Chapter 99 - Birthday Celebration (nsfw)

Seizing Dreams

“It was his birthday that day, and also the start of his new life.”

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It was only now that Yu Hao began slowly recalling the entire process: he realized that out of everyone — Huang Ting included — the one with the strongest combat ability was surprisingly Zhou Sheng. The scene had truly been too chaotic, so much so that Yu Hao didn’t have the chance to see how Zhou Sheng fought. However, Zhou Sheng was merely an amateur boxer who could compete in city tournaments, while his opponent was a provincial-level Sanshou athlete, yet Zhou Sheng actually managed to unleash such overwhelming potential during their life and death crisis and was even more fearless when he went up against three of them alone. After which, he escaped with just a few scratches.

What’s more, after the enemies split up and the rest were getting beaten up, Zhou Sheng had given out three orders: the first was to get them to withdraw after judging the strength of the other side; the second was to tell them to escape separately so that the kidnappers wouldn’t be able to tell who was who — within the rainstorm, coupled with the cover of night and having no dog, they would have a very slim chance of catching up to them; the third was when the enemies turned desperate and tried to snatch Huang Ting’s gun — Zhou Sheng immediately determined that the situation seemed off, so he went forward once again to resist their offence.

Yu Hao thought that if Zhou Sheng were to become a SWAT or a criminal detective, he would definitely be a force to be reckoned with. But if he had to be like Huang Ting and get so exhausted that he wouldn’t even have the time to sleep or suffer from irregular meal times, then never mind……Yu Hao would probably die from heartache first.

Yu Hao took a bath, then it was Fu Liqun’s turn. Zhou Sheng wore a T-shirt and had changed into a loose pair of shorts, revealing his beautiful V-line abs, plus he wasn’t even wearing underwear. Yu Hao felt like his whole body was about to fall apart as he lay on the bed.

“Are we still fighting monsters at night?” Yu Hao asked while Fu Liqun was taking a bath.

“We already fought in the day, and now you want to fight in dreams too? Aren’t you tired? Rest for a few days ba.”

Zhou Sheng climbed up the ladder and leaned over to kiss Yu Hao. Their lips and tongues entangled tenderly; they kissed for a long time and only bore to part when the sound of running water and Fu Liqun’s singing stopped.

“It’ll be your birthday soon?” Zhou Sheng looked into Yu Hao’s eyes.

Un……” Yu Hao reacted and immediately said, “Don’t buy something expensive!”

“Okay I got it.” Zhou Sheng smiled, then leaned in, and kissed Yu Hao again. “Good night.”


The next day, Chen Yekai appeared very energetic when he came to class. As soon as he showed up in the multi-purpose classroom, the entire room exploded and erupted into a heated discussion. The front row began wondering whether Chen Yekai got beat up by gangsters because he was trying to hit on someone’s girlfriend. Yu Hao wanted to clarify things, yet it wasn’t of much use, so he could only give up on the idea.

Zhou Sheng patiently folded hearts for Yu Hao under his desk. Halfway through the front row’s discussion, someone from the psychology classes turned around and tossed Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao a strange look.

“This student,” Zhou Sheng said sincerely, “What do you want to say? Come, say it loud and clear, I promise I won’t hit you in class.”

Yu Hao, “???”

The front row fell silent immediately. Yu Hao was slightly baffled, while Zhou Sheng said coldly, “Courting death.” 

Yu Hao, “What do you mean?”

Zhou Sheng grimaced at him before handing him a hundred-yuan heart. Yu Hao clamped the heart within his textbook. After collecting a pile of hearts, he would put them in a large glass bottle that Fu Liqun had given him. Class began. Zhou Sheng took out a psychostatistics textbook and flipped to the middle, looking bored.

“Why are you interested in that?” Yu Hao asked.

“I’m not.” Zhou Sheng said.

Yu Hao, “Then why are you reading it?”

“If I don’t, how would I tutor you?” Zhou Sheng said, “Midterms are coming up soon, can you pass?”

Yu Hao, “……” 


There had been no news from Huang Ting so far and Zhou Sheng didn’t ask any questions. Yu Hao was worried about Ou Qihang’s dream world, but Zhou Sheng just said that it wasn’t time yet, and that when the time comes, he would naturally bring him in to take a look.

Before midterms, Yu Hao had a strong feeling that he wouldn’t have enough time. He hadn’t been studying most of his subjects seriously, and his best subject was the class Chen Yekai taught — Basic Theories of Personality Structure. Reading psychostatistics was like reading something as abstruse as a mystical book from heaven.

Zhou Sheng didn’t have many subjects to review for his exams; most of his subjects were sports, so he and Fu Liqun could pass those easily. There were no midterms for English either, leaving Yu Hao to only worry about his statistics module. Fortunately, Zhou Sheng flipped through the book for three to four days and said, “Come, I’ll tutor you.”

Yu Hao, “……”

For a subject that Yu Hao spent half a semester to learn, Zhou Sheng only took about a week to finish reading through everything and suddenly tutored him for a week. He got him to do a few papers that he had asked Fu Liqun to obtain from his senior. Yu Hao scored approximately 70 marks for the papers, and Zhou Sheng said, “Okay, go take the exam ba.”

It was now late autumn; the gingko trees were beginning to turn yellow, and the day after midterms was Yu Hao’s birthday. When taking his last paper, statistics, Yu Hao sat by the window of the classroom where gingko trees filled his view and he looked at the bright, golden leaves outside. Another year has passed.

Thinking about this same day last year……forget it don’t think about it, that was practically a dark stain in his history.

When Yu Hao recalled his past a year ago, he really wished he could dig a pit and bury himself.

The bell signalling the end of class rang, his exam was over! Yu Hao heard a whistle blow outside. Fu Liqun shouted, “Zhou Sheng!’

