Chapter 8 - Straight Man

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"A person alone is alone no matter where they go."

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But he didn’t know who Xiang Cheng was or what kind of life he lived; love was just that ridiculous of a feeling. 


"Your car is so nice." Chi Xiaoduo squeezed this sincere sentence out after holding back a long time.  "You’re really too amazing ."


"It's not mine." Xiang Cheng replied, "I don't have much money, just the 400,000 yuan I got for my house being torn down."


"I don't have much money either, I'm saving up." Chi Xiaoduo said, and then realized that he had acted too shamefully... If he had known earlier, he could have packaged himself as a big boss type, but in retrospect, he didn't actually have any extravagant hopes. Although they previously had a physical contact service between them, they were more like friends now ba.


"You city people like to buy houses." Xiang Cheng said, "I'm also considering buying a house, but 400,000 isn’t enough. What do you do?"


"Water supply and drainage engineering." Chi Xiaoduo asked back reflexively, "What about you?"


"I’m a duck." Xiang Cheng said.


Chi Xiaoduo almost choked to death. Xiang Cheng, however, remained expressionless, and said, "They all say that."


"Who?" Chi Xiaoduo asked.


"My colleagues." Xiang Cheng replied, "I don’t have any education, I came from the countryside, and I worked in Chongqing before I came here. I couldn't find a good job there, and my friend introduced me to this one. Damn it, I didn’t realize it was a duck job until I arrived. "


Chi Xiaoduo asked, "Are you not a local? You don’t have to do that job ah. "


Xiang Cheng shook his head and said, "No diploma, so I can’t find a job." Then he looked at Chi Xiaoduo and asked, "How about you? Are you a local? "


"No, I studied in Guangzhou. My parents didn’t impose any restrictions on me." Chi Xiaoduo replied, "After graduation, I lived here alone and became an engineer."


After the red light, Chi Xiaoduo pointed out the way to Xiang Cheng. He couldn’t help but peek at Xiang Cheng's profile, and he wanted to take a picture of him with his cellphone. Xiang Cheng stopped his car outside the bakery by the side of the road, glanced at Chi Xiaoduo, then picked up the ice cream to eat. 


The ice cream had already melted, the spring breeze outside the window was blowing in, and Xiang Cheng turned on some music in the car. The music was very light, and as the warm wind blew, Chi Xiaoduo felt like that ice cream; his whole person was melting. At this moment, he kind of wanted to invite Xiang Cheng into his home to sit for a bit.


"What do engineers do? Is it hard? " Xiang Cheng asked.


"Design things. It’s okay." Chi Xiaoduo said, "I design buildings and occasionally work overtime."


Saying that, he weakly raised his cellphone and asked, "Can I take a picture of you?"


Xiang Cheng replied, “Wu.”


Chi Xiaoduo said, "If you’re willing, I can...make a job ad for you. Smile, come on."


Xiang Cheng held the ice cream and smiled. Chi Xiaoduo quickly pressed the shutter and took a picture of Xiang Cheng smiling while eating ice cream. He was too hot, he pretty much had no bad angles at all, even if you went around him 360 degrees. 


"Do you like men?" Xiang Cheng asked.


Chi Xiaoduo: “....”


Chi Xiaoduo understood; Xiang Cheng was probably someone who had just entered the male public relations profession, so he wasn’t very knowledgeable about this industry, and he was very likely a straight man!


"Did David say that?" Chi Xiaoduo asked.


Xiang Cheng thought about it and replied, "It wasn’t David. Every day, my colleagues say that many of our guests are gay. As ducks, we have to meet our guests’ needs."


Chi Xiaoduo’s heart thumped, and he said, "I-I-I... en, I don't like men at all. I'm not gay ah, it was all of them who wanted me to get an oil massage. They said that male technicians have great strength and it feels better when they massage, hahaha, you...are you gay?"


Xiang Cheng nodded and said, "I don't like men either, en."


I don't like men either, I don't like men either, I don't like men either, I don't like men either… Chi Xiaoduo’s glass heart instantly shattered, and tens of thousands of mola fish died in his mind. So you really are a straight man….


Chi Xiaoduo tidied up the bodies of the mola fish and summoned up the courage to ask, "But you are working in public relations... Do you only have  relations with men?"


He didn’t know why, but when Chi Xiaoduo faced Xiang Cheng, he didn't feel awkward at all. After the initial tension, they could freely talk about things that friends talked about. However, he had already vaguely realized that Xiang Cheng wasn’t gay.


