Chapter 23 - Chase

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According to someone, you like me

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Xiang Cheng opened the wardrobe and sneaked a peek at Chi Xiaoduo’s back from behind the door. 


"Don’t be like this." Xiang Cheng frowned deeply and said, "I will definitely come back. My parents’ memorial pictures are still here, alright?"


Chi Xiaoduo started to laugh. He really did feel very depressed about them being separated for a month. Xiang Cheng then said, "Help me buy a train ticket. Just an economy seat is fine, and transfer 3000 to me. You don’t need to worry about anything else."


Chi Xiaoduo found Xiang Cheng's ID card and said, "I’ll prepare 20,000 ba, how can 3000 be enough? Take a plane, a plane is faster."


"I haven't taken one before, so I don’t know how." Xiang Cheng insisted, "Next time, I’ll save my first time on a plane, and you can take me later. There’s no rush, so there’s no need to waste money, an economy seat is fine. Don't take too much money, Qi Wei is covering my meals and accommodations."


Chi Xiaoduo thought that was right. Since he was helping Qi Wei with something, then the tall, rich, and handsome guy would definitely arrange everything. 


That night, Chi Xiaoduo’s entire being was wilting, and he was lying on his side on the sofa. Xiang Cheng looked at Chi Xiaoduo. Chi Xiaoduo had earbuds stuffed in his ears and was scrolling around on Xiang Cheng’s phone. 


"What are you doing?" Xiang Cheng said.


Chi Xiaoduo stared at the screen in complete absorption. Xiang Cheng took off his headphones and asked, "What are you doing?"


"Making a playlist for you." Chi Xiaoduo replied, "To let you listen to something on the train."


"Why don't you go with me ba." Xiang Cheng said helplessly. 


“Forget it la,” Chi Xiaoduo said gloomily, “You’re not even taking me——”


Xiang Cheng couldn’t do anything about Chi Xiaoduo. Chi Xiaoduo knew that Xiang Cheng definitely didn’t want to take him; maybe there was something going on that couldn’t be disclosed. 


"Let's go together ba." Xiang Cheng said, "We’ll set out tomorrow. Go pack your things so that you don't starve to death."


"The ticket has already been bought la——" Chi Xiaoduo said slowly, "Not going la."


Xiang Cheng put his hand on Chi Xiaoduo's forehead and tried to rub his head. He seemed to make up his mind and said, "Buy a standing ticket. When the time comes, I'll go smoke at the junction of the train cars, and you can take my seat."


"No." Chi Xiaoduo flopped over while holding his cell phone and listening to music.


"What is there to be angry about here?" Xiang Cheng said, "Have mercy ba. I can't be rest assured with just you at home; there’s no one to take care of you."


Chi Xiaoduo thought, when you come back, you’ll see a sun-dried salted mola fish just lying on the ground. He said, "Then in a bit, can I go over to have fun with you?"


Xiang Cheng replied, "Of course."


"Will it disturb your studies?" Chi Xiaoduo sat up and asked, "Exactly what certificate are you taking an exam for?"


"Tour guide certification." Xiang Cheng racked his brains for a way to lie. He didn't dare to look at Chi Xiaoduo as he replied, "National level. I was a tour guide with Qi Wei before, and he asked me to go take the test for the certification. I’ll take you to play in the future, and when we go to the scenic locations, it’ll be free."


Chi Xiaoduo thought for a moment and asked, "Did you bring your school records? I didn't seem to see you packing up your diploma ah. "


"Just a vocational school is fine." Xiang Cheng replied, “It’s already been arranged, and I paid someone to process it."


Chi Xiaoduo: "Where did you find it?"


Xiang Cheng: "It was on the bus stop sign downstairs. They process certificates; it’s 400 for a vocational school, 1000 for a junior college, 2000 for an undergraduate degree, 4000 for a masters degree, and 8000 for a PhD. It says they can be checked online, and if they can’t, then they’ll refund you the money. Do you want to be a doctor? My treat. "


Chi Xiaoduo: ".....”


The focus of their conversation had already shifted significantly. Chi Xiaoduo thought about how he could have just gotten a diploma for just 1000 yuan, and was immediately dragged into an even sadder abyss.


"Oh." Chi Xiaoduo said dolefully, "Do you have to take the exam in Beijing?"


Differences in professions made people feel worlds apart. Chi Xiaoduo didn’t understand this at all; Xiang Cheng's lie had more and more loopholes in it, so he had to just grit his teeth and keep going. 


"Yes." Xiang Cheng said, "If you go with me, I’ll just train  in Beijing in the meantime. We can play around there until the end of the year and then come back, how’s that?"


Chi Xiaoduo felt slightly moved, but he said out loud, "Go first ba, that way I won’t disturb your studies la."


