Chapter 40.2

Turing's Code

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The dog dragged Liao Shan back in a circle as she fell on her bottom, wheezing and licking Tianhe. Then, it rushed towards Guan Yue.

Liao Shan got up angrily as Guan Yue separated his hands. He looked at her innocently, indicating that he didn't do anything at all.

"Let's go!" Liao Shan tried to drag the dog away, but Alaska seemed to like Guan Yue. The dog laid on the floor, its tongue swishing back and forth as Liao Shan pulled its head.

Tianhe, "Do you need help?"

Liao Shan started a tug of war with Alaska as her other hand pressed her hat to her head. She said angrily to Tianhe, "Go away!"

Tianhe, "Then I'll call you when I take care of Feng Song!"

Liao Shan, "You've offended me!"

Pro said through the earpiece, "You've completely wronged Liao Shan this time. Now, inviting Feng Song will be an impossible task. You must find ways to make corrections."

Tianhe, "Anything is possible."

Guan Yue, "?"

Pro: "The best way is to have Guan Yue show up at her door in person and explain his past remarks, then apologize appropriately..."

Tianhe, "No need for that."

Guan Yue, "What do you want to eat?"

Tianhe, "What do you have to apologize for? We're all honorable people. I refuse to believe that I can't get those two to work for the company."

Guan Yue, "?"

Tianhe looked at Guan Yue, then thought for a while. "Watch how I deal with them."

Guan Yue, " Fink?"

Tianhe, "No! Lunchboxes for lunch!"

Guan Yue, "I need a general manager who will be in charge of the chief executive and won't interfere with Mei Xi's financial work."

Tianhe, "Then you'll have to find one yourself. I really don't know what type of person can meet your expectations..."

Guan Yue, "Tong Kai. He's already resigned from Nuolin and he's already agreed."

At Tianhe's house, Tong Kai had taken the lead and grabbed Tianhe's cat. He held it in his arms as he smoothed the fur of the cat. He looked at Jiang Zijian with a bored expression. Jiang Zijian lost his opportunity and looked around. He had nothing to hold, so he went to the corner, picked up Tianhe's crocodile turtle, and held it. He looked at Tong Kai with a bored expression.

The two sat on the sofa, seemingly wanting to say something. But they both only glared at each other and didn't say anything.

Aunt Fang put down the coffee and tea. The two of them reached out to take it at the same time and then took back their hands at the same time.

Tong Kai had raised the turtle for a long time so he understood its temperament very well. He said, "How come it's so cold today? Aunt Fang, can you turn up the temperature a bit?"

Aunt Fang smiled and said, "Of course, just a moment."

The crocodile turtle was currently hibernating. With the way Jiang Zijian was holding it, it looked like a small pot cover. When it wakes up, it'll surely bite you, Tong Kai thought.

"If it's too cold, then go back to your own house," Jiang Zijian said.

Tong Kai, "The boss invited me to his home to settle some matters for the new company.”

"Oh? Does the company plan on raising big crabs?"

Tong Kai retorted, "The new company intends to readjust the air conditioning system."

The two were silent for a while. Suddenly, they remembered the good times they had in the past. At that time, they were eating french fries and drinking coke at McDonald’s while reviewing materials for the adult self-study examination. How wonderful and happy they were.

But how did they become like this now?

Tong Kai said coldly, "I should've found out earlier that complacency, arrogance, and credulity are the three hidden reefs of life."

Jiang Zijian, "Oh? It must've been because love blinded you."

Tong Kai, "..."

Jiang Zijian suddenly felt that that phrase wasn't right and changed his wording. "Because lust blinded you."

Tong Kai, "Forget it, I don't want to argue with you bottoms."

Jiang Zijian, "..."

Aunt Fang and Tong Kai's housekeeper, Edgar, were currently playing chess. Jiang Zijian got up and walked behind Aunt Fang as he held the turtle. Just as Aunt Fang was thinking, Jiang Zijian pointed to the white gold queen encrusted with diamonds and gave her a hint.

