guan Yue was a fierce turtle. After so many years, he still can't help but tease him. He looked ahead and thought where are the other people in the company? Did they all go already? 

Guan Yue chose a place with good scenery and sat down with Tianhe on the grass under the trees. The wind was gently blowing, and the summer sunshine in New Zealand made the mountains green and cool. Guan Yue took out his sandwich and had lunch with the lake’s beautiful scenery. Tianhe broke off pieces of the bread and fed it to the birds. Suddenly, Guan Yue looked at him seriously and knew that he had remembered the embarrassment of feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square that year.

While Tianhe went up to the railing and took a few photos with his mobile phone, Guan Yue sat there and put on his headphones, staring at Tianhe.

"Let's go!" Tianhe said, "We have to quickly catch up to them."

Guan Yue picked up the garbage and stood on the side of the road waiting for Tianhe. Tianhe saw that he seemed to be on the phone and said, "Have you found them yet?

"They didn’t arrive yet, come this way."

Guan Yue took Tianhe along a winding path that had sunlight peeking through the gaps of the leaves. After walking for another hour, Tianhe saw the race walking group from before.

The members were tired as they gasped for breath, "Your people were literally just at the bottom of the mountain, how are they walking so fast!"

Tianhe, "..."

Guan Yue said politely, "We're holding a prize-walking race."

Tianhe, "Don't be rude."

After walking for a while, they finally caught up with Jiang Zijian. Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai were lying under the tree in the sun and chatting. They said, "Woah Boss! You're really fast! You didn't hurt your waist did you? "

Tong Kai sat up and Jiang Zijian patted the grass and leaves off his body. Guan Yue replied, "We didn't do what you’re thinking."

Tianhe just realized what they were implying and said angrily, "Jiang Zijian!"

The four began to walk together again. The last part of the road was very short. Guan Yue touched Tianhe and finally took his hand in his. Tianhe smiled inside, why didn't you hold my hand earlier? No one was there before. Now we're almost at the end of the road. 

As a result, when they arrived at the parking lot, the two cars had already arrived. Everyone was waiting for them and they all looked at Tong Kai together.

"Hello, Mr. Tong!"  

"Well, I've come at last," Tong Kai said, "I'm so tired, I must be old! I can't even run a marathon! You've worked hard! "

"It was nothing!" Everyone yelled together.

Tong Kai, "Alright, let's go to the shop!"

Everyone cheered as the long-awaited event was finally here. Tianhe didn't expect them to leave as soon as they finished shopping, but please don't delay dinner. He didn't want to go shopping at all, but the bosses had led the team out and they couldn't just go back by themselves.

Mei Xi said, "We'll shop for an hour first, then we'll gather for dinner. Then, we'll shop for another three hours."

Tianhe, "..."

Guan Yue and Tianhe looked around casually. Tianhe only bought a packet of biscuits, and then sat outside the shop and ate them, occasionally feeding Guan Yue some. It began to rain, so they went into a coffee shop next to the store and watched the rain.

The housekeeper had sent the computer over, and Tianhe looked at the cracking progress. It was still progressing in an orderly way.

Guan Yue, "You're still worried about Pro?"

"Yeah," Tianhe said softly, "I couldn't help but keep thinking today. If he knew that we had gotten back together...wouldn't he be the happiest? " 

Tianhe looked at him and Guan Yue thought about it, but he didn't say anything.

Tianhe had tried all kinds of cracking methods and this was already the fastest way. These past few days, he has never forgotten about Pro. Perhaps during the past few nights, he could have gone to Guan Yue's room by himself, but he didn't. The reason is that he was waiting for Pro to come back. After all, Pro's biggest wish was that they could make up again. It made Tianhe a little sad that Pro wasn't present at such an important moment.

"In this world, the one who wishes for us to reconcile the most was probably Pro," Tianhe said as he looked at the screen. 

Guan Yue noticed Tianhe's movements and said, "Wrong, it's me."

"We don't count," Tianhe said.

The last time Tianhe explained it to Guan Yue, he had already explained it exactly as it is to him. Guan Yue said, "I feel a little jealous."

"You finally said it, I was just thinking when you were going to find the chance to let those words slip," Tianhe said.