Yu Hao handed in his paper and looked out. Zhou Sheng was running towards their dormitory, and when he passed by the teaching building, he shouted to Yu Hao, “Wait for me downstairs!”

Yu Hao, “???”

Yu Hao stretched and laughed as he walked down. He saw Zhou Sheng carrying a sports bag that he had slung over his shoulders, wearing a pair of red shorts and the pair of AJs that Yu Hao had bought for him, and he was gasping a little from all the running he did. He stood under a gingko tree and looked at Yu Hao with a smile.

“How was your exam?” Zhou Sheng said, “Can you pass?”

Yu Hao said, “I should be able to.”

“It’s time for a date, let’s go.” Zhou Sheng said.

Yu Hao, “Why do you stink of sweat!”

Zhou Sheng sniffed his shoulders and arms, “Just ended my long-distance running exam, didn’t have time to bathe. Let’s go.”

Yu Hao, “Go and take a bath first then, we have a lot of time.”

“You don’t like Laozi now?” Zhou Sheng looked at Yu Hao doubtfully.

Yu Hao didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “Then let’s go……where? Where’s Gege?”

It was Yu Hao’s birthday tomorrow, and he was thinking of treating Fu Liqun and Chen Yekai to a meal today. But Zhou Sheng just smiled, “Sis-in-law’s here, she’s right outside.” As he spoke, he draped an arm around Yu Hao’s shoulder and walked out from the college’s back gate, then whistled at Cen Shan.


“Sis-in-law——!” Yu Hao cried out with genuine affection. He hadn’t seen Cen Shan for a long time, so he really did miss her a lot.

Cen Shan whistled at Yu Hao too and shouted back with genuine affection, “Bro-in-law——!” 


Zhou Sheng and Fu Liqun immediately bowled over from laughing too hard. Yu Hao’s face flushed red and he held his forehead with one hand. Zhou Sheng said, “Have fun guys!”

Fu Liqun no longer saw anyone else in his eyes. He held Cen Shan’s hand and boarded the bus, throwing the other two a flying kiss. Under the path filled with gingko trees outside the school, there were couples everywhere who had come out to play after their exams. Zhou Sheng held Yu Hao’s hand and intertwined their fingers, then used his free hand to call for a cab on his phone.

“There are so many people.” Yu Hao didn’t really dare to hold hands with Zhou Sheng. Two guys draping their arms around each other’s shoulders was very normal, but they would stand out a lot if they held hands instead.

However, Zhou Sheng tightened his grip and didn’t let Yu Hao break free, “The hell you scared of?”

Yu Hao held Zhou Sheng’s hand, and the two of them stood below the gingko trees as they waited for the cab Zhou Sheng called. When he looked around them, there were couples everywhere, then he looked at Zhou Sheng again; he didn’t expect that he would be dating here so openly as well, and for their love to be as natural as everyone else’s in this world.


The cab arrived. Zhou Sheng took Yu Hao to the river, there were still 25 minutes before the ship sets sail.

“This……” Yu Hao was stunned.

Zhou Sheng passed his ID to the front desk for registration; this was the luxury cruise ship they had taken when they were pursuing Lin Xun last time!

Yu Hao said, “It’s too expensive, this costs 20,000.”

“It’s not 20,000.” Zhou Sheng said to Yu Hao, “I know you wouldn’t be able to bear it, so I booked a standard double room.” 

But that would still cost 4,800 for one room! This price was barely acceptable for Yu Hao. The front desk seemed used to this and wasn’t surprised that two guys were sleeping in a double room. They were given their keys. When they opened the door to their room, Yu Hao uttered a heartfelt “wah”.

Although it wasn’t comparable to their previous luxury suite at the top floor, it still came with its own bathroom, a small balcony, a large bed, wardrobes, and a TV. Yu Hao was so happy he lay sprawled on the bed and shouted, “This is great——!”

Zhou Sheng smiled and pressed down on him, then shifted a few times after leaning on Yu Hao’s body, “Like it?”

Yu Hao couldn’t speak for a moment. He looked back at him; there was a hint of a smile in Zhou Sheng’s eyes, who then kissed him and got up, “Need to take a bath quick, I feel a little stinky myself……”

Zhou Sheng took first place in his long-distance running test and didn’t take a bath because they were in a rush to board the ship, so he had only changed into a set of new clothes. It was only now that he rummaged through his bag to find his shower gel and went to take a bath. Yu Hao happily walked a few rounds around the room and recalled how Zhou Sheng said ‘I’ll take you there to play again next time’, and didn’t expect that he had always remembered. He suddenly felt a little sad.

Zhou Sheng didn’t bring the Golden Crow Wheel out with them. Yu Hao rummaged through Zhou Sheng’s bag; there were two sets of underwear inside, as well as a small travel-size bottle……

Yu Hao, “……”

Yu Hao placed the bottle of lube back and his heart began beating wildly.

“Zhou Sheng!” Yu Hao shouted.

Zhou Sheng was listening to songs as he bathed in the washroom and responded with an “ah?”. When he didn’t hear Yu Hao’s answer for a while, he turned off the water and came out to take a look.

“Don’t take a video!” Zhou Sheng immediately said.

Yu Hao was recording him on his phone. Zhou Sheng openly, without hiding anything, jumped over and caught him.

“Let’s take a bath together……”

“No!” Yu Hao was resisting but was subdued by Zhou Sheng. He was dragged into the bathroom in Zhou Sheng’s embrace as they bathed together.

He hugged Zhou Sheng and allowed the warm water to flow over his body, feeling Zhou Sheng’s heartbeat through his chest.

“Fortunately it didn’t explode last night, I was already being really careful to not fall asleep face down.” Zhou Sheng said, “Did you see that bottle?”

