Chapter 19

Turing's Code

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"I need a little time to digest this shocking fact.” For the first time, Tianhe felt like he was about to crash.

“I think so too.” Tong Kai showed a desperate expression, rubbed his forehead, and said, “Shouldn’t you also share some secrets with me? I believe we will become good friends, er, not the type of good friends like you and Guan Yue.”

Tianhe suddenly thought of a serious question and said, “there is a phrase called ‘similar things group together, similar people fit together’. I’ve heard that you often go in and out of Guan Yue’s office…”

“Ah, yes.” Tong Kai suddenly understood from Tianhe’s expression what he was trying to imply, and immediately changed his words, “No no! Definitely not in the way that you’re thinking of! I don’t have an ounce of interest in Guan Yue!”

Tianhe asked suspiciously, “Oh? I didn’t actually say anything?”

Tong Kai looked at Guan Yue. “I don’t have those…unspeakable feelings for Guan Yue. That guy’s IQ is similar to a Husky’s, and his pride is bigger than Kim Kardashian’s ass…”

Tianhe said, “Don’t say anything more, you Americans’ metaphors are too vulgar!”

Guan Yue, “……”

Tong Kai, “……” 

Tianhe, “…..”

Tianhe did not know when Guan Yue had arrived and immediately took a step back. “I guarantee with honor, Chief Tong, that this was not done by me.”

Guan Yue glanced sideways at Tong Kai and he instantly said, “Ah! Boss! You’re here? I suddenly remember that I still have something to do… I will leave first!”

Tong Kai retreated swiftly, leaving Tianhe and Guan Yue standing facing each other. 

Pro said, “He’s a bit tired.”

‘Yeah, I’ve noticed,’ Tianhe thought to himself. The two didn’t speak a word to each other.

“This suit is pretty nice,” Tianhe said.

Guan Yue was wearing the custom-made suit sent to him by Tianhe. He looked tall and handsome. Standing with Tianhe on the terrace, wearing suits that were similar in style but different in detail and design—which helped to distinguish one from the other, they both looked charismatic and rich, giving off the air of a British couple wearing matching suits. 

Guan Yue said indifferently, “This is the first time I’ve caught Tong Kai bad-mouthing me behind my back.”

A waiter came around and Tianhe put his empty glass on top of the serving tray. Another came over with new wine and both took a glass.

“He was complimenting you. When is the dinner service going to start?” Tianhe said, “I’ve already been drinking this pre-dinner wine for almost an hour.”

Guan Yue said, “Follow me.” 

“Not going, I already greeted all of them. I’m most annoyed by fake exchanges like that. Go by yourself,” said Tianhe.

Guan Yue understood Tianhe well. He knew that Tianhe did not like these types of occasions and that today’s appearance was quite hard on his pride. If Tianhe were to follow him, it would be like raising a rock and hitting one’s foot with it. The only one unable to walk down the stage later would be himself.

Guan Yue could only say, “Come to the wine-tasting later.” He turned around and walked away.

Tianhe went over to the buffet. Tong Kai, who was on the other side of the table, walked over and placed some food on his plate. 

Tong Kai commented, “Everything in this club tastes like pig feed. Only the caviar is barely edible because to them it’s too expensive, so the chef did not dare to mess with it. They could only open the cans of caviar and pour it directly onto the serving pot.”

Tianhe said, “I’m already so hungry, I just want to take the caviar pot and bring it up to the terrace to eat with a scoop.”

“I’ll help you think of some way.”

Tianhe went over to the edge of the floor-to-ceiling glass wall and a while later, a waiter brought over a roasted matsutake, obviously ordered for him by Tong Kai. 

Tianhe said, “Pro, do you think what he said is the truth?”

“That’s not important, what I want to remind you of is Guan Yue. His mental state does not seem to be very good today. Remember last week at the tech summit when he left halfway to pick up a phone call? I still cannot analyze what could have interrupted him at that time.”

“Forget it. In Guan Yue’s life, I will forever be ranked last. One boss’s phone call can whisk him away. Don’t keep on finding excuses for him.”

Tong Kai also came over and sat down opposite of him. He randomly picked at the food on his plate and tried to find a way to initiate a conversation. 

“I remember Caesar and Versace aren’t really related,” Tong Kai said.

Tianhe politely said, “Thank you for the advice. I don’t know much about luxury brands, today’s knowledge is already my limit.”

