Chapter 1 - Demolition

Post Training Notice: National First-Class Registered Exorcist

No job.

Translator(s): Joyce
Editor(s): GlitteryPanda, Elestrea

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Exorcism Group Lead Office

First-Class Registered Exorcist Committee

Committee of the Management, Rectification, and Reform of the Yaoguai Civil Office


Exorcism Committee Appointed Document No. 27 [2014]

Notice for the National First-Class Exorcist Registration, Qualification, and Certification Examination, and the Civil Control Revision Program

For all member units of the Leading Group for the National Management and Rectification of the Yaoguai Organization, the Exorcism Federation in All Provinces, Autonomous Regions and Direct-Administered Municipalities, and the Civil Exorcist Association.

In order to carry out the request put by the Second Yaoguai Research Civil Conference and the Institutional Reform Committee, to further strengthen the management of the exorcists' organization, to conscientiously develop an active role for the exorcists in civil peace and social security, the Central Exorcism Group Operation Lead Office has made a decision: 

Put up a new reform plan and management regulations for the exorcists, adding "Qualification Certificate Exam for the National First-Class Registered Exorcist", and registering individuals to be given a job based on the certificate. For further details, see the attachments of the registration and the examination.

In the view of the increasing number of failed exorcisms in the past few years, the program team "Approaching Science" will no longer pay reparations nor guide public opinion. The new management system, which will come into effect from this very day, is as follows:

1) Any unit or individual shall not have irrelevant personnel present when conducting exorcisms and subduing yao; otherwise, according to the situation's circumstances and consequences, they shall be fined, given administrative sanctions, and demoted.

2) When performing exorcisms and yao subdual, individuals shall not carry out activities between 06:00 to 22:00. In particular, they shall pay attention to avoid rush hours. The working hours of those in suburban or rural areas can be adjusted appropriately. The unit must first apply to the local government for clearance when performing tasks.

3) For any yaoguai, it is necessary to follow the principles of 'first, advise,' 'next, subdue,' and 'then, liberate.' It is also necessary to carry out the act of beating the yaoguai back to its true form without making any enquiries. In order to avoid aggravating the conflict between yaoguai and the common folk, as well as simultaneously put an end to the malpractice of 'accepting rewards for the head,' used of a fixed exchange rate of the number of yaos being exorcised for monthly allowance and rewards issued to the exorcists by the original provincial unit have been cancelled and adjusted to be under the 'labor expenses' in the personal income tax, refer to attachment (2) for the exact reduction and exemption amount.

4) All exorcist units shall regularly convene to deepen their understanding of the "Three Represents", conscientiously strive to implement China's dreams, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, change their style of work, practise self-discipline, and strive for practical results, so as not to increase the burden of the country.

The self-appraisals and the group inspection reports from each province should be submitted to the Office of the Exorcism Council in Linjing Lane before November 11th.

Contact: Chen Zhen

Contact details: 10——11952107 11952108

Attachment: National First-Class Registered Exorcists Assessment Details

Attachment (2): Personal Labor Income Tax Exemption During Exorcism and Yao Elimination Classification

Office of the Exorcism Committee

July 2, 2014


Chongqing, Three Gorges, Fengdu County.

A gust of wind blew past, rolling up the document on the ground and plastering it on Xiang Chengshi's face.

Puzzled, Xiang Chengshi pulled off the document, looked at it, and then threw it aside.

Another gust of wind blew, rolling up a document and sticking it on the back of Xiang Chengshi's head. Without turning his head, Xiang Chengshi flung out a bamboo stick and pinned the document as it flew towards the courtyard's wall.

The twenty-eight-year-old, lanky young man leaned down to draw water from the well and crouched at its edge to wash his face.

Xiang Chengshi's handsome features were reflected in the basin. He found that he had become tanned again, his hair had become greasy and dirt had collected behind his ears. Day after day, year after year, he didn't know when this would end. He sighed, sticking his butt out in a troubled manner as he soaked his head in the water, held the soap and daubed it all over his head, washing listlessly.

On that balmy autumn day, a black eagle spread its wings and flew over the blue sky. In the season where all things were withering, only the colors of the lesser Three Gorges unfurled layer upon layer. From the feet to the peaks of the mountains, the blue, turquoise, bronze red, and magenta were akin to pigments thrown into the mortal world, diffused by the river waters and dyed on paper.

The autumn wind swept up the dead leaves, flitting across the Three Gorges, and falling towards the hinterland of Fengdu.

