Chapter 20

Turing's Code

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WARNING: This chapter contains a small bit in which there is a racist comment involved.

At home.

Tianhe had just taken a bath and was wiping his hair with a towel. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he said to himself, “Now I believe your words, it seems like that guy really hasn’t dropped the matter yet.”


Pro’s sound came through the speaker, “A piece of memory is like the data stored in a hard disk, it’s very difficult to get rid of. You’re the same, you haven’t let go.”

“For hard disk data, a replacement is always more thorough than deletion.” Tianhe said, “Well, I feel I should have given up a long time ago.” 

Pro said, “That sentence ‘if you don’t mind,’ I think it should’ve been ‘if you don’t mind helping me.’ If you had shown even a little bit of hesitation, he would’ve taken your hand, left the banquet hall, and taken the 12:25 flight to London.”


“When you arrive tomorrow morning, that would coincidentally be the time when the London Civil Affairs Bureau opens up…..”

“You know he’s a person with a very rebellious personality, who can effectively challenge his parents. After all, the Guan family did not specify a specific gender for the wedding…”

“Continuing on, you two would need to start acting like a real family. He’ll buy your old house and live under the same roof as you for a long time in the name of acting.”


“This will help you guys get into your assigned roles much faster and then it stands to reason that you’ll both successfully complete a wonderful life in which you’ll help each other, be in perfect harmony as a couple, respect each other, and love each other completely without question till the end of your lives.”

“This was a romantic fiction novel that had the plot of ‘marriage first and love after,’ and received a great deal of popularity from fans. This should be his clan elder sister, Zhang Qiu.” 

Pro finally concluded, “But poor Guan Yue, he hasn’t even started his plan and yet it already died. There is a more than 90% possibility that he is at home right now drinking away his sorrows in case he accidentally gets drunk outside and passes out again, thinking perhaps no one will come to take him home.”

Tianhe finished wiping his hair and laid on the bed, “Please don’t read romance novels anymore, Pro. If it wasn’t for the fact that I already knew you were an AI, I would think you’re being sarcastic right now.” 

“‘Pride and Prejudice’ is also a romance novel,” Pro said, “All the above are the high probability facts that I have predicted based on my understanding of him. I just wanted to say that his request today was doomed to only have a small probability of success, but you really shouldn’t have interrupted him at that time.”

Tianhe looked at the ceiling in a daze. “Pro. Today at the terrace, I suddenly had a feeling of wanting to fly into the galaxy. I just don’t know if Guan Yue would chase after me just like the two little robots in ‘Wall-E’.”

Just a week before Guan Yue left London for New York, they had watched ‘Wall-E’ once.

It was winter, and Guan Yue had rented a movie theater to watch the film. In one of the scenes, the two little robots flew around in space; one was propelled by a jet, while the other chased with a fire extinguisher. Guan Yue looked at Tianhe laughing with a sideways glance and then took him into his arms. 

“Follow your inner voice.” Tianhe suddenly said, “I suddenly feel that many things are not so important.”

Guan Yue simply replied, “You must know that this decision is harder for me than it is for you. ”


Cambridge and Oxford were more than a hundred miles apart. During his studies, Guan Yue had bought a house in Saint Neots near Cambridgeshire and lived with Tianhe in the house for seven years. For the first four years, Guan Yue took care of him as a guardian; after three years, they fell in love.

In those seven years, Guan Yue would always take his classmate’s helicopter to pick up Tianhe after school. When Tianhe’s PPE course was nearing graduation, Guan Yue was practically at home all day. But inevitably, their quarrels also gradually increased. The main contradiction lay in Tianhe’s unwillingness to separate from Guan Yue. 

At that time, Tianhe was still a willful and impulsive child. He wouldn’t allow Guan Yue to leave him even for a day. Whenever Guan Yue went out to meet with friends, Tianhe would ask him this and that, and when he came back too late, he would show Guan Yue scornful expressions. Guan Yue always came back late and would always break dates. But, he would still come back in the end, even if it was too late.

When Guan Yue made the decision to work in New York, Tianhe couldn’t accept it at all.

He would never allow Guan Yue to leave him. Otherwise, how was he going to spend the next four years?

