Chapter 7 - Aftermath

Post Training Notice: National First-Class Registered Exorcist

Issued a warning against individual exorcists in Guangzhou

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Sunlight blazed on that spring day.


Xiang Cheng was sleeping in a filthy quilt. The club had arranged accommodations for him in a four person room. However, his roommates brought back their own boyfriends or girlfriends, especially the one in the bunk above him. It swayed and rocked back and forth all night, making him unable to sleep well.


A small silver bird was pecking at the window outside, and Xiang Cheng angrily pulled down the quilt to open up the window. The little bird flew in and snuggled a bit on his pillow.


"What are you doing?" Xiang Cheng asked, while squinting and trying to straighten out his bird’s nest-like hair with his fingers.


The little bird pecked at Xiang Cheng's cellphone. Xiang Cheng pulled it out from underneath his pillow; it had been on all night because he had been afraid that Chi Xiaoduo would be in danger, and now his phone was already running out of power. Xiang Cheng had received a text message from an unknown number.


[After receiving a complaint about the exorcism incident at Keyun Road subway station last night, the organization has come forward to deal with the aftermath and has issued a warning against individual exorcists in Guangzhou. In the event that another cross-district unauthorized operation fails to be reported, the organization will circulate a notice of criticism and revoke the qualification certificate of the individual.]


Xiang Cheng looked completely impatient and went back to sleep.


At noon, the sun was shining brightly. The construction company called and asked Chi Xiaoduo to go to the construction site. Chi Xiaoduo hadn’t been in a good state the whole day, and now he almost stepped into a hollow steel bar and got stuck.


"You guys are short on steel bars for reinforcement, which isn’t up to standard." Chi Xiaoduo said expressionlessly. "Speed it up, or I'll go to the architectural group to file a suit."


"Yes, yes." The person in charge of the construction company hurried to nod, and when Chi Xiaoduo was leaving, he took a red envelope and presented it to him with both hands.


He took the subway by himself, ate by himself, went to work by himself, got off work by himself, and went back home by himself.


Chi Xiaoduo wore earphones, listening to songs and hanging off of the subway handle. When they arrived at the station, he looked out of the window and saw a tall and handsome man in a suit who was holding a briefcase, waiting for the subway.


Xiang Cheng! Chi Xiaoduo was startled, but when the compartment opened and that person came in, he discovered that he wasn’t Xiang Cheng; he was just around the same build, and upon looking closely, he wasn’t as handsome.


At night, Chi Xiaoduo returned home and threw the red envelope into a jar. His four walls were cold and lonely, empty and desolate. He opened the balcony door with a shuala, and the smell of spring, teeming with the fragrance of thousands of flowers and plants, flooded the room with the smell of life in a flash. With that, Chi Xiaoduo, this mola fish, was completely knocked down by the feeling of spring. He sadly collapsed onto the sofa to stew over his thoughts.


Could Xiang Cheng make house calls? Chi Xiaoduo was a little nervous. That night, he felt as if he had been poisoned by love. For male servers like him, they were usually kept and taken care of by a boss, right? Although Chi Xiaoduo didn’t usually participate in these kinds of activities, he had learned some stuff about them from various online gossip.


Chi Xiaoduo kind of wanted to make an appointment with Xiang Cheng again. He found that he had really grown addicted to last night’s warmth, but it would still be too excessive to go in every day for a massage ba. He had to wait for at least a week or so... If Xiang Cheng made a house call, and then halfway through the oil massage, if I take the initiative, will he go to bed with me?


No, no, no, what exactly am I thinking?? But Chi Xiaoduo didn’t want to do anything more, he just wanted to have a boyfriend like Xiang Cheng. Everyday, he would hug him, and they would watch some TV together, that’s all.


The more he thought about him, the more miserable he felt.


Chi Xiaoduo bewailed his situation and rolled his way to bed. He didn't want to scroll through Weibo, nor did he feel like chatting with Wang Ren, so he just fell asleep.


Chi Xiaoduo, whose first unsuccessful call for a duck had left a deep impression on him, failed to get rid of this throbbing in his heart everyday, and his palpitations grew more and more intense as the weather grew warmer and warmer. It got to the point where, when he went to work, he was still somewhat unhinged, and he felt that Wang Ren had really killed him.


It had already been almost a week since he went to the brothel... No, since he had enjoyed Xiang Cheng’s oil massage, but Xiang Cheng's image still lingered in his heart. Chi Xiaoduo deeply regretted it; if he had known earlier, he would have taken a picture and treasured it to commemorate his first oil massage.