Children were vivaciously chasing each other at the village's entrance, and the Yangtze River that was surging away stretched magnificently to the end of the horizon, meeting the valleys of the Three Gorges in the distance.

In the second year of Yongyuan, in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Emperor He once set up a county which now has a history spanning 1900 years.

Fengdu County was bordered by Yichang of Hubei Province in the South and the ninth district of Chongqing in the North. The river bank was full of jagged rocks, with mountains towering above them in the daytime and the river wind whimpering at night, just as how the uneven scars of passing years carved this ancient land. To the south of Fengdu County, on its border with Yichang, at the foot of the mountain and surrounded by a chain of hills, was a village called Yingyong Village. Legends said that the eagles of Mt. Wu once built nests in the peaks of Shantou hence the name — Yingyong.

"Xiang Chengshi!" The voice of the old village chief called from outside the door. "Have you come home? Where have you been? You haven't been home for a fortnight!"

"Oh!" Xiang Chengshi's head was full of bubbles, his eyes stung from the soapsuds as he turned to answer the door. When no one came in, he subsequently took off his coat, splashed water over himself, and then pulled up a bucket of water from the well.

"The township government has shown great importance to land expropriation…" The village chief said from outside. "We have to move! The government has already given enough funds for this project…"

"Fuck." A man's voice complained. "We're moving in three days on such short notice? I don't even care about resettlement. Where are we gonna go?"

The village chief launched into a tirade with great earnestness as Xiang Chengshi's ears went deep into the water, humming and buzzing with sound. He unbuckled his belt, stripped naked, and began his bath. A twenty-eight year old, handsome, lanky young man, with mid length hair, tanned skin, and as well built as a steed with strong abs and firm pectorals.

The village chief pushed the door in, followed by the village secretary; a female university student. Seeing Xiang Chengshi bathing stark naked, she let out a shriek and hid away with a flushed face.

"Chengshi my boy, you are the most truthful. You say, will you move or not?" The village chief asked.

Xiang Chengshi poured the last bucket of water on himself and then picked up the towel. Looking at the village chief, he asked, "Move to where?"

"Wherever you want to move, the government has the money to make it work for you. The state wants you to move, will you move or not?" The village chief said.

"I'll move." Xiang Chengshi earnestly nodded, saying, "If the state wants me to move, I must move. That was what my father said."

"Good boy." The village chief grinned and went out to let the branch secretary register Xiang Chengshi's name. While putting on his pants, Xiang Chengshi shouted through the wall, "Can we not demolish the house?"

"No!" The village chief said through the wall. "It must be demolished. This is a government project. No room for discussion!"

Xiang Chengshi no longer spoke. He put on his trousers and slippers before going out shirtless. There were a lot of people discussing the matter on the stone pavement whilst some were having a row in the village. With a cigarette in his mouth and a bottle of purchased wine in his hand, Xiang Chengshi wandered around and saw someone already brandishing a rod, ready to beat the village chief.

"Shut up!" Xiang Chengshi couldn't help but shout. The villagers were obviously dissatisfied with the compensation for the demolition as they were rudely shoving each other, almost breaking out into a riot. The village chief however roared, "Defying? Ha! Wait for the armed police force to come!"


Silence reigned in the village. The first one who refused to be conquered made an unreasonable scene and bawled out, "Does this Laozi look afraid of these armed police forces?!"

"Come on!" The village chief who was also in a mess shouted at the top of his voice, "You're still discontented with a 400,000 yuan compensation? How much more do you want? Huh?"

Someone sighed and said, "It's not easy trying to get through day by day. We can't do anything; we don't have skills in any particular field either. We can only farm and look for our own way forward."

It was as if the Great Wall had been gently prodded and immediately collapsed to pieces before the truth, triggering a chain reaction of weeping and sighing. No one opinionatedly argued with the village chief anymore. What else could they say?

Work was infeasible nowadays. Xiang Chengshi returned to his home and poured himself a drink. A white little bird stood on the table, tilted its neck and chirped at him. Xiang Chengshi then threw some meat at it and the little bird stretched out its neck to take the meat before staring at Xiang Chengshi with its big dark eyes.

Xiang Chengshi turned around and looked at the red-letterhead document pinned on the wall and then shook his head.

"What are we gonna do?" Xiang Chengshi said to the little bird. "Where can I go? Chongqing? Where? Tell me, A-Huang. When did the document arrive? How about getting a side job like them?"