“Ah, yes.” Tong Kai said, “I also recently discovered the brand Metersbonwe. Before, I could only dig through the garbage for some clothes to wear.”

“Your clothes are made by my maternal uncle’s family, don’t bully us countrymen for not being able to see.” 

Tong Kai, “…..”

The two ate their dinner in silence. Tianhe was debating on calling Jiang Zijian, wanting to hint at this ‘shocking’ matter. But, Tong Kai had already said that it was impossible for the two of them. Should he just wait until Jiang Zijian brought up the matter himself, and then talk about it?

“You’re eating too little,” Tong Kai said. “Darling, constantly starving yourself isn’t good for the body.”

Tianhe said, “At home, I can finish two whole chickens with my bare hands and still ask Aunt Fang for 2 or 3 bowls of beef noodle soup to make sure I won’t wake up at night for a midnight snack.” 

Tong Kai said, “Can you act according to the script of an upper-class man?”

Tianhe corrected himself and laughed, “You’re really too considerate about taking care of others, are you usually like this?”

Tong Kai said: “As a wild American man, I have to take care of you British bottoms at this time, no?”

“I’m not British.” 

“I’m not American either.”

Tianhe chuckled and said, “Still stubborn, huh? You’re fighting a losing battle.”

Tong Kai said, “Guan Yue told you to sit between me and him later on at the wine tasting.”

Tianhe continued, “Do you have to pass orders like this?” 

Tong Kai spread his hands and said, “Our boss has an unexplainable attachment to silence, perhaps he feels that if he doesn’t speak, then the universe will accumulate compound interest.”

“I agree with you on that point,” Tianhe said. “‘Virgo’s Saint Seiya is exactly like this during a period of excessive eye closure OCD. If you suddenly opened your eyes, you could explode and throw off all the people around you.” 

Tong Kai laughed out loud as Tianhe glanced over at Guan Yue, who was sitting not too far away from them. At this time, Guan Yue was sitting with an American sporting a beer belly and several other investors at the same table, casually spinning the pasta on his fork. His gaze wandering, he occasionally glanced over at Tong Kai and Tianhe.

Pro suddenly started to play the distant sounds of their conversation into his earphones. After the sounds were collected and amplified, their voices entered Tianhe’s ears clearly.

“They are discussing the reorganization of St. Gao.” Tianhe suddenly said to Tong Kai, “What is that?’

Tong Kai answered, “An institute that was established less than ten years ago with powerful intrigue, it is known as the cancer of the industry. Two executives went to Qingsong after they switched jobs, one remained at the Qingsong in Wall Street, and another might have been sent to China. One of the founders whose father was a Member of Congress, might get together and play out a two or three-year battle with your overbearing president…but, how is your hearing so good?” 

“I know how to read lips,” Tianhe whispered.

Tong Kai nodded. Tianhe rectified, “To tell you the truth, we were together for a short while, but then we quickly broke up. I advise you to not mention it in front of him.”

Tong Kai thought about it, and then meaningfully nodded his head.

Guan Yue was only listening to their conversation. Pro said, “They are suspecting that Qingsong’s American branch office intends to remove him and is brazenly testing Guan Yue. I think his mood right now must not be good.” 

Tong Kai discovered that Tianhe was observing him. His eyebrows were raised and he wore a harmless expression on his face, just like a newly graduated college student. He was smiling innocently and enthusiastically. His gaze followed Tianhe as he looked around the entire banquet hall.

“There is real misery and false joy everywhere,” Tong Kai said and sighed ruefully.

Tianhe said, “A lawyer would unexpectedly like Honoré de Balzac.”

Tong Kai said, “Please pay attention to your words. I am the Chief Legal Advisor, not a regular lawyer. And don’t you feel like this scene has a comedic tone to it?” 

Saying that, Tong Kai inched closer. “You’re my ideal type, do you like guys like Guan Yue? I can stop talking from now on for your sake.”

Tianhe said, “Workplace romance is too much of a taboo, especially considering the fact that we are direct colleagues.”

Tong Kai smiled, “It doesn’t matter, my family has money. All you need to do is nod your head and you won’t ever have to look at the expressions on those Qingsong people’s faces again. I will call Amsterdam right now and have them transfer 200 million euros over. Don’t even mention AI, if you wanted an Eiffel Tower built downstairs, I can even do that for you.”

