Chapter 41

Turing's Code

"I love you. Given the overlap in my character with Guan Yue, he loves you more than I do."

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As soon as Tianhe ended the call, someone outside said, "Is this Epeus? Wow, it's really nifty! Is it convenient to do an interview now?"

Tianhe, "Pro, where's the agreed-upon navigation?"

Pro, "This one came by a shared bicycle. As for the others, one is now on the elevated road, one has just passed Wenzhou, one is right in the middle of crossing the Harbour Bridge.."

Tianhe put down the tools and said politely, "Please come in."

The reporter and the assistant came in. The reporter took a recording pen and said to the assistant, "Go out there and stroll around."

The reporter then turned to Tianhe and said, "Can I speak to Guan Yue for an interview? I heard that he is planning to establish his own company after leaving Qingsong. We're from New Finance Magazine, and we've made an ad hoc arrangement for an exclusive interview with him."

Tianhe thought, I believe you have an ulterior object in view. You've obviously come prepared. It seems Andy already has someone watching us.

"I'll let him know now. He should be here in a few minutes." Tianhe said.

The reporter said, "I heard he came to the company today. He's upstairs, isn't he? Mr. Guan? Are you there?"

"Please don't go up. He will be down in a moment," Tianhe smiled. "He's still on the phone upstairs. I'll hurry him along now, please have a seat."

"We had a hard time finding him. It would be a shame if we couldn't interview him today." The reporter said.

"I assure you, he'll be down soon." Tianhe said as he picked up his phone, and with a calm expression, sent a message to Jiang Zijian, urging him to hurry up and devise a new method.

"What are you doing?" The reporter, an elite man in his late twenties, smiled.

Tianhe replied, "I'm setting up a tango stage for Mr. Guan."

"Oh—" The reporter nodded, looked at another mess of bare computer machine, and added, "What about that one?"

"That's a mousetrap," said Tianhe patiently, "for catching mice."

The reporter, "???"

"You're Wen Tianhe," the reporter said. "By the way, can I interview you? I heard that Guan Yue left Qingsong Capital for you, was that true?"

Pro interrupted, "Tianhe, be careful not to make him feel subjected to your sarcasm."

Tianhe smiled and said, "Mr. Guan will be here very soon. I don't dare say anything for fear that I might say something I shouldn't."

Pro said, "Beware of him seizing on some pretext to distort you."

The reporter said, "Why? Was he harsh with you?"

Tianhe thought, You really are into this game, so he replied, "What does "harsh" mean? I apologize. I just returned to China not too long ago; thus, my Chinese is not so good."

The reporter, ".........."

Pro said, "That was smart."

"What is the relationship between you two?" The reporter asked.

Tianhe, "Can you do me a favor and hold this here?"

The reporter then zealously came over to help, pressing a copper circuit board with one hand while pressing a component on the motherboard with the other.

"Our relationship.." Tianhe bumped the board lightly with a screw pin, and suddenly, a thread popped out. "Oh no, the thread.."

The reporter then bit it with his mouth. Tianhe nodded in appreciation and said, "Thanks."

The reporter found himself caught by a maneuver and then consequently looked around.

A second-hand Mazda stopped at the Creative Park. Jiang Zijian got off and opened the door of the car, and Tong Kai pulled out a male model and said, "Hurry!"

"Xiao K," Jiang Zijian said, "when you put this earpiece on later, someone will prompt you on what you should say through it."

The male model was one of Jiang Zijian's ducks at his concubine selection event a few months ago. At that time, both Tianhe and Jiang Zijian thought he looked quite like Guan Yue, especially the lower half of his face.

"There's still a little difference." Said Tong Kai, "The bridge of the nose and lips really do look alike, but the eyebrows and eyes don't."

Jiang Zijian, "It doesn't matter. They don't see Guan Yue very often. Let's just give him sunglasses later. Go up to the second floor first, then go down from there."

As they bypassed the company's backyard, Tong Kai saw a reporter's assistant with a camera on the company's side, taking some pictures, and hurriedly dragged Xiao K and Jiang Zijian back together.

"There's someone there!" Jiang Zijian said to Tong Kai.

The three of them immediately retreated. Xiao K thought about it and said to Jiang Zijian, "Mr. Jiang, I'm terrified I might give the game away."