Un……” Yu Hao knew that the “explosion”’ Zhou Sheng mentioned was about releasing during a wet dream by accident while sleeping. He then asked, “Are we doing that today?”

“Can we?” A smile could be seen in Zhou Sheng’s eyes. He reached out with his hand and took a razor from outside the bathroom, flicked it a few times to shake off the water droplets on it, then grabbed some shaving foam as well.

Yu Hao, “???”

Ai!” It was Yu Hao’s first time getting trimmed by Zhou Sheng, and it felt really embarrassing. However Zhou Sheng earnestly said, “Come on, don’t be embarrassed, be a little bolder, you’ve seen me so many times anyway.”

Zhou Sheng pumped out some foam to lather all over Yu Hao’s crotch. With one hand grasping Yu Hao’s dick, he whispered, “Don’t move.”

Zhou Sheng was holding Yu Hao’s rod as he shaved him, and soon after, he couldn’t help but start getting hard. Zhou Sheng even teased him by using his thumb to rub around the most sensitive part of his tip, making Yu Hao moan in response.

In the bathroom, both of them were facing a mirror. When Yu Hao inadvertently looked up, he saw his naked body standing together brazenly with Zhou Sheng, who was stripped bare as well. Zhou Sheng had his head lowered as he carefully, patiently shaved his hair for him.

“Done.” Zhou Sheng helped Yu Hao shave himself clean, then wiped him down as well, saying, “You’re so sexy.”

Zhou Sheng’s rod had been stiff from the start, pressing up against Yu Hao. Even his voice was starting to tremble a little as he said, “It’ll definitely feel great when I stick it in you.”

Yu Hao could hear the slight nervousness in Zhou Sheng’s tone. In reality, both of them were new to this, but he still kissed Zhou Sheng and said, “It’s okay, I’ve been looking forward to this, don’t be nervous.”


Zhou Sheng smiled. He helped Yu Hao wipe his body dry, and then they left the bathroom. Zhou Sheng had Yu Hao lie down on the bed, and they didn’t know when the ship had set sail. Yu Hao was so nervous that his face was burning up; he covered himself with the blanket, and Zhou Sheng burrowed under the blanket as well and hugged Yu Hao. His now clean and dry skin rubbed against Yu Hao under the blanket.

“Leave it to me,” Zhou Sheng whispered lovingly into Yu Hao’s ears as he touched him softly. “Don’t be nervous, just trust me.”

Yu Hao relaxed a little when he heard this.

Then, Zhou Sheng squeezed out some lube and rubbed it on his dick, then lathered quite a bit of it on Yu Hao’s ass as well.

“It’s a little big,” Zhou Sheng embraced Yu Hao from the back, saying softly, “It might hurt at the start, bear with it a little.”

Yu Hao was so nervous he could barely breathe. He nodded, then turned back to look at Zhou Sheng.

“Wanna change positions?” Zhou Sheng could sense his feelings. “Face to face?”

Yu Hao was also thinking of that - he wanted to look at Zhou Sheng. So Zhou Sheng rolled over and parted Yu Hao’s legs. With one hand on the bed to support him, he held his dick with the other and placed it against Yu Hao’s ass.

Yu Hao was wholly focused on Zhou Sheng and only had one thought - he was exceptionally handsome.

But that thought was quickly replaced by the discomfort felt by his body because Zhou Sheng was starting to enter inside slowly.

It really hurts! Yu Hao almost cried out. His brows scrunched up - it was really quite big and hard too!

“It hurts?” Zhou Sheng stopped moving and asked anxiously.

Yu Hao immediately said, “No..no, it’s just...it feels quite...strange.”

“Tell me if it’s uncomfortable,” Zhou Sheng looked into Yu Hao’s eyes.

Yu Hao pursed his lips and nodded. He didn’t dare cry out in pain, and he had made up his mind to not reject Zhou Sheng no matter how uncomfortable it felt.

He didn’t cry out nor express any rejection, but Zhou Sheng was still extremely cautious. He entered a little, backed out, then entered again, repeating this a few times as if he was testing his limits but afraid of hurting Yu Hao at the same time. Of course, those careful movements weren’t all that meaningful, because Zhou Sheng was really too hard. Yu Hao still felt like it hurt a lot no matter how it was done…

Slowly, almost half of Zhou Sheng’s dick went in, and Yu Hao suddenly had some strange sort of sensation - he’s in! His dick is in me!

“Does it feel bad?” Zhou Sheng asked again.

Yu Hao shook his head, then Zhou Sheng bent down and kissed his cheek.

“Is it uncomfortable?” Zhou Sheng finally realised something and said, “Or let’s just forget it…”

“No,” Yu Hao whispered. He reached out to hug Zhou Sheng’s waist, enduring the pain from the distension and discomfort of Zhou Sheng’s cock entering him. “I like it, I really do.”

Zhou Sheng leaned down and hugged Yu Hao, then turned his head sideways to kiss his ear.

“I love you,” Zhou Sheng said softly next to Yu Hao’s ear, his scorching breath blowing onto him. “Then I’m going to start...fucking you, Wifey.”

Yu Hao, “!”

Zhou Sheng retreated a little, then gently pushed forward and penetrated into Yu Hao deeply.

“Ah!” Yu Hao cried out uncontrollably as if he had just been invaded by Zhou Sheng, and he couldn’t help but moan. Zhou Sheng seemed to have heard the complicated emotions mixed into this moan - within the pain and awkwardness was a piece of happiness laced in it as well. That response turned Zhou Sheng’s breathing ragged, and his dick grew even harder.

