Chapter 100.1 - Investigation

Seizing Dreams

“The important thing is whether you’d like to or not!”

Translator(s): Zryuu
Editor(s): Amalea, FistFullOfDollars, Juurensha

Yu Hao was really tempted to rent a house now. Although renting requires a lot of money, he wouldn’t have as much misgivings and could get intimate with Zhou Sheng whenever he wanted. All other pursuits in life could be sidelined. 

Over the next few days, the cruise ship arranged many activities, including sightseeing spots along the way and taking a raft to the quiet Small Three Gorges. According to Zhou Sheng, they should just skip all the sightseeing activities and spend all their time in the ship.

However, Yu Hao still felt like they should go, otherwise it would really be inexcusable. Also, although they had a lot of time, his body wouldn’t be able to endure doing “that” all the time, especially since Zhou Sheng’s hardware was too formidable.

After a whole four days, their mid-term vacation still wasn’t over by the time Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng returned to their college. It was as if he had travelled through two worlds as he returned to reality from a wonderful dream. Zhou Sheng wanted to invite their friends out to have a meal together, but Fu Liqun wouldn’t return to their dormitory until the last day, so they could only wait until Monday night for their get together.

“It’s so rare for us to be alone in the dormitory.” Zhou Sheng said, then snapped his fingers at Yu Hao.


Yu Hao, “……”

“The bed will collapse!” Yu Hao said.

“Sit on the chair.” Zhou Sheng picked Yu Hao up and got him to sit properly.

Yu Hao, “……”

“Now I really do think there’s a need to rent a place.” Zhou Sheng gasped and whispered beside Yu Hao’s ear, “When we live outside, you can get me to wear whatever you want, and I can get you to wear whatever I want……”

“Stop talking.” Yu Hao moaned.


Two days later, Yu Hao began feeling like Zhou Sheng’s suggestion was like an itch in his heart that never went away. When he thought about renting a small place outside the college, they would be able to at any time……and Zhou Sheng was a guy with a lot of sex appeal, or as the saying goes, he was a ‘hottie’ — he knew how to tidy himself up, and knew how to tidy Yu Hao up. So whenever he just casually sat down and pulled his T-shirt up behind his neck, just him in his shorts and white shoes would make it a little difficult for Yu Hao to extricate himself. 

Sometimes, Yu Hao felt like he and Zhou Sheng were practically two different animals — unlike Zhou Sheng, he’d feel a sense of shame after doing it too much. 

“Actually, never mind.” Yu Hao said, “It’s not good if it’s too frequent, we wouldn’t be able to study like that.”

Zhou Sheng smiled, “I’ll control myself, the important thing is whether you’d like to or not.”

Yu Hao, “We’ll need to fork out another sum of money!”

Zhou Sheng said, “There’s enough; the important thing is whether you’d like to or not!”

Yu Hao, “What about Gege? He’ll be really sad.”

Zhou Sheng, “It’s not like he calls us along when he gets a room on the weekends.”

Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng emphasised once again, “The important thing is whether you’d like to or not!”

“I’d like to.” Yu Hao said honestly.

Zhou Sheng said, “I’ll tell Gege.”

“He’s too miserable!” Yu Hao said, “We can’t just leave him alone like this, no we definitely can’t……”

Yu Hao thought about how he would leave to live outside with Zhou Sheng after classes end at night while Fu Liqun lay in their dormitory alone, tossed about by the wind and rain without anyone to rely on, and instantly felt upset.

That night, Fu Liqun sent them a message to say that he really couldn’t bear to leave, so he wouldn’t be going back to sleep that night. He asked Zhou Sheng to find someone to help him take roll call tomorrow morning, and that he would return to the college tomorrow afternoon. Zhou Sheng looked at his phone then said to Yu Hao, “Come over here to sleep.”

“I really can’t anymore.” Yu Hao said.

“We won’t do it.” Zhou Sheng said, “We’ll just hug and kiss and sleep together.”