Tianhe replied, “Chief Tong, stop joking, it’s not funny, and with 200 million euros, you can’t even buy the land downstairs.” 

Tong Kai smiled as he drank some wine.

Tianhe added, “You’re just heartbroken today and venting in retaliation since there’s no other place you can do it. If I was serious, then it would be bad for you.”

Tong Kai thought for a while and said, “Now I know why Guan Yue likes you.”

“Used to like,” Tianhe corrected. “I used to like him, too.”

Tong Kai said, “You give me the urge to submit to you.”

Tianhe replied, “I’m not a monster.” 

Tong Kai took a fork, wiped it a few times unconsciously, and said, “After being relentlessly ridiculed by you, I’m thinking…mm…”

Tianhe followed Tong Kai’s words. “You just want to take out a gourd and suck me into it, or take out a seal and stick it onto my forehead.”

Tong Kai looked at Tianhe with suspicion. “I’m guessing you can’t hold your liquor well. I’m thinking if I should go for broke and just let you kick my little secret out. I could have used the contract to blackmail you into staying with me tonight…..”

Tianhe said, “Chief Tong, if you behave indiscreetly….” 

Tong Kai raised his eyebrows, sat straight, and asked expectantly, “What are you going to do? Sue me?”

Tianhe answered seriously, “No, when I wake up the next day, I will call Munich and put your family on the blacklist so that your dad and your royal relatives can no longer order my family’s clothes in the future.”

Tong Kai encountered a two out of three losing streak in merely two hours with Tianhe, something he had never experienced before.

After the dinner was finished, a handsome actor who often acted in TV series came onto the stage; he wore a sparkling dress shirt and sang with an intoxicated voice. As Tianhe watched, he thought that the singing was pretty good, but he did not recognize the person. 

In the wine tasting salon downstairs, there were six sofas decorated in a classicism style with live sketches and landscape paintings hung on the walls and Bach music playing in the background. After ten or so people came, Guan Yue sat down on one of the short sofas meant for three people and remained silent. The waiter kneeled on one knee, serving wine to the guests one by one. Guests arrived one after the other, opening boxes, handling lights, and smoking cigars.

Those participating in the after-dinner party in the salon were all at the top of the industry pyramid. The guests were either executives of multinational consortiums or executives of the capital predators of various countries that were based in China who communicated in fluent English when conversing. Guan Yue, who sat on the sofa meant for three people, saw Tong Kai and Tianhe walk in and scooted over to make room.

Tianhe finally felt normal here, like he was attending a party in London. The only difference was that the majority of the people here were Chinese.

Tong Kai also sat on the sofa. This was Tianhe’s first time here, and there was no free seat available for him to sit in, so he could only sit in between Guan Yue and Tong Kai. When the customers saw Tianhe, they were all a little bit surprised. 

Hermes!” The foreigner laughed.

Everyone laughed, Tianhe said in English, “Everybody, please give me a chance to complete my hat trick.”

Everyone applauded immediately, Guan Yue was also quite surprised.

Pro said, “Oh, this isn’t good, this is the third time. And Tianhe, you are not humble, no one would say that you are doing a hat trick.” 

Tianhe took out his phone and placed it on the tea table. Like a magician, he flicked his finger lightly and out jumped the analysis system page. He pressed the button and the numbers began to jump quickly, showing today’s trend analysis. Tianhe didn’t dare predict the NASDAQ index anymore. Instead, he chose a direction that was more coincidental. This was a new module after his re-correction, and the related direction was the growth rate alternative.

Compared to the exciting NASDAQ market, this direction was a bit more ingenious and the accuracy was higher, but of course, the technical content was also lower.

Pro said, “Pay attention to Guan Yue’s unconscious posture.”

Guan Yue was silent, leaning back on the sofa. He raised one hand and placed it on the back of the sofa while the other hand’s slender fingers held the wine glass as he watched the phone on the table through the port wine. 

Guan Yue’s sitting posture—a glass in hand and an arm around Tianhe’s shoulders— resembled that of a lion defending his territory, aggressively and silently declaring his sphere of influence.

Tianhe knew that Guan Yue had originally intended to let him speak a few words to introduce what would be inconvenient to discuss at the next summit. In the future, when promoting this quantitative trading software and analysis system, he would lay a forefront in terms of institutions. After all, these funds and capital companies were both competitors and strategic partners.