At that time, Unilever, Lloyd's, and LSE all sent Guan Yue offers. The position at Unilever was as a market consultant in the Asia-Pacific region. Once the internship period ended, Guan Yue would become the youngest regional consultant in history. At Lloyd’s, he was offered a position as an accountant manager, and LSE had asked him to be a teaching assistant. In the end, Guan Yue insisted on going to Wall Street. 

“This is not a job you like.” Tianhe said, “You said it yourself, you are not interested in Wall Street.”

Guan Yue had just returned home and didn’t say a word, he took off his suit and handed it to the servant. He sat down on the sofa to read the newspaper while Tianhe wrote his code at the dining table.

“That was before. How many lines did you write today?” Guan Yue said. “Do you need somebody to help you?” 

The sound of Tianhe typing on the keyboard reflected his irritability.

“You must go?” Tianhe sidestepped the question.

Guan Yue simply answered, “Yes.”

Tianhe’s plan was that the two would stay in London after graduation. The United Kingdom was much more friendly to homosexuals than the United States. He didn’t like New York as he always felt that there was no human touch there. Americans came in all sorts of haste. They would suddenly approach and then boldly and abruptly burst into loud laughter, just like a bunch of mental patients who didn’t know where to run about.

New York’s frank pursuit of naked money was also quite annoying for him. Manhattan’s high-end apartments were filled with the bad smell of copper. If you accidentally stumbled while walking down the stairs, then you would hit a tramp. If he wanted to go for a run, then he could only go to Central Park where he would be stared at by black people for half the time with malicious intent. 

But no matter what excuse he came up with, nothing could stop Guan Yue. Tianhe himself knew that there was only one reason: he didn’t want to be separated from Guan Yue. What if he ended up liking someone else? It would certainly happen. It was unclear how many people had a crush on him, men and women alike. No matter how Tianhe declared his relationship with Guan Yue, it was of no use. There would always be people who deliberately tried to pursue Guan Yue.

Tianhe said indifferently, “You don’t want to gamble. You won’t go to Unilever, turn down the banker offer, turn up your nose at a teaching assistant position, and lastly, return to the money pile.”


Guan Yue said, “Then how to support you otherwise?”

Tianhe said, “I know how to support myself, you don’t need to plan for me.” 

Guan Yue turned a page of The Times. “With the way your second brother is playing around, sooner or later you will have to get involved. Between the two of us, one has to pay for our lives.”

Tianhe usually didn’t like to say the word “money,” as if saying it too much would make the whole person become tacky. “You can still make money even if you stay in London.”

“Britain is too lifeless,” Guan Yue said, “it’s not where I should be.”

“Mn, New York is full of vitality, New York is prosperous, that is the life you want.” Tianhe said, “You will for sure make a lot of money. Sometimes, I think you’re just like a dragon, sitting on top of a pile of golden treasures.” 

“You’re always living in your own world.” Guan Yue threw The Times down, disgruntled. “Life’s test for each of us is far beyond your imagination!”

Tianhe stopped typing on the keyboard and stared at Guan Yue. Both parties knew that a fight was about to begin.

Tianhe was trying to find something to stop him but Guan Yue said, “And I don’t want your second brother to predict correctly, OK? Ever since you told him that we got together, he has been cursing me nonstop.”

Tianhe was also angry. “That is what you value the most, you care that much about his opinion towards you?” 

Tianhe patted the keyboard twice anxiously, knowing that Guan Yue cared a lot and that Tianyue had hurt his self-esteem. In the eyes of his second brother, Guan Yue’s family business refused to embrace the information financial era, and the future was not optimistic. The younger brother who had threatened to sever ties with his own family would end up eating chaff and swallowing wild vegetables while begging along the street一this was a high probability event.

Guan Yue’s father, Guan Zhenghan, had mercilessly pointed out to him the rule of “wealth never survives three generations”. This rule was originally pointed out to him by his father who wanted to express his anger at Guan Yue for his lack of decorum, of finding a man to marry, and destroying his great plans to marry Guan Yue off for business benefits. Guan Yue understood more than anyone, spending money wasn’t an issue – for his happiness, he had never refused to readily spend the family’s money; for Tianhe’s future happiness, he was more than willing to spend even more.