Of course, what was more important was that he hadn’t taken a good look at Xiang Cheng that night, so later on, his mind couldn’t come up with much of an image for him. Today, Wang Ren took the rare initiative to invite Chi Xiaoduo out for a meal, and it just so happened that Chi Xiaoduo had too many questions he wanted to ask him.


"Ah?" Wang Ren’s mouth opened up slightly. "Who? Xiang Cheng? Who’s that? "


"Who’s that?" Chi Xiaoduo also wasn’t clear what was going on. "I’m asking you that! What are you doing, asking me? "


"If you ask me, who am I going to ask?" Wang Ren said, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. "I'll call David and ask?”


Wang Ren didn't know until now that it wasn't David who had done the oil massage for Chi Xiaoduo. The call connected, so Wang Ren began to ask questions under Chi Xiaoduo's supervision.


"Hey, David." Wang Ren said, "I’m asking about a person, the one who did the oil massage for my little bro that night. He was called Xiang Cheng, right?"


Wang Ren’s call lasted for a long time, and just as if he was investigating his residence card, he asked about everything. When their steak arrived, Wang Ren said, "I found you a blind date."


Chi Xiaoduo slowly cut his steak as Wang Ren said, "Help me do the drainage design and come to our company next week to take a look at the drawings and stamp them."


"Oh --" Chi Xiaoduo was obviously not in quite the right mindset, and he asked, "Have you really not...spent a night and done stuff with Xiang Cheng before?”


"I haven’t, I haven’t!" Wang Ren was about to die of laughter because of Chi Xiaoduo here.


"You really haven’t?" Chi Xiaoduo leaned over and asked.


"You’re asking for the seventh time now." Wang Ren said. "I haven’t had an oil massage from him before, it’s just that I often go over to their place to get my feet massaged. But I know this person; speaking of which, he seldomly takes customers, and pretty much doesn’t take any now. If he didn’t think you were hot, why would he help you do an oil massage? What? Do you like him? "


"No, no." Chi Xiaoduo hurried to shake his head.


Wang Ren said, "If you like him, just order him to serve you. Isn’t that enough? You don't have to go to the Spring Forest Men's Club, just make an appointment at a hot springs hotel. Isn’t it easy to get them to have sex in this business? Just give them some money, and it’ll be fine. "


"So expensive." Chi Xiaoduo said, "Forget it, forget it."


Wang Ren said, "Fast food is 600 yuan, and one night is 1000 yuan. You got 800 yuan from that red envelope from the construction site, alright."


Chi Xiaoduo replied, "Not that much! I only get 200 yuan per red envelope! "


Wang Ren asked, "How’s his technique?"


"Not bad ba." Chi Xiaoduo said, "These people, can they make a lot of money? It's only 1000 for a night, isn’t that a bit low? "


Wang Ren replied, "Some ducks even pick customers, but the money to be made isn’t from there. They can pretend to be young masters, help guests form connections, and earn some intermediary fees for that business. There’s also some customers who like them who will buy them cars and give them money."


Chi Xiaoduo let out an “oh”, and Wang Ren asked, "Do you want to keep him? You’re also good-looking, so if you want him as a sugar baby, you can probably get a discount ba. In this business, you know, no one gives out their whole heart, and if someone really wanted to wash their hands of the whole business, wouldn’t it also be pretty good to find a boyfriend like you?”


"It’s not like that!" Chi Xiaoduo said, "I don’t have any other intentions towards him..."


“How old is he?”


Wang Ren recalled David's information, "Thirty-one? Twenty-eight? I forget. "


"Is he a local?"


"No, he came from elsewhere."


"How many years has he been in this business?"


"Boring, why are you still asking so many questions?" Wang Ren stared at Chi Xiaoduo.


Chi Xiaoduo had no choice but to stop asking. However, he had too many questions. He didn't ask them out loud, but his expression kept asking, and Wang Ren saw them all at once.


"You have his phone number?" Wang Ren said, "If you want to date him, us bros can help you ask him."


"No, no, no,” Chi Xiaoduo immediately said, "Also, he’s doing that job, how can he date?"


"They can marry out of it." Wang Ren said indifferently, "And these young masters don't accept guests; at most they open up a bottle of wine for guests, and them accompanying you was already them making an exception. David said that his rules are that he never does a full set, so he should also have a good impression of you. Otherwise, why don’t you try and see if he’ll come to you to service you?"


