Chapter 32

Turing's Code

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When Tianhe heard these words, he finally exploded.

Tianhe laughed. “Gosh, then what about me? Sorry, I’m really sorry! I really thought that you wouldn’t have noticed. These little tricks of mine, how could they possibly trick Chairman Guan! Boss, please calm down, I’m wrong, I won’t ever do it again. How about I get on the floor and give you a kowtow to amend for my wrongdoings?”

As Tianhe spoke, he looked around for a suitable area to get on his knees to kowtow to Guan Yue. Tong Kai instantly froze. He had never seen two people arguing like mental patients before. He nervously said, “Chairman Wen! You shouldn’t! You can’t! This isn’t good…”

Guan Yue stood up and returned to his office, slamming the door behind him.

Tianhe retrieved his computer and, hugging it to his chest, walked away. Tong Kai glanced at Guan Yue’s office door and then at Tianhe. He then turned around and followed after Tianhe, leaving the front desk.

Pro said through the earpiece, "I’ve collected some preliminary information. The Wall Street headquarters have expressed great dissatisfaction with the cross-border financing mergers and acquisitions initiated by Guan Yue. Perhaps a vice-president will be sent to dismiss his decision-making power. He feels that he is being used everywhere, even you also……"

“Tianhe, where are you going?” Tong Kai said as he swiftly pressed the elevator button for Tianhe.

Tianhe said, “I’m going to find my previous financial affairs consultant.”

Tong Kai entered the elevator with Tianhe and, looking down at his phone,  said, “Guan Yue has been extremely busy with other affairs these past few days. Don’t mind what just happened.”

“What he said was right,” Tianhe said as he calmed down. “If it weren’t for Epeus going bankrupt, I never would’ve come to find him. Everything I have under me right now was given to me by him. A good-for-nothing like me can only run schemes and play tricks banking on my ex-boyfriend’s sympathy, and use him to help me protect my family’s property. As a dependent, what use is there in talking about dignity?”

Tong Kai smiled and reached out his hand to pinch Tianhe’s face, and said, “What a temper you’ve got going on there.”

Tianhe walked out of the company and stood under the sun. Pro said, “I’ve notified Xiao Liu to come pick you up. He’ll be here in about three minutes and twenty-three seconds.”

Tianhe turned his head to look at Tong Kai, his expression complicated. He suddenly wanted to tell him the truth about many matters, but he resisted the urge.

“Treat your boyfriend well,” Tianhe said. “I can feel that he truly does love you.”

Tong Kai, “Guan Yue also loves you a lot. He’s just got the temper of a child; he’ll think it through later.”

“I now feel like I should have applied for bankruptcy back then,” Tianhe said. “I could have been like Uncle Guan Zhengping and gone to a place where no one was around, to live a peaceful life in seclusion… Whatever, can you let the little lawyer under me give me two contracts? I plan to recruit more people for Epeus, and I need to prepare to hire a CEO and senior legal advisors.”

Tong Kai said, “About the adjustment of the shareholding structure, I suggest that you do not give them too many shares. How about I personally do it for you? How about the people? Should I introduce anyone to you?”

Tianhe thought about it and then said, “I already have some people in mind.”

Tong Kai, “Alright then, I’ll send you the contract tomorrow. When I have time, I’ll discuss this with you. I’m considering laying my cards on the table. About the specific details…I really can’t pretend anymore. But if I suddenly expose myself, then it’ll obviously be a bit weird.”

Tianhe, “You can consider doing it step-by-step, such as the nouveau riche.”

Tong Kai suddenly got an idea and snapped his fingers. “Right!”

Tianhe waved at him as his car pulled away from the curb and drove onward.

In front of the HSBC building, a gust of cold wind blew. Tong Kai was going to turn around and go through the safety check when Guan Yue hurriedly exited through the front entrance and appeared before him.

Tong Kai, “He already left, do you want me to yell for him to come back?”

Guan Yue was silent and said nothing; he half-glanced down as he rubbed his face with his hands.