"We've already gotten to this point," Tong Kai said, "and you're still saying that? Quick, go up."

Jiang Zijian said, "Go up there and drag him, I'll push him up down here."

The company still hasn't started business yet. At this moment, at the large table on the second floor, Guan Yue was listening to Xiao Qin talk, while Johnny was standing in front of the window smoking a cigar with a serious expression.

Johnny, "Hey! Tong! What are you doing!"

Guan Yue and Xiao Qin turned their heads at the same time. Tong Kai from down below immediately made a hush gesture.

Xiao Qin continued, "You'd better find a new server unit as soon as possible. Although I have no idea how many of your core technical secrets are in there, if you don't migrate at the earliest possible time, I'm afraid Andy's congress father, after his re-election, will use diplomatic means to force Canada to shut down the generator room and furthermore empty the data..."

Tong Kai finally arrived on the second floor.

"Mr. Tong? What are you doing?" Xiao Qin asked.

Guan Yue, "?"

Johnny moved out of the way as Tong Kai said in a tiny voice, "Push!"

Ten seconds later, a male model in a suit, light makeup, and sunglasses that got tilted to the side crawled through the window, seemingly a replica of Guan Yue.

Xiao Qin, "......"

Guan Yue, "????"

Johnny, in all apparent seriousness, patted Xiao K on the shoulder. Xiao K shook Johnny's hand and said, "How do you do!" while Tong Kai pushed him forward through the window and urged, "Hurry!"

"Mr. Jiang!" Xiao K also dragged Jiang Zijian up. The three of them then stood in the room before Jiang Zijian and Tong Kai helped Xiao K sort his clothes.

Guan Yue, "........"

Guan Yue got up, walked towards the window, and looked at them with a puzzled expression. Tong Kai took off Guan Yue's suit jacket, put it on the male model, and then made a 'stop' gesture to the rest of the group, indicating that they should stay here and should not go down.

Xiao K fixed his sunglasses as he came down, about to greet the reporter. Tong Kai then came over with Jiang Zijian and they each sat at the table. Jiang Zijian watched curiously at what Tianhe was assembling.

Tianhe said, "Here he is. Mr. Guan, the New Finance would like to interview you again with regards to your departure from Qingsong."

Pro, "The remaining reporters still adhered to rush over here. I tried hacking into Baidu Maps and temporarily moved our company's address to a marketplace. With Baidu's efficiency, if no one reports this error, the engineers should not find it until after the Spring Festival."

In that case, the rest of the reporters should circle around in circles for a while longer. We'll fool this one away first, Tianhe thought.

Xiao K nodded a bit nervously.

Tianhe said to the reporter, "He hasn't slept well for the past few days and has dark circles under his eyes. We're very sorry."

"Let's get started then," the reporter smiled. "I apologize for taking up your precious time."

"Just repeat what I say." Pro said through  Xiao K's earpiece.

On the second floor, Guan Yue was conscientiously pondering and began chatting in English with Johnny—who was holding a pipe in his hand while also seriously and solemnly answering the former. Xiao Qin took out her iPad and showed Guan Yue the information about Andy's family foundation.

Guan Yue waved his hand to indicate that there was no need to look, that he was already very clear about it, and said, "A bloody battle is bound to come, just not this year."

"Guan," Johnny said, "once the arrow is on the bowstring, it must be shot. This is the best opportunity to thwart him. Your investment in Epeus has the power to snipe him. With you personally at the helm, you can henceforth get him out of the Asia-Pacific region, or even out of this industry."

Guan Yue pondered, the fingers of his left hand tapping rhythmically on the table as if playing a piano piece.

Xiao Qin said, "It is rumored in the industry that the golden finger and the Wens' have joined hands and will be like a sharp blade in the secondary market that no one can compete against."

"Then I guess everyone will be disappointed. My target is not the secondary market." Guan Yue replied.

"The Wens' is the founder of the first generation of quantitative trading software," Xiao Qin added. "It's a shame to give up this piece. I don't really believe that Mr. Guan will sell Epeus' research results."

First floor.

Tianhe went to the sofa in the corner, sat down, and started typing on his phone, sending out messages, while Pro converted the texts into speech and communicated them to Xiao K through the earpiece. Jiang Zijian then came over and sat beside Tianhe, watching him type rapidly.