In the late autumn before winter, Zhou Sheng hadn’t changed to a thick blanket yet. Yu Hao went over to squeeze in with him, and it felt both warm and reassuring. If they could sleep on the same bed every day and hug like this all the time, how great would that be?

Zhou Sheng hugged Yu Hao with one hand while he scrolled through his phone with the other, the screen illuminating his handsome face.

Wei.” Yu Hao said,


“Is it Satan or General holding me now?”

Zhou Sheng laughed, “Who do you think I’m like?”

“Like Satan sometimes.” Yu Hao said.

Zhou Sheng put his phone down, turned over, and pushed Yu Hao down on his side and began rubbing against him, “I’m both Satan and General. Archangel, behave yourself a little and listen to the Devil’s words.”


Midterm results were announced, and Yu Hao had passed everything. However, he really couldn’t hold on in class and was so sleepy that he leaned on the table to take a nap. Although it had just recently been the holidays and his birthday, he was really too tired — a kind of satisfied and lazy exhaustion. And since it was the start of winter, the drop in temperature made people thirst for love and warmth, while Yu Hao just thought that his life was completely perfect in all respects, and he could really die without regrets now……

Zhou Sheng covered him with his scarf and watched the announcement of a new anime on his phone with a dull expression, paying constant attention to Yu Hao’s movements. Meanwhile, Yu Hao slept until he was completely muddleheaded. Zhou Sheng watched his anime and folded a heart with both hands under the desk, occasionally glancing at the blackboard to help Yu Hao take notes.

“You’ve almost finished taking all the psychology classes, Young Master.” The classmate beside him said, “Why don’t you get a double degree?”

Zhou Sheng took off his earphones and whispered, “That makes sense, Young Master will give you a sweet.” As he spoke, he shook his chewing gum pack and gave him two pieces.

Outside the classroom, at the back door, Xue Long appeared. He looked around inside and indicated that he wanted to call Zhou Sheng out. The student beside him nudged Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng glanced outside and mouthed impatiently, “What is it?”

Chen Yekai was teaching this class and had noticed Xue Long as well, but he was just pretending to not see him. He said, “Can a student from the last row close the back door?”

Xue Long, “……”

The students all burst out into a peal of laughter. Xue Long could only go to the front door and say, “Chen Laoshi.”

Chen Yekai’s brows slightly furrowed. Xue Long said, “The secretary wants Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao to go over.”

Only then did Zhou Sheng wake Yu Hao up. Yu Hao was groggy as he asked, “Is class over?”

Another burst of laughter rang out. Zhou Sheng could only get Yu Hao to go out. Xue Long walked quickly in front. Yu Hao sobered up a little after he was blown by the wind and threw Zhou Sheng an inquiring gaze. Zhou Sheng said, “Someone should have come over for verification.”

Sure enough, Huang Ting sat in the conference room with three other men they had never seen before, all wearing the same suit and possessing a very imposing air. One of them said, “We need to understand the situation more clearly with these three students alone.”

Xue Long immediately said, “Okay, okay.” His butt hadn’t even touched the chair before he left in a hurry.

Huang Ting took out a recording pen and placed it on the table. The official who first spoke continued, “Let’s just have a casual chat. Students, don’t feel nervous, the three of you did very well.”

Zhou Sheng, “Yu Hao, talk, just say whatever you like.”

Fu Liqun, “Yes, you should talk ba.”

“What do I talk about?” Yu Hao suddenly said, “Talk about how Ou Qihang sent an anonymous letter, but no one paid any attention to him until he used his life as collateral before the matter was investigated seriously?”

Zhou Sheng immediately burst out into laughter and gave Yu Hao a thumbs up. He clearly knew that in this kind of situation, as long as he handed it to Yu Hao, he would always be able to KO the other party until they were scrambling to escape no matter who it was. Yu Hao has always been polite to the more vulnerable members of society, but when he meets the strong ones during critical junctures, he would grow even stronger and wouldn’t back off in the slightest. He could ruthlessly pierce right through their facades to get the truth and force the other party onto the path of no return — like a sword that is rarely drawn, once it’s unsheathed, blood will certainly be shed.