"Oh!" Edgar laughed, shaking his head.

Aunt Fang smiled as she captured his bishop.

Tong Kai came in with a murderous aura and said a lot of words in Dutch to Edgar. Edgar nodded and followed his instructions.

Jiang Zijian, "Don't be scared of him!"

Both sides began to fight each other. Tong Kai spoke anxiously in Dutch as Edgar nodded quickly.

Aunt Fang wiped her sweat and said, "Ok ok, Xiao Jiang, don't worry."

Edhar hinted at the chessboard to let Tong Kai take over. Tong Kai sat down and Aunt Fang said, "I’ll go to the garden to see if they've cleaned up the snow yet."

The two housekeepers got up and Tong Kai and Jiang Zijian took over their positions. They stared at each other and began to play chess. Jiang Zijian was a first-class chess player in the British system, while Tong Kai was the champion of a Harvard grade group. The two inextricably played for a while. After playing, Tong Kai grabbed Jiang Zijian's hand and said, "Do you regret the game?"

Jiang Zijian said, "I didn't put the piece down yet!"

Tong Kai held onto Jiang Zijian's wrist and said, "You already put it down! I heard the noise!"

Aunt Fang quickly said, "Don't fight, you two!"

"Ah!" Jiang Zijian suddenly shouted.

The turtle finally woke up and Tong Kai remembered. He let go of Jiang ZIjian's hand and said, "Did you get bit?"

The turtle had just put his head out of Jiang Zijian's arms. He looked around and climbed onto the ground as he slowly crawled away.

"Where were you bit?" Tong Kai said.

Jiang Zijian, "..."

Ten minutes later, Jiang Zijian lifted his sweater and Tong Kai held the rubbing alcohol, looking at his abdominal muscles. He couldn't find the wound even as he looked left and right; he was full of doubt.

Tong Kai swallowed his saliva.

Jiang Zijian said without any expression, "Have you stared enough?"

Tong Kai said, "Just where were you bit?"

Jiang ZIjian, "A little bit more up."

Tong Kai, "???"

Tong Kai lifted Jiang Zijian's sweater a bit more and saw Jiang Zijian's chest muscles.

Jiang Zijian instantaneously lifted the sweater over Tong Kai and buried his head in it. He screamed, "Somebody come! This lawyer is being indecent!"

Tong Kai struggled madly but his strength was no match for Jiang Zijian. Jiang Zijian already had his phone in his hand as he took three selfies on the spot. He turned around and then pressed him onto the sofa. Tong Kai kept struggling like a cat in a bottle.

"Ah!" Jiang Zijian was bitten by Tong Kai.

The two quickly separated as they rearranged their belts and trousers. Tong Kai blushed and retreated to the edge of the sofa, taking a pillow to block him. Jiang Zjian fixed his belt and sat on his side.

Jiang Zijian, "..."

Tong Kai, "..."

Jiang Zijian showed Tong Kai his phone. On it was three consecutive moments in which Tong Kai slipped into Jiang Zijian's sweater and struggled to get out.

Jiang Zijian, "I'm preparing to print this onto this years Jiangman Spring Festival Card and advertise it. What do you think?"

Tong Kai, "Delete it, or else I'm taking you to court..."

Jiang Zijian, "I have the winning ticket. As long as I ask Tianhe for it, he'll give it to me for sure."

Tong Kai, "What do I have to do for you to delete it?"

Jiang Zijian, "Look at your attitude, shouldn't you apologize?"

The two looked at each other. On Jiang Zijian's face was a smile, that was Tong Kai's favorite smile. Every time he saw that childlike smile, he practically couldn't walk in a straight line. Tong Kai's expression was conflicted as it was a smile but also contained anger. Jiang Zijian looked at Tong Kai, and Tong Kai stared back at him with his black eyes.

That expression was Jiang Zijian's favorite. Tong Kai had a gentle and scholarly air around him. The moment when he looked up from his book was engraved in Jiang Zijian's heart.