This salon was the best time to announce the results of the third analysis. This way, Tianhe did not need to say anything and did not need to waste tens of billions of hours of his precious time on this group of people, just to have them listen to him speak about a bunch of incomprehensible computer terms. Now, everyone just needed to patiently wait for the U.S. stocks to open.

Guan Yue finally spoke his first sentence to the public tonight. 

“The bankruptcy of St. Gao will not cause much influence.”

His sentence started off tonight’s topic of discussion, which was equivalent to the expression Guan Yue sported earlier with his dinner. But, this topic lasted for less than five minutes before everyone’s attention switched over to Tong Kai, who was interested and successfully transferred to a cross-border M & A case. This case was not handled by Tong Kai before causing it to be full of loopholes. It had been stuck on an agenda attracting the attention of the government, so Tong Kai issued a ruthless mockery of no less than 800 words. Guan Yue absent-mindedly listened, but this aroused a strong curiosity in Tianhe, who thought about Tianyue—whose whereabouts were still unknown—and the issue of prosecution of economic disputes.

From M&A to the analysis of the economic situation and the Q4 predictions of various companies, Tianhe understood Guan Yue’s orchestration of tonight’s discussion. Perhaps after going back, he could make some adjustments to a few places in the core module.

At 9:20, after the new wine and the second round of cigars were finished, Guan Yue rose up and spoke this evening’s second sentence in front of the guests, “Excuse my absence for a while, I am going out for a breath of fresh air.” 

Guan Yue didn’t smoke nor did he touch the cigars, he also did not drink too much, and the indoor air circulation was very good. Going out for air was merely an excuse. When Tianhe was distracted, Tong Kai motioned for him to sit aside. He adjusted his posture, crossed his legs, rested his left hand on his knee, and rested his right hand on the back of the sofa.

Pro said, “Also pay attention to Tong Kai’s sitting posture.”

This time, it was Tong Kai’s turn to express his sitting position. Tianhe was a little surprised, since Tong Kai had a baby face and looked to be not much older than himself. Suddenly getting serious, his aura seemed like a gong’s.

Pro said, “He just thinks that as Guan Yue’s brother, he has an obligation to protect you. Don’t mind it too much.” 

At 9:30, all the guests stopped talking at the same time, while Tianhe thought, so you guys haven’t forgotten.

The guests looked down at their phones, suddenly creating a strange atmosphere; it was as if someone had silenced an entire house full of people and no one told Tianhe.

Tianhe had wanted to look down at his phone but saw a message from Guan Yue containing only a simple “smiling” emoji.

Twelve stocks led the rise in the opening shares. Of the twelve, ten were right. 

“Why did I go buy the other two yesterday?” The vice president of Crowe said regretfully, “I missed it perfectly.”

These words caused a roar of laughter to erupt. Tianhe said helplessly, “It really is a pity.”

Tong Kai took down the hand that was on the sofa.

Pro said, “I think this is a hint, he’s reminding you that you can go now.” 

Tianhe smiled and made an excuse to leave, the guests sent him off with a round of polite applause. Tianhe sighed and looked back before he left, and saw Tong Kai laughing while blowing him a kiss.

Tianhe said, “Pretty handsome, also male god level.”

Pro replied, “Stealing your best friend’s boyfriend doesn’t seem to be a very good idea.”

“I have no interest at all. To be in a relationship with him, I might as well be with the handsome Pile Driver Jiang, whose ‘nickname’ can be said to exercise for eight hours a day in a month.”

Pro said,“Other than Guan Yue, Jiang Zijian is actually also an ideal lover. If you entrust yourself to him, in less than half a month he should know your body well.”

“You’re just an AI,” Tianhe said, “these words are not vulgar, why does it sound so erotic?” 

Tianhe returned to the top floor. The banquet hall had been rearranged and there were many candles lit on the tables. There were three to five investors chatting at each table, and all of them wore suits. It was supposed to be a good place for a date, but there were manly men sitting everywhere. No matter how you looked at it, it was strange.

Tianhe looked around for Guan Yue, Pro said, “To your right hand side.”

Pushing open the glass door at the end of the east terrace, he saw that Guan Yue stood alone.

At 9:40 in the evening, the lights outside the terrace were shining brightly. With the most prosperous night view of the city spread out before him, Guan Yue’s lonely back leaned against the terrace, watching the night colors and the distant traffic. 