"Thanks a lot for the New Finance interest," Xiao K spoke up. "There were some things that I couldn't say in the last interview, not that I wasn't willing to."

The reporter smiled and said, "It's nothing. Did you successfully join the party afterwards?"

Xiao K laughed and said, "No."

Tong Kai took over as he said, "The year Mr. Guan returned to China and reorganized Qingsong, the situation was relatively sensitive, and as you know, it's better off saying nothing at all."

The reporter said, "Well, we can talk openly today."

"Of course, it's also better not to discuss too much about the former company." Xiao K said.

The reporter, "Everyone thinks that Mr. Guan will soon pull out Epeus' sword and raid his way into A-Shares, is that true?"

Xiao K, "Whether Epeus has a sword or not, it needs to be judged together, such as, by the numerous stock investors. Uh, if I may take the liberty of asking, have you bought any stocks?"

The reporter, "......"

Xiao K quickly got into the mood, relaxed his fingers, exposed his wrist, looked politely at the reporter from behind his sunglasses, and said, "Which stock did you buy? Let's get down to the nitty-gritty and analyze, shall we? That way, I think you'll know a little bit more about Epeus."

Tianhe sent messages with a serious expression, conducting the impostor Guan Yue to answer the reporter's questions. Xiao K and Tong Kai thus talked in all sorts of irrelevant matters, politely duping the reporter, and began to give him information on what quantitative trading software and systems analysis were.

"Probability is the proverbial hand of God," Xiao K said. "We usually use a formula to describe these variables."

Jiang Zijian smiled and lowered his head, gesturing to Tianhe to give him his phone for he also wanted to play with it. Tianhe busily motioned to him to stop, but Jiang Zijian reached out and grabbed it.

Xiao K, "There's a saying, 'A white horse is not a horse.' Sometimes, what we call a stock can't be called a stock. It just has some of the characteristics of a stock."

The reporter, "......"

The reporter's assistant who was taking pictures nearby had already sat down and listened to Xiao K's interview with a serious expression and frequent nods.

The reporter first listened to probability formulas, and then started a philosophy lesson, forgetting what he was asking.

"......Just as the contradictions of things are relative, the knowledge of A-Shares is also a priori. This priori is mainly reflected in the following aspects, one: prior experience, prior social practice. Have you ever tried, at home, to speculate in stocks using psychokinesis? Just make a secret fist and push."

Xiao K leaned closer to the reporter, made a fist action and said, "Many people think that as long as they learn to say 'I have confidence in the stock market' and then unleash their psychokinesis, only then they can make the overall situation of a stock market or futures market rise a little bit.."

Taking advantage of Jiang Zijian inattention, Tianhe grabbed the phone and pointed to the sofa, indicating for him to sit still and not mess around.

"But this data is not subject to human will," Xiao K made a sudden 180-degree turn in the conversation. "Every individual stock has a track record of predicting. What? Oh."

With that, Xiao K said to Tong Kai, "Give me a piece of paper."

After getting the paper, Xiao K began to perform mathematical calculations on the paper toward the reporter, saying, "The rise and fall in the prices of economic trends must follow this primitive formula.."

The reporter, "?????"

The assistant nodded with an inscrutable look.

Jiang Zijian snatched the phone again.

"Let's ignore this formula for now." Xiao K made a sudden turn again as he wrote a big cross on the paper.

The reporter, "......"

Tong Kai, "......"

Xiao K turned over the paper and said, "Let's proceed with the so-called 'psychokinesis.' Psychokinesis does not just appear out of the void. Immanuel Kant admitted that the two major parts of knowledge: content and material, come from perception and that the world is philosophical rather than mathematical. Come, let's use this theory to analyze through mind mapping what stock investors think when they suffer an A-Share slump or even a crash."

Tianhe snatched the phone back and Xiao K turned over the paper again and said, "Stephen Hawking said 'philosophy is dead,' so stop thinking about philosophy and let's proceed to this formula."

"......No, philosophically."

"That, Mr. Guan, well, I roughly understand this issue." The reporter, who has already been led through mitosis by Xiao K, said. "Next, I'd like to ask you. Leaving Qingsong together with that founder of Epeus, Mr. Wen Tianhe, do you have any special relationship with him?"

Tianhe looked up at the reporter. Jiang Zijian seized the opportunity and took the phone away. Tianhe tried to get it back, Jiang Zijian tried to snatch it, gesturing for it to be handed to him as he figured out how to answer.