The Qingsong Company had completely exploded. For the entire afternoon, the communications software team discussed the relationship between their boss and Wen Tianhe. Many of their questions were answered within seconds.

However, Guan Yue did not return to the office in the afternoon; instead, he wandered around the financial district. He walked to a grassy area of a park and basked in the sun for a while. Tong Kai followed alongside Guan Yue, saying, “You’re going to catch a cold. You didn’t even bring your coat. In any case, we should go to a cafe and sit down.”

Guan Yue muttered to himself for a moment and then pulled out his phone, showing Tong Kai a report from India that was several pages long.

“Damn,” Tong Kai immediately said as he read the opening. “How unsightly, these table manners really are too displeasing to the eye.”

Guan Yue turned around and entered a coffee shop with Tong Kai following after him, nearly colliding with the door. “You can’t send someone else over there; there’s no way Mario can hold it down here.”

Guan Yue was silent. The waiter served two glasses of water, and Tong Kai randomly ordered two glasses of soda. However, they didn’t drink anything.

“So, as you can see, your personal style has led to a high degree of centralization within Qingsong," Tong Kai said. "You don't even have a vice-president who can hold down the fort during a critical moment. Once you accept this callback, Wall Street will have no resistance to China’s Qingsong branch takeover."

Guan Yue was silent as he sat with his arms resting on his knees, his back leaning forward. He scrunched his eyebrows.

Guan Yue turned his hands over, his palms facing him while the back of his hands faced Tong Kai, and nimbly held up two fingers.

Tong Kai, “It’s almost been two years. I still remember helping you reorganize Qingsong’s Chinese branch. We were both extremely stressed and under pressure during that time. It makes one practically not want to recall that memory.”

Guan Yue turned his head and looked towards the afternoon tea shop next door. Not far away, Tianhe and another man who was wearing a suit walked in and sat down.

Tong Kai, “Ah? He’s back again?”

Guan Yue didn’t say anything; he could only watch the side of Tianhe’s face through the ceiling-to-floor windows. His five features were all strikingly beautiful. Tianhe’s ancestors had several generations of ethical Chinese blood in them until it came to his mother. She had black hair that was oritental. There were very few Germanic characteristics left; only an extremely subtle mixed-race characteristic could be seen between the eyes.

The Wen family brothers were all more handsome then the last. Wen Tianheng was rough, unruly, and filled with the charm of a prodigal son. Wen Tianyue possessed a yuppie temperament, and when it came to Wen Tianhe, the creator had poured all of his favor into the Wen family’s youngest son.

Tong Kai got up and patted Guan Yue’s arm as he said, “I still have a date this afternoon. You should think about it thoroughly. I know that once you make a decision, you’ll never back out of it.”

Guan Yue nodded, his vision never leaving the distant Tianhe.

In the western-style cafe across from the, Tianhe was absent-mindedly playing with the ice-cream on his plate using his fork.

The former financial advisor of Epeus, Mei Xi, was currently sighing and sobbing to Tianhe about his hard situation.

“....When using the bathroom...can only use one square of paper,” Mei Xi said. “My wife wants to divorce me. My daughter asked, ‘Dad, all the other kids have Van Cleef & Arpels necklaces, I also want one.’ Say, the duty of being a man has been placed on me, what right do I have to say anything? I can’t even afford a Van Cleef & Arpels necklace….”

Tianhe, “Even elementary schoolers these days are indulging in a life of luxury?” 

Mei Xi said again, “Yes! For Christmas, their elementary school organized an event and one of the parents ordered a circus from Russia! What about me? I showed the kids how to roll their tongues. Don’t you think I’m super pitiful? Just like that…” As he talked, he rolled his tongue towards the middle and pointed at it, showing Tianhe.

Tianhe, “....”