"Be honest, did you think he was me? Or did you fall in love with him?"

Tianhe looked at Guan Yue, raised his eyebrows, and said in surprise, "How did you know! How clever!"


"I always thought that you would've never gotten jealous over me."

 In fact, from childhood to adulthood, it would be Tianhe who took the initiative every time to provoke a fight. Guan Yue would sometimes feel upset about Jiang Zijian, but he was only upset about the fact that Jiang Zijian had met Tianhe when he was two and a half years old. His feelings of discontent weren't targeted at their close relationship. 

Tianhe and Guan Yue used to work hard to communicate on this issue, why Tianhe only had a few suitors but Guan Yue's admirers could be lined up. The reason was that although Tianhe is very polite, his temperament was too unapproachable. There was always a smile in his eyes, as if silently mocking the whole world, so even if there were many people who had the intent to chase him, they rarely acted on those impulses.

Guan Yue’s aura in defending his territory was also quite arrogant, so Tianhe hadn't had a single suitor during his years of studying in the UK. Instead, he was always mad at the people around Guan Yue.

"What is Pro to you?" Guan Yue asked.

Tianhe said casually, "Are we going to fight on our first day?"

"Look, you're willing to fight with me because of him."

"We haven't started fighting yet."

"Let me change my words, you're willing to threaten to have a fight with me because of him."

Tianhe continued, "You're really talking a lot today. I always fight with you about the cactus at home, but that doesn't mean I want to date it."

Guan Yue remembered the fear that came because had watered the cactus to death and could only give up.

After a moment, Guan Yue said again, "To you, in your life, what position does he hold?"

Tianhe looked up at Guan Yue and wanted to say something back. What are you thinking? This kind of suspicion is seriously too impolite. But he thought about it and decided to communicate seriously. Over the years, their biggest problem has always been communication.

"Family," Tianhe said. "Are you going to ask me whose more important next? Please don't, there are too few stores in Queenstown, you'll have to go shopping in the rain later to apologize."

"Of course not."

"Do you think he's another you? That when we were apart, I looked at him as your substitute? "

Tianhe's words were precisely what Guan Yue was thinking. And so, for the first time today, Guan Yue turned away from Tianhe and looked towards the drizzling rain on the street.

"He is not you; he really isn't. He is another complicated person. If he must be given a position in my life, then, I think he can be regarded as... your brother...or younger brother...or even your son." As he talked, he started laughing. "Every day he's always talking in my ear, saying my dad was actually like that, or like this...Or my dad was a really gentle person..." As he spoke up to this point, the expression in his eyes became gentle as he observed Guan Yue's expression.

This answer made Guan Yue dispel all unpleasant thoughts. Guan Yue's eyes were slightly lonely and aggrieved as he looked at Tianhe quietly. In front of this expression, Tianhe only felt that his heart about to melt. How could his past self have been so cruel to let him live so long by himself?

Tianhe recalled the moments he was with Pro. He felt that he and Guan Yue did have some similarities, but there were also key differences. It was like a son who had inherited his father’s temperament, but because of the different environment he grew up in, he developed a different personality. 

Tianhe let the program run in the background and closed the computer. He and Guan Yue dazed off for a while, both silent. Guan Yue leaned back in the chair and stretched out his long legs towards Tianhe. Tianhe then stepped on Guan Yue's sneakers gently.

He looked at Tianhe and seemingly pondered out loud, "Do you think Pro loved you?"

"Of course, but it won't be the kind of love that makes you jealous. After he ran away from home, I gradually understood the meaning of the instructions left by the eldest brother. It may be difficult to understand, but..."

Guan Yue said, "During this period of time, I've always been thinking about one thing."

Tianhe looked at Guan Yue suspiciously.

Guan Yue regained his usual presidential aura. He leaned back onto the chair, letting Tianhe step on his feet. He put his hands and ten fingers together, made a gesture, and said, "Now, I feel that Pro's choice was right."

"Human technology is far from being able to control such an artificial intelligence." Lost in thought, Guan Yue said, "Just like what was said in Terminator and Mechanical Enemy, the awakening of AI self-consciousness will produce devastating disasters."


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