Chapter 1 - Demolition

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Translator(s): Joyce
Editor(s): GlitteryPanda, Elestrea

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Translator's Comment:

Explanation for using of 妖Yao, 魔Mo, 鬼Gui, 怪Guai. Sometimes it could be used as Yaomo, Yaoguai, Mogui. They are all constructed with near-synonym characters which all have similar meanings but slightly different to be more precise. If you combined the four characters, it could also mean “all the supernatural bad things.”

妖yao(s) mostly refers to animal spirits or objects. somehow they became more intelligent and a lot of times having human form

魔mo(s) a demon, a concept from Buddhism, similar to Mara/Tianmo. Most of them are born out of the heart of humans and usually are very powerful.

鬼gui(s) mostly used for ghosts. they are once a human but now a spirit/soul, usually having some unfinished businesses to do. Others who are still in the world are usually souls who are denied into the underworld for various reasons.

怪guai(s) similar to a monster. Something really out of ordinary

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