Xiang Cheng replied, "I don't know, whoever they tell me to do an oil massage for, I do an oil massage for and make some money to eat with. It’s hard to make money."


To Chi Xiaoduo, it looked like Xiang Cheng wasn’t pretending at all. If it really was like what he said, and he didn’t really come into contact with that aspect of the business, then he definitely wouldn’t understand those parts. 


"You're a straight man." Chi Xiaoduo said while laughing, thinking, turns out I overthought things.


Xiang Cheng didn’t understand this sentence, but also didn’t ask what “straight man” meant, and just said, “Your bros treat you pretty well.”


"En." Chi Xiaoduo understood what was going on; maybe Wang Ren had found David, and David had told Xiang Cheng that if he wasn’t interested in Chi Xiaoduo to make it clear, so as not to let Chi Xiaoduo constantly wonder about it. He then said, "I’ve never looked for a boyfriend, it was Wang Ren who brought me into this circle.


"But I…. like you a lot." Chi Xiaoduo then said, with his words not matching his heart, "Of course, it's not that kind of like, it's just that I want to be friends with you. You feel safe, and part of the reason is because I'm lonely ba."


"Lonely." Xiang Cheng seemed to sort of understand Chi Xiaoduo’s thoughts. 


"It’s not that kind of empty loneliness." Chi Xiaoduo replied, "It’s that I’ve been alone for too long."


"Alone." Xiang Cheng was lost in thought. After a moment, he said to Chi Xiaoduo, "You’re alone wherever you go."


"Yes, yes!" Chi Xiaoduo said, "It’s just that kind of loneliness, hey! Wait!”


The bakery was closing up shop, and Chi Xiaoduo immediately got out and bought a cake. The shop attendant turned his head and exclaimed, "It's you! I was wondering who it was with a BMW parked there for so long. "


Chi Xiaoduo said “bye bye” to him with a smile, took the cake into the car, put it in on the dashboard, and said to Xiang Cheng, "Thank you for your present on my last birthday."


Xiang Cheng raised his hand and said goodbye to Chi Xiaoduo. He watched him get on his bicycle and turn into the neighborhood, and only then did he back up. After he backed up, he took off his sunglasses, rolled down the window, and stuck a hand out. He looked at the building outside, and after watching for a long time, he confirmed that there were no problems with the building where Chi Xiaoduo lived. Then, he drove the car around the neighborhood a few times before getting out of the car. 


The shop attendant of the bakery came out after closing the shop and looked at Xiang Cheng curiously. Xiang Cheng was crouched down on one knee. He bent over, plucked up some grass on the ground with his fingers, sniffed it, then put it into his mouth to chew.


The corner of the shop attendant's mouth twitched; a tall, handsome, rich man, driving a BMW X6 yet squatting in the neighborhood eating grass, obviously overturned his world view. Xiang Cheng confirmed that the yao hadn’t come back to find Chi Xiaoduo because there was no yao qi nearby, and only then did he get in the car and drive away. 


When Chi Xiaoduo got home, he made countless copies of the photos, hiding one in every single place possible, so as to make sure they couldn’t  be deleted accidentally. 




The next day, in the cafeteria, Chi Xiaoduo's best female friend looked at him with her mouth wide open, unable to say a word for a while.


"You like a duck?" his friend asked.


"What duck!" Chi Xiaoduo said, "It’s male public relations! Male. Public. Relations!”


His friend said, "What male public relations, ducks are ducks."


Chi Xiaoduo gritted his teeth and stressed, "He doesn't do that, he’s also very picky, he doesn't take anyone who isn’t hot! And he said he was a straight guy!”


His friend said, "You like a duck? You’ve lost your mind ba! What straight guy ah, not taking someone if they’re not hot, is that a straight guy? Go ahead, bend him ba, you’ve already bent a lot of your college roommates... Wasn’t Wang Ren bent by you?! Last time he even said he liked you, but you turned your nose up at him... "


Chi Xiaoduo: "I didn't bend him! Wang Ren and I are just bros, and he didn’t get bent just because of me, and... Xiang Cheng is really hot ah! He’s the type I like, and he has such a manly and cool feel to him! When he talks he really has an overbearing air! If you could have such a good boyfriend... "


"Let me see." His friend reached out and asked, "Do you have any pictures?"


"You can only look." Chi Xiaoduo carefully pulled up Xiang Cheng's photo, held his cellphone, and let his friend look from afar, not letting her touch it.