“I…” Yu Hao couldn’t hold it in anymore and started crying out, “Ah! Ah! You...Zhou Sheng…”

Zhou Sheng was gasping violently. He stared at Yu Hao’s eyes in a daze, and Yu Hao suddenly realised, eh? It doesn’t hurt anymore! This…

Within an instant, another strange pleasurable sensation crushed Yu Hao’s defences - it was an unfamiliar feeling, yet not so foreign at the same time. He had been yearning so strongly for this moment, and when it was about to come, that novel stimulation gave him an incredible pleasure that far exceeded his expectations. And most importantly, it was a lot more exciting than what he had expected!

“Wifey…” Zhou Sheng plunged in again, whispering, “Do you like it?”

“Ah...ah…” Yu Hao appeared to be fighting against this sensation, yet he also seemed to be searching for that unbridled source of strength going wild within him. There was a numb current that spread from the lower half of his body to the inside of him, going all the way to his cock to the rest of his body from his abdomen, unable to find an exit.  “I…” Yu Hao was on the verge of tears from excitement. He moaned, “It feels so good ah...Zhou Sheng...you bastard…”

Zhou Sheng gulped. He bent down to seal Yu Hao’s lips, and the two of them embraced each other tightly. Yu Hao could only let out some muffled sounds, then his whole body started to tremble; that unbridled strength seemed to have found a breakthrough amidst this overwhelming love he felt. Yu Hao’s penis was underneath Zhou Sheng’s abdomen, and along with the up and down movements that rubbed against him, he couldn’t think of any stimulation stronger than this. Coupled with the hard cock in his body that was fucking him over and over, Yu Hao immediately felt like he was about to experience some incontinence, so he quickly asked Zhou Sheng to stop.

Yu Hao’s whole body was trembling, his lips still sealed by Zhou Sheng. The uncontrollable pleasure made him clamp his legs, the insides of his ass contracting and convulsed. Then, Zhou Sheng left his lips, fucked him hard a few more times and started gasping harshly for breath.

Yu Hao, “...”

Zhou Sheng, “...”

They looked at each other. Yu Hao’s gaze was a little unfocused by now, and he didn’t know what to say for a moment.

“I came,” Zhou Sheng said. “Fuck, I was too nervous.”

Yu Hao, “...”

“Oh my god,” Yu Hao muttered.

Zhou Sheng kissed Yu Hao, but he was feeling quite vexed as he left Yu Hao’s body.

“AH--” Yu Hao’s brows furrowed, then he started panting.

Zhou Sheng felt helpless. Their first time didn’t even last ten minutes. Yu Hao began to savour the sensations he had felt just now, and he was about to tell Zhou Sheng how great it felt and describe it in detail when he saw Zhou Sheng’s flushed face as he sat on the bed on his knees looking defeated. He couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

Zhou Sheng pulled the blanket over to cover them both and touched Yu Hao’s body.

“You haven’t come. Let’s continue later?” Zhou Sheng asked. “I saw online that virgins come pretty fast. I didn’t believe it at first and didn’t expect it to really be true.”

Yu Hao said, “Virgins are great though? I love virgins. It really did feel good just now, I wasn’t just going along with you.”

“Really?” Zhou Sheng stared dubiously at Yu Hao, who was in his embrace.

Yu Hao just hated how inept he was at describing the experience. After thinking about it, he could only express it using medical terms, “You seemed to have...hit my...prostate, en, yes. And you were really gentle too.”

When Zhou Sheng heard that, he instantly blushed and said, “That description’s way too erotic.”

Yu Hao could tell that Zhou Sheng was a little frustrated and felt amused again. So he hugged Zhou Sheng, sayingh “It really felt good. It hurt a little in the beginning, but I got used to it pretty quickly.”

“Touch me ah,” Zhou Sheng said as he touched Yu Hao’s body. “Don’t care about me anymore after I made you feel good?”

Yu Hao was still a little embarrassed at first. He and Zhou Sheng were clearly lovers, but why did he still not dare to touch his body? So he started touching Zhou Sheng all over, and Zhou Sheng guided his hands to pinch his nipples.

“What if I get a piercing for you here?” Zhou Sheng held Yu Hao’s fingers to stroke his nipple, saying, “I’ll give you the most sensitive part of me, and only you will have the right to play with it. It’ll be like a switch. Once you want to do it, just call your Hubby over and play with it a little, then I’ll get hard right away and stick it inside you.”

Yu Hao could feel the rippling of his emotions when he heard this, but he quickly said, "Don't. It'll hurt too much. It's great like this." So he laid on Zhou Sheng's chest and sucked on his nipples, then fiddled with it using his fingers. However, after hearing Zhou Sheng's words just now, he couldn't help but think that if Zhou Sheng were to wear a white shirt with a nipple piercing underneath, he would seriously look too sexy.  Or, what if Zhou Sheng was wearing a basketball vest as he moved around the court like a gust of wind, dribbling a ball while wearing a nipple piercing underneath that only belonged to Yu Hao.

But Yu Hao couldn’t bear it in the end. He didn’t want Zhou Sheng to feel any pain, although Zhou Sheng, who had gotten an ear piercing before, didn’t think much of it.

Zhou Sheng’s rod was perking up again. He said, “When we have time, let’s go get a tattoo? I’ll get a tattoo here…”

As he spoke, he pulled Yu Hao’s hand to press against an area just a little bit further up from the base of his penis, then continued, “And you’ll get one here.” Then he touched the area between Yu Hao’s balls and ass. “Like that, our tattoos will always stick to each other when we’re making love.”

Yu Hao’s blood started boiling when he heard that, but he instantly thought there was something wrong with it. “Then wouldn’t the tattoo artist have to see our...no, no…”

Zhou Sheng smiled. “I’ll go learn next time, then give you a tattoo myself.”

They continued their entanglement for a while, and before ten minutes had passed, Zhou Sheng was hard again.

“One more time?” Zhou Sheng whispered, “Can we?”