The little bird emitted no sound, but hopped on the table and pecked at the grains of rice as Xiang Chengshi held the bowl. Hearing another knock at the door, he got up to answer it, with grains of rice sticking to his face.

"Xiang Chengshi." The village secretary called. "Your ID card has been issued. The name on your card has been set as Xiang Cheng according to your request. Here's your household registration booklet and your bank book. Remember to look for the village chief to sign it for you tomorrow."

Xiang Chengshi thanked her. The village secretary added, asking, "What exactly is your job? You weren't at home for a fortnight. You weren't planting on the paddy field either. We couldn't find you at all."

"No job." Xiang Chengshi thus said. "Just loafing around."

"What about your parents?" The village secretary asked.

Xiang Chengshi looked at his household registration booklet and said without looking up, "Dead."

The village secretary said, "I know. I asked what job your father used to have. He must have registered one, right?"

"I followed in his footsteps. He also did nothing." Xiang Chengshi replied.

This answer that was quite logical momentarily rendered the village secretary speechless before she asked again, "Within time, your registered permanent residence will be transferred together with the special remuneration given by our county, where do you plan to settle?

"I have no idea." Standing in front of the secretary, the 185cm tall Xiang Chengshi, had to lower his head to talk to her. "Do you want me to fill it in now?"

"The rules require everyone to declare these details." The village secretary said. "Just fill in the form and hand it in later."

Xiang Chengshi took the form and closed the door. When night fell, he packed up his family's things, his parents' photos and then shifted the locked leather safe box before cleaning the courtyard.

Xiang Chengshi crawled underneath the bed and opened an underground compartment and took out a stack of crumpled money; he counted the denominations of ten, fifty, a hundred yuan to a total of two thousand and three. He sorted them out, flattened them all, and put them in the same crumpled wallet, and then stuffed it under the pillow.

The next day, Xiang Chengshi went to the village committee and queued up to give his signature, agreeing to receive compensation for the demolition and transfer homestead. The other villagers had also signed and left behind their phone numbers. Xiang Chengshi took his indestructible Nokia and recorded everyone's contacts one by one.

The young people in the village asked Xiang Chengshi to come over and take photos together. Xiang Chengshi took their borrowed SLR and took photos for his fellow villagers in turn.

Everyone took photos in front of their own houses. Xiang Chengshi, who had an apathetic expression on his face while taking their photos, also asked them to take a picture of himself and his house.

On the third day, the village secretary came to personally inform everyone that the money had arrived and let them check their accounts. At the moment, it was impossible to withdraw the money because it had to remain frozen for three months; the money could only be withdrawn after making sure that no one would return. They needed to move as soon as possible as the project couldn't afford to wait.

At last, a photographer came from the photographic studio in the county town as the village chief had asked everyone to come together for a group photo at the village's entrance. After the photos were developed, they were given out, one per person. In passing, he told the photographer to add a red border and eye-catching words on it as a souvenir — All the villagers of Yingyong.

Xiang Chengshi, a tall man standing at the far left of the last row, smiled handsomely yet sadly at the camera, his little white bird perched on his shoulder.

Three days later, the demolition units came and bulldozed their ancestral homes to the ground amidst the roar of machinery.

Translator's Comment:

Explanation for using of 妖Yao, 魔Mo, 鬼Gui, 怪Guai. Sometimes it could be used as Yaomo, Yaoguai, Mogui. They are all constructed with near-synonym characters which all have similar meanings but slightly different to be more precise. If you combined the four characters, it could also mean “all the supernatural bad things.”

妖yao(s) mostly refers to animal spirits or objects. somehow they became more intelligent and a lot of times having human form

魔mo(s) a demon, a concept from Buddhism, similar to Mara/Tianmo. Most of them are born out of the heart of humans and usually are very powerful.

鬼gui(s) mostly used for ghosts. they are once a human but now a spirit/soul, usually having some unfinished businesses to do. Others who are still in the world are usually souls who are denied into the underworld for various reasons.

怪guai(s) similar to a monster. Something really out of ordinary

This chapter is migrated and/or formatted by our fellow chicken enthusiast(s), Joyce, Elestrea.



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Haruki Natsuyu
Haruki Natsuyu
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Surnamed Xiang… could he be Xiang Shu’s relative? Hmmm like descendant of someone from the Xiang family?

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Thank you for the chapter! The concept is really fun and even if my brain got r#ped at the document in the first paragraph I’m really interested in seeing how this will go! Such a hidden jewel after all these years.

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Oooohhh another XiangxChen CP to set sail~ hnngghhhh

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