For a second, their hearts were pounding, especially after their skin touched, their attraction to each other grew even more.

Jiang Zijian thought he should ask for peace first, and it was not a matter of principle.

Tong Kai said, "Ok, you delete it first."

Jiang Zijian, "You apologize first."

Tong Kai said, "Sorry, I lied to you."

Jiang Zijian said, "Oh, then I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have lied to you."

The two fell into silence again and both thought of the same thing....can we go on the bed now? But how should they subdue each other? It doesn't seem too fitting...to do this at Tianhe's house.

In Epeus and Yuanhe company, there were four large wooden boxes stacked in the main hall. The workers opened the wooden boxes and removed the sponge pads to reveal complex processors packed into the cartons. Another plastic box was open, and inside was full of marked electronic components. Tianhe took out his goggles, took off his coat, rolled up his sleeves, and had a pen in his hands as he pressed the switch on one side of his glasses.

"Pro," Tianhe said, "help me access the component analysis system. I'm going to make a small modification."

Guan Yue sat on the side and observed Tianhe. The mainboard was placed on the conference table, the electronic components were scattered all over, and the camera began to scan the mainboard, marking the components in the goggles. Tianhe thought about it for a while and then began to rearrange it.

Tianhe's concentrated expression was very handsome, along with the information of the components rolling to the left side of the goggles. He picked up two almost identical components from the plastic box and compared them. Pro zoomed in for him. Tianhe saw the batch number and said, "The manufacturer misplaced it."

Pro: "Be careful."

Tianhe talked to himself, "This sample is still pretty good, resembling a bit of Van Gogh's works. Turn on all the lights."

Tianhe, "Pro?"

Pro: "I'm listening."

Tianhe, "You've been talking less recently."

Pro: "I just don't want to distract you."

Tianhe glanced at Guan Yue unintentionally. Guan Yue was just looking at Tianhe.

Tianhe, "?"

"Go work on your own stuff," Tianhe said, "Don't mind me."

Lunch arrived and Guan Yue went to try out the new vending machine in the company. When he opened the can, instead of the can opening, the pull tab snapped off.

Tianhe couldn't help but laugh. Guan Yue would sometimes show clumsiness in small areas which was very cute.

On Guan Yue's finger was the can ring. He was a little annoyed as he gave up and bought another can.

Pro: "Guan Yue wants to propose to you."

Tianhe, "Don't tease me Pro. He didn't prepare a ring today."

Pro: "He has the can ring on his hand. He thinks that the snapping of the pull tab was a hint of fate."

Tianhe tilted his head to observe Guan Yue. He saw that Guan Yue was standing in front of the vending machine, comparing the two cans, thinking. In the end, he threw the other can out.

Tianhe, "The location of this bridge is really stupid."

Pro: "Don't move the bridge Baby. If it's there, then there must be a reason for it."

Tianhe, "Discussion invalid, you've aroused my rebellious thoughts."

A light bang sound rang.

Pro: "See, it almost broke."

"Ah ah ah—" Tianhe became a bit frantic as he took the box and began to eat his lunch. He angrily looked at Guan Yue and said, "Sit over there and don't move. And don't feed me."

Guan Yue's eyebrows and eyes were filled with tenderness, watching Tianhe's every move. Then, a woman who seemed to be in her 30's appeared, carrying a purse and a calm expression.

"Chairman Guan?" The woman looked inside and said, "The boss told me to come over first to have a chat."

Guan Yue frowned slightly and Tianhe glanced at him. Pro said: "You've met her at the club before, you also talked to her."

"Of course," Tianhe murmured. "My memory isn't that bad. Send a message to Tong Kai and ask him to come out now."

That person was Xiao Qin, the vice president of Crowe Fund responsible for Crowe Fund’s public relations within the Asia-Pacific region. She had a high administrative level and was equivalent to the beer belly owner Johnny’s right and left hand. The last time Tianhe chatted with her, her eyes were smiling, and it was obvious that she could guess the relationship between Tianhe and Guan Yue in a few words.