Yu Hao was about to say, we’ll probably be able to last for much longer this time. However, he rubbed some lube on Zhou Sheng instead and whispered, “Come.”

It was Zhou Sheng’s second time entering, and it was almost as hard as his first time going in. He pressed Yu Hao down under him, kissing his face as he asked softly, “Does it hurt?”

“No…” Yu Hao felt a lot better this time. “C...come in, don’t be afraid of hurting me。“

”Where’s your prostate?” Zhou Sheng asked dotingly, stared intently into Yu Hao’s eyes and kissing him

Yu Hao immediately blushed all the way down to his neck. Discussing this subject was frankly too erotic...he started regretting it a little; he shouldn’t have described it. But Zhou Sheng just gently pushed more than half of his cock in, and it accurately pinpointed Yu Hao’s sensitive spot.

“It’s...there, ah!” Yu Hao started moaning at once. “Yeah...slow down...I can’t stand it anymore ah!”

Zhou Sheng felt a lot more at ease this time. He slowly thrusted in and out, ascertaining through Yu Hao’s reaction and the warmth and softness around him as he quickly felt around to find the most sensitive spot within Yu Hao’s body. He first rammed in and out a few times, then focused on rubbing around that sensitive area inside Yu Hao.

“Ah! Ahhhhhh-- ah!” Yu Hao started crying out like crazy, but he was quickly silenced by Zhou Sheng’s mouth.

“Did my dick reach it?” Zhou Sheng teased as he spoke next to Yu Hao’s ear. “Do you feel the pleasure of getting your prostate fucked?”

Admiring how Yu Hao looked under his full control, with Yu Hao’s fragile and trembling expression under his body, as well as the soft and warm place deep inside Yu Hao, Zhou Sheng felt the intense pleasure flowing through him increase by twofold. He just wanted to fuck him even harder, and make Yu Hao moan even louder, begging him for mercy.

“You came?” Zhou Sheng hugged Yu Hao tight, kissing him as he teased him with his words.

The base of Yu Hao’s neck was flushed red and his mind had blanked out - This time, Yu Hao had begun experiencing Zhou Sheng’s prowess. Aside from the initial period of getting accustomed to it, in the remaining 40 minutes, fireworks kept setting off in Yu Hao’s mind in continuous bursts, like a furious tide that was surging madly through him. 

“Let’s switch positions.” Zhou Sheng saw that Yu Hao was a little exhausted as he gasped, so with his hard erection still inside Yu Hao’s body, he made Yu Hao turn around slightly and hugged Yu Hao from behind. He prodded around Yu Hao’s prostate a few times before thrusting deep inside.

“AH--!” Yu Hao grasped the bedsheets. With both legs together, he accepted Zhou Sheng’s ruthless invasion from behind and started crying out. Zhou Sheng nearly came, but he quickly pulled out.

“Ah…” Yu Hao moaned and looked back at Zhou Sheng, disappointment written all over his face. “Wh...why did you take it out?”

Zhou Sheng licked his lips and kissed Yu Hao’s shoulder from behind, saying, “ I almost came. It’s fine now, let’s continue.”

Then he embraced Yu Hao and rammed into him from behind. This time, there was almost no obstruction as he moved in and out. Yu Hao finally experienced the feeling of being filled up to the brim once again. It was as if this was exactly how they were meant to be- how they should always be together like this.

“Can I go faster?” Zhou Sheng whispered, then hugged Yu Hao’s waist and started thrusting in and out from behind, the two of them making loud slapping noises whenever he plunged in deep. Yu Hao gripped the bedsheets, panting vigorously, and Zhou Sheng whispered into his ear again, “Tell me if you don’t feel comfortable...en? Is it uncomfortable?”

Zhou Sheng rammed in and out of Yu Hao relentlessly, getting more and more unrestrained the longer they fucked. Yu Hao had fully accepted him as well and only felt like they were doing the same act seen in porn films without an ounce of shame. Then, Zhou Sheng changed positions again and lay across Yu Hao’s back, lying on him as both his hands moved to the front of Yu Hao’s body.

“Hubby will protect you.” Zhou Sheng used his body to keep Yu Hao down, placing him under his full control and protection. Yu Hao lifted his ass reflexively to accommodate Zhou Sheng entrance- that movement triggered Zhou Sheng’s immense desire, and he started fucking Yu Hao even harder.

“Do you like it like this?” Zhou Sheng asked softly. His hand moved down Yu Hao’s body and held his dick, stroking it a few times, and making his hand wet with precum. He said softly, “Fuck, Wifey, your cock is leaking from getting fucked…”

“I...I’m coming.” Yu Hao pleaded, “Don’t pinch my...ah, ah!”

Yu Hao was being rammed into from behind while his hard rod in the front was played with by Zhou Sheng, making it even harder for him to talk. So he could only bury his head into a pillow and utter soft wuwus. Zhou Sheng never stopped kissing him or whispering into his ear; Yu Hao had never entered such a state where he would completely lose himself. It was even more intense and memorable than the dreamscapes he had experienced.


"I'm coming," Zhou Sheng's magnetic low voice rang out next to Yu Hao's ear. His hands moved away, and with the wet precum that had leaked out from Yu Hao all over his hand, Zhou Sheng began to touch Yu Hao's chest and pinch his nipples. 

Yu Hao, "..."

As Yu Hao was being touched by Zhou Sheng, he felt the tide-like pleasure within his body surging forth again - pushing him forward, over and over again and smashing his dam-like rationale, complementing the loud slapping noises that were made whenever Zhou Sheng thrust rapidly into him. Zhou Sheng suddenly bit his ear and exerted a little more force with one hand to pinch Yu Hao’s nipple, his whole body trembling.