On this point, he has never let others down before.


“Student, you have misunderstood us.”

“This has always been a case of utmost priority that we have been monitoring closely.” The men sitting in the middle spoke, and as soon as he spoke, the other person stopped talking right away. Yu Hao knew that he may not be considered the person in charge, so he just stared at all three of them.

“My name is Ren Chong. We received Ou Qihang’s anonymous impeachment letter last year.” The man named Ren Chong explained patiently, “Originally, this case had aroused intense concern, and everyone had made up their minds to investigate it thoroughly as well. The reason we didn’t contact Ou Qihang directly is because of some issues left over from the past, so we wanted to try our best to fix things without suffering heavy casualties.”

Yu Hao said, “What kind of issues from the past?”

“You’ll understand if I give you just this one hint.” Ren Chong said, “In order to demolish a scaffold, you’ll have to start from the top and not take out the structure below first. Otherwise, if it collapses, it could easily crush innocent people.”

The conference room fell quiet.

“In order to shoot someone, shoot their horse first; capture the king before the thief.” The third person added, “Young people nowadays are already very courageous. Society will become fairer, better, and more vibrant than before due to your efforts.”

Yu Hao glanced at Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng nodded. Fu Liqun uttered an “un”, then Yu Hao said, “We’ll accept this explanation for now.”

The three people in the meeting room began to laugh.

Yu Hao thought of Zhou Laichun’s words; he just didn’t know if the him who wanted to rise in officialdom would still be able to stick to his own set of values when he encounters these people from the investigation group.

Zhou Sheng asked, “What about Ou Qihang?”

“The school wrote a joint petition for him.” Huang Ting said, “And he had obtained Xiao Yujun’s forgiveness, so at present it seems, un……

Huang Ting couldn’t say some things, so Ren Chong spoke in his stead, “The defense lawyer said that we can try for probation so it wouldn’t affect his college entrance examination, don’t worry.”

Yu Hao said, “Last question: will this case be reported?”

“It must be reported, but there will be some follow-up after this.” Ren Chong said, “We’ve gotten a clearer view of the whole picture, and we know that everyone is concerned about this, which is a very good thing. It proves that the younger generation is aware of the legal system and are concerned about the changes in our country, as well as the actions of our public servants.”

Zhou Sheng suddenly laughed again.

Yu Hao, “?”

Zhou Sheng waved his hand and didn’t explain, yet Ren Chong didn’t get angry. “Cases aren’t reported sometimes, but it’s not because we’re afraid that it would cause public panic. Instead, it’s to avoid letting some people prepare in advance for the next series of investigations, which would make things more difficult for us.”

“That’s pretty good.” Zhou Sheng said, “What do you guys want to ask?”

“The entire process.” The third man who had spoken said, “We’ve heard everything from Xiao Huang. We’re here today just to see you guys. And also another Mr. Chen, who’s your teacher……”

Huang Ting said, “He’s in class now, there’s no need to disturb him.”

When Chen Yekai’s in class, he would kill any human or Buddha that stands in his way. Huang Ting clearly knew this, so he wouldn’t go over to invite his own embarrassment.

“Okay.” Ren Chong said, “We can meet him some other day.”

Then the three of them went forward one after another to shake hands with the rest. Yu Hao felt a little touched, and after shaking hands, Huang Ting gave them a meaningful expression before accompanying the rest out of the college.

“What were you laughing at just now?” Yu Hao whispered.

“I laughed ‘cause I was wondering what the old man would think if he had heard that……” Zhou Sheng hugged Yu Hao’s shoulder and said softly.

Just as they were about to go downstairs, “dong dong qiang” sounds travelled over from the outside.

Two lion dancers, one person in the middle was holding a silk banner, and an accompaniment band was beating gongs and drums outside the parking lot as they made their way to the college.

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