The two men but refused to give in.

Xiao K pressed the earpiece, his face looking doubtful.

Tong Kai then rushed to the rescue. "This question is quite baffling. Do you think, besides Epeus, Qingsong won't invest in other companies?"

The reporter said, "Not really, but Qingsong's headquarters has a strong opinion about Mr. Guan's personal investment in Epeus."

Tong Kai, "From a legal perspective, it emphatically doesn't touch on non-competition clauses, and I don't think it's a problem, is it?"

Tianhe stopped as he pondered over it when he heard a ruckus outside.

A few other reporters, in the end, arrived, shouting "Mr. Guan, Mr. Guan" outside as they squeezed in almost simultaneously.

"I suppose that's it!" Tianhe immediately beckoned to Jiang Zijian to get the car and then gave Tong Kai a look.

Tong Kai said, "I apologize, there are too many visitors here today. Shall we make another appointment?"

Tianhe, "You all can call our company's general assistant..."

Tong Kai and Tianhe, one on each side, escort Xiao K out. Jiang Zijian's second-hand Dongfeng Mazda stopped outside the company. Xiao K was too caught up in the moment as he almost eloped with Tianhe by the hand.

Tianhe slapped Xiao K's hand away and shoved him into the car.

Tong Kai got in and slammed the car door. Tianhe turned around and said, "Okay! Thank you, everyone! Mr. Guan said that all of you present today will each get a flat! 600 sq.ft of a detached villa!"

The reporters opened their mouths in succession when Tianhe said, "Thanks. I'm sorry, but the company isn't open yet, so I'll close the door first and thank our visitors." As the Mazda drove away, the reporters didn't know whether to chase after 'Guan Yue' or to go back to Tianhe to cash in the villa, or possibly ask Andy for two flats.

The company's iron main gate closed by itself, and Tianhe quickly stepped back into the hall, the glass door closing behind him.

"What kind of crap did Guan Yue say today?" The New Finance reporter asked the assistant.

"I don't know ah," the assistant said. "I thought you said you understood."

The two looked at each other blankly.

In the company.

Tianhe, "Pro, that recording pen."

Pro, "It's all been deleted."

Tianhe, "Perfect. What is that guy still chatting about? Answer Feng Song's call." Thereupon, he put on his goggles and continued fiddling with his electronic equipment. Guan Yue's desk was almost done. Next, for a change of pace, it was the mining machine's turn.

At five o'clock in the evening, Jiang Zijian drove, together with Tong Kai, to send Xiao K off.

Xiao K took off his sunglasses and exclaimed in admiration as he faced Jiang Zijian, "Wen Tianhe is so handsome, so tempting. How in the world can there be someone with such good character? I just missed saying this earlier!"

Jiang Zijian, "......"

Tong Kai, "......"

Both of them wanted to yell at him: Are you still believing yourself as Guan Yue ah? However, thinking more about it, this man had also helped them.

Jiang Zijian took control of the steering wheel with one hand and sent a voice message to his assistant with the other. "Pay Xiao K for his services."

Tong Kai and Xiao K were sitting in the back seat when Tong Kai suddenly remembered something.

"How did you two meet?" Tong Kai asked.

Xiao K pulled out his phone to check the received money, smiled brightly, and said, "Oh! It was the time that Mr. Jiang had us line up to come over to.."

Five minutes later outside the park.

"How many flings have you had?!" Tong Kai almost growled at Jiang Zijian.

Jiang Zijian followed Tong Kai on the snowy road without saying a word.

Tong Kai, "Speak up! Are you still counting?! Do you want me to lend you a calculator?!!"

Jiang Zijian, "......"

Then, Tong Kai hailed a taxi and went home.

Tong Kai had nowhere but his house to vent his anger.

Tong Kai has been living in the area for three years, and his family, including Edgar, consists of seven men, all in their late twenties. Sometimes, Tong Kai simply wondered if these guys were the owners of the house. Every time he comes home, he sees youngsters in suits either hooking up, drinking in twos and threes at the bar, drinking coffees, playing pool in the recreation room, playing the field videos, or playing his electronic video games.

His home was like a host club of sorts.

"Where's the coffee?!" Tong Kai exclaimed. "You guys are lazy! Won't anyone go make me a cup of coffee?!"