“I’m not a well-qualified parent. Other kids go to the Louvre and the Winter Palace to look at paintings, while my daughter stays at home and helps her mother peel garlic. This matter of unemployment, I couldn’t even say anything at home. And for Christmas, my wife wanted a gift, so I could only entrust someone to buy a fake that she now happily carries around! In the end, when she went to the elementary school, there was a five-year-old boy who pointed at her and said, ‘Auntie, your fake LV bag looks so good!’”

“You know what my wife told me to kneel on? She told me to kneel on the treadmill! The treadmill! On the highest setting! Can you understand the pain of kneeling on a treadmill?”

Tianhe, “To be honest, I can’t…but I’m trying my best to use my imagination.”

Mei Xi calmed down a bit and said, “Any news on Tianyue?”

Tianhe, “That is the reason why I came to meet you today.”

The reason why Tianhe had met with Mei Xi was to idly chat with him for a while. He had seen him sitting on a bench in the park. Mei Xi had originally founded a gaming company, however, who would've thought that after a week, the company would fall. And so he founded another company, but it also collapsed. In the end, he worked for three companies that all completely collapsed.

Mei Xi didn’t even dare to return home every day. Every day, he brought his computer to the park, and as he sat there in his cold and devastating state, he would write his resume. His wife had given him an allowance of 5 dollars that day. He thought that it would be best if he refrained from buying a cup of coffee, so that if his daughter were to ever ask for some allowance, he’d have some spare money to give her.

When he went to other companies for interviews, Mei Xi didn’t want to disclose the reason for Epeus' bankruptcy to his interviewer; and so just like that, he had wandered around like this for several months. 

Tianhe didn’t think that Mei Xi’s situation would be this depressing. But, he couldn't make a thorough decision yet on whether he should hire him next. His brother had personally recruited the chief financial officer after his father passed away. He had spent many years with Epeus. There were no problems with his character, except that he didn't dare to face the boss like many other companies’ financial advisors.

After they had talked for almost an hour, Tianhe waved for the waiter to bring the check. “It’s already paid for, I used my card,” Mei Xi said.

Tianhe said, “That’s not good. I’ll cover the bill.”

After Tianhe had ordered his ice cream and cake, he hardly even took one bite, while Mei Xi only got a cup of water. When the bill came, it was 35 dollars.

Mei Xi, “It’s fine, I can repay it slowly. It’s only ten days.” 

This action completely moved Tianhe. 

Mei Xi said, “I'll be waiting for Tianyue’s news. Every day, after an interview, I would call him, there has to be a day where the call goes through.”

This sentence was enough to convince Tianhe to continue to use him, so he said, “Mei Xi, come to my company and help me. Wait after the year ends, I’ll give you the year-end salary first. So that when you go home for the Spring Festival, you can buy your wife a real purse.

Mei Xi raised his head and gazed at Tianhe with tears streaming down his face. He couldn’t believe it.

“Two more pieces of cake for delivery please, thank you,” Tianhe said to the waiter.

Mei Xi immediately added, “One more serving please, my mother-in-law is coming over tonight too.”

Pro: “Tianhe, Guan Yue is coming to find you. I think he wants to apologize.”

Tianhe saw Guan Yue walking towards the shop as he paid the bill. He didn’t know how Guan Yue had found him.

“Go home and rest. Just wait for my notice. And don’t call me Second Boss from now on, I’m the Big Boss now…” Tianhe said to Mei Xi. Mei Xi held Tianhe's hand; Tianhe wanted to shake his hand a few times, but he couldn't get it to move. He tickled him, and Mei laughed madly, his laugh filled with the joy of one reborn. Tianhe politely pulled back his hand, turned around with a blank expression on his face, arranged his scarf, and walked out of the store.

Guan Yue reached the shop entrance and opened one of the doors. At the same time, Tianhe opened the other door next to it. The two brushed past each other, Tianhe didn’t say a word as he continued to walk away.

Guan Yue stopped in his tracks, not looking back.

“Why did we come to such an expensive place?!” Tong Kai had changed out of his earlier clothes, and had agreed to meet with Jiang Zijian at this coffee shop today. He now wore a pair of purple reflective leather pants, and Jiang Zijian wore a trench coat.