Within an instant, Yu Hao’s defenses finally crumbled - that feeling of incontinence burst forth, and just when Yu Hao thought he was about to pee, he was surprised to see that he had come from getting fucked by Zhou Sheng.

Zhou Sheng stopped moving, his hard rod convulsing a few times in Yu Hao’s body. Yu Hao knew then that he had come too.

Hu...hu…” Yu Hao turned his head sideways, laying on the pillow quietly, while Zhou Sheng laid on top Yu Hao’s body. Their naked bodies were stuck close together, with no gap in between.

Yu Hao just felt like his body was falling apart. He swallowed his saliva with much difficulty while Zhou Sheng pecked his cheek again.

“Go out…” Yu Hao moaned, and only then did Zhou Sheng take it out.

“It lasted so long this time.” Yu Hao hugged Zhou Sheng and kissed him.

Zhou Sheng glanced at his phone. He had more or less grasped the technique, yet found it a little amusing too. “If I had known, we should have tried earlier. I was afraid it’d hurt for you, so I didn’t dare do anything rash.”

Yu Hao didn’t want to talk anymore. This guy had been practically possessed by Satan and Yu Hao’s first time was directly resolved by Zhou Sheng without any assistance from him at all.

Yu Hao was thoroughly spent, yet he felt very satisfied. Zhou Sheng smiled and touched his face, “Take another bath?”

Yu Hao took a quick bath, put on a bathrobe, and lay side by side with Zhou Sheng on the balcony’s couch.

“Is it cold?” Zhou Sheng asked, hugging Yu Hao

Yu Hao said, “I…I have so many things I want to say, but I don’t know what to actually say either.”

Zhou Sheng laughed. Yu Hao laid on his chest, and the two of them just quietly snuggled against each other like that. Yu Hao listened to his vigorous heartbeat and thought, oh god, this is seriously too stimulating.

“How does it feel?” Zhou Sheng was amused, “You were so into it. Did you like it that much?”

“It was like riding a roller coaster.” Yu Hao answered, “Too stimulating.”

“Then one more time?” Zhou Sheng asked.

“No no.” Yu Hao said, “Let me……”

Zhou Sheng got up and went in. Yu Hao lay on the sofa, looking up at the sky and panted gently, still a little eager for more. The light from the sunset fell upon his fair chest.

When Zhou Sheng came out again, he took off his bathrobe and was only wearing a pair of sneakers. He sat on the swivel chair, raised his right foot to step on the desk, and said to Yu Hao, “It’s cold outside, come in. Come into Hubby’s arms, Hubby will give you a hug.”

Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng’s pecs and lean abs could be clearly seen in this stance. His rod was hard, and his long legs were wearing white basketball socks and a pair of basketball shoes, making his legs appear both sculpted and long. That rod was really too stimulating. Yu Hao’s blood surged to his head and he went over to sit on Zhou Sheng, saying, “You’re like the male model in a portrait or a GV.”

Zhou Sheng’s cock was actually hard again, and it was poking at Yu Hao. After doing it twice, the hardness wasn’t as overbearing as the first time, yet it seemed even firmer than before. Yu Hao’s normal hardness was about the same as Zhou Sheng’s current situation. He couldn’t help but reach out to pinch it, and he saw that it had gotten a little red. “Let’s not do it again, it'll hurt if you keep rubbing it.”

Zhou Sheng touched the groove between Yu Hao’s ass, saying, “Your body’s so soft, so how would it hurt? I actually wish I could stay in there forever.”

Yu Hao’s face flushed thoroughly red. Zhou Sheng looked up at Yu Hao’s face, letting him straddle him by the waist. “Just scared you can’t take it.”

Yu Hao felt like he could do it one more time, but he was afraid that letting themselves go on like this wasn’t good.

Yu Hao didn’t speak, and Zhou Sheng guessed it immediately. Smiling, he asked, “My wife actually still wants it, right?”

A blush creeped onto Yu Hao’s face. He whispered, “I love you.”

Those words didn’t answer the question, yet Zhou Sheng could hear Yu Hao gulp, as if there wasn’t a more gentle request in this world.

“I’ll give it to you,” Zhou Sheng spoke softly in return.

“Be gentler,” Yu Hao said. “I’m scared it’ll really hurt this time...my pros...that...you were hitting that so many times that it’s a little sore now.”

“I know,” Zhou Sheng whispered, “I’ll keep it slow. Maybe I’ll try thrusting into other places? Somewhere deeper? Do you want to touch the place where you’ll get fucked?”

Yu Hao, “!!”

Zhou Sheng got up and took off his robe. He let Yu Hao remain on the swivel chair and made him lift his legs. Yu Hao immediately felt embarrassed again, yet Zhou Sheng knelt down in front of the chair and kissed Yu Hao’s ass lovingly. He squeezed out some lube and lathered it on, then got up and leaned on the chair, lifting one of his legs that was still wearing his basketball shoes to step on the bed.

Zhou Sheng pulled Yu Hao’s hands and put it on his stiff cock, whispering, “Come, Wifey. You hold it.”

Yu Hao’s breathing staggered. He reached out with one hand to grab Zhou Sheng’s rod and placed it against his ass, then he felt the entire process of Zhou Sheng’s hard dick pushing slowly into his body.

Oh my god-- that feeling made it a little hard for Yu Hao to relax and take it in. Touching the place where his ass and Zhou Sheng’s dick are connected and now truly feeling how they were linked together made his whole body tremble.

Zhou Sheng asked Yu Hao, “Touched it? Your butt’s so soft ah.”

“Stop talking...” Yu Hao moaned, feeling a little awkward. “It...it’s so embarrassing...ah!”

Zhou Sheng’s rod slowly and gently pushed in. This time, he didn’t attack Yu Hao’s sensitive spot and simply drew in and out without thrusting harshly. This gentle movement brought about another kind of sensation that made Yu Hao hold his breath, and his whole body shuddered.