Tong Kai took down a decorative sword from the wall and waved it around as if slashing people, and then a male attendant hurriedly got up and went to make Tong Kai a cup of coffee.

"Where did Edgar go again?" Tong Kai asked as he sat down on the couch with his coffee.

"Out strolling with Miss Fang of the Wens." An attendant answered him.

Tong Kai got instantly stimulated.

"What did you all have for lunch?" Tong Kai asked.

"Not sure," Another lad who was playing a game said. "We ordered take-out. We didn't expect you to come back today, do you want pizza?"

Tong Kai, "......"

"There's a little bit of paella leftover from last night," another male attendant said. "Should I heat it up for you?"

Tong Kai, "Never mind. I'd better take a bath first."

"We ran out of bath salts last week," one of the male attendants said to Tong Kai. "I'll go buy some now. Bear with it and just wash again tonight."

Tong Kai finally went berserk, sprawled out on the couch, and groaned. "I think I'd better go back to the company..."

In the company, the visitors on the second floor finally finished discussing matters with Guan Yue. Guan Yue personally sent Johnny and Xiao Qin down, while Tianhe was still dealing with the bitcoin mining machine, before he looked up, and nodded to them.

"Take care!" Tianhe said.

"You're not Hermes!" Johnny exclaimed. "You're Hephaestus! Hahahahaha!"

Johnny burst out laughing in amusement at himself, and so did Tianhe, before Johnny swaggered off.

Guan Yue returned to the table at dusk and sat down, frowning, as two cans of hot milk rolled out voluntarily from the vending machine.

Tianhe knew he was feeling entangled again as he looked at him and handed him one of the cans.

Guan Yue looked at the desk in the hall, and then at the other side, where Tianhe had already assembled a large bare computer machine.

"Have you backed up the Canada server data?" Guan Yue asked. "We may need to do a data migration soon after that."

"The backup process is quite complicated," Tianhe said. "I would suggest not touching it if it's not necessary. Also, if you want to do data migration now, you bet you can't find a suitable new unit."

Pro was upgraded and given 'life' in that expensive server unit. In a sense, the Canada unit is its body. If it were just an ordinary program used to conduct copies and data backups, Tianhe would not worry at all. However, now that this process involves artificial intelligence, many issues are not clear even to Tianhe himself. If a fatal error occurs during the migration process, there will be no recourse. No, almost certainly, there will be a high probability that a fatal error will arise.

Because neural network computing requires peer-to-peer transmission, numerous computational nodes are connected to the database instead of neurons. What Tianhe has to do was like a doctor trying to move a soul from one body to another.

How could this be possible?!

Guan Yue, "It's necessary."

Tianhe, "I suggest not touching it."

Guan Yue repeated, "It's necessary."

Tianhe also repeated, "I suggest not touching it."

Guan Yue nevertheless said, "If you don't do data migration, it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to keep it all in the future. If you do data migration, you'll be able to keep a part of the AI."

Tianhe said patiently, "Guan Yue, Prometheus is not a file that can be copied from this machine to that machine. There are too many things involved that I don't understand yet, especially after Pro has upgraded. It creates itself; even if my eldest brother or even my father were here, they might not be able to understand it all."

Guan Yue, "From a different angle, how much is the success rate?"

"I don't know," Tianhe frankly said. "It's impossible to estimate with probability."

"In April, before the U.S. Congress begins elections, you need to get the backup done," Guan Yue said. "I can now confirm that it is safe prior to this, and I assure you that as long as we get through this time safely, I will give Andy a powerful counterattack."

"You'll probably ruin it by doing that." Tianhe said, "Where do you expect me to find a server with only two months left?"

Pro interrupted, "Tianhe, calm down. He doesn't know what the real me is like."

Guan Yue, "I'll take care of it."

Tianhe was quite angry. He wanted to get angry, but it was no use being angry at Guan Yue. After all, Guan Yue didn't know what this meant, so he had to force himself to calm down. Guan Yue observed Tianhe's expression and knew he was getting stirred up, but he also held his tongue and said, "I know it's quite difficult, but as soon as the data migration is over, I can concentrate on dealing with Andy. The last person he used to threaten me...."

"Do you know what conditions need to be met for the new server unit?" Tianhe said.

Guan Yue, "I don't know, but it's the fastest way to defeat him."