"Aiya!" His bestie howled, "Hand it over to Laoniang!"


His friend snatched away the cellphone, and Chi Xiaoduo squealed.


His bestie scrolled through a few times casually, "Where’s the hot guy?!"


Chi Xiaoduo: “....”


"You call this a hot guy?!" His friend couldn’t agree with Chi Xiaoduo's aesthetics at all. In fact, in the eleven years since they met, their tastes had never lined up.


Chi Xiaoduo said seriously, "Use your conscience to cooperate with me here, is he hot?"


"He’s at most above average ba." His bestie said, "I forgot where I’ve seen this kind of loyal and honest man before, is he hot?  Even this quality can come out to be a duck, you can see how bad the industry standards are right now. I might as well find one for you ne. "


"Forget it, forget it." Chi Xiaoduo said, "The types you like are all beautiful men who would fall over as soon as the wind blows. I'm not good with taking a bite out of that. Don't you think he's really hot? In person, he has a good temperament. He doesn't look like a male public relations person at all, he’s just like a prince! "


His bestie had been stunned by him into utter confusion, so she didn’t discuss this with Chi Xiaoduo any more.


Chi Xiaoduo took over something to eat and said, "I think he likes me, but he doesn’t realize it. Wang Ren even said ne, he usually doesn't take customers, but he took me on because I’m hot."


"Come on ba." His friend didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. "You’re too pure, you think that’s all true? All male public relation people say that now; it can’t be that they would tell you that they rolled around in the sheets with an old man just yesterday? "


Chi Xiaoduo's glass heart landed on the ground with a crash and shattered.


Seeing that he was about to cry, his friend hurried to comfort him and said, "Okay, okay, actually it’s possible that he likes you. Amid  countless middle-aged men with big bellies, you’re like a clear spring, okay ba."


Chi Xiaoduo let out another “hey” and said, "He has a lot of money, he drives a million dollar car."


"You should also give one to him." His bestie said, "How much money have you saved? Take him on as a sugar baby and give him a Land Rover ba. "


"I only saved 600,000 yuan." Chi Xiaoduo said, "I still want to buy a house. Think about it , if I confess to him and we get together, I can't just let him continue to do public relations, right? Otherwise, it can’t be that he’ll accompany clients outside and come back with money to spend our lives together?"


"Why not?" His friend asked, "Don't you think that’s very cute? A duck is also a man, and a duck can also have a lover. A good man with a sense of responsibility would receive guests outside to make money as a duck, and then return home to give his little shou flowers. Doesn’t that show a lot of love?"


Chi Xiaoduo: “....”


Chi Xiaoduo began to shield himself from his bestie’s words and entered into monologue mode. "If we were together, he would be used to a life of driving million yuan cars and definitely wouldn’t normally save money. So, he definitely wouldn’t want his living standards to drop. Unless I'm also rich, but then on the other hand, if it’s like that, I don’t want to keep him as a sugar baby... "


"If you like him, then persuade him to marry you and leave the business," his bestie said.


The corner of Chi Xiaoduo’s mouth twitched. His bestie wanted to say more when suddenly she thought of something.


"No way." his bestie said, "Show me the picture again?"


"You can only look at it, but don’t touch it." Chi Xiaoduo took out his cellphone and showed it to his friend from afar. His bestie once again snatched it over from him, an expression of surprise on her face.


"Motherfucker!" His bestie yelled, "Isn't this my cousin's friend?!" 


Chi Xiaoduo: "What?!"


His friend: “My cousin is engaged! What's going on with this, I saw them talking last time!"


Chi Xiaoduo was terrified out of his wits and exclaimed, "No ba! Is your cousin a gay man cheating someone into marriage?!"


His bestie and Chi Xiaoduo looked at each other. Chi Xiaoduo immediately said, "You-you-you….you don't get excited yet. Let me investigate a bit, definitely don’t start busting balls! Wang Ren said that he doesn’t pick up customers casually, so maybe he’s just a friend he met during business ba. "


"Wait, wait wait..." his bestie was obviously shocked and said, "What is going on here??!"


In addition to Chi Xiaoduo and the handsome little shop attendant from the bakery, his bestie’s three outlooks had also been broken to pieces.


"That's not right!" His bestie opened her mouth with an expression that conveyed “what exactly is going on here.”


Chi Xiaoduo got nervous and asked, "Did your cousin have sex with him?! Don't scare me ah, wuwuwu, exactly what’s going on here? "


"That man is my cousin's friend!" his bestie was dumbstruck and said, “But his clothes are all different! What’s going on here?!”