But those who spend money must have the ability to make money, otherwise, what his parents said would be right. The family’s whole prestige would go down one day if their son was unambitious.

Guan Yue knew that if they kept on arguing there would be no end to it. He got up and left the living room. 

“As long as you’ve decided, nothing can change your decision, not even me.” Tianhe had to say this last sentence.

Guan Yue said, “Right.”


This time, Guan Yue had the last say, causing Tianhe to explode in anger as expected.

Then, they had a cold war for the whole day. During lunch, Guan Yue asked, “How much has been written?” His expression indicated that he was waving the white flag of surrender. Tianhe ignored him. After finishing his lunch, he went to the garden to continue his work. Guan Yue was a little restless; he would occasionally read a book and occasionally get up to watch Tianhe—who was in the garden—through the floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Tianhe saw Guan Yue standing in the living room from the reflection on the screen. He stood there motionlessly for a long time; Tianhe knew that Guan Yue was entangled in his emotions again. He deserved to be entangled in his emotions.

The expression in Guan Yue’s eyes, no one understood it better than Tianhe. After a fight, he would always contradict himself, feeling pained and guilty. He would be so guilty that he wouldn’t speak the whole day as he tried to find clumsy tricks to coax Tianhe. Then, all would be normal. Therefore, Tianhe would always torture him again and again, so that he could clearly feel that Guan Yue could not bear to leave him and know that Guan Yue still loved him.

This kind of torture became more and more frequent as the day of Guan Yue’s employment neared. Tianhe couldn’t even imagine himself lying on the bed alone at night. He didn’t know if he would be able to fall asleep.

In these years, Guan Yue had never once spent a night outside. 

Of course in these years, Guan Yue’s decisions had never changed once because of him either, never.

This made Tianhe quite annoyed. Every time they disagreed, it was like two armies with mutual understanding. After a round of indiscriminate bombing, both sides finished their ammunition and would once again fall into silence, waiting for the other to admit defeat. Sometimes, he didn’t know if Guan Yue would yield even if they broke up.

In the past, no matter how aggressive the fight got, neither side would mention the two words ‘breaking up.’ Now, the dangerous idea suddenly materialized in Tianhe’s head without warning. Since you’re going to Wall Street for me; if you lose me, will these goals you’re fighting hard for now become meaningless? Will you surrender?

Fortunately, this thought only lasted half a second in Tianhe’s heart before it was buried by reason. Because he was afraid that even if they broke up, he would not be able to stop him. How would this end next? 

He believed that Guan Yue urgently wanted to prove himself in front of his family, the world, and his second brother. He wanted to prove that he was not just a rich second generation who only knew how to spend a lot of money. Tianhe’s happiness might be one of the many reasons that drove him, but it was not the only one. God protected the world from temptation, so Tianhe should not be tempted.

One on hand, Tianhe was sad that Guan Yue wouldn’t give up his career for him; on the other hand, he was afraid of Guan Yue’s departure. After all, in these years, they had never been separated before.

For a moment, he was even angrier that Guan Yue had never seriously said: “I love you.” Even when he was confessing, he only quoted half of Neruda’s poem.

Tianhe wrote down the code randomly. Ever since Guan Yue announced his decision, the program he had been writing became a mess. Half of the time even Tianhe himself didn’t know what he was writing. 

He saw from the reflection of the computer screen that Guan Yue had taken the parrot cage down. The parrot cage was always placed too high, Tianhe was never able to reach it.

The butler came every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to clean Xiao Jin, but Guan Yue seemed to be really irritated today and needed something to divert his attention, so he decided to do it himself.

He prepared the fine sand for bathing the parrot and unchained his claw chain, but Xiao Jin found an opportunity and flew away in an instant.

“Xiao Jin!” Tianhe immediately dropped the computer and ran into the living room. The parrot flew to the cabinet. Guan Yue hadn’t recovered from the shock yet, only to see the agile figure flying upstairs; the two immediately chased after it. Tianhe said, “Are you that bored? It’s going to fly away!” 

Guan Yue didn’t say anything, with a swoosh, he rushed up to the second floor, trying to fix his mistake. The parrot flapped his wings and flew to the third floor; then, it flew out of the half-open window in the corridor on the third floor!