"Damnit!” Chi Xiaoduo cried out, "Can you stop talking about it? I'm just curious about him... En, yes, just curious! "


"Alright." Wang Ren said, "Curious, I understand."


Chi Xiaoduo was already so conflicted that he was about to become a dog. After eating, Wang Ren wanted to also take him to a bar to have fun, but Chi Xiaoduo refused and rode his bicycle home.


"Lunatic." Wang Ren said towards Chi Xiaoduo.


Chi Xiaoduo didn’t turn his head back. Under the lights, the whole city was a riot of color, full of bustling lights and people indulging in sensual pleasures. When could he meet the person he liked? The most depressing thing in life was meeting the right person at the wrong time. Chi Xiaoduo began to make up a long and beautiful story in his mind: if Xiang Cheng wasn’t a duck... no, an oil massager, and if they met among all these people and fell in love with each other, how wonderful would that be.


Forget it, this kind of love was really too perfect; it could only be a chance meeting, but it couldn’t be sought after. It was better to just hide it deep in his heart ba. Chi Xiaoduo, this person, was still very realistic. Sometimes, he even preferred placing his love at the bottom of his heart. It would be enough to love them silently.


Chi Xiaoduo stopped his bicycle next door to Häagen-Dazs, bought a Cornetto, and saw an advertisement playing on the LED screen.


There would always be love waiting around the corner, just like how the flowers would only bloom when spring comes.


Maybe he was the same ba, but to Xiang Cheng, he had just been an ordinary guest. He had no money or any upper class status. He rode his bicycle through the crowd in the city.


A BMW X6 on the side of the road honked its horn and startled Chi Xiaoduo.


The BMW’s window rolled down to show Xiang Cheng’s handsome face.


Chi Xiaoduo: “....”


Chi Xiaoduo almost fell over and said, "You... You... Xiang Cheng?"


Xiang Cheng said, "David asked me to come find you, he met Mr. Wang on the way. He asked me to take you home by the way."


This car cost nearly a million yuan, right?! Chi Xiaoduo was completely dumbfounded. Xiang Cheng was this rich?!! For a moment, his emotions couldn’t be expressed, and the little idea that he had formed from getting information from Wang Ren was now thrown out into the heavens and beyond the clouds.


“Do...you eat ice cream." Chi Xiaoduo said.


Xiang Cheng nodded.


Chi Xiaoduo was about to go crazy from his own stupidity, he even said something like that. Xiang Cheng's answer was also unexpected, and Chi Xiaoduo had to go into Häagen-Dazs and buy two ice cream cones. On the way, he also secretly threw away the Cornetto in his hand, and then handed the ice cream to Xiang Cheng in the car.


Xiang Cheng put his bicycle in the back seat and drove him away.




"This is a friend's car." Xiang Cheng’s fingers were on the steering wheel, and they knocked on it reflexively as he turned his head to look at Chi Xiaoduo.


"You can drive." Chi Xiaoduo's mind was a mess, and he said, "You drive really well."


"I don't have a driver's license." Xiang Cheng said, "I used to drive tractors and drove them randomly however. That night..."


Chi Xiaoduo, with a blank face, asked, "What?"


Xiang Cheng looked into Chi Xiaoduo's eyes and changed what he was going to say.


Xiang Cheng said, "Do you always ride a bike when you go out at night?"


"No,” Chi Xiaoduo immediately said, "Once in a while ba."


While waiting for the red light, Xiang Cheng took the ice cream from the front of the car and dug a spoon into it to eat it. After a bite, his expression changed a little.


"Does it taste okay?" Chi Xiaoduo asked carefully.


"It’s delicious." Xiang Cheng said.


Chi Xiaoduo laughed and said, "Yours is vanilla, I don't know if you eat that or not..."


Xiang Cheng looked at Chi Xiaoduo's ice cream, and Chi Xiaoduo had only eaten a little. Xiang Cheng thought he wanted to try his flavor, so he casually fed Chi Xiaoduo some. Chi Xiaoduo immediately threw his vow into the heavens and beyond the clouds. This was the feeling of love, his heart thumping and moving. What leaving his feelings at the bottom of his heart? He immediately picked them all up.

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4 months ago

Hahahah!!!! This is so funny seeing both sides collide, one dense and one eternally thirsty 🤣🤣

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