"Ah?" Chi Xiaoduo was completely bewildered.


The thing was, a month ago, just after New Year’s, Chi Xiaduo’s friend had gone out for an outing with her cousin. Yet as a result, her cousin had answered the phone, got out of the car at Tianhe Park, and had a chat with a person waiting there.


So Chi Xiaoduo’s friend had curiously taken a picture. After her cousin had gotten back in the car, Chi Xiaoduo’s friend had asked who this man was. Her cousin had casually replied , "A friend."


That friend was Xiang Cheng.


That had been a very commonplace matter, and that man had also been very quiet; from beginning to end, he hadn’t even said a word to Chi Xiaoduo’s friend. 


But why had his bestie taken a picture?


It was just that this quiet-as-a-chicken man’s clothes were too unusual. 


When Chi Xiaoduo’s friend showed him some photos she had taken in the car, Chi Xiaoduo was again totally confused.


The photo showed both his friend’s cousin and Xiang Cheng, two tall, handsome men talking to each other. His friend’s cousin was dressed in Armani tailored clothing, with one outfit worth at least 20,000 yuan or more. Xiang Cheng was wearing gray camo, a pair of liberation shoes, and he was carrying a shopping bag that had the logo for an infertility clinic on it while also holding an empty can of iced black tea as he stood next to the garbage can. His hair was greasy and sticky looking, and he looked very sincere as he lit Chi Xiaoduo’s friend’s cousin’s cigarette. 


Chi Xiaoduo: “....”


"Wait a minute." Chi Xiaoduo said, "Let me calm down a bit. What's going on here?"


His bestie was a little uncertain and said, "Do you think this is him? Is he filming for something? It should just be that he looks like him, right? It’s not the same person, right? "


"This is obviously him!" Chi Xiaoduo was about to flip the table and said, "Why are migrant workers all so hot! I'm going to love him to death! "


The two of them had no words for each other. According to her woman's intuition, his bestie felt that there must be something unusual going on here and said, "Come on, call now to ask what exactly is going on here."


"Wait a minute." Chi Xiaoduo said, "Send me the photos first."


Chi Xiaoduo tricked her into giving him the photo and fulfilled  all his wishes. Looking at Xiang Cheng, who was tanned and thin like a beggar, he felt that he could compete with Brother Sharp. Then he asked, "What exactly does your cousin do?"


"Just messing around to get some money to eat with and waiting for death," his friend said, "He idles around, he doesn’t have any serious work."


Chi Xiaoduo said, "I don't usually hear you mention him."


"Because he’s always traveling!" His friend said, "One moment he’s going to Thailand, and the next to Xinjiang. He never stays that many days at home. Every time he goes, he comes back completely filthy from head to toe, or he fractures something. Last time he went to Chengdu, and when he came back, he said that he was pushed down Mount Emei by a monkey and broke his leg..."


Chi Xiaoduo: “....”


"All in all, the more I talk about it the more I’ll cry." His bestie looked at her cell phone and said, "I'm going on a blind date, will you accompany me?"


Chi Xiaoduo was too busy and said no, he had to go back to work overtime that night to review some drawings. His friend was very curious about the relationship between Xiang Cheng and her cousin. As a tall, handsome, and rich man, theoretically, he shouldn’t have a gay friend who picked up garbage. So Chi Xiaoduo was given an almost impossible task - he was to call him and get to the heart of the matter by asking, what exactly was his relationship with his friend’s cousin. His bestie’s family was involved in investment banking, and they had known each other since they were in middle school. Her cousin had a fortune of 20 million to 30 million yuan and had recently become engaged.


If this matter was dragged out into the open and it exploded in all their faces, then that would be terrible. Chi Xiaoduo didn't know what to do at the moment, and after thinking about it, he could only  call Wang Ren.


"Hello? Darling,” Chi Xiaoduo said. 


"Talk quickly," Wang Ren’s side was noisy. "Laozi is about to win this hand."


Chi Xiaoduo said, "I want to ask you something."


Wang Ren asked, "Is it about the thing with Xiang Cheng? I called him, and he said he likes you very much and wants to recognize you as his didi. Damn it, why didn’t you call him all this time? "


"No, no." Chi Xiaoduo said, "I wanted to ask you, are Xiang Cheng's friends all gay?"