Guan Yue immediately followed Xiao Jin out of the window and onto the roof. Tianhe ran downstairs to the garden and looked up. Xiao Jin looked at Guan Yue with contempt, loudly shouted “Gah!” and then flew away.


Guan Yue was at his wit’s end as he watched the parrot fly up into the blue sky towards the north, escaping without warning.

Everything happened too quickly. Tianhe hadn’t responded yet and Guan Yue was still stunned, standing on the roof barefoot. The two were silent for a moment and Tianhe returned to the living room, falling onto the sofa without a word. 

An hour later, the door pushed open and Guan Yue walked in.

“Forget it, we cannot find it anymore.” Tianhe said exhaustedly, “If it ran away, then so be it.”

Guan Yue was a little helpless. He looked at the empty bird cage and then at Tianhe who was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed.

“Let’s buy another one.” Guan Yue said, “I’m going to Columbia right now.” He was looking for his phone to make a call for a private jet. 

“How come you still don’t understand?!” Tianhe stood up, almost falling over. He walked towards Guan Yue, “I don’t want you to go!”

That sentence was shouted and sounded almost like a cry. “You promised me that no matter what, you wouldn’t leave my side!”

Guan Yue finally understood. He sat down on the sofa and extended his arms, pulling Tianhe into his embrace. Tianhe wanted to push him away, but his wrists were caught by Guan Yue.

Tianhe looked away, but Guan Yue pulled him over and hugged him tightly. Then, he pressed him onto the couch, bent his head down, and kissed him. Tianhe wanted to break away, but Guan Yue’s movements softened as his hands ran up Tianhe’s legs and into his t-shirt, slowly stroking his back. This familiar move immediately calmed Tianhe down. 

Stopping at his lips, Guan Yue silently looked at Tianhe.

“Follow me, we’re going to get married in Las Vegas.” Guan Yue said suddenly, “I’m not waiting any longer.”

“What did you say last time?” Tianhe looked at Guan Yue and said, “Didn’t you want to prove yourself to your parents? Did you forget about it?”

Guan Yue bent his head down and kissed Tianhe’s collarbone. Tianhe reached out and lifted his shirt. The two embraced tightly. Guan Yue’s body was strong and his actions were savage and aggressive, while Tianhe was fair and slim, young and sunny, filled with youthful energy. 

That year, Guan Yue was 24, and Tianhe was 20. It was precisely the age for endless sex.

Tianhe always knew that if Guan Yue was obsessed about something, then he would be obsessed to the point of craziness. In this way, both of them had become well aware of the most sensitive places on each other’s bodies. And just like a flipped ‘ON’ switch, once his lust was instigated, Guan Yue would indulge all night long. Even if Tianhe wanted to escape, he would be pulled back.

“Baby,” Guan Yue whispered.

Tianhe endured the pain and held Guan Yue’s shoulders tightly, biting them fiercely. Guan Yue grabbed Tianhe’s head with both hands and kissed him wildly. 

After it was over, Guan Yue carried Tianhe to the bath. As the warm water flowed down their bodies, Guan Yue said, “Let’s go out and take a walk.”

Tianhe nodded and leaned against Guan Yue’s shoulder, he hadn’t been outside for several days already.


“Xiao Jin is lost,” Tianhe said sadly.

“It will come back,” Guan Yue said as he held him in his arms, the warm water continued to flow down their sides, washing their bodies. 

Tianhe said, “Where are you getting this confidence from?”

Guan Yue said, “It represents our love.”

This sentence exactly hit Tianhe’s worries. This parrot seemed to represent their love and, in a certain sense, now their love had flown away, quite an ominous sign. And all of it seemed to have been destined, Guan Yue had decided to go to another place, causing them to fight, fighting had caused Guan Yue to find something to do, he had touched the parrot shelf and let Xiao Jin loose… Forget it, just let it go. Tianhe was also unwilling to think anymore, lest things get even worse.

That evening, they went to the city of London, Guan Yue took Tianhe to sit on the Ferris wheel. He took a picture of them standing under Big Ben, and they had dinner at Trafalgar Square. Tianhe always remembered that that was the place Guan Yue had taken him to when he came to London at the age of fourteen. 

That night, Guan Yue rented a movie theater and the two of them watched a movie from a few years ago called “Wall-E.”