Guan Yue motioned for her to take a seat. He took away his lunch box and handed her a hot drink.

"Earlier today, Andy came to the company," Xiao Qin said as she said down. "Looking at it now, it doesn't seem easy for you to walk away."

Guan Yue didn't say anything, he only nodded his head. Xiao Qin continued, "The American branch of Qingsong will sue you and Epeus using commercial means..."

Tianhe raised his head from the main board of his desk and said, "Let's go upstairs. The second floor is warmer."

The first floor of the company was empty. There was no one present, but Tianhe wasn't sure if anyone was going to come and fill up the scene later. Anyways, it doesn't matter what news Xiao Qin has or what she needs to tell him, Guan Yue will tell him in the end. There's no need for him to listen.

Guan Yue understood Tianhe's meaning. He leaned over and whispered into Tianhe's ear. "When Johnny comes later, ask him to come up directly. Let's try to not let outsiders know too much. We'll be chatting on the second floor."

Then, Guan Yue made a "welcome" gesture. Xiao Qin looked at what Tianhe was doing. She didn't say a word as she nodded politely and headed to the second floor with Guan Yue.

Pro: "KrO fund will take a stake in Vietnam and they are very worried that Guan Yue will be prosecuted. Andy is trying to bring down three enterprises: Epeus, Yuehe, and Guanjia’s Yaojin group.

Tianhe faced his board seriously. "This is really annoying."

Pro: "Tong Kai's calling you.'

Tianhe pressed the hands-free button. "Balzac, have you left my house yet?"

Tong Kai, "Er...I'm getting ready to go out. Guan Yue asked me to be your vice president. I'm thinking you won't object, but it hasn't even been one day and we're met with trouble. Little tailor, I've received news that a group of reporters is currently fiercely running to your company."

Tianhe, "Are you sure it's a group of reporters?"

Tong Kai, "I suggest you hurry and communicate with Guan Yue. All of these reporters have been bought by Andy, and they intend to unite together to discredit Guan Yue..."

Tianhe, "How many reporters? Let Aunt Fang inform Hermes to pull all their platinum bags over."

"Hermes!" The boss of the Crowe fund actually came in person!

Tianhe immediately got up and made a "welcome" gesture. He politely said, "Chairman Guan is waiting for you upstairs."

Johnny motioned Tianhe to keep doing what he was doing. He raised his belt and walked upstairs to meet Guan Yue.

Tong Kai heard the greeting and said, "Johnny came too? It seems that things are going to get very troublesome. Today is just Andy's warm up move. It's better to not think about bribing others. Andy has said that whatever kind of bribes Guan Yue makes, he will offer double. Listen to me. As soon as the industry draft comes out tomorrow and the day after, you will maybe face a very awkward situation. But I believe that the more Guan Yue can deal with them, the more you have to deal with Guan Yue. After the discussion, we should not ridicule those financial reporters in any case..."

Tianhe looked upstairs. Guan Yue was still talking. He didn't know when Guan Yue was going to come down and he didn't want to interrupt him. It must be very important for Johnny to arrive in person and without an appointment. To have such a long talk and with both Johnny and Xiao Qin here, if they were hit by reporters it would become very troublesome.

He stopped his movements and thought for 3 seconds.

Pro: "Tell me the name of the report. I can hack into their car navigation system and drive them to the suburbs. If they're careless, I can get them onto the highway and guide them all the way to Urumqi..."

"Then please delay it a bit. Tong Kai, tell Jiang Zijian to answer the phone."

Tong Kai said anxiously, "What do you need him for? Where are my shoes? Who took my shoes?"

Jiang Zijian, "I'm here, Tianhe."

Tong Kai's voice rang out, "When did you hide my shoes! Give it back to me!"

Tianhe, "Don't argue. Hurry up, ZIjian, are you there? I suddenly thought of an idea..."

Jiang Zijian smoothed his hair and stood at the gate of Tianhe's house. He took Tong Kai's phone and listened blankly.

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