Jiang Zijian smiled. “Because I have some exciting news to tell you today.”

Tong Kai was a bit suspicious. When a waiter came over, both of them said at the same time, “A cup of water.”

Jiang Zijian immediately butt in, “No no! Don’t worry about saving money!”

Tong Kai also immediately said, “Just water is fine. It’s our first time coming here, let’s just sit and look at the scenery.” 

“Ah, sorry these two sirs, but we have a minimum consumption cost here,” the waiter said.

The expressions on both of their faces immediately became complicated. Jiang Zijian coughed as Tong Kai said, “I’ll treat you today. Here, I’ll do it.” He quickly ordered two drinks; Jiang Zijian plopped down on the sofa, his expression at ease.

Tong Kai said, “I also have some good news to tell you!”

Jiang Zijian continued cheerfully, “Then you say it first?”

Tong Kai smiled. “No, you say yours first.”

“No no, you should say it first.”

The two went back and forth for a while, then agreed that Jiang Zijian would go first. He looked around and then lowered his voice as he told Tong Kai, “My family is doing demolition!”

Tong Kai was shocked for a moment, then he remembered that Jiang Zijian’s family were natives of China, so they were actually going through demolition! They would become rich overnight! Truly happy for him, he hurriedly asked, “How much?” Then he suddenly wondered if the question was a bit rude.

“About 1.4 million,” Jiang Zijian said, chuckling. “I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep for the whole night last night. Although the proposal hasn’t been released yet, I’ve decided that I’m going to stop working.”

Tong Kai hurriedly nodded and said, “That’s wonderful! Congratulations!”

Jiang Zijiang then asked, “How about you? What good news do you have?”

“My dad hit the two-color ball!”

Jiang Zijian, “!!!”

Tong Kai smiled and said, "After the tax is deducted, there’s still going to be millions of dollars left. Their blood pressure had risen so much, but now they’re happily celebrating."

“Then...are you going to return to Henan?” Jiang Zijian was a bit disappointed.

“Of course not! I still have to wait here for the interview notice.”

“Oh—” Jiang Zijian let out a sigh of relief and said, “Are you still taking the self-examination?”


The two were silent for a while, they didn’t want to toss around the topic of the exam. But there was no excuse to not take it. Tong Kai thought about it and then said, “Yes.”

Jiang Zijian, “Ah yes, you should. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you don’t need to study anymore. How about we celebrate first?”

Tong Kai, “Then we can order a bit of whatever we want today.”

Jiang Zijian smiled. “Right! We should celebrate for a bit! I’ll take you shopping tonight, buy buy buy!”

Tong Kai, “I’ll buy it for you!”

Tianhe had run around the whole day that he was so tired he was about to collapse. When he finally arrived home at 11pm, Aunt Fang said, “Zijian has been waiting for so long.”

Jiang Zijian was soaking in Tianhe’s spa. Tianhe walked over, removed his robe, and submerged himself in the water. He let out a sigh of relief and took a sip of the drink in Jiang Zijian’s hand.

“What are you doing at my house instead of your own in the middle of the night?” Tianhe said with a gloomy tone.

Jiang Zijian said, "My dad went to Washington to visit the properties. Mom went to Las Vegas to play. There is no one at home these days. Come live at my house."

“No.” Tianhe said, shivering, “I’m busy right now.”

Jiang Zijian leaned forward and said, “What happened? Who wronged you this time?”

Tianhe suddenly remembered what Tianyue had once told him,  never bring outside matters into the house. He smiled and said, “Nothing, just small problems. The company’s matters are very annoying to deal with.”

Jiang Zijian said, “I just wanted to find you to talk about something. Today, Xiao Kai told me that his family hit the two-colored ball.”

Tianhe, “....”

Jiang Zijian talked about the things that had happened today as he took a towel and wrung out the water, showing his beautiful collarbones and pectoral muscles. He used the towel to dry his chest, and said, “Since Epeus is starting again, can you help him by giving him a spot at the company?”