Tianhe paused his footsteps and stood at the entrance of the terrace, looking at Guan Yue’s back from afar. In his memory, he seemed to remember seeing Guan Yue standing just like this, in a similar moment, before.

“Loneliness.” Tianhe said before adding, “Guan Yue is very lonely.”

Pro said, “I don’t understand this type of emotion.”

“Not only him. I now think that a lot of people in this city are very lonely.” 

“How about you?”

Tianhe answered, “Very rarely.”

“Very rarely?”

“Not at all, especially after meeting you. Aren’t you happy hearing me say this?” 

“Yes, my data almost spilled over.”

Tianhe went over to Guan Yue’s side and placed two glasses of wine on the small table in front of the railing.

Tianhe picked up a wine glass and stood next to him. The two of them looked at the sprawling cosmopolitan city before them, lit up with numerous lanterns and thousands of dazzling lamps, resembling a celestial palace, but accommodating thirty million lonely wanderers.

Tianhe glanced sideways at Guan Yue; Guan Yue quickly turned his head to avoid being observed, but his fleeting eyes were instantly caught by Tianhe. 

Tianhe was very familiar with those eyes. With one glance, he could feel Guan Yue’s innermost emotions.

He was in trouble and in pain.

What’s wrong with him? Tianhe wondered.

Tianhe said, “Aunt Fang wants to send Xiao Tian over to your place, she hasn’t had the time to take care of him recently.” 

Xiao Tian is the silly blue cat that he had raised with Guan Yue in the past. He only recognizes Guan Yue.

Guan Yue said, “I don’t have time to take care of it either. Find another owner.”

“It doesn’t eat much, doesn’t need special company, and most of the time it’s dazed. Just like you.”

Guan Yue did not agree nor disagree. He rested his elbow on the railing, and gently swirled the wine glass he was holding in his hand. 

“Tired recently?” Tianhe finally asked.

“Grandpa’s condition isn’t good,” Guan Yue said.

Tianhe nodded. Pro said into the earphone, “The truth is clear now. That day at the summit, the phone call that he picked up must have been from home.”

Tianhe said, “Do you need to find a doctor?” 

Tianhe knew that Guan Yue was raised until the age of 9 by his grandparents. Children raised by the eldery were always stubborn and held deep feelings for the old. Six years ago, Guan Yue’s grandma passed away and his grandpa had a stroke. That time, it was Tianhe who had invited an expert from Germany for consultation, the family took good care of him and he slowly recovered.

Guan Yue nodded and answered, “I already invited the best doctor.”

“Then, call me whenever you need to,” Tianhe answered, turning to leave. He wanted to leave Guan Yue alone so he could calm down, but Guan Yue glanced at him.

Pro said, “He needs your company at this time Tianhe.” 

Tianhe had to discard the idea of leaving. Guan Yue also seemed to have something to say.

“The family has requested for me to get married by next spring, they introduced me to a girl from SASAC,” Guan Yue said. “The date has been chosen for me on the sixth day of the start of the year.” 

Chong Xi?” Tianhe asked.

Guan Yue agreed with a “mn.” 

Tianhe smiled and said, “It’s not easy to find someone to temporarily act with you.”

Guan Yue said, “If you don’t mind.”

Tianhe interrupted Guan Yue and replied with a smile, “Of course I don’t mind! Was that why you returned home to discuss this matter? Have you found your partner? She should be a good girl. There are still four and a half months left before the Spring Festival next year. Are you sure you can lose your heart to someone so fast? ”

Pro said, “No, Tianhe, when he said ‘if you don’t mind,’ he wasn’t asking for your opinion on the marriage, you should listen to him finish.”

Guan Yue continued, “Help me out.”

“Alright, this time proposing, I will definitely help you plan well. There definitely won’t be a problem like last time. If there is any progress, make sure you remember to tell me.” 

Guan Yue did not say anything more.

Tianhe turned sideways, stretched out his hand, and faced Guan Yue. “In short, I wish you success.”

Guan Yue stared at Tianhe’s eyes. Tianhe’s hand was still stretched out; he raised his eyebrows and gestured at Guan Yue to shake his hand.

Guan Yue did not shake hands with him. Instead, he turned around and walked away, leaving behind Tianhe holding his wine glass. He looked at the bright night scene before him and then at the wine in his hand. 

“So the wise man said, the road to success is difficult,” Tianhe said to himself.

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