Wang Ren said, "Of course not. He also helps clients and other friends do business behind the scenes, isn't that the main business of male public relations? Besides receiving guests, they also take a cut there."


Chi Xiaoduo was relieved, but this couldn’t count as the final question to be answered. Just as he was thinking about how to confirm Xiang Cheng's relationship with his best friend’s cousin, Wang Ren said, "Hey, let me ask you, Chi Xiaomola, are you free this weekend? I have something to do with you. "


Chi Xiaoduo asked, "What, help you go over a drawing?"


Wang Ren said, "Go over what drawing? Lianhua Mountain, let’s go see the peach blossoms. We’ll drive ourselves, it’s two days and two nights, are you coming?"


Chi Xiaoduo thought about it and said, "If I can get up in time, I’ll go ba."


Wang Ren said, "I'll pick you up on Friday, it’s decided. Take a bath, then lie on the desk at the company waiting for Gege ba." 


Chi Xiaoduo could only postpone discussing this. Every night when he looked at Xiang Cheng's photo, he was about to lick the screen. Was he hot? In fact, he was just okay, but Chi Xiaoduo’s tastes were just closer to this type, and as soon as he met someone he liked, he would really like them. Especially those migrant worker clothes, they were so strange. Why would he appear like this?


For the entire week, the whole design institute had been working overtime to hurry up and complete the drawings. Chi Xiaoduo was so busy that his feet didn’t even touch the ground. Looking at this situation, he might still have to work overtime during the weekend. They were pressured three or four times, but fortunately, the boss of the water department worked desperately and nearly dragged himself to death in front of the computer while spitting out blood, and everyone was busy enough to overturn the skies, so they finally caught up with all the drawings by Friday.


And like that, Chi Xiaoduo’s weekend flower appreciation gathering was saved. 


"Whether to make flat slabs or ribbed slabs depends on the budget ah!" Chi Xiaoduo looked at the diagram and stamped it while roaring at  the phone, "You’re even asking me this?! How can I know what your budget is! "


All around him was the chaos of their battle, and Chi Xiaoduo was still on a long-distance call giving guidance on another person’s diagram. More than 300 diagrams had been printed since the boss signed them at 5 p.m., and everyone was running around like they were at war. As soon as Chi Xiaoduo hung up, Wang Ren called again to urge him, "Boss Chi! Have you finished yet?! The car has been waiting for you downstairs for a long time now!"


"We’re finishing up the diagrams ah!" Chi Xiaoduo said at his wits end. "If you talk anymore, I won't go!"


"Okay, okay, okay! You’re the most awesome, you’re the most powerful!” Wang Ren said.


Chi Xiaoduo said, "How about you guys go first, and I’ll drive over there on my own tomorrow ba."


"Waiting for you, waiting for you --" Wang Ren said.


Chi Xiaoduo hung up the phone and had to seal and sign things quickly. His head was spinning, his eyes were glazing over, and he still wasn’t finished at half past six. During that time, he was called away by the boss again. The phone rang incessantly, and a moment later, Wang Ren called the company, and someone called out, "Xiaoduo! Your friend said he’s going to come up and sit a bit!"


"Okay, okay." Chi Xiaoduo said, "You just let him sit outside and give him a cup of coffee, and it should be good... Hey! I’m about to do it!”


Chi Xiaoduo ran madly all the way over there again, took over another stack of diagrams, carried them over, spread them out on the table, took out his pen, and looked down at them. Someone came over behind him and looked at his diagram without saying anything. Chi Xiaoduo thought it was an apprentice, so he held his pen, turned around, and said, "The boss of this place said it’s passable , but it's not okay according to my standards. This party must show it to a rebar extracting master..."


Suddenly, Chi Xiaoduo nearly fainted. Xiang Cheng was standing behind him, dressed in exercise clothes, tall and big, with his hands down at his side. He looked at Chi Xiaoduo seriously, let out an “en” and said, "Don't be angry."


His colleagues around him instantly laughed. Chi Xiaoduo's heart nearly expired, his hand covering his chest, and he stood in front of the table, panting with his back to Xiang Cheng.


"How are you..."


"Came to pick you up." Xiang Cheng said, "You take care of your work first, don’t mind me. If you have something to say, just say it, don’t get angry."


Chi Xiaoduo: "Wang Ren, he..."


"Mr. Wang and them have gone to Lianhua Mountain." Xiang Cheng said, "They told me to take you there and play for two days. It's not urgent, take your time. After you finish looking everything over, I'll take you out to eat first."

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