Jiang Zijiang didn’t say anything along the lines of “I’ll pay for his salary,” as Tianhe didn’t lack money to pay another person anyway.

Tianhe thought, You two really are too much. Suddenly, Pro’s voice filtered in from above the spa, “I suggest you introduce him to Guan Yue’s company, that'll be perfect.”

An idea suddenly hit Tianhe. “Yes! How about letting him go to Qingsong?”

“Qingsong will accept him?

“No problem, I’ll go talk to Guan Yue. He’ll definitely want him.”

“Then that's great! I’m counting on you to introduce him to a job. I was afraid that if I or Wu Shun helped him, it would blow our cover.”

I’m gonna see just what you’re gonna do now, unless you want to drag the whole company along with you to act, Tianhe thought.

Aunt Fang was currently away.

Aunt Fang had asked Xiao Liu about Guan Yue’s current situation, and Xiao Liu told her everything he had said in the car that day.

“Gosh!” Aunt Fang said, “You’re too insensible! How can you say that!”

Xiao Liu, “I didn’t know ah.”

Aunt Fang, “That child must have misunderstood. Hurry and go get the car, I’m going to go to his company.”

Xiao Liu said at a loss, “But there’s no need to go that far?”

Aunt Fang was about to be pissed to death by Xiao Liu. “Hurry and go get the car!”

“Guan Yue’s worries are understandable,” Pro said.

“Can you not mention him? I just forgot about him. Where’s Aunt Fang? Is she asleep?” Tianhe had just finished showering and was in a robe. He put on his earpiece and sat down to read through the regulations and processes. Jiang Zijian had already gone to the guest room to sleep.

Tianhe raised his head and looked at the macaw. Ever since Xiao Jin had been trapped in the washing machine, it wasn’t talking anymore. Tianhe was worried for a while, but Xiao Jin’s usual expression was always staring off into space anyway, so it didn’t look like anything was wrong.

“Say it, say Guan Yue is dead,” Tianhe said to Xiao Jin, “hurry and say it.”

The macaw still remained silent.

“Don’t sit on the materials.” Tianhe snatched the data from under the cat’s butt as the animal maintained it’s sluggish body. His butt was facing Tianhe as he turned around and looked at him with an unconvinced expression.

Pro: “He thinks that he’s going to lose you again.”

Tianhe, “He’s never ‘gotten’ me.”

Pro: “After Epeus re-opens, you’ll pack up your things and leave Qingsong. As an investor, he can't go to the company to see you every quarter. You also won’t go to Qingsong anymore unless it’s for the quarterly report. Sunshine had just walked into his life, but suddenly it was covered with a haze of clouds, lightning and thunder, strong winds and heavy rain…”

“Don’t. Use. Those literary sentences to create this kind of useless synesthesia! When there’s no one to play with him, the domineering CEO will lose his temper. I’m a person. I hold responsibility for Epeus. I’m the boss, I’m not his pet! Yes, he did help me...but I never thought of using him, whatever, let them think whatever they want about me.”

Pro: “Don’t be angry, calm down. I noticed that your profile shows that the last chief assistant seems to owe a lot of money."

Tianhe, "She’s taken too many enzymes from a micro-business. Now, the whole family only eats enzymes as a meal. They also stocked up on some facial masks and maxed out her grandma's credit card. I believe she’ll be very willing to come back to work."

Tianhe looked at the messy pile of materials, the preliminary allocations have already been done. Jiang Zijian had introduced a very smart HR person from Jiangman as well as an administrator. Next, it was the technical team. Quanke was too difficult to find. The masters all went to international giants such as Morgan and IFC. They had to find a way to dig one out.

Pro: “If Guan Yue is willing to step in…”


Pro patiently persuaded, "Today, he had tried to come over and apologize to you. Now, it should be your turn to take the initiative..."

“No! No! No!” Tianhe firmly rejected this suggestion, snarling, “Unless I die, I’m never going to beg Guan Yue again!”

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