“Is this okay?” Zhou Sheng bent down and asked Yu Hao. They looked at each other, then Zhou Sheng started kissing him ardently.

Yu Hao nodded. While their tongues were entangled, he couldn’t help but reach out to touch that place again and felt that more than half of Zhou Sheng’s cock was already in. He gasped, “Actually you’ve never once...gone in entirely before, because you’re afraid I can’t take it, right?”

Zhou Sheng’s gaze practically proved he was doting on Yu Hao so much that he was going crazy. No matter how much he doted on Yu Hao, he never felt like it was enough. While kissing him nonstop, he had to control his urge to fuck him hard and bully him. He swallowed his saliva and smiled. “Never? I’ve only stuck it in you twice. Are you willing to let Hubby go all the way in?”

Yu Hao struggled to nod, then Zhou Sheng said, “It might feel a little...uncomfortable?”

Yu Hao hugged Zhou Sheng’s waist and looked into his eyes. Both of them held their breaths at the same time. Zhou Sheng moved in and out slowly, and Yu Hao immediately felt his scalp go numb - another strange type of sensation surged forth, making it such that he couldn’t even cry out. He gasped and wanted to shout, yet only soft moans trickled out.

“Too...deep,” Yu Hao moaned. At the same time, he felt Zhou Sheng’s rod thrust deep into an even more intimate part of him. He looked at Zhou Sheng, his body non-stop trembling as he felt immensely satisfied, and he actually began to tear up

“Don’t cry.” Zhou Sheng slowly started to calm down a little. He dared not move recklessly as he kissed away the tears at the corners of Yu Hao’s eyes, then hugged him just like that as he said, “Did it hit your stomach?”

Yu Hao nodded with a little difficulty. He could sense that Zhou Sheng had gone all the way in. The two of them just stared at each other like that. At that moment, Zhou Sheng’s body heat, the place where they were connected, as well as the gazes with which they looked at each other -- all of this made Yu Hao feel like the love between them could no longer be described with mere words.

Zhou Sheng’s heart ached as he kissed Yu Hao’s lips. Yu Hao trembled as he reached out to touch the area where they were connected- Zhou Sheng had entered him completely. With his index and middle fingers, he lightly pinched Zhou Sheng’s cock, and Zhou Sheng got even harder

Then, Zhou Sheng grabbed Yu Hao’s hands and intertwined their fingers. He pulled out a little, then slowly pushed back in again.

“Ah…” Yu Hao cried out with a trembling voice.

Zhou Sheng was stunned, then he adjusted his breathing, his voice trembling a little too as he said, “It feels so good...wifey.”

“Slow down,” Yu Hao begged. “You really can’t move too fast there.”

“I know.” Zhou Sheng freed his hand and rubbed Yu Hao’s head, then started kissing him again. “Do you like this a lot too?”

Yu Hao nodded. This was a feeling completely different from the climax he had felt before where that impact had made him come; now it felt like it had shot straight to his heart. Yu Hao’s  dick, on the other hand, hadn’t seemed to have been stimulated too much, and his abdomen hadn’t felt numb either.

Zhou Sheng continued moving in and out a few times, thrusting deep into Yu Hao’s body, then he started fucking Yu Hao at slightly different angles. However, that movement was both slow and gentle, so gentle it made Yu Hao lose himself. His whole body turned limp, and with every inch of penetration, an inexplicable sense of satisfaction would rise in his heart. When he pulled out a little, Yu Hao couldn’t help but feel empty and just wanted to hug Zhou Sheng, making it so that he would never leave his body.

Zhou Sheng kept whispering sweet nothings into Yu Hao’s ears like “I love you” and “do you like your Hubby?”. Yu Hao was so stimulated he couldn’t even speak and just nodded in response. Soon after, Zhou Sheng carried Yu Hao and walked over to the bed, then placed him on the bed, their fingers intertwined as they kissed each other tenderly.As they kissed, along with the thrusts of his rod, Zhou Sheng would suck on Yu Hao's lips and swallow his saliva like he couldn't get enough of Yu Hao.

Yu Hao trembled uncontrollably as he cried out loud, until their lips parted, and Zhou Sheng buried his head in Yu Hao’s chest and started sucking on his nipples again. This time, Yu Hao was about to lose all control. The tip of Zhou Sheng’s cock was stuck in his body as he convulsed once again and tightened up.

Zhou Sheng’s eyes widened in an instant, but he didn’t dare move and instead hugged Yu Hao tighter. He thrust in and out a few more times; Yu Hao’s reaction seemed to have flipped the switch for Zhou Sheng’s desires. The process was exceedingly slow, yet it made him come again.

Only this time, in comparison to the feeling of an overflowing dam, this felt more like the trickling of a gentle stream. A strong sense of satisfaction raged through Zhou Sheng’s mind, and his cum seemed more like it had flowed out rather than shot out. It felt so good that his whole body shuddered, and his grip tightened around Yu Hao’s fingers.

“I love you, wifey,” Zhou Sheng’s voice trembled as he said.

“I love you,” Yu Hao panted. He took his hand out of Zhou Sheng’s grasp and ran his fingers through his lover’s hair, rubbing his head.

“I came.” Zhou Sheng really couldn’t do it again this time; he’d at least have to rest for several hours.

Yu Hao didn’t come this time, but this experience of being penetrated so deeply was completely different from the first two times. It had satisfied him greatly in another way, and it was only during this last time that he had felt like he had finally made love with Zhou Sheng.

“You’re a true juicer.” Zhou Sheng lay on the bed for half an hour cuddling with Yu Hao. He touched his head and continued, “I want it again, what should we do?”