When watching the movie, Tianhe suddenly figured it out.

Guan Yue once said that when he was completely free from his family and able to support himself, he would join hands with Tianhe and marry him in Westminster or Las Vegas church.

And today what Guan Yue had said was, “Come with me, let’s go to Las Vegas and get married, let’s not wait anymore.” 

For him, Guan Yue had finally changed one of his decisions. Tianhe glanced at Guan Yue with the afterglow light from the screen reflecting in his eyes. Guan Yue was watching the movie seriously, but felt his gaze and hugged him tightly.

“Go.” Tianhe finally let go and said, “Now I suddenly feel that not many things are so important.”

“You know, to make this decision, I am more conflicted than you,” Guan Yue answered simply.

That night, Guan Yue had parked the car in the parking lot and he was holding Tianhe’s hand while stargazing in the garden when he heard the flapping sound of wings—–Xiao Jin had returned. 

Tianhe didn’t dare to make a sound. Guan Yue walked towards it slowly, reached out his hand, and moved closer to Xiao Jin. The parrot did not struggle and allowed Guan Yue to pick it up.

“It has a little temper.” Guan Yue faced Tianhe and said, “I knew it would come back.”

Speaking of Guan Yue who was smiling at Tianhe, this was the first time in a month that Tianhe had seen Guan Yue smile.

The two looked down at Xiao Jin. Tianhe nodded and said, “As long as it came back.” They put him in the bird cage again, Xiao Jin seemed to be hungry. After eating half a cup of bird food, it buried its head into its wings and fell asleep. 

A week later, Tianhe and Guan Yue boarded the plane together to send him to his job in New York. Guan Yue was busy as soon as he started to work. Tianhe had wanted to buy a suit in Lower Manhattan, but he didn’t see anything he liked. On the day he was supposed to leave, Tianhe held Guan Yue tightly, sleeping on the same bed. In the morning of the school day, Tianhe got up lightly without waking him up. He kissed Guan Yue’s lips and left for London by himself.

“I used to think about the day we’d get married many times,” Tianhe said, as he flipped over and opened his phone. There was a message from Jiang Zijian. It was then that he remembered the matter with Tong Kai; the discussion about Guan Yue’s wedding had flushed away the gossip about Tong Kai from earlier today.


Tianhe had thought that he wouldn’t care anymore, but when Guan Yue told him about the wedding, it was like the calmness in Tianhe was set off by a torrential wave.

“I wanted to hold the wedding in Westminster. He liked the little white church in Las Vegas, the place where Elvis got married. During that time, even discussing where to get married would cause a fight.” Tianhe couldn’t stop laughing. 

Pro said, “If you guys had gotten married earlier, you definitely wouldn’t have broken up.”

Tianhe replied to Jiang Zijian, asking him to meet tomorrow, and replied, “We had negotiated it already, we hoped to wait until his financial situation was completely independent before talking about marriage, so that he could confidently justify himself in front of his family. This is the love he chose, this is the life he chose. At that time, we thought that marriage was just a piece of paper, even without it, it wouldn’t have any impact on our lives. We wouldn’t be separated for a whole lifetime. So, life is full of uncertainties, there are too many things that can’t all be said with just one word.”

Tianhe laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He pulled the blanket over his body, spread his arms and legs, and the lights dimmed automatically. Finally, Pro said, “Perhaps he will remember the Westminster church you like.”

Tianhe said, “If he had insisted on the small white church, then I would have yielded. To argue for a whole day because of that, it was so stupid. We could have driven a convertible car to the sunshade of the church, taken off our sunglasses, and looked at the priest standing behind the window.” 

“We could have asked a church watchman to be our witness, and then jokingly have said our vows in front of the priest, before taking our marriage certificate. Okay, so we got married, let’s go, honeymoon.”

“So we got married, the sky knows, the Earth knows, the car that drove us knows, the road knows, God knows, the priest and the witnesses know. And also… We don’t tell anyone… Elopement is also divine and solemn. We just need to give each other a simple explanation with God, and besides, it has nothing to do with the world. “


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Huhm the young woman mentioned by Pro at the beginning is Guan Yue’s cousin, Zhang Qiu, not Cho Chang