Xiang Cheng said, "It’s fine, I’ll go help you pack your things."


Chi Xiaoduo sat up and said, "I’ll go over there later and find you."


Xiang Cheng thought for a moment and said, "Come, Xiaoduo, I’m going to ask you a question."


Chi Xiaoduo said, "Don't disturb me... I want quiet, and don't ask me who Quiet is."


Xiang Cheng: “.....”


Xiang Cheng could only sit next to Chi Xiaoduo, shake his head a moment later, and secretly start to laugh to himself. 


"What are you laughing at?"


Xiang Cheng's face was a little red, and he was very handsome when he laughed. It was the kind of charm that made people want to laugh with him and think that he was very happy when seeing that smile. Chi Xiaoduo remembered that Xiang Cheng pretty much never laughed when he was with others; he would only laugh at home. 


"Nothing." Xiang Cheng looked at Chi Xiaoduo and reached out his big hand. He held Chi Xiaoduo's arm and squeezed it.


Both of them were wearing clean white T-shirts; Chi Xiaoduo had specifically bought a couple’s set. The summer air made people’s skin and hearts begin to boil. As soon as he lost control of his impulses, he wanted to snuggle into Xiang Cheng's arms.


He likes me——Chi Xiaoduo's heart leaped wildly, and he pretty much directly read this signal from his intuition. 


He got up with a red face, said nothing, and went into the room to turn on the air conditioner. Xiang Cheng laughed in the living room and said, "Are you going inside for quiet?"


Chi Xiaoduo closed the door and closed his eyes; he felt that he was about to suffocate. Was this the feeling of being in love? Could it be purely him overthinking things?


Five minutes later, there was a knock at the door.


"I can’t turn the air conditioner on." Xiang Cheng tossed a pillow around between his hands and asked, "Can I come in and sleep here?"


The air conditioner in Xiang Cheng's room had never been turned on before. A few days ago, they removed the filter and cleaned it together, but Chi Xiaoduo forgot to check whether Xiang Cheng's air conditioner could actually be turned on.


Chi Xiaoduo moved aside, and Xiang Cheng laid down and fell asleep.


At eight o'clock in the morning, Chi Xiaoduo’s whole being was entangled with Xiang Cheng’s body. Xiang Cheng suddenly bounced up and hurried out in a panic.


"The 12:00pm train!" Chi Xiaoduo was startled awake from deep sleep. He heard the sound of water in the bathroom and felt something a little sticky on his thigh. He immediately understood.


"I thought I overslept." Xiang Cheng said as he washed his underwear.


Chi Xiaoduo didn't laugh or blush. He held the quilt and sat there with his hair all messed up for ten minutes until the sound of water outside stopped and he heard Xiang Cheng busying around. 


"I have to go out for a bit." Chi Xiaoduo said.


"Go after breakfast." Xiang Cheng said, "Let's go out together. Where are we going?"


Chi Xiaoduo put on a backpack, put on his shoes, and shouted at the door, "It’s already too late, I have an appointment with Wang Ren!"


Xiang Cheng said, "Wait!"


Chi Xiaoduo ran so quickly that in the blink of an eye, even his shadow had disappeared. Xiang Cheng stood at the kitchen door and sighed.


In the summer morning, the temperature was just right. Chi Xiaoduo's white T-shirt carried the smell of youth, and he took the subway. When he came out of the subway station, Wang Ren honked twice, and Chi Xiaoduo got in his car.


"Brought all of it?" Wang Ren asked.


Chi Xiaoduo had already made copies a long time ago, and he handed the certificate to Wang Ren. Wang Ren took him to the design institute to sign the contract.


"Where's my security guard?" Wang Ren said, “Call the security guard to come to work, don’t play favorites, okay, Mola Fish."


"Signed it." Chi Xiaoduo signed the documents in a swish, copied his bank card, ID card, and registration certificate, then looked at the clock and said, "I have to send Xiang Cheng off later. He’s going to Beijing to take a certification exam."


"What certification?" Wang Ren asked in amazement, "Can anyone sign up to take an exam for a first-class certificate these days?"


Chi Xiaoduo: "He’s taking the tour guide certification exam."


"Don’t you register for the tour guide certificate in September and take the exam in December?"


Chi Xiaoduo: ".....”


"The study materials you wanted." Wang Ren said, "Here they are, and here you go.”


Wang Ren had asked someone to borrow some national tour guide study materials. They were all annotated, and Chi Xiaoduo said, "Quick, take me to the train station. He'll leave at 12 o'clock la."


Xiang Cheng carried the travel bag that Chi Xiaoduo had bought him on one shoulder and a plastic bag with some fruit in it. He went out to take the subway. When he arrived, he opened his wallet to get his ID card out and lined up to get his ticket. He stood in front of the machine for a while, and tilted his head to study it. 