“No more,” Yu Hao quickly refused. “I really can’t do it again.”

Zhou Sheng said, “You only came once, you didn’t come the last time.”

Yu Hao hugged Zhou Sheng and only wanted this warm moment with him to last a bit longer. “I don’t need to come.”

Zhou Sheng didn’t know if he should cry or laugh. “Hubby will give you a blowjob?”

Yu Hao refused in a hurry. He leaned into Zhou Sheng’s embrace and said, “I’m a little dizzy.”

Zhou Sheng let out a breath, saying, “I’m a little dizzy too, probably from hunger?”

At that moment, both their stomachs grumbled. Yu Hao touched his stomach. So it wasn’t from having too much sex, but from hunger?


Night fell, in the buffet restaurant.

“Eat a little more.” Zhou Sheng said, “It’s your birthday tomorrow, I didn’t get to celebrate it with you last year because we didn’t know each other yet then. Humans live for so many years, it’s okay to just let ourselves go once in a while. From now on, on your birthday……”

“Stop talking.” Yu Hao felt both embarrassed and moved.

Zhou Sheng smiled as he took photos of him with his phone. Yu Hao still remembered that for his birthday last year, he used up all the money he had to eat hot pot, and after he finished……it was also on that day that he met Zhou Sheng, Fu Liqun, and Chen Yekai.

However, he didn’t tell anyone that it was his birthday that day, and also the start of his new life. 

Late at night, Zhou Sheng ordered a cake in the ship’s restaurant. When the clock struck 12, Fu Liqun and Cen Shan sang the first birthday song for Yu Hao, and just as Yu Hao was feeling happy, Zhou Sheng smeared cake all over his face.

“Payback!” Zhou Sheng laughed aloud, and Yu Hao said, “This is the ship’s hotel!”

Yu Hao wanted to smear it on his face, but he was afraid of causing trouble for the people who needed to clean up their room. Zhou Sheng smiled and pulled him into his embrace, then licked off the cream on his face. Yu Hao quickly went to wash his face, but when he came out, he saw that Zhou Sheng was on the phone——

“Who is it?” Yu Hao saw that Zhou Sheng was using his phone.

Zhou Sheng pressed the loudspeaker button; a sweet, girl’s voice travelled over from the other end.

“Happy birthday, Great Archangel.”

“Nini!” Yu Hao cried out in surprise, “How did you know?”

Shi Ni said, “I saw your ID when you were staying at the hotel below my house. Are you still in school?”

Yu Hao wiped his face, and Zhou Sheng held him in his arms as Yu Hao spoke to Shi Ni on the phone. She was now living very well in America. After they chatted idly for a bit, both sides hung up. Huang Ting and Chen Yekai sent him messages on WeChat, then Yu Hao picked up another call.

“Happy birthday, Yu Hao.” Liang Jinmin said, “Nicky said that you went on a vacation.”

Liang Jinmin actually called him, a student — this was beyond Yu Hao’s expectations. She continued to say earnestly, “The result of Lin Xun’s trial is out. He was punished for several crimes and got sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment. I think this news may be quite a unique birthday gift for you.”

Yu Hao wanted to say ‘that’s great!’, but when he thought that all of these coming to an end was inextricably linked to Liang Jinmin, he said, “Liang Laoshi, jiayou.”

“Thank you.” A smile could be heard in Liang Jinmin’s voice, “Thank you Zhou Sheng, thanks to you both.”

Ai!” Zhou Sheng immediately said, “Liang Laoshi, I’m here too!”

Liang Jinmin laughed and hung up the phone.


Ou Qihang called too.

“How did you know too?” Yu Hao laughed.

“I’m drinking with Huang Ting Ge.” Ou Qihang said.

“He actually took you to a bar?” Zhou Sheng said.

Ou Qihang quickly said, “I’m the one who wanted to come, so he could only follow along.”

On the contrary, Yu Hao was a little embarrassed and engaged in some small talk with Ou Qihang for awhile. Ou Qihang said, “I made something for you guys. When the two of you come back, let’s go karaoke together?” 

Zhou Sheng said, “Another Rubik’s cube?”

Ou Qihang said, “Of course not.”

Yu Hao smiled and hung up. Zhou Sheng picked him up and put him on the bed, pushed him down, then lowered his head to study him. The two of them looked at each other quietly.

“What are you thinking about?” Zhou Sheng asked.

“Do you want me to tell you the truth?” Yu Hao gazed at Zhou Sheng’s handsome brows, clear eyes, and erotic lips.

Zhou Sheng looked at Yu Hao intently and said, “Your fucking eyelashes are really long, it’s so beautiful. Sometimes, I can’t even bear to exert too much strength when I touch you.”

“I’m thinking,” Yu Hao murmured, “We’ll be in this room for four days and three nights, it costs 4,800 per person, so what should we do such that it doesn’t go to waste……”

Zhou Sheng laughed. Yu Hao said, “I’m thinking if we should make full use of our time……but I really can’t do that again……but I want to……”

Zhou Sheng hugged Yu Hao and his whole body pressed down on him, then turned his head sideways, and whispered into his ear, “What if Young Master rents a house outside after we get back?”


Translator's Comment:

Juurensha: Wow ZS went all out, making sure their first time is on a cruise ship. :DDD

After translating the smut:

At that moment, both their stomachs grumbled. Yu Hao touched his stomach. So it wasn’t from having too much sex, but from hunger?”

Zryuu: I think it’s from too much sex. What kind of first time TAKES 10 PAGES

Juurensha: ….I’m with Zryuu, it just kept going. Like it was sweet, but it’s so long???? Truly they are horny teenagers.

Cytaoplasm: The whole time I was looking through this, all I can think of is the infamous song “Birthday Sex”…Fei-ge…you’re truly impressive…

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