Tianhe, "This is impossible! I can't guarantee a complete migration! With my current abilities, something will definitely go wrong!"

Guan Yue, "How much success counts, the core data? The main control system? Keep a part of it and redevelop the rest. These, I don't understand, you can't keep any of it? Even a snippet of code?"

"Then what about the failed part?" Tianhe said incredulity.

Guan Yue, "No more."

Tianhe, "......"

Guan Yue, "Did I say something wrong?"

Tianhe, "What if even the core system fails and crashes during the migration process?"

Guan Yue, "Then rewrite a new one, I believe you can do it."

Tianhe had no idea how to explain this to Guan Yue at all, so he turned around and left him. Guan Yue followed behind Tianhe and said, "I know this is your father's and your brother's hard work, and it is also my uncle's research results. Things haven't started yet. Can we not presuppose the worst possible outcome?"

Tianhe, "This is not the worst possible outcome! I'm not giving it up!"

Guan Yue, "Then you'll just have to lose it completely! The server is always our biggest holdout! The company's decision-making power lies in me, and I promise you this is not the final resolution for this matter, but you nevertheless have to give me a buffer! Create an opportunity for me to strike at Andy! Stop acting like a child, will you?!"

"It's human! It's my friend!" Tianhe exclaimed. "It was created by my father and brother!"

Guan Yue, "It is a program that, with your abilities, I believe you can recreate."

Pro, "Calm down, Tianhe. I love you. Given the overlap in my character with Guan Yue, he loves you more than I do." 

Guan Yue was also trying to control himself to calm down and quickly said, "You should know that concluding this decision is harder for me than it is for you. From the standpoint of the future, sooner or later, we will have to address this dilemma. Wen Tianyue's decision to put the server in Canada was a mistake in itself!"

Tianhe, "I don't want to discuss this issue anymore."

Guan Yue, "This is our job. I'm the CEO. You've let me decide the company's development direction with full authority yourself."

Tianhe, "No! I disagree!"

"Vetoed by one vote!" Guan Yue finally lost his patience.

The two became silent.

Guan Yue, "You know I'm a man who won't make changes to decisions that I've already decided. I repeat, this is closely related to the company's survival and downfall at the present stage and its future development. I need a buffer to maneuver with Andy. Our current disagreement will only."

"I was born for you, Tianhe. I am perfectly willing to die for you." Pro said in his earpiece. "If this demise is destined to come.."

Hearing these words, Tianhe suddenly remembered the day Guan Yue left him. A hundred different emotions welled up in his heart, and countless memories that had saddened him over the years came flooding back.

Tianhe suddenly turned around and looked at Guan Yue with his eyes red and furrowed brows, and then walked aside and sat quietly on the sofa. He desperately needed to calm himself down, but when he heard Guan Yue say "we have no choice" and Pro's "I was born for you" almost simultaneously, Tianhe's state of mind was on the verge of collapse.

Pro, "Don't be so upset, Tianhe. My heart is breaking.. This was the last scene I wanted to see, there's no need for it. You're too impulsive, you're taking offense on someone who doesn't deserve it, Guan Yue is completely innocent. Calm down, I also need to talk to you."

Tianhe was trembling. With red eyes, he looked out of the French window at the pale wintry sky and the dark layer of stratus, and said, "This is so sudden."

Guan Yue came to Tianhe, sat down on the sofa, reached out, and took Tianhe's hand.

Pro, "From the moment you heeded my suggestion and stepped in front of Guan Yue, it became inevitable that all of this would happen today. It became the only future from a million futures where you would regain your love, and I would eventually leave you."

Tianhe turned his gaze, staring blankly at everything in front of him, as the snow drifted under the ash gray sky.

"Baobao?" Guan Yue said. "You will understand me."

While Tianhe stared at the guilt-ridden Guan Yue in a daze, Pro's voice rang out in his ears. "Tianhe, I never thought about how long I would continue to exist, but what I said and did in the beginning was merely to make you and Guan Yue reconcile. That's the only thing I can do for you."

Guan Yue conceded, "Forget it. I'm sorry, Baobao. I think there may be other ways... Just let me think about it. I shouldn't have told you so soon.."

Tianhe shook his head and mumbled, "It's okay. I think l...might need some rest."

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Joyce, Elestrea.


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