"Put your ID card on it." Someone behind him kindly reminded him. 


"Thank you." Xiang Cheng said, "This is the first time I’ve used one of these."


The machine printed out a soft sleeper ticket going from Guangzhou to Beijing, costing more than 700 yuan.


Xiang Cheng looked at it for a bit, put away his ticket, and entered the station.


Back in the spring, he came out of the station with a woven bag on his back, a completely raggedy appearance, and a confused face. Now in the summer, he wore a clean white T-shirt and scrolled through his cellphone in the waiting area while looking at Weibo in a stately way. Chi Xiaoduo had even registered a WeChat account for him. Xiang Cheng pressed the call button and said, "Xiaoduo, Xiaoduo, I'm getting on the train now."


Then he put his cellphone to his ear and confirmed that it had been sent.


Chi Xiaoduo didn't reply; he was stuck on the road and was currently cursing Wang Ren. He finally got to the station, and Chi Xiaoduo said, "Help me take the certificate home and just put it on the coffee table. In the afternoon, find any technician to repair the air conditioner for me ah. Love you, 888."


Wang Ren said, "Hey! Chi Xiaoduo, you... "


The car behind him honked wildly, and Wang Ren had to drive away.


This was the first time in Xiang Cheng’s life that he had to take a soft sleeper car. After getting on the train, he exchanged his ticket, and the other three beds were all empty. Xiang Cheng took out his book and flipped through it, a little bored. Si Gui flew over, landed outside the window, and pecked on the window. Xiang Cheng waved his hand, opened the window, pressed his palm against Si Gui to stop it from entering, and said, "Animals can't enter the train."


Si Gui turned around and flew away.


Xiang Cheng put on his headphones, but Chi Xiaoduo still hadn’t replied. Xiang Cheng thought of the song that Chi Xiaoduo gave him yesterday; there was only one song on his cellphone—— Hey Girl's’s 123 Pinocchio.


Piano music played, and the clouds in the Guangzhou sky scattered. 


"I can't guess what went wrong, our love’s progress has dragged on a little long. According to someone, you like me, so why are you still indifferent it seems... "


Chi Xiaoduo ran to the station while wearing headphones.


"Yes ah, I think he likes me too... huff... huff..." Chi Xiaoduo called his best friend, looked around for the entrance, and said, "I did everything you taught me to, so did it work or not ah.”


"Shouldn’t you say whether or not it worked?!" His best friend said, "Laoniang...This person is for better or worse a love advisor, okay?"


Chi Xiaoduo: "But you haven’t found a partner yourself, have you?"


"That’s because I haven’t run into someone I like!" His bestie roared, "If there is really someone who fulfills all my requirements, wouldn’t Lao... this person immediately capture them ah! I'd rather wait for my entire life than settle for someone! "


Chi Xiaoduo rushed around and replied, "Okay, okay, okay, but Wang Ren said that the tour guide certification registration is in September and the test is in December, so what’s going on with that? Is he lying to me ah... "


"Aiya, he may be going to Beijing to accompany some big boss!" His bestie said, "Are you going to judo class or not, Chi Xiaoduo! You who put hoes before bros, are you going to skip out on plans with Laoniang again?!"


"We’ll talk about that later when I get back!" Chi Xiaoduo hung up the phone, panted as he entered the station, held his backpack, and rushed down the platform.


"I've been waiting this entire time for love to vigorously chime. 123, wooden man, if you don't act, you'll be deducted points on my plan."


Xiang Cheng leaned against the head of the bed, slowly scrolling through the lyrics. Chi Xiaoduo had only downloaded such a song for him, which meant he was going to loop through this song infinitely. 


Xiang Cheng's voice was very quiet. With the music, he hummed, "I really want to ask, are you too shy or too slow..."


The train whistled, blared, roared, and started slowly.


Footsteps sounded, along with a gasping breath. 


“Thank you….” Chi Xiaoduo’s voice sounded from beyond the door. 


Xiang Cheng froze. 


The compartment door was pulled open, and Chi Xiaoduo stood panting at the door. Xiang Cheng immediately got up.


"I was going to give you...give you….study materials." Chi Xiaoduo said, "I was late...came by car... I got a ticket."


Xiang Cheng stood face to face with Chi Xiaoduo. Chi Xiaoduo laughed and said, "Fortunately, I caught up with you. Ah, I'm so tired ya. I’ll just have to take the train to Beijing first before taking another one back. "


Xiang Cheng started laughing, and the earphones hanging from his clothes were still playing that song. 


The train left the station amidst boundless sunshine, glittering in the golden sun, and advanced towards the unknown distance.


——Volume I